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GTWP is a weekly podcast that delivers the male point of view (#POPSPOV) on dating, love, relationships, and life that your are missing. It's a sometimes serious, other times funny, but always raw, transparent, and vulnerable discussion, hosted by a father and daughter duo who believe that healthy adult father and daughter relationships matter.

GTWP is a weekly podcast that delivers the male point of view (#POPSPOV) on dating, love, relationships, and life that your are missing. It's a sometimes serious, other times funny, but always raw, transparent, and vulnerable discussion, hosted by a father and daughter duo who believe that healthy adult father and daughter relationships matter.


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GTWP is a weekly podcast that delivers the male point of view (#POPSPOV) on dating, love, relationships, and life that your are missing. It's a sometimes serious, other times funny, but always raw, transparent, and vulnerable discussion, hosted by a father and daughter duo who believe that healthy adult father and daughter relationships matter.




What men learn about women from having daughters

Traditionally we hear about lessons that dads teach their daughters, but to mark the end of season 2 Brittney and Pops talk about what he's learned from her. Pops then shares what he's learned about himself in the GTWP journey so far and talks about how GTWP has impacted his love life. They discuss how being a father and learning how to parent don't stop when kids reach adulthood as well as how having a daughter can make men more vulnerable and accountable for their actions. Brittney...


Bonus: Dating is a marathon, not a sprint

Brittney is back with Chiedozie Okafor, host of the I Think I Love My Wife Podcast, for *bonus* episode part two. He's back sharing his truth and more about why it takes him time to get to know a woman and settle down. They also discuss: Chiedozie also puts Brittney in the hot seat and digs in about her situationship turned long distance relationship, and the trust and honesty that's required to make it work. Hope you enjoy this additional male perspective on all things dating, sex, and...


Bonus: Why men can't be pressured into a relationship

In this *bonus* episode Brittney switches it up a bit and has a solo conversation with Chiedozie Okafor, host of the I Think I Love My Wife Podcast. And just like you’re used to, he’s sharing his honest and transparent perspective on all things dating, sex, and relationships. To give you a truly different male perspective we cover a range of topics that Pops and B talked about in Season 1: In summary Chiedozie essentially details how a man might come to the decision to be in a relationship...


How can I address my partner climaxing too quickly?

It's Father's Day weekend and we're back with more questions you probably wouldn't ask your dad! We're excited to welcome Jerralyn Belinda to the show, co-host of the Tea with Qwns Podcast! On this episode she's helping us elevate the conversation around father-daughter relationships and share another woman's point of view on how she talks to her dad about dating, relationships, and love. And from the questions below you can tell she's keeping it 100! Shout out to @jerralynbelinda for...


How should I deal with a man who's not emotional?

The Girl Talk With Pops conversation is growingggg! With Father's Day coming up now is the perfect time to elevate our discussion and speak directly to another woman about her relationship with her father as it relates to dating, relationships, and love. We're excited to welcome MelRose, host of the Relayshons Podcast! In this show Mel opens up about the distance between herself and her father and asks Pops questions that she wishes she could ask her dad: Shout out to MelRose...


Unprecedented times: protests, uprising, and racism

What a time to be alive. 2020 has been eventful to say the least. First COVID now national uproar over the latest black man (George Floyd) being killed by police brutality. Like you, B and Pops are tired, but not mum on everything that's going on. Listen in as they vent about the state of things in America, the history of how we got here, and what people are doing about it. Pops also shares his experience with the police and racism. These are their personal and very candid thoughts and...


Monogamy: Can men be faithful?

Let's be honest, society tells us that men are more likely to cheat than women. And because Pops once said that "men are not wired for commitment" in this episode of GTWP we're addressing the widely asked question: "can men really be faithful?". Does monogamy come with maturity for men? Listen in as Brittney and Pops discuss expectations around monogamy in the long run, the benefit/feelings men get from having a side-chick, and Pops' experience in this area. The truth isn't always pretty,...


Meet the parents: Pops meets bae

In this week's episode Pops tells the story of how he met Brittney's bae. When it's time to meet the parents things can go really well, really bad, or be very weird. Many dads play tough guy when meeting their daughter's boo but this story is a little different. Their conversation then turns to parenting and Pops shares he thoughts on Brittney's independence, safety as a woman, and letting her fly the coop. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @girltalkwithpops!


The motherhood penalty

Life's not fair, especially when it comes to women and choosing to have children and a career. In this week's episode Brittney and Pops discuss why women are assumed to be parent #1, the impact that has on their lives, and how to share some of that responsibility and sacrifice with fathers, family, etc. Times have changed a lot for women; more education, higher paying jobs, and the ability to build generational wealth for her family with her mate. Does a child have to slow down progress on...


Mother knows best (ft. mom herself)

It's Mother's Day weekend so you already know Mom had to grace us with her presence. Brittney and Pops are delighted to have Brittney's Mom on the show as their first guest! Mom and Pops are friends, but this is the first time that she's talked to Pops about their relationship in a while. You won't want to miss Mom dig into Pops and set the record straight (see previous episode: Baby mama drama). If your parents were young when they had you and aren't together today then this episode is for...


Baby mama drama

We all know the phrase and many of us hate to hear it (including Pops and Brittney). Baby mama drama, the tension and conflict that sometimes arises from two unwed young parents who aren’t on the same page. Pops is no stranger to it so this week Brittney gets he’s take on his experience having two daughters, by two different women in his twenties. And NO there's no mommy bashing here! This is a retrospective, we're sharing life experiences, lessons learned, and regrets. Don't forget to rate...


Ex-lovers and now friends

Relationships come and go. That's a natural part of life, but what happens to the connection when the commitment is no longer in tact? Do you maintain friendships with your exes or do you completely disconnect? In this week's episode Brittney and Pops chat about why he's friends with his past girlfriends, what being friends with an ex actually entails (how friendly is "friendly"?), and how to do it right (obviously sex is not included). Being friends with an ex requires maturity... are you...


What men really think about proposing and engagement

Would you say yes to a marriage proposal if you weren't 100% sure or ready for marriage? Well apparently men often propose to women without being full bought into the committed life or the concept of marriage. In this week's episode Brittney and Pops talk about the various reasons a man might propose, what the engagement period is all about and how it could/should be used, and the general psychology involved in gearing up to marry "the one". Don't forget to rate and review our podcast on...


Women cheat too

Women are often big mad and hurt when they suspect or learn that their man is cheating on them. Assuming a similar or comparable reaction is also true for men, Brittney starts this week's episode by asking Pops about his experience with being hurt by a woman. If you listen to GTWP consistently you might be able to guess his response. Haha. ;) They also discuss his experience with being cheated on and the various reasons women cheat. Brittney is often railing at Pops about why men are the...


Living through the COVID-19 pandemic

How are you doing? Hopefully you're staying well in these crazy times. In just a few short weeks the Coronavirus has swept the world and changed many aspects of our lives. It's all over the place, in the news, online, and being passed person-to-person all over the world. No matter who you are it's hard to ignore the fact that COVID-19 is making history and that we're living through a pandemic. So this week GTWP is switching it up a bit to talk about "the rona" and how it's impacting our...


Things to consider before moving in together

So you love your man and you both want to take it to the next level, well Brittney can relate to that. This week Brittney gets Pops' thoughts on moving in with her boyfriend. As a non-married woman who has never lived with a significant other, she thinks living together is a big deal. Pops has lived with a few girlfriends in the past so she's curious about the big and small things she should be thinking about before making the leap to cohabitat. They discuss what's important to align on...


Do you know your love language?

You may not realize it, but you receive and give love in very specific ways. And when it comes to loving someone romantically, you've probably been in situations where you didn't feel loved even though the person insisted that they loved you. Have you ever thought about why you didn't feel that person's love? Ever think that It could just be that they express love differently than you? That's where The Five Love Languages come and in this episode Brittney and Pops dig into what they're all...


If he's not happy he will leave you

Love is not the only thing that keeps two people in a relationship. People break up with partners they really love, all the time. Pops transitioned out of a relationship last year so in this episode Brittney picks his brain about what keeps men in long lasting relationships and what makes them leave. Feelings of excitement and happiness are at the core of their conversation, although Brittney doesn't necessarily agree with Pops' POV. One thing they do both agree on is that evolution is not...


Bonus: What men think about Valentine's Day

For some unknown reason society trends toward making Valentine's Day about ladies, but what about guys? Men around the world flood stores before V'day to buy flowers, cards, and heart-shaped knickknacks. Have you ever stopped to think about what your man wants or how he feels on Valentine's Day? We think that guys should get loved on and be appreciated on Valentine's day too so in this episode Brittney and Pops talk about why the world generally cares less about men on Valentine's, plus...


Bonus: T.I. the hymen hall monitor

T.I. has the whole internet looking at him sideways. He recently went on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast and shared TMI regarding his 18 year old daughter's sexual history (or lack thereof). T.I. presents himself well as a family man, but his latest comments are.... controversial, to the say the least. Listen to Brittney and Pops discuss what TIP had to say and hear a clip of the original audio too. And apparently T.I. (and Tiny) are set to be on the next episode of Red Table talk so we're...