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Ghostly Activities covers the ghosts and hauntings beat. Get ghost stories, interviews with paranormal investigators, paranormal protection techniques, and ghostly media reviews. If it’s ghostly, it’s on Ghostly Activities.


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Ghostly Activities covers the ghosts and hauntings beat. Get ghost stories, interviews with paranormal investigators, paranormal protection techniques, and ghostly media reviews. If it’s ghostly, it’s on Ghostly Activities.






I’m A Cozy Ghost Hunter ... And That’s Fine By Me

Cozy ghost hunting treats an investigation like a mystery to solve. You follow a haunted lead, find clues, present evidence, and try to solve the case. There's more emphasis on having a small team and on experiments that prove the ghost's identity and motivation. On a side note, I'll make more podcasts like this informative one or tutorials for ghost-hunting techniques, evidence analysis, and ghost-hunt reports. There will be ghost stories but not as often as before.


The Choice | A Wisconsin Ghost Story

In December 2018, Charlie begins a long drive home through the bluff lands between Madison and La Crosse. A fateful encounter leaves him with a dreadful choice.


Troy Taylor Interview | One Bleak Midwinter Night

This interview also appears on Mystic Moon Cafe, an online radio show, which I co-host. Today, Troy Taylor discusses his new book, One Bleak Midwinter Night. It tells gruesome true crime tales, spooky ghost stories, and quite a few disasters from the holiday season. We chat about some creepy Christmas traditions, monsters, and Chicago haunts in depth. You can find more books from Troy Taylor at his company site:


Haunted Voices with Todd Bates | December 9th, 2022 | Interview

On December 9th, 2022, Jacob Rice of Ghostly Activities sat down for an interview on Haunted Voices. Todd Bates, the host, and Jake discussed ghostly encounters, gadgets and more. It was a lot of fun. Tune in to get the scoop today! Listen to Haunted Voices:


True Ghost Story | Aux Sable Cemetery in Minooka, Illinois

Two ghost hunters stop by a cemetery in rural Illinois to do a preliminary investigation, when something plays a prank on them.


Using Salt To Protect Against Ghosts & Evil Spirits

Salt has been used to protect against ghosts and evil spirits for hundreds-to-thousands of years. In this episode, get some tips on how to use salt for protection on your next ghost hunt or to calm down some negative energy haunting your halls. References: Brown, N. (2011). "The Mythology of Supernatural: The Signs and Symbols Behind the Popular Show." Penguin Group. New York, NY Editors (no date). "Salt, social standing and religious superstition,", retrieved from: Empress Woo (April 5, 2021). "How to Use Salt to Cleanse Bad Energy," Other Suns, retrieved from: Jess Wright (October 28, 2015). "Five items effective against the supernatural," The Signpost, Weber State University, retrieved from: Andrea Sachs (no date). "Five ways to ward off evil spirits," The Washington Post, retrieved from: Editors (August 28, 2018). "Salt through the ages," Penn State Extension, retrieved from:


Sam Hain - The Spirit of Halloween & A Bonus Story

Sam Hain is more than just a feast and celebration: It's become a spirit that manifests around Halloween. It has a few particular rules for trick 'r treaters to follow. Plus, get a bonus story about jack o'lanterns. #halloween #samhain #jackolanterns


SS Bannockburn | The Flying Dutchman of Lake Superior

The SS Bannockburn sank during a storm on Lake Superior in 1902. Twenty sailors died in the disaster. It's one of the greatest mysteries of the Great Lakes. To this day, no one has found its wreck. But the Bannockburn lives on as a ghost ship. The most recent sighting happened in 2016. She's nicknamed The Flying Dutchman of the Great Lakes (or Lake Superior in some cases). Get the dark history, legend and more. Link to Jason Asselin's reported sighting:


Signs Your House Is Haunted & What To Do About It

In this episode, get the most common activity associated with haunted houses. Then, get a few tips on why your house may have a ghost. Finally, check out a list of resources for what do about a ghost. Protection and clearing articles from Plants that repel evil spiritsStones that protect against evilSalt and its protective properties8 ways to clear ghostsSage and smudging to clear negative energyHaunted objects and remedies


Re-introducing Ghostly Activities and a New Paranormal Encounter

Ghostly Activities relaunches with some info about the new format and types of episodes coming soon. After that, Jake tells a tale from his childhood. It's a dark, wintry night when something nefarious comes to his farmhouse. If you like this episode, please tell your friends and family, subscribe, share it across the socials, and like it. I'd appreciated a great deal. If you like 50s creature features, check out my other podcast, Monster Bureau.


3 Ghost Stories Before Break

Hi gang. I've had these 3 ghost stories waiting to record for a while now. Before the new format break (and seasonal scheduling), I wanted to record them for you. These are true ghost stories. The first deals with a haunted object. The second tells a tale about an ominous observer. The third is a tale of lost love. All quick listens for you to take in. Ghostly Activities will be back in 3 months time and in its new format. Season 1 will focus on haunted houses. For now, take care and thank you for listening to Ghostly Activities.


Announcement About New Format For Ghostly Activities

Hi gang. I'll take some time off from Ghostly Activities to revamp its format. It will return with a new focus, a deeper dive into a specific topic. It will also feature seasons. That means season one will focus on haunted houses. There'll be 8-10 episodes per season. Now for the hiatus: I'll take some time to better research and write each episode. Then release the episodes every week once I finish them. Ghostly Activities isn't going away. Thanks for listening and take care.


Bucks County Ghost Story

In this true ghostly tale, a mother with 2 teen sons encounters spirits on Christmas Eve.


Personal Encounters with Ghosts

In this lighthearted episode, your host, Jake, tells 2 tales with spirits. In the first, he goes to a movie theater and receives a dire warning. In the second, a ghost interrupts his bubblebath. If you like this podcast, please subscribe, rate, review and share it with your friends. Jake also has a new podcast, Monster Bureau. It's inspired by 1950s creature features and radio shows. If you like monsters, check out this fictional news bureau covering the latest monster shenanigans. You can find it on all your favorite podcast players, or you can go here:


Girl Down A Well | A Ghost Story

Daisy makes a new friend while exploring her new home in Oklahoma. But what does the spirit in the well really want? This a kid-friendly ghost story, so share with your little ones. If you like this podcast, please subscribe, rate, review and share from your favorite podcast player.


The Monster Report: Dogmen On The Prowl

Listen to the first episode of The Monster Report, the sibling podcast to Ghostly Activities. In this episode, get a news story about a dogman stalking a kayaker, a field report about dogmen behavior in the wild, and personal encounter from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Visit The Monster Report to subscribe, rate, review and share!


Introducing The Monster Report

Hi gang. I'd like to introduce my new podcast, The Monster Report. This podcast is inspired by science fiction radio programs from the yesteryear of radio. Each episode will focus on an individual monster, like a werewolf, and give you the latest news, a monster field report, and a personal encounter submitted by a listener. At the end of the day, it would be non-fiction because these are real tales, real news and real encounters. I hope you enjoy the new podcast. If you do, please...


Ghosts of Ravensdale

One night in 1963, drunk teens desecrate a graveyard and wake up angry spirits. Take a journey to uncover the ghosts' identities and the tragedy that took their lives. Special thanks to Melissa Becker for additional research into the Ravensdale mining disaster. Find a list of research references at


I Lived in a Haunted House

5 people tell haunted tales of their haunted homes. Some ghosts are fun; some ghosts are scary. Get the scoop today!


Black-Eyed Children and Parasitic Entity Encounters

On Mystic Moon Cafe, Jake from Ghostly Activities co-hosted an episode on Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs), mylings and other parasitic entities. Each host described their own encounter with one of the monsters. We also discuss if BEKs could be aliens, psychic vampires or specters. Resources for tonight's episode: VIDEO MSN Weekly Strange Redfern, Nick (2018). "Paranormal Parasites: The Voracious Appetites of Soul-Sucking Supernatural Entities," Llewellyn Publishing, Weatherly, David (2012). "Black Eyed Children," Eerie Lights Publishing, 2nd edition, Weatherly, David (2013). "Strange Intruders," Eerie Lights Publishing,