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Winds of Awe and Fear — Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt is a writer, journalist, storyteller, and self-described wind-walker. His latest book, "Where the Wild Winds Are," tells the story of four European winds and their effects on the landscape, people, and culture. In this essay Nick continues this exploration, focusing on the mythological understanding of winds as gods, experiencing their power firsthand as cause for awe, exhilaration, and fear.


Mud and Antler Bone — Martin Shaw

Dr. Martin Shaw is a writer, teacher, and mythologist. His books include: "A Branch from the Lightning Tree, Snowy Tower, and Scatterlings." He is the founder of the Westcountry School of Myth, a learning community located on Dartmoor in the far west of the United Kingdom. This past August we had a chance to sit down and talk with Martin about the intelligence that lies at the heart of myths. The best stories, he says, ought to be trailed not trapped, and approached with discernment, an...


Wildwood — Kara Moses

Kara Moses is a writer and educator. Her work focuses on land management, social change, and nature connection. She has written for the Guardian, the Ecologist, and BBC Wildlife. In this essay Kara visits a primordial, old-growth forest in Poland. Here she meets a herd of bison, encounters loggers and felled trees, tracks wolves, and observes how a healthy forest is in a constant cycle of death and rebirth. Upon returning to her home in the sheep-grazed moors of Wales, she asks how this...


On Being Alone — Craig Childs

Craig Childs writes about adventure, wilderness, and science. His books include "Atlas of a Lost World," "Apocalyptic Planet," "Finders Keepers," and "The Animal Dialogues." In this essay Craig takes a solo canoe trip down the Green River, paddling through Canyonlands in southeast Utah, reflecting on what it means to be alone in the wild. Encountering risk, isolation, and joy, and entering into conversation with the land and waters around him, Craig explores what happens when we choose to...


From Dirt — Camille T. Dungy

Camille T. Dungy is an award-winning author, poet, editor, and professor. Her work includes the collection of essays "Guidebook to Relative Strangers" and the poetry collections "Trophic Cascade," "Suck on the Marrow," and "What to Eat, What to Drink, What to Leave for Poison." She edited "Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry" and has received numerous honors, including an American Book Award and two NAACP Image Award nominations. In this essay Camille reflects...


Creaturely Migrations on a Breathing Planet — David Abram

In this narrated essay, cultural ecologist and philosopher David Abram questions the deep intelligence that lies at the heart of crane, butterfly, and salmon migration patterns.


A Storm Blown from Paradise — Paul Kingsnorth

Beginning with W. B. Yeats's iconic poem, "The Second Coming," acclaimed writer Paul Kingsnorth narrates his essay "A Storm Blown from Paradise," an inquiry into linear and cyclical time and the sweeping momentum of progress.


Wild Fire, Flat Water

In this episode, Emergence Magazine staff writer Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder travels to the Great Plains of Nebraska and South Dakota, to speak with people who are restoring the native prairie and learning what it means to listen to the land. From an ancient inland sea, to the Homesteading Act of 1862, to the modern realities of industrial agriculture, Wild Fire, Flat Water explores the long history, and ongoing story, of this land. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more stories...


Widening Circles — Joanna Macy

In this interview, Buddhist eco-philosopher Joanna Macy discusses her personal journey into the worlds of anti-nuclear activism, Buddhism, and deep ecology. Sign up for our newsletter to receive more stories from Emergence Magazine: www.emergencemagazine.org