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Episode 8 | These Roads Only Go So Many Places

We’re hitting the road for the summer– but before we do, we’re taking you on a ride. First, we go on an imaginary cab ride. Then, we get to the bottom of Brooklyn’s pothole problem. Next, we go deep underground to find out what’s happening with the New York City Subway. And finally, we head out west, and hit some turbulence on the way back. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. And getting there is half the fun in Brooklyn, USA. ••• Brooklyn, USA is produced by...


Episode 7 | Between Us And The Other

For four days in April, BRIC Arts Media hosted the second annual BRIC Open Festival: an exploration of the borders that exist in and around our world. Today, we're bringing you stories from the borders people cross to get into, out of, around and through Brooklyn. In the first, a mother makes an impossible decision in order to give her children a better life. Then, a group of high school students leave Brooklyn for the weekend, and wind up all over the world. Then, back at home, a...


#BKUSA | Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire

A watched pot never boils, in Brooklyn, USA. ••• Brooklyn, USA is produced by Sachar Mathias and Emily Boghossian. This episode features Andie Milares, Brian Vines, Charlie Hoxie, Charles Hailer and music from the de Wolfe music library. If you like what you hear, wanna advertise on our show, or just want to get in touch, you can leave us a comment, tweet us @ BRIC RADIO or leave a message at (347) 504-0801. For more information on this and all BRIC Radio podcasts, visit...


Episode 6 | I Get To Carry Those Stories Around With Me

Black History Month 2018 was one for the books. We saw millions of fans celebrate #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay on Superbowl Sunday, Sade announce her first musical release in seven years for the Ava Duvernay-directed A Wrinkle In Time, the Obama presidential portraits unveiled, and The Golden State Warriors opt out of the traditional White House visit to instead take a group of students to the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. We even saw a Black Lives...


#BKUSA | I Am Not A Valentine’s Day Person, Anymore

Welcome back to Brooklyn, USA. We're halfway through putting together our next episode, but wanted to wish you a happy Valentine's Day in the meantime. Here's Joan... ••• This piece was produced by Emily Boghossian and Khyriel Palmer, with Sachar Mathias, and featured music from the de Wolfe music library. Thanks to Joan Andre for telling her story. You can follow her on Instagram at If you like what you hear, think we got something wrong or just want...


Episode 5 | I Didn't Know How Easily The Ocean Could Be Reached

The conversations around sexual assault, harassment, and inequality that started last year continued into this one, amid half-baked apologies and the constant, widespread undermining of women’s rights and interests. Less than a day into 2018, actresses and activists teamed up to declare that the clock had run out on toxic masculinity. Two days later, Tina Smith was sworn into office, bringing the number of women currently serving in the Senate to a record-breaking 22. Meanwhile, women all...


Episode 3 | This Can't Be The End of This (I'm Having Too Much Fun)

How did you spend your summer vacation? We spent ours in a park in Crown Heights. It’s hard to talk about Crown Heights without talking about how it’s changed in recent years— rising rents, shifting demographics, new businesses built on top of old wounds. But reducing a neighborhood to it's own displacement erases the people who've been there all along, who've built it up, and who often still call it home. We celebrated the end of summer by walking around Crown Heights and talking to...


Episode 2 | A Big Plate of Rice

For many, living in Brooklyn is an easy choice to make. But for those who have come to Brooklyn fleeing war and seeking asylum, the story is more complicated. On this trip through Brooklyn, USA, journalist Sriyanka Ray brings you the stories of three Brooklynites who are here not by choice, but by necessity. In the first, a 16-year-old from Yemen traverses international borders and high school girl-dom. In the second, a physician who misses his family in Libya dreams of raising his...


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