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Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


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Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.




Jordan Stephens

Time, money, and attention turned out to be a difficult combination for Jordan Stephens to cope with at the height of his Rizzle Kicks fame. In this chat with Fearne, Jordan opens up about his social anxiety, body dysmorphia, and the way he used to self-medicate ADHD. They also discuss when anger can be an incredibly useful emotion, and discover they have a shared core fear of getting things wrong. Jordan’s children’s book, The Missing Piece, is out on August 18th. Our GDPR privacy policy...


Melanie Woods

This episode of Happy Place is made in partnership with The National Lottery. We’re in the midst of The Commonwealth Games, and thanks to National Lottery Players over £40million has been raised to support the 2022 Games. To mark the event, The National Lottery have launched a campaign celebrating some of the incredible athletes, including wheelchair racer Melanie Woods. In this chat with Fearne, Melanie talks about how her own journey coming to terms with being disabled has encouraged her...


Sonia Choquette

Your spirit is fully equipped to take care of you. Your brain and your body might struggle but spiritual teacher and intuitive guide Sonia Choquette is clear that your sixth sense – your spirit, your intuition – can take care of you no matter what. In this chat with Fearne, Sonia explains how to tune into and trust your intuition, which will in turn open you up to a more fun, loving, and spontaneous life. Fearne and Sonia both share experiences of feeling a physical urge to trust their gut,...


Samantha Renke

Constantly being subjected to micro-aggressions can feel like death by a thousand paper cuts; Samantha Renke is an actor, broadcaster, writer, and disability rights campaigner who has the confidence to call out ableism. In this chat, Fearne and Samantha explore where her innate sense of self-worth comes from, how we can all learn to become more confident, and how we can’t talk about an individual’s mental health without also talking about politics and systemic issues. They also cover...


Mya-Rose Craig

Patience is a bit of a lost art, but it’s something that ‘Birdgirl’ Mya-Rose Craig is well practiced in. Mya-Rose is an ornithologist, an environmentalist, a diversity activist as well as a writer, speaker and broadcaster. Having been a twitcher – someone who travels to specific locations to spot birds – since she was days old, she revels in patiently waiting to see the next beautiful bird on her list. In this chat, Fearne and Mya-Rose talk about the connection between nature and mental...


Dame Kelly Holmes

Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes recently announced publicly that she is gay. Although she’s acknowledged this truth privately for a number of decades, it’s only now that she’s felt able to begin living publicly her authentic self. Having served in the British military at a time when homosexuality was banned, Kelly had always feared serious repercussions, which only intensified when she became a celebrated world class athlete. In this chat with Fearne, Kelly talks through the painful – and...


Owen O'Kane

If you tend to doubt yourself, do you know why? Psychotherapist, best-selling author, and former NHS lead for Mental Health Owen O’Kane has spent a lifetime unpicking his own past as a gay Irish Catholic child who was bullied and surrounded by bombs and bullets in the hope of understanding where his fear and shame in adulthood came from. In this chat, he and Fearne talk about why therapy isn’t just about talking – that’s just one part – it’s actually about so much more, like who you...


Emma Barnett

Do you have open conversations at work when you’re in pain emotionally or physically? After going through numerous rounds of IVF, as well as having a miscarriage, broadcaster, writer, and author Emma Barnett wants to re-brand pain as weakness into pain as strength, especially at work. In this chat with Fearne, she talks through the worries she had that she might be seen as greedy for wanting a second child through IVF when she’d already had a wonderful son by IVF, and how she’s put this...


Sara Cox

Broadcaster and author Sara Cox joins Fearne for a special live episode of Happy Place at The Podcast Show in Islington. A brilliant storyteller, Sara talks about the process of finding her own voice and becoming a confident raconteur both on the radio and in her personal life. In this chat, Fearne and Sara also explore friendships – how our friends heavily influence who we are as individuals, how to sustain friendships over a lifetime, and how to kindly break up with a friend if you notice...


Denise van Outen

Heartbreak is a universal feeling, but everyone copes with it differently. Presenter, actor and singer Denise Van Outen tends to throw herself into work, keeping busy with exciting professional opportunities, to distract from any pain. In this chat with Fearne, Denise talks about how she’s learnt to accept being alone after heartbreak and acknowledge the stillness without constantly trying to fill the void. Close friends Fearne and Denise also share their experiences of raising blended...


Bonnie Wright

We can all feel paralysed by the guilt that we might not be doing enough to combat climate change, but actor, director, and environmental activist Bonnie Wright feels we should celebrate imperfect and in-process actions. A little can go a long way. In this chat with Fearne, Bonnie explains why it might be helpful to stop thinking about how we can make ourselves and our impact on the planet smaller, and instead think about how to make our positive impact even bigger. They also talk about how...


Prince's Trust Awards Special

Fearne is a Goodwill Ambassador for Mental Health and Wellbeing for The Prince’s Trust, a brilliant charity that helps people who have faced disadvantage and adversity to get their lives on track, supporting them into education, training, and jobs. In this special episode, Fearne chats to Emma-May about the role The Prince’s Trust has played in helping her grow in confidence, both practically and emotionally. Emma-May has been a carer for her parents since she was eleven-years-old, and...


Amanda de Cadenet

Who gets to decide who and what you are? Amanda de Cadenet quit the fame she’d found on British TV after being hounded by the press. She was seen through the eyes of others – journalists, photographers, and viewers – so she chose to reclaim her image by becoming a photographer herself, and reclaimed her voice by starting her own chat shows. In this chat with Fearne, Amanda talks about speaking up when you can’t hear the conversations you and others like you need in order to feel understood...


Minnie Driver

What do you feel the meaning of life is? Purpose? Happiness? Does it matter if we’re not sure? In this chat, Fearne and actor Minnie Driver explore how it might gently fluctuate as we go through different stages of our lives. Minnie also talks about her innate ability to articulate emotion, something that was often agony during her childhood, but has now allowed her to parent her own son in a deeply empathetic way. Minnie’s memoir(ish) is out now; it’s called Managing Expectations. Our...


Jonny Wilkinson

Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson was once driven by a quest for perfection, and an obsession with becoming the best player in the world. Now though, he’s learning to be content with who he is in the present. In this chat, Jonny and Fearne explore the idea that sometimes our own imagination is what’s limiting our idea of success before we’ve even begun, and they wonder if our understanding of ‘ambition’ needs to be reframed to be more inclusive of the journey, not just the final outcome. Listen...



It’s been thirty years since brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson started making music together, but despite growing up under the spotlight they’ve retained an incredibly strong sense of self. In this chat with Fearne, they talk about the role their parents and faith played in helping them stay grounded in a turbulent world. They also give an insight into the unique role each of them plays in the band, and share their thoughts on social media and the way it drives us to feel we have to...


Giselle La Pompe-Moore

We’ve been encouraged to suppress our intuition, to look to others for answers instead of trusting that we already have the answers within ourselves. Spiritual guide and teacher Giselle La Pompe Moore is determined to help us return to our authentic selves. In this chat, Fearne and Giselle share their belief that spirituality isn’t an elite club that centres around buying stuff. Physical items like crystals, sage, or tarot cards can be a wonderful addition if you ascribe meaning to them,...


Emma Gannon

You might feel aware that the internet makes you feel strangely disconnected from others, but writer and podcaster Emma Gannon feels it makes us disconnect from ourselves too. In this chat, Emma and Fearne dissect cancel culture and why we’ve got to allow each other the space to learn and grow, as well as why our offline activity should take precedence, because actions speak louder than token words on a screen. They also talk about how the biggest crime now seems to be not having an...


Will Young

If you’re a high achiever, do you ever wonder if you sometimes use success to mask pain? Performer Will Young recognises this is something he did for many years. Now though, he’s discovered the importance of actively connecting to others and physically moving trauma out of his body when he finds himself in a low place. In this chat with Fearne he explains how he spent much of his career comparing himself to others in a way that was crippling for his mental health, and they both explore why...


Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Does being happy make us healthier, not only mentally, but physically too? Dr Rangan Chatterjee explains the very real effect chronic mental stress can have on our bodies. 80% of ailments he sees as a GP are due to our collective modern lifestyle – that’s not to shame anyone, it’s to help us understand the lifestyle changes we can all make to alleviate both mental and physical symptoms. In this chat, he and Fearne talk about why core happiness isn’t the billboard image of a smiling family on...