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Episode 10 | A World-Class View of Next Door

This week, we're going home and we're taking you with us. Brooklyn, USA is produced by Sachar Mathias and Emily Boghossian. "NYCHA: The Cost of Living | A #BHeard Town Hall" was produced by Ro Johnson and Brian Vines, and can be viewed in its entirety here: Our sound walk through the Sea Park Apartments was produced by Emily Boghossian and Khyriel Palmer. Our Ebbets Field history lesson was produced by Victoria Marin. And special thanks to Najee Omar for dropping by...


Episode 9 | I Remember I Forgot

Welcome back to Brooklyn, USA. We’re kicking off our second season with two stories that would’ve ended very differently, if it weren’t for a well-timed intervention. In the first, three sisters keep each other grounded while jumping over a series of hurdles. In the second, a war machine is rescued from its violent past, and given new life as a work of public art. Brooklyn, USA is produced by Sachar Mathias, Emily Boghossian, Myra Al-Rahim and Sasha Whittle. Sasha who won the Best Young...