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This audio journal exposes my unwarranted opinions, comical thoughts, struggles and fears, and everything that pops up in between while growing into a young entrepreneur in my 20s. Come laugh and grow with me! For business inquires: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisysdiarypodcast/


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This audio journal exposes my unwarranted opinions, comical thoughts, struggles and fears, and everything that pops up in between while growing into a young entrepreneur in my 20s. Come laugh and grow with me! For business inquires: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisysdiarypodcast/




Let's be Real ft. Naturally.Adira: growing up in a big family, D1 Athlete, prenups + more

Hi Friends, In this week's episode, we have small business owner, youtube, and D1 college athlete Denashia. We talk about her experience growing up in a big southern family, how she got into gymnastics and became a D1 athlete, starting her own business, and more. Make sure you follow Denashia on Instagram @naturallyadira and on youtube @Adira.Kalon and keep up with the podcast on Instagram @daisysdiarypodcast and on Twitter @daisysdiarypod1. Hope you all enjoy it! xo Daisy Mae


Let's Be Real ft. Its.Jiala: College relationships, hoe nights, regrets, hookups, revenge porn + more

Hi Friends, Welcome back to the podcast, this week was unfortunate as I struggled with some computer issues but we are back at it again with another episode of Let's be real. This week Jiala and I talk about our random college hookups regrets that we may have, having the same fuck buddies, making power moves, and revenge porn. This one is packed ladies and gents. So buckle up and grab a snack. If you'd like to keep up with us on our social media follow @its.jiala and @daisysdiarypodcast on Instagram. For business inquires/ Ad placement contact: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com Talk to you soon friends :)


Let's Be Real: Ft. Its.Jiala: coming out as bi, losing your virginity, hoe life + more

Hi Friends, welcome to the newest segment on Daisy's Diary called Let's be real. This segment is a collection of interview-style entries. This week we have a close college friend, Jiala or its.jiala on Instagram. We talk about her coming out as bisexual, losing your virginity, and our college hoe phase. Grab a snack and get ready to laugh. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @daisysdiarypodcast and on Twitter @daisysdiarypod1


been MIA but i'm here to stay, updates, 2020 reflection

HAPPY 2021, Friends wow, I have been gone for about 5 or 6 months... maybe even longer. Thanks so much for sticking by me! In this episode, Daisy discusses everything that has been going on closing out 2020... the worst year of everyone's life and coming into 2021. Come chat with me on my Instagram @daisysdiarypodcast and on Twitter @daisysdiarypod1. We got this bishhhhh (meaning 2021... Maybe lol)


girl talk: moving to ATL, emotional trauma, IUD + more

Hi friends ♥︎ ✨ In today's episode, I become vulnerable to the negative thoughts that have been clouding my head. I talk about my insecurities and failures, my move to Atlanta, and an update on my IUD birth control experience. For business inquires and to share stories email: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisysdiarypodcast/ and twitter: @daisysdiarypod1 xo Daisy Mae🌿🌼


girl talk: new job, moving w/ boyfriend, birth control, setting goals

Hi friends♥︎🌿 This week we check-in and talk about getting my job back after being furloughed due to Miss Rona, my new part-time job, moving in with my boyfriend and birth control, and setting goals for the month of August. If you have advice for me on this episode and want to continue the conversation don't forget to follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/daisysdiarypodcast/ and on Twitter @Daisysdiarypod1. If you'd like to support the black-owned business shout out this week head over to Twisted Headwraps Instagram https://www.instagram.com/twistedheadwraps/ and website at https://twistedheadwraps.com/ I hope you all enjoyed this episode and don't forget to share with friends🥰 xo Daisy Mae'


UK vs. US cultural identity, going out, fetishes (ft. BlackBroke&Brilliant)

Hi friends♥︎ In today's episode Daisy chats with Ivy and Samira from BlackBroke&Brilliant podcast, two brilliant ladies from across the ocean. We compare and contrast our differences in cultural identity, fetishizing international women, study abroad, going out, and men! Come join the conversation and don't forget to follow Ivy and Samira on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackbrokeandbrilliant/ and my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daisysdiarypodcast/ If you're interested in Collaboration/Sponsorships email: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com love you guys so much, xo Daisy🌿✨


need your advice... I don't like my bfs twin

Hi Friends♥︎🌿 , Welcome back to Daisy's Diary, I have missed you all after my week hiatus. This week I talk about a toxic friendship with my boyfriend's twin brother that I recently ended. We talk about women he's played, misogyny, and self-hate. Don't forget to leave me your advice on my Instagram @daisysdiarypodcast and twitter @daisysdiarypod1. Business inquires contact diasysdiariesuntold@gmail.com Hope you all enjoy, Daisy Mae'🌼🌿


i got caught having sex, sneaking out, and got cheated on

In this episode, Daisy digs deep into some of her past Hoe experiences and discusses the times she got caught having sex, sneaking out, and of course, getting cheated on with 5 different women. As we go through this time in her life, we acknowledge how dumb her decisions were while laughing at her misfortunes. Stay connected on Instagram: @daisysdiarypodcast and on Twitter: @daisysdiarypod. For business inquires email: daisysdiariesuntold@gmail.com


girl talk: checking-in with yourself, thoughts on allyship, balance your mental health

Hi Friends 🌿✨ In this episode, Daisy goes over her recent feelings and emotions involving the BLM protests and thoughts on allyship. A bulk of the episode dives deeper into how to balance your mental health during this time. Come chat with me! Insta: @daisysdiarypodcast Twitter: @daisysdiarypod1 Business Inquiries: daisysdiaryuntold@gmail.com -xo Daisy🌼✨


girl talk pt.2: my intro to hoe life, i dated his best friend, tell me your stories

Hi friends🌼 🌿, In this episode, Daisy goes back in time and tells you about the first time she encounters hoe life. This episode goes from 0 to 100 pretty quick, so strap and let's chat ♥︎ Don't forget to send me your stories @daisysdiarypodcast on Instagram or @daisysdiarypod1 on Twitter to be featured in the nest girl talk/hoe advice. Xo Daisy


Best tips on finding a job, side hustles, open and honest convo.

Hi Friends ♥︎ In this episode, Daisy talks about her short term work experience and some top tips to remember when finding a job. Let's not forget that finding a profitable side hustle would be a great way to bring in some extra income. Take some time to laugh and learn some valuable tips for your future. Follow me on Instagram @Daiysdiarypodcast and Twitter @daisysdiarypod1. Xo Daisy Mae'🌼🌿♥︎


girl talk: sex, onlyfans, hoe stories, hoe to relationship advice

In this episode, Daisy takes a break from all the madness in the world and talks about her history with sex in college, her personal thoughts about creating an Onlyfans account, and advice for young women/men looking to give up the hoe life and trade it in for a relationship. Dive deeper into Daisy's thoughts about Sex work and her short term hoe experiences. Breathe and laugh with Daisy Mae'. Keep up with me: Instagram:@Daisysdiarypodcast Twitter: @Daisysdairypod1


My scary truth as a black women in America, George Floyd, BLM & processing emotions

Hi Friends🌼 This episode I work through my emotions surrounding the recent death of #GeorgeFloyd. Not only does his death insight anger it also breeds out of sadness that I feel in the Black Community. I know everything I say people may not agree with, but take the time to listen and learn from my perspective. please follow my Instagram @daisysdiarypodcast and let me know your thoughts on this topic ♥︎ We'll talk soon, xoxo Daisy Mae'🌼 insta: @daisysdairypodcast


Get to know me: Launch Day!

Hi friends, This is the intro to Daisy's Diary Podcast, I look forward to connecting with you all through Instagram & Twitter @Daisysdiarypodcast! DM me your favorite types of podcasts to listen too ☺️ We'll talk soon, xoxo Daisy Mae' 🌿🌼✨