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Episode 12 | The Anik Khan Episode

SEASON FINALE ALERT! As we wrap up the first season of the @ButterChickenPodcast - we couldn't be more happy to do so with this week's special guest : @AnikKhan_ @AnikKhan_ dropped a big hit late last week called 'BIG FAX' and we had the honor of hearing an exclusive clip of this dope record before it hit the streets. Anik also dropped some gems on us, including how he got into music, what sparked his passion in the industry, staying true to his culture but also not pigeon-holing himself...


Episode 11 | The Raxstar Episode

This week on the @ButterChickenPodcast, @DJSharad + @DJJuicy take a seat with superstar British rapper, #RAXSTAR. The #ButterChicken Boys + @Raxstaruk chop it up about Hip-Hop, having support behind his music career, being the first in the family to go to college, while also being the black sheep of the family. Raxstar also teases us with his mixtapes no one has, rapping in an American voice, working at Staples, how he met his current producer, his merchandise #HanjiHello and the first time...


Episode 10 | The Yosh Dongre Episode

This week on the @butterchickenpodcast, @DJSharad + @DJJuicy sit down with the one and only Yash Dongre. @DongreYash discusses fast fashion, Desi fashion, joining the family business, and his mother (Anita Dongre) + her ambitious drive. He walks us through the distribution channels they utilize for business, the history of all the brands his family owns within the fashion world, and the grass roots brand that he is spearheading here in New York for the family. Yash also shares a recent...


Episode 9 | The Nav FCS Episode

This week on the Butter Chicken Podcast, @DJSharad + @DJJuicy welcome Queen's very own footwear retailer @NavKickz from @FCS_Sneakers! Nav discusses family, adjusting to Long Island territory, how he got started in the sneaker industry, wearing multiple hats for his growing company, his dad wearing fitteds and how FCS came about. Take a listen to this week's buttery laced 9th episode, out now on #SoundCloud, #iTunes, #YouTube and all other social + podcasting platforms!


Episode 8 - The Brown Girl Mag Episode

This week @djsharad & @djjuicy have a convo with @tsakhuja_walia, the CEO of @browngirlmag, her story is one that we can all relate to as first generation Americans…They discuss Trisha coming to the US at the age of five and the struggles of understanding American culture to becoming the owner of one of the biggest south Asian publications while maintaining work life-balance. #boss


Episode 7 | The DJ Rekha Episode

This week on @butterchickenpodcast, @djsharad and @djjuicy sit down with @djrekha (DJ/Curator/Activist, and pioneer of Bhangra music in North America). They discuss the run of DJ Rekha’s 20 year dance party “Basement Bhangra”, the trials and tribulations of growing up desi in NYC, and the hustle necessary to make things happen! Head over to #iTunes, #soundcloud, and all other podcast platforms to enjoy this week’s episode!


Episode 6 | The Chef Gaurav Anand Episode

This week on the @butterchickenpodcast @djsharad & @djjuicy sit down with restauranteur Chef Anand! Chef Anand discusses his first business ventures from importing cell phones in India and grooming dogs to finally pursuing his passion for food. Chef Anand recalls the highs of lows of entrepreneurship, from struggling to make profit from his first restaurant to now owning and operating more than 4. DJ Sharad x Juicy x Chef Anand discuss love, culture, and much more on this episode of The...


Episode 5 | The Heems Episode

Welcome back to the @butterchickenpodcast with @djsharad and @djjuicy! This week, our very special guest is rapper, music curator, activist, and long time friend Himanshu Suri - better known as Heems. We chop it up with @nehrujackets, and discuss topics of upbringing, musical inspiration, mental health, and his extensive impact on the South Asian community. Don’t miss a beat, as Heems drops some exclusive bars! Our Butter Chicken is rich, and this week’s episode does not disappoint!


Episode 4 | The Holi Chic Episode

The Butter Chicken boys are back with another sizzling episode! This week on the @butterchickenpodcast , @djsharad and @djjuicy sit down with fashionista, entrepreneur, and mother @megha_hc of @holichicbymegha . Megha, Sharad, and Juicy discuss buttery topics like Megha’s come up story, her inspiration behind the designs, work-life balance, and the future of Holi Chic. Grab an extra naan for this week’s saucy episode! A special thanks to all our listeners for your continued support.


Episode 3 | The Suraj Episode

Welcome back to The @butterchickenpodcast with @djsharad and @djjuicy. On Episode 3, The Butter Chicken boys sit down with the legendary owner and founder of The Sneaker Room @therealsuraj201. If one word could describe Suraj’s come up story it would be IMPACTFUL. The temperature of this week’s Butter Chicken is HOT. Grab a cold lassi and tune in! And as always, thank you for your continued support!


Episode 2 | The Jaz Dhami Episode

Welcome back to the second episode of The Butter Chicken Podcast with DJ Sharad and DJ Juicy. This week, the Butter Chicken boys sit down with the exceptionally talented and world-renowned, Jaz Dhami. Jaz discusses his classical training background and the people who have been an inspiration to him both professionally and personally. Other ingredients in this week’s dish include Jaz’s most illustrious achievements and where his musical journey and career are headed. You don’t want to miss...


Intro To The Butter Chicken Podcast w/ DJ Sharad + DJ Juicy

Get to knows our hosts DJ Sharad and DJ Juicy and their vision of the Butter Chicken Podcast


Episode 1 | Get To Know DJ Sharad + DJ Juicy

Get to know your hosts DJ Sharad & DJ Juicy as they delve into a conversation about their past and their upcoming endeavors on the Butter Chicken Podcast