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The Heart House Radio podcast journeys into the heart of the human experience with empowered individuals who have the courage to BE themselves.

The Heart House Radio podcast journeys into the heart of the human experience with empowered individuals who have the courage to BE themselves.
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The Heart House Radio podcast journeys into the heart of the human experience with empowered individuals who have the courage to BE themselves.




Episode 76 - Lena Franklin - Doing The Inner-Work With Presence

Lena Franklin is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist, meditation instructor and speaker out of Atlanta. From a young age she was infused with mindfulness and meditation based practices through her Buddhist mother. But it wasn't until when she was in grad school, when her mother passed, did she undergo a spiritual awakening. In this conversation, Lena shares her story of doing the inner-work, facing her fears with vulnerability and courage, and discovering what was at her core. Tune in, as...


Episode 75 - Darrah Brustein - Design Your Life & A Business To Fund It

In this episode, I sat down with entrepreneur, author, online educator and founder, Darrah Brustein on how to design your life that's in alignment with your Truth. Even though Darrah has built successful companies, there was a time where she was living her life according to the conditions of others, which sapped all her energy and left her unhappy. In this inspiring story, Darrah shares how she quit living a life that didn't feel authentic to her and stepped into a life of her own design,...


Episode 74 - Tom Cronin - Bringing Stillness To A Billion People

In this episode, I sat down with Tom Cronin - Founder of The Stillness Project. Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. He recently walked away from the industry at the height of his career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe. In this conversation, Tom opens up about his story and how meditation changed his life at a time where insomnia, anxiety and partying where taking a hold of his life. Now as a...


Your Purpose Is Imprinted In Your Heart: A Meditation Lesson.

What you desire is already imprinted in your heart. Your heart is like a compass, always guiding you in the direction of what it is you desire, whether you're mentally onboard with that or not. "Row, row, row you boat, gently down the stream..." The stream is the direction your heart is pointing. We need to row in that direction. To know what direction is to be in the heart. This is why we practice heart-conscious meditation. To awaken the energy of the heart and tune in to what it has to...


Episode 73: Marshall Dunn - Come Back To Play In Times Of Transition

Lost a job? Thinking of changing careers? Or just going through life transition and want to do something that fills you up and makes you happy? I say, come back to play and curiosity. In this brief conversation to begin your weekend, I encourage listeners to recall soul-stirring experiences from your life that made you feel alive, filled you up, and stayed with you. From there, lean into their significance and common themes. What is there to glean from these experiences? And am I applying...


Episode 72 - Christine Kurban - Learning To Trust and Surrender

Learning to trust and surrender ain't easy. Our ego's get in the way, we resist, we rationalize and we push back. In this episode with executive coach, healer, spiritual advisor, seasoned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business and marketing strategist, Christine Kurban, we dive into the topic of learning to trust and surrender to the beat of one's heart. Christine was a powerhouse success in business, and now as she leans deeper into her soul's calling, she discusses her journey as to...


Episode 71 - Kelli Tennant - Healing Through Honoring Your Truth

Kelli Tennant is a former US TV sports reporter, and now the Founder and Host of Ceremony Wellness. In this very real and open conversation, Kelli shares her story of overcoming major health issues, brought on by not truly honoring who she was at her core. On her journey to health and wholeness, Kelli has now created a community and new career helping women heal from chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease. Kelli does this through a mix of functional medicine, ayurveda and spirituality. If...


Episode 70 - Jerome Doraisamy - Managing One's Mental Health

This week on the show I brought on author, consultant, journalist and adjunct professor, Jerome Doraisamy to tackle the conversation of mental health. Jerome is the author of The Wellness Doctrines for Students and Young Lawyers, and The Wellness Doctrines For High School Students - and has had his own mental health challenges with anxiety and depression. In this conversation Jerome shares his personal story and gives the listeners tools and methods he uses to maintain a healthy sense of...


Episode 69 - Marshall Dunn - How Meditation Has Impacted My Life

With the launch of Heart House Meditation, I wanted to share the story of how meditation has impacted my life. Meditation came to me after the suicide loss of my brother, and since then has been like an old friend, or mentor to lean on. It's provided me an opportunity to take a closer look at life, and connect deeply with my natural essence. From being extremely blocked around my heart, protected by a wall that felt like granite rock, to slowly breaking down that wall with love, meditation...


Episode 68 - Terri Cole - How to Attract and Find Real Love

This week on the show I sat down with New York based, licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach, Terri Cole to talk about finding "real love." Terri is the founder of Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp and knows a thing or two about love and relationships, where we repeat patterns and why, and how to overcome them if we are to be successful in our intimate relationships. In this insightful conversation, Terri shares her own story of therapeutic process and education to...


Episode 67 - Ruby Fremon - Finding Your Authentic Voice

Ruby Fremon is coaching the next generation of thought leaders. As an in-demand Life & Influencer Coach and host of "Today's Thought Leader" podcast, Ruby has the ability to really see, feel and connect with the depths of her clients. How and why? Well, because she's "been there," as you'll discover in this episode. After struggling with depression and anxiety most of her life, being addicted to pain killers, alcohol and drugs, and a failed suicide attempt in her 20's, Ruby has managed to...


Episode 66 - Sahara Rose - The Sacred Medicine of Ayurveda

Sahara Rose is the #1 Bestselling author of "Eat Feel Fresh" and "Idiots Guide to Ayurveda", and host of the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes - The Highest Self Podcast. I brought Sahara on the show to share her story and wisdom from the sacred medicine of Ayurveda for optimal wellbeing. In this grounded and insightful conversation, Sahara details her own health transformation and stepping into her life's work, saying "yes" to herself even when it was tough and confusing. Wise beyond her...


Episode 65 - Dr. Addie Wootten - Bringing More Presence To Your Life Through Mindfulness

Smiling Mind is a 100% not-for-profit that's changing the world by helping every mind to thrive in schools and companies. That's why I was interested in having the CEO of Smiling Mind, Addie Wootten on the show. In this conversation, we discuss the importance of bringing more presence into our lives as a means of reducing stress, increasing calm and activating awareness of emotions. Addie shares her own journey with meditation and scientific perspectives from her clinical experience with men...


Episode 64 - Brittney Carbone - How Sobriety Changed My Life

Santa Monica based fitness professional, Brittney Carbone shares her story from alcoholism to athlete bad-ass. Brittney details her journey to sobriety through connecting to a higher power, the 12 steps program and learning how to not take life too seriously. In this very relatable and real conversation, Brittney describes her alcoholism as a spiritual sickness, looking externally to alcohol to allow her to be herself. When in reality, the solution to her problem was within herself, walking...


Episode 63: Marshall Dunn - Connecting With Your Soul In Nature

People talking about operating from your natural state as being optimal for a healthy sense of wellbeing an inner-connection. I would agree with that. For me, I find that being in nature allows me to fall into and connect to my natural state very easily. Worry disappears and creativity and insight open up like a blooming flower. In this short episode, I share the magic of how nature talks to me when I am present and open to receiving its gifts. It involves a long walk in the bush, a Kangaroo...


Episode 62 - Tiffany Louise - Why I Don't Drink Alcohol Anymore

What is your relationship to alcohol? Does it serve you, or do you use it consistently as a crutch? It's a complicated relationship for a lot of us, and can make us feel socially awkward if we have drunk for years, but now cease to drink. This week, I brought on professional coach, author, speaker and woman with 10 years experience in addiction treatment, Tiffany Louise to discuss why she doesn't drink anymore. Her insight, personal story and wisdom on the topic is inspirational. In this...


Episode 61 - Levina Li & Caleb Spaulding - Building Intimacy With A Sex Journal

Co-creators of A Sex Journal, Levina Li and Caleb Spaulding joined the show to discuss a simple tool for building joy, freedom and connection in sex and intimacy - a sex journal. In this real, vulnerable and human conversation about sex, Levina and Caleb open up about their intimate relationship and how a sex journal has helped them overcome fears, insecurities and become better communicators in and out of the bedroom. And let's not forget the fact that it's taken their sex life to a whole...


Episode 60: Emily Fletcher - Stress Less, Accomplish More

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation in New York City and has taught over 15,000 students through the Z Technique. From Emmy Winners, Tony Winners, Grammy Winners, NBA players, top CEOs and busy full time working mothers, Emily's style of meditation is for extraordinary performance. In this episode, we discuss Emily's journey from a stressed out Broadway actress, to discovering a transformational path to wellbeing and a life of purpose through meditation. Emily combines the...


Episode 59 - Jo'el Adifon - Waking People Up To What's Possible

In this episode, we enter the realm of Spirit with Miracle Worker and Divine Catalyst Jo'el Adifon, as he discusses his work waking people up to what's possible in their own lives. Jo'el was born into a West African family where miracles and two-way dialogue with the Divine are the norm. His whole life, he's been surrounded by entities and energies, spirits and beings - and Jo'el shares his struggles growing up wrestling between been caught between the world of Spirit and wanting to be a...


Episode 58 - Marshall Dunn - Evolve or Repeat The Same Shit

Coming to you LIVE from Byron Bay, Australia! Taking a few days to reflect and unwind, I couldn't help but think of the choices we make in life. As we grow and unfold, we are presented with options to evolve or repeat. In this short episode, I share some personal insights from a recent break-up and the pain that follows from repeating old habits, instead of operating from a higher place of wisdom and love. I hope this episode is a great reminder that life will continue to present the same...