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Hangin with Old Lew *the podcast your momma loves

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A podcast of mostly lies, your momma jokes and illicit substances, hosts Joshua Citrak and Jeffery Lewis break the boundaries of acceptable discourse while dissecting culture, politics and sports; host knowledgeable guests and play music by independent artists.

A podcast of mostly lies, your momma jokes and illicit substances, hosts Joshua Citrak and Jeffery Lewis break the boundaries of acceptable discourse while dissecting culture, politics and sports; host knowledgeable guests and play music by independent artists.


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A podcast of mostly lies, your momma jokes and illicit substances, hosts Joshua Citrak and Jeffery Lewis break the boundaries of acceptable discourse while dissecting culture, politics and sports; host knowledgeable guests and play music by independent artists.






Ep. 112 "10,000 Mousetraps and a Box of Tacks"

We talk the vaccine, Biden won't legalize it, Year of the Rat, Joshua's hoarding ammo, finding Christmas presents in January, they're all traitors, give the Jacksonville Jaguars a beating they'll never forget and have numerous interruptions from kids and poor audio equipment.


Ep. 111 "Pajama Class"

We talk about the puzzling transformation of Democrats from champions of liberty to authoritarians, how many bailouts does the airline industry get? politicians still getting paid while you aren't, ashy to classy, setting the table, Trump is a big lying baby, Joshua's dog barks way too much and Old Lew has some old ass shoes.


Ep. 110 "Gruesome Newsom"

We discuss the hell that is California, politicians going against their own laws, if masks work, why can't we go to work, schoolyard fights, Utah monolith, the original BLM (Bureau of Land Management), John Kasich balling out of control and Joshua shows off his new glasses!


Ep. 109 "Dead Pheasants in a Truck"

We talk about stinky cheese, prison reform, Governors fucking up, Executive Orders, Buy American, China brushes dirt of their shoulder, don't let the government tell you what to do, we confuse which episode we're recording, Joshua rants about COVID and Ken E Mac stops by and looks a lot like Black Santa Claus.


Ep.108 "You're Fired"

We discuss how cannabis won big, America is emotionally exhausted, wolves in Colorado, The Social Dilemma, loser mentality, voting out dictators, Old Lew's pixelated face and much more.


Ep. 107 "Blunt Wrappers and Lotto Scratchers"

We discuss Trump beats COVID, helmet laws, where's all the ammo? Yes on A, Yes on 26, politicians don't represent people, South Park Pandemic Special, NFL cancels games, fatherly advice, the Democrats are playing you, Gecko lizards are the best pets ever and Joshua and Sam talk chickens.


Ep106 "When You Get Tested"

We talk Trump and COVID, fantasy football is stupid, LeBron James and why sports figures get tested and can do their jobs in safety but teachers can’t, our institutions are a sham but hey look at that white person over there eating lunch, soul music and leaded gasoline.


Ep105 "Can I Burn It? Yes You Can"

We discuss BLM is off the rails, what if Trump supporters were busting car windows and setting buildings on fire, Joshua may have COVID, very good people on both sides, the NFL is still a lying, racist organization, put your money where your mouth is and Old Lew puts some Irish in his mouth.


Ep.104 "Everyone Knows Her as Nancy"

We talk Pelosi’s hypocrisy, Mozambique, ruining lives to own Trump, operating on 65% capacity, Cesar Milan moments, it’s canning time, the South lost, puppies are not like having a baby, losing an arm in a sword fight and plead for peace, love an understanding.


Ep.103 "Florida Cracker"

We talk California wildfires, going to the hospital in the time of Covid, old folks, planting fruit trees that shit fruit, USB outlets, the USPS is socialism in action, Joshua takes a beer break and Old Lew needs to talk to his mommy.


Ep. 102 "They Eat the Apple Sauce"

We talk about justice for Breonna Taylor, people who two weeks ago called the police on people taking their kids to the park now want to defund the police, Gone with the Wind, a policeman's second day on the job, "Dear White People," Words are Violence, Silence is Violence, but violence isn't violence, COVID hypocrisy, bricks at protests, fetishing "blackness," kneeling to black folks, why are cops still being violent while their being recorded and run a bit long while recording our last in...


Ep101 "The Purpose has been Defeated"

We talk about mob mentality, social distancing while protesting, life really is better today, if I could change the world, meditation, Karen's vs Antifa, Naked Gun, Mike Tyson, gruesome ears, breaking a bitch in half, butt pimples, East Enders, Soap and Joshua asks, what happens when a camel bites you?


Ep100 "Keepin' It 100"

We're back in the studio together again with a bit of news about the future of the podcast, bird dogs, juggling work and kids school, the Democrats "Hold your nose and vote" strategy, people need to get back to work, Ahmuad Aubrey, Joshua's cat is almost dead, risk analysis, earthquakes, and remember the time we made a seven year old pass the hat for more beer.


Ep.099 "Choosin'"

We talk about White Clams, Old Lew ate barbecued monkey, Crispy B, line cutters are having a field day, Air Pods, Old Lew hasn't watched Tiger King, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Sully Sullenberger and a crazy person curses at the demons in head head in front of the G-Spot.


Ep.098 "Kinda Big Deal"

We DO NOT talk COVID and instead discuss Old Lew is out of whiskey, Joshua is drinking old, flat, stale, warm beer, the worst hangover ever, piss fumbles, successful marriage strategies, keep the assholes out of California, mentoring the young bucks, Dan Crenshaw, what if you discover gold, nobody chooses their mom and we lose Old Lew a few times.


Ep097 "Can't Truss It"

We talk about the government is broken, why is money important, American's hand washing problem, income inequality, chicken eggs, killing Grandma to save the economy, camp kitchens, reconnecting with friends and family, $1,300 coolers and we dump a body in a rug.


Ep.096 "Let's Go Bowling"

We talk about peacocks, roof Koreans, animal cruelty videos, don't punch somebody just because they sneezed, people who were oppressed oppressing others, rich represents rich, The Rock, Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle pow-wow with Trump, most people can't fight, Kentucky Blue Grass, and Old Lew laughs way too much.


Ep. 095 "I Am The Walrus"

We misquote Mark Twain, discuss open mic nights, being too high, The Black Crowes, field hockey players, luck and hard work, Old Lew used to big athletic, Ancient Aliens Coronavirus, Joshua apologizes for Old Lew's behavior and we play music by Dylan Taylor (20:39) and Juá (45:09) Dylan Taylor: https://music.apple.com/us/album/keep-wondering-ep/1477790084 Juá: https://music.apple.com/us/album/paranoia-feat-dante-digital-single/1450706112


Ep.094 "Run Out Every Ground Ball"

We discuss kidnapping white people and making them watch Roots to help them confront their racism, everything is rigged, everyone is bought, lotto scratchers, eating monkeys and owls, Old Lew is paranoid, 1980 Pontiac Sun Bird, hanging Old Lew, stealing flowers from the Embarcadero Center, $10,000 bongs Joshua can't see and we play music by Snarls(27:03) and The Thirties(46:55). Snarls: https://music.apple.com/us/album/burst/1494372289 The Thirties:...


Ep.093 "Use it or Lose it"

We talk about J. Lo and Shakira and Blanche Devereaux, finding inspiration instead of defaulting to hating, Joshua's man muscles, Kobe, Snoop Dogg and Gayle King, Old Lew doesn't drink whiskey (!?!?), we question what happens in heaven and play music by Mister Oomph (25:10) and It's Butter (59:33) Mistoer Oomph: https://music.apple.com/us/album/back-it-up-feat-bigredcap/1486004901?i=1486004902 It's Butter: https://music.apple.com/us/album/expectations-single/1465469219