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Recount an exciting chapter in aviation history and the beginnings of the Air Line Pilots Association, the world's largest pilot union and nongovernmental air safety organization, through an abridged retelling of the book by George E. Hopkins, "Flying the Line."

Recount an exciting chapter in aviation history and the beginnings of the Air Line Pilots Association, the world's largest pilot union and nongovernmental air safety organization, through an abridged retelling of the book by George E. Hopkins, "Flying the Line."
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Recount an exciting chapter in aviation history and the beginnings of the Air Line Pilots Association, the world's largest pilot union and nongovernmental air safety organization, through an abridged retelling of the book by George E. Hopkins, "Flying the Line."






Chapter 5-"The Livermore Affair" (Part 2)

In this episode, we hear the conclusion of the Livermore Affair and learn how this tragedy set the groundwork for ALPA's critical role in setting high standards for aviation safety, eliminating the practice of "pilot pushing," and setting the bar for aviation safety for pilots, passengers, and cargo.


Chapter 5-"The Livermore Affair" (Part 1)

In 1937, a young widow by the name of Lorna Livermore helped ALPA shed light on the practice of “pilot pushing” with the public for the very first time when she sued Northwest Airlines alleging that “Pilot pushing” is what killed her husband, pilot Joe Livermore.


Chapter 4-"The Airmail Pilots' Strike of 1919"

The Airmail Pilots' Strike of 1919 was one of the earliest organized actions taken by pilots. This 4-day strike led to concessions by Post Office management to eliminate the practice of "weather pushing" and to increase safety for airmail pilots. The roots of modern-day pilots' unions can be traced back to this important event in aviation history.


Chapter 3-"Pilot Pushing"

This week, we’ll hear about how the deadly practice of “pilot pushing” played a huge role in Capt. David Behncke’s drive to organize his fellow brother pilots.


Chapter 2-"Stepping on Toes"

This week, hear about the 24 "key men" who saw themselves as good "company men" but were labeled as "troublemakers" by their airline management. ALPA's Key Men faced much opposition from both management and other line pilots, but persevered in their work for labor protections, safe working conditions, and benefits, all of which are enjoyed by ALPA members today.


Chapter 1-"What's a Pilot’s Worth?"

ALPA has a long history of accomplishments from organizing and bargaining to critical improvements in aviation safety and security . . . but how did it all start? Join us in retracing the fascinating and, at times, tragic journey of ALPA’s history in our new podcast, Flying the Line! Flying the Line chronicles the time before labor protections, safe working environments, and employee benefits that we enjoy as commercial pilots today. It’s the story of Capt. Behncke and his 24 “Key Men”...


Worth Repeating: Trees: The Oysters of the Land

(This podcast originally aired January 31, 2017) CBF President Will Baker and Baltimore Tree Trust Executive Director Dan Millender discuss the environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of trees. Photo by Loren Barnett


Worth Repeating: This Bay Is Going to Set Me Free

(This episode originally aired on June 21, 2016) CBF President Will Baker chats with Ray Langston, longtime resident and former mayor of Highland Beach, Maryland, a Bay-front community with a proud history and a bright future. To tour the museum, call Jean Langston at 410-267-6960. Please call a day or two in advance. For more information about the Frederick Douglass Museum and Highland Beach visit Photo: The Frederick Douglass Museum in Highland Beach, Maryland....


Do You Speak Dolphin?

CBF President Will Baker talks with CBF’s resident dolphin geek Maryland Scientist Doug Myers about the increase of dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay. EPISODE SUMMARY 01:08 Why are we seeing more dolphins in Chesapeake Bay? 04:46 What's the correlation between dolphins and sharks? 06:35 How dolphins communicate. 17:10 What to do if you come across a dead or stranded dolphin and why it's important to report. 19:40 What you can do to help protect the Bay's dolphin population. See our...


Worth Repeating: Eating Local at Gertrude's Restaurant

(This episode originally aired November 8, 2016) CBF President Will Baker and John Shields—cookbook author, TV chef, and owner of Baltimore's Gertrude's Restaurant—discuss the virtues of eating local in the Chesapeake Bay region. Find out more about CBF's own local farm at Local resources for your own vegetable, meat, and dairy cuisine in the Chesapeake Bay region can be found at Photo courtesy of Gertrude's Restaurant


Feeling At Home

CBF President Will Baker welcomes EPA's former Obama-appointed Acting Deputy Administrator Lisa Feldt as CBF's new Vice President for Environmental Protection and Restoration. Photo credit CBF Staff


Signs of Encouragement

CBF President Will Baker and Maryland Fisheries Scientist Allison Colden discuss recent news about the state of blue crabs and oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay. EPISODE NOTES: 00:47 Annual stock assesment report for blue crabs and signs we should be watching. 08:30 An update on oysters in Virginia and Maryland. 10:36 Oyster restoration in Virginia's Lafayetter River and Maryland's Baltimore Harbor. 14:55 Man-O-War Shoal is our last remaining 3D oyster bar in Maryland--how it is...


Learning from Each Other

CBF President Will Baker talks with Chanté Coleman, Choose Clean Water Coalition Director, about the challenges of running a coalition organization and how members benefit. EPISODE NOTES: 03:55 How the Coalition is helping Chesapeake watershed organizations diversify their environmental outreach and membership. 06:15 What kind of organizations belong to the Choose Clean Water Coalition? 08:15 How the Coalition provides support for members. 09:15 What, and how, members can learn from...


Are We On Track?

At the halfway mark in the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, CBF President Will Baker and Dr. Beth McGee, CBF's Director of Science and Agriculture Policy, assess progress in pollution reduction across the region. EPISODE NOTES 01:28 Overview of midpoint progress 02:35 The impact of sewage treatment plants 03:25 Trends for other sectors 03:55 Progress in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia 05:15 Funding for pollution reduction efforts 09:58 CBF's efforts helping farmers in...


Worth Repeating: Grasses = Crabs

(This episode originally aired June 6, 2017) CBF President Will Baker sits down with longtime CBF staffer Bart Jaeger to talk about the relationship between underwater grasses and the Bay’s blue crab population. Watch the Back to Baysics: Underwater Grasses video. Photo courtesy of Bart Jaeger/CBF Staff


Parachutes for the Planet

CBF President Will Baker talks with CBF Student Bay Advisory Council Member Kallan Benson about the urgency of climate change and her creative efforts to make a difference. Find out more at the Mother Earth Project. Learn more about the Zero Hour movement. Photo Credit: Megan Fink/CBF Staff


Clean Water Grows on Trees

CBF President Will Baker and CBF Pennsylvania Outreach Manager Lane Whigham announce the launch of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, a group effort to improve water quality in Pennsylvania and the Bay. EPISODE NOTES: 02:00 What 10 million trees can do for water and air quality in Pennsylvania. 04:12 Who is participating. 11:40 Making history in nine days in Pennsylvania. 13:00 The economics of planting 10 million trees by 2025. Learn more at Photo credit:...


Making Sausage

CBF President Will Baker and CBF Maryland Executive Director Alison Prost talk about the legislative process and the outcome of this year’s Maryland General Assembly Session. Episode Notes: 01:28 What happened to Maryland's innovation and leadership? 03:38 Good news on the budget front. 04:58 The mystery of the disappearing forest conservation study bill. 18:13 Advice to environmental voters. Find out more about Maryland's disappearing forests, see our wrap-up of the rest of the...


No Drill, No Spill

CBF President Will Baker and CBF Litigation Fellow Brittany Wright discuss the dangers of offshore drilling and the current administration's plan to put the Chesapeake Bay at risk. Program Notes 02:00 The federal government's proposal for offshore oil and gas drilling. 03:00 Why CBF is concerned. 04:30 Why ocean drilling is a concern for blue crabs. 05:25 The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) process for developing five-year plan for potential lease sales. 09:35 Timeframe for...


Breaking Good

CBF President Will Baker talks to college seniors Kara Adams and Makenzie Koski about their Alternative Spring Break experiences volunteering to help Save the Bay. Find out more about CBF's oyster restoration program and how you can get involved in Maryland and Virginia. Program Notes 02:28 What is Alternative Spring Break? 04:36 Helping the environment isn't just for environmental majors. 11:36 Critical thinking and strategic action. 12:38 Learning about oyster restoration. Find...