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Owl 062 Drew

Drew got sober at 24. He sneaked airplane bottles into a 7th grade dance, equated fun with drinking, and alcohol preceded everything he did. His DUIs led him to treatment to avoid jail. Drew shares about a major health issue where he was facing death at 30 and how even that didn't stop his drinking. The science of alcoholism was the first inroad to him "getting it." Drew's sobriety date is 25FEB2008 and his home group is 16th Street in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 061 Paul

Paul came into AA in 2003 with the desire to stop drinking but didn't stop. He would go to the bar after a meeting. He got a DUI in his first 2 weeks in AA. Paul talks about motorcycle riding and Daytona... coffees to non-alcoholic beer to free beer with a t-shirt. Back home, he got a sponsor. Sober and out with friends, they were laughing too hard and were asked to leave an establishment. Paul's sobriety date is 17OCT2005 and his home group is Bethel in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 060 Leslie

Leslie was in and out for 18 months. In a family program for her husband's treatment, she was pulled aside and asked how much she drank. Corked wine vs. screw-top... Giving wine and then stealing it back... The Great Baked Chicken Experiment... Recently, a 10th Step led to a 4th. Leslie got sober on 01APR1991 and her home group is Keeping It Green in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 059 Jackie

Jackie got sober in North Carolina. She is working to find a balance between AA and life. She was saved multiple times from drinking, just at the moment of ordering a drink, by events that she attributes to her higher power. She saw a change when she began to share honestly in meetings about what was going on with her. I didn’t edit out any pauses between thoughts in Jackie's recording; she really does talk that fast! Jackie's home group is New Beginnings for Women in Greensboro, NC. Her...


Owl 058 Greg

Greg got sober in Tampa, Florida. Daily Prayer and meditation is a big part of his recovery. He had a relapse after 2 1/2 years. The only furniture in his apartment when he got sober was a bed. His most pivotal moment was realizing the wall he held between himself and his children. That enabled him to surrender and return to AA. Greg's sobriety date is 06JUL1993 and his home group is Summit Fellowship Men's group in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 057 Lorna

Lorna got sober in Phoenix, AZ, on her 32nd birthday... by accident. She spent 8 weeks in rehab. "I didn't want what I had." At 5 years sober, she helped clean someone's house, without wanting to. We discuss meeting styles, service positions, and meditation. Lorna's home group is the Oasis Group in Raleigh, NC. Her sobriety date is 26JUN1994. Lorna contacted us via and we were thrilled when she accepted our invitation to be a guest. Join us for a coffee!


Owl 056 Michael

Michael's parents knew something was awry early on; he was introduced to AA long before he was interested in it. He was intoxicated at his first meeting. He came to realize he was an alcoholic in the years that followed. His family couldn't trust him and he pushed them away. Even is drinking/using buddies didn't want anything to do with him. On probation when he went to treatment, it was the first time he admitted powerlessness out loud. His early sober living arrangements were much like an...


Owl 055 Sallie

Sallie had a traumatic event - we talk about pain meds and her use of the program for an ongoing resentment about the effects of the trauma. She was alcoholic for years and knew it; she drank every night. She met a guy in recovery and did controlled drinking or no drinking. Then she went to Al-Anon and realized they were talking about her. Sallie went to lots of speaker meetings and heard her story from many different types of people. Fun story about her 30-day chip. Sallie's sobriety date...


Owl 054 Keven

Regarding AA, Keven was concerned about the "religious aspect." Keven talks about his first day sober and being stir crazy. His first meeting was on Step 1. A 6-week elimination diet led to his realization that alcohol was a problem for him. He drank only beer the last year due to a family vacation incident involving liquor. Keven got a sponsor and a home group within the first month of his sobriety. An atheist, Keven has a unique name for that power of his own understanding. Keven's...


Owl 053 Dorisa

Dorisa decided to get dry a week before her wedding and got sober after her honeymoon. She tried AA a year earlier (but not really) and smoked pot during that. Her drinking caused lots of destruction in the lives of those around her. We have a great start-over chip discussion. Steps 4 & 5 were big for her, leading to "I'm not the victim anymore." Dorisa's home group is 16th Street in Greensboro, NC, and her sobriety date is 08AUG2011.


Owl 052 Thomas

A guy Thomas was making meth with told him about AA. Thomas used lots of drugs but didn't feel connected in NA. He felt connected in AA but read more NA literature at first. When he moved to Washington, DC, the AA members there called him instead of expecting him to call them. For his first 6 months of sobriety, he lived behind a recovery clubhouse and went to the 8AM AA meeting daily. Thomas's sobriety date is 18JUL2009 and his home group is the Summit Men's group in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 051 Alex

Alex's sobriety date is also his divorce date. He lost the security of living with his wife and had no job. He came to AA familiar with it from DUIs. Alex downloaded and printed his first copy of the Big Book. We have a good chat about emotional sobriety and how to choose a sponsor. He completed his degree in sobriety and is going back for more. Alex's home group is Young People in Greensboro, NC. His sobriety date is 21JAN2016.


Owl 050 Jody

Jody went to AA as a teen because her sister took her. She got rid of her boyfriend and moved, but still drank - though had 1 & 2-week dry spells. She went back to AA in Norfolk, VA, at 21. Jody really hoped alcohol wasn't the problem and she struggled with the "God idea," but worked the steps in her first 6 months. When she got a new sponsor, she did them again. Steps 4 & 5 were powerful for her and 8 & 9 were where she had a spiritual experience, including a powerful 9th Step with her...


Owl 049 Tyler

Tyler first got sober at 17. He worked the steps and even started an AA meeting in Wilmington, NC. NCCYPAA was an important part of his recovery. He went back out; it got worse. He was homeless and emotionally, mentally, and physically broken. He went to jail and rehab many times. His father, a drug counselor, asked him to give it one year. He did. He moved to High Point, NC, where he joined NA and worked the steps. Tyler's home group is the Awakenings Group of NA in Greensboro, NC. He's...


Owl 048 Roberta

Roberta got sober in Brooklyn, NYC. Being fired led her to the rooms of AA, an organization she'd never heard of. Her neighbor had just started and told her about it. She'd tried to quit on her own and was miserable. Alcohol was the glue that held her life together. She was a drinker from 18 to 38, with a career that allowed her to drink at lunch. Roberta was in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. She was 15 years sober then and wanted to get drunk - to not feel. The AA community...


Owl 047 Alan

Alan went to two meetings at 17, but wasn't ready. At age 25, he went to meetings for about 2 weeks before picking up a start chip. His attorney suggested AA. In the second meeting, he got hope. He was 12th-stepped as he was trying to "slide out" at the end of a meeting. The "God thing" was an obstacle. A candlelit meeting was really helpful to him. Alan's sobriety date is 17NOV1983 and his home group is Summit Fellowship Men's in Greensboro, NC.


Owl 046 Chris

Chris was ordered to go to AA by the courts, but he didn't need it then; he was just unlucky. 6 DUIs later... He started going to AA again in 2000 and also going out to eat with members after the meetings. He went to AA meetings in a clubhouse and would stay there all day. When he moved, he checked out AA and didn't feel it - didn't get a sponsor or go to meetings. He drank shortly thereafter, started over and got a sponsor. He found it harder to get sober the second time. Chris's sobriety...


Owl 045 Amber

Amber left her husband for an affair with her boss. Her boss said she was too messed up. She got a DUI and woke up in jail. She found herself drinking and calling rehabs - rehab would look good for court. She found more excuses not to go. She had 2 days in detox and then went to rehab. From there, she took suggestions: live in a women's Oxford house, get a sponsor, get a network. She jumped into service in Young People in AA. She has a "super-full life today." Amber got sober on 15NOV2011...


Owl 044 Scott

Scott got sober at 40 in treatment. He moved to Los Angeles and his family stayed behind (divorce). It was 2 years before he returned. He called his dealer and asked her not to sell to him, then called her a month later; she didn't call him back. His early sobriety was in LA, where he went to a meeting at the Screen Actors Guild and saw his old bartender... who became his sponsor. His 9th step to his wife was too soon and without his sponsor's knowledge. The feeling of connection with his...


Owl 043 Jean

Jean started drinking at 15 and stopped at 45. She was home alone often and her body would scream for alcohol. She drank wine from a coffee mug. She was miserable when her husband was home because she had to be sober then. Her last drink wasn't her choice. She went to a 28-day program and then a long-term recovery center for 3 months. She went to a meeting daily for 2 years. Speaker meetings were important in her early recovery - "Identify, don't compare." Jean's sobriety date is 12MAY1983...