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YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.

YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.
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YOUR Adventure Stories We create an international network of outdoor enthusiasts through storytelling and personal connections in order to help you adventure like a local.






How to tell if you’re a badass: Hiking & Caving. Ep. 100

How to tell if you’re a badass: Hiking & Caving. Ep. 100 Using podcasts for hiking motivation and bear attack prevention in the Canadian Rockies and surviving three day treks through torrential rain in Phong Na Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam. Adventure Storytellers: Laura Kinney, Megan Averell From: Poulsbo & Seattle, WA Music: Maricz, Endless Love, Chis Haugen Field Notes: Boldly Went Show Schedule/Tickets:...


Sunburn & Jerky: Snorkeling & Hitchhiking. Ep. 99

In honor of April Fools’ Day, stories in this episode are gut wrenchingly hilarious about a terrible sunburn after snorkeling in Cambodia and the unexpected risks and rewards of inviting a stranger from Craigslist along on a road trip from Los Angeles to Tahoe. Adventure Storytellers: Shane MacIntosh, Ben Oberhand From: Moab, UT Music: Maricz Field Notes: Boldly Went Show Schedule/Tickets:...


Pinch Me! Is This Really Happening? Running 200 Miles & Skydiving Into A Full Solar Eclipse. Ep. 98

Stories in this episode are hardly believable. First a story about the Bigfoot 200 mile run in the Southern Cascade Mountains in Washington State, then a story about skydiving during the 2017 full solar eclipse taking place near Madras, OR. These stories are far from typical and will make you laugh, gasp in awe, and want to cheer with excitement and give the storytellers a firm and encouraging slap on the back. Adventure Storytellers: Vivian Doorn, Drew Holmes From: Seattle, WA & Bend, OR...


Brrrr-os: Burro Racing and Cold Water Swimming. Ep. 97

An ultramarathon champion in his prime and a woman entering her sixth decade take on unusual athletic challenges that free them from perceptions of success and safety. Adventure Storytellers: Max King, Merlin Rainwater From: Bend, OR & Seattle, WA Music: Maricz, Audionautix, Laszlo Harsanyi Field Notes: Boldly Went Show Schedule/Tickets: This Podcast is...


Crash Landings: Trail Running, Sky Diving, & Lessons Learned in the Dark. Ep. 96

When adventures are so fun they end in the hospital. Stories illustrating that there’s no such thing as safety in experience and that sometimes the riskiest situations are the least expected. Adventure Storytellers: Tony Epps, Tim Brady, & Julie Moss From: Seattle, WA & Moab, UT Music: Maricz, Silent Partner, Audionautix, Dan Lebowitz Field Notes: Boldly Went Show Schedule/Tickets:...


This Is The Real World : Appalachian Trail, Vanlife, & An Ode To The American West. Ep. 95

The wisdom imparted from a chance encounter on a section hike, the loneliness of van life, and an unlikely friendship with a local rancher. Your stories about how you are making adventure your lifestyle and clearing the path to creating the life you want. Adventure Storytellers: Paul Mags, JT Lehman, Johan Griesshammer From: Moab, UT, Portland, OR, & Truckee, CA Music: Maricz, Dan Lebowitz, Chris Haugen, Josh Woodward Field Notes:...


First Times: Skiing & Climbing. Ep. 94

Stories that will make you remember how humbling learning new skills can be, in these cases skiing and climbing under the watch of romantic partners. Adventure Storytellers: Ben Lynn, Christina Vaughn From: Seattle, WA & Truckee, CA Music: Maricz, Silent Partner, Audionautix Field Notes: Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at Thanks to our audio team:...


Public Lands’ Cupids. Ep. 93

Our Valentine is Public Lands and the two stories in this week’s episode explain it for us. These storytellers will make your hearts ache and throb as you listen to their attempts at escape, self-discovery, becoming useful, and surrender. Adventure Storytellers: Carly Wynn, Emma Donohew From: Bellingham, WA & Bend, OR Music: Maricz, Chris Haugen, Unicorn Heads Field Notes: Be our supporter: Keep the show going on and join us at...


Season 3 Highlights Part 2: The Most Ridiculous Ep. 92

This is part 2 of a 2 part series featuring the highlights of Season 3. In this episode we’re re-sharing 5 of the most ridiculous stories we encountered that made us think to ourselves, WTF? Enjoy. Adventure Storytellers: Gavin John, Brad Hefta-Gaub, Chris Owens, Gene Ryan, Marcie Winkler From: Calgary, AB, Tacoma, WA, Portland, OR, & Tacoma, WA, Seattle, WA Field Notes page: Music: Maricz Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners!...


Season 3 Highlights: Part 1. Ep. 91

This is part 1 of a 2 part series featuring the highlights of Season 3. We’re re-sharing crowd favorites and a diverse collection of outdoor adventure stories taking place both on and in the water. These stories are terrifying and inspiring. Adventure Storytellers: Rob Hodge, Charis Weathers, Jorja Henderson, Josh Hancock, Susan Conrad From: Seattle, WA, Bellingham, WA, Portland, OR, & Bend, OR Field Notes: Music: Maricz...


Ebb Tides, Helicopter Rides, & Key Swaps: Climbing in the Bugaboos, Row Boating the Seventy48 Ep. 90

Adventures wouldn’t be possible without the right transport and this week we’ve got some non-traditional approaches including a story by a climber who gets creative when stuck on a forest service road due to an impassable landslide and a row boater who wants to enter a seventy mile boating event very uncertain if it would be possible to complete using the 170 pound boat he built himself. Adventure Storytellers: Jeremy Park, Bill Wessinger From: Seattle, WA & Portland, OR Music: Maricz Field...


How Not To Make Friends: Climbing, Mountain Biking. Ep. 89

Adventure is a great way to solidify relationships, but sometimes, for the wrong reasons. A newly married mountain biking couple gets lost in a way you would never imagine in Whistler, and climbing buddies nearly kill each other because of a dire water shortage on El Capitan in Yosemite. Adventure Storytellers: Marcie Winkler, Matt Upton From: Seattle, WA Music: Maricz Field Notes: Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep...


Time To Purge: Climbing, Breaking, Quitting, Growing. Ep. 88

We ring in 2019 by intertwining climbing epics, purging, and small and large life events that result in learning, gaining confidence, and creating the life you want. This week’s storytellers make us wonder, what’s stopping you from creating the life you want? Adventure Storytellers: Dylan Albrecht, Hannah Christie, Lindsay Putnam From: Tacoma, WA, Gibsons BC & Bellingham, WA Music: Maricz, Silent Partner, Chris Haugen, Dan Lebowitz Field Notes:...


Ultra Running Experiences Revealed. Ep. 87

Is it possible to train for the Canadian Death Race when you’re a flatlander? What’s the best piece of gear? Ever tried rubbing alcohol foot soaks prior to long runs? What’s real; what’s not? What’s our role in the universe and the natural world’s role to us? How does this all relate to the Kauri Forests in New Zealand? Does reflecting on that allow us to move ahead and dream up new adventures? It’s all in this episode. Adventure Storytellers: Gavin Harmacy, Greg Pressler From: Calgary,...


Side Eye With Caution: Canoeing Howe Sound and the Chattooga River. Ep. 86

Lost paddles and capsized canoes with real life unicorns and goddesses. Reminders to never squash the enthusiasm of your buddies because it’s that enthusiasm that brings magic and miracles on your adventures. Adventure Storytellers: Melba Seto, Charis Weathers From: Calgary, Alberta & Bellingham, WA Field Notes: Music: Maricz, Silent Partner, Laszlo Harsanyi Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at...


Sticks and Stones and Cars Will Break Your Bones. Ep. 85

Cycling 200 miles in 8 hours and backcountry backpacking. Both are generally safe, until they’re not. In this episode we talk about the dangers of bike lanes and the importance of drinking enough. (You choose the drink.) Adventure Storytellers: Brad Hefta-Gaub, Kerry Gustafson From: Seattle & Bellingham, WA Field Notes: Music: Maricz, Audionautix, Chris Zabriskie Sponsors: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us...


Families That Adventure Together: Beloved Pets, Parents, and Partners. Ep. 84

How do you define your adventure family? How has you family encouraged you to take up new and massive challenges? And what gear have you shared through a marriage, from a childhood, or across generations that holds your memories and is as nostalgic as American Thanksgiving? In this episode hear about how one woman was influenced by her adventure loving pups, a man by his father who he lost to brain cancer, and how a husband and wife team give life to their adventures and family growth...


Maritime Miracles. Ep. 83

Up close whale encounters, a message in a bottle, and scuba diving featuring classic Thanksgiving themes like family experiences that shape us, human connections across different cultures in a big world, and getting so mad at someone that you flip them off and shout expletives about them (though not during political discussion during Thanksgiving dinner). Adventure Storytellers: Jorja Henderson, Addison Asuchak, Kate Mannle From: Bellingham, WA, Calgary, Alberta, Seattle, WA Music: Maricz,...


Braving the Void. Ep. 82

Splitboarding, climbing, skiing and mountaineering can be terrifying, but throw in some genitourinary problems and you really never know how it’s going to turn out. We review what to do when you see blood in your urine and at what point you may want to call it quits. Adventure Storytellers: Alana Schick, Adam Kochanek From: Calgary, Alberta Music: Maricz, Morning Mandolin Supporters: You, our faithful listeners! Keep the show going on and join us at **This episode...


Extreme River Rafting. Ep. 81

River floats conjure up images of peace, serenity, and relaxation, but outdoor adventurers know that just change a few factors, and rivers can quickly become death traps. This week’s storytellers can vouch. Apark ranger made a life changing decision after nearly drowning on a packrafting trip in Alaska, and an all-around-outdoor-adventure-athlete describes his first wilderness trip along the Salmon River towing along his now mandatory piece of gear—his wheelchair—and the new challenges he...