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Highlighting stories of people in the outdoors that we can all relate to! Authentic hunting, fishing and living at its best!

Highlighting stories of people in the outdoors that we can all relate to! Authentic hunting, fishing and living at its best!


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Highlighting stories of people in the outdoors that we can all relate to! Authentic hunting, fishing and living at its best!






Jen Yates...Non Hunter to Hunter

SEASON 3 Begins with a BANG! Jen Yates and I sat down last year and spoke about how she became the supporter of her husband as he learned how to hunt later in life. We discussed what it was like to not just support him but be able to encourage and grow with him in this new adventure. When asked if she would ever be interested in hunting the answer was not no but it was hesitant on how she would even feel. Turkey was a possibility. Fast forward one year and here we are with the story of her...


Daniel Holder...Hunt, Fish, Eat

Daniel and I shared a meal of Sandhill Crane this week and in the moment recorded a spur of the moment hang out. Listen in as we talk about cooking wild game, temperatures to cook at, favorite utensils in the kitchen, favorite ingredients and how we can encourage trying new things. This is a fun conversation around a dinner table. Let us know your ideas, loves and suggestions. Thank you Daniel!


Rebeca Granillo: Fly Fishing Healing Waters

Rebeca Granillo and I had a great conversation one evening about fly fishing. Rebeca has a great story of how fly fishing changed her life and how it continues to do so. We also talk about how she is passing that on. It is so refreshing having these chats with people who love the fight and hunt of what we all do in a respectful and honest way. Listen in as we talk about a clubs she has for women in fly fishing in Utah, but also about The Mayfly Project that actually has been spread across...


Kristin Retterrath... Balance, Success and Value

Kristin and I have been friends for over three years and yet have never met. We have supported each other and conversed but have not hugged each other, YET! Balance is often an issue of conversation but lets add on how we value ourselves and how that impacts our versions of success. As a business owner, leader, coach and teacher Kristin has done a great job of figuring out how to balance life. Now we aren't always perfect and we discuss that as well, but enjoy this candid conversation about...


Jessica Caldwell...The Power of our Ancestors in ReWilding

Jess is from Washington State. She found herself on an adventure of a year of outdoors adventures and building skills that would be beneficial for survival and the outdoors. She wrote Field Notes of 52 weeks of REWILDING! What I am sure she did not see coming was a complete shift in mind, body and spirit. Join us for this conversation how she not only grew herself but has inspired others to join in on this adventure through classes some pretty amazing people teach!


Montana Mule Deer Hunt

This hunt was an intense hunt that lasted days on the east of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This episode is the conversation mid hunt about how we had hunted so far. The things we were learning coming from the Eastern United States. The things I was emptying out of my pack hahaha as the week wore on. Driving from Tennessee to Montana and back I will say this was not a vacation it was work, hard work and worth it! I would go back in a heartbeat and I just may with my wolf tag I still need to...


William Branum, GET NAKED... Naked Warrior Recovery

William and I sat down and chatted about everything from getting shot as a 15 year old hunting turkeys all the way through his years as a Navy Seal and onto CBD and his Get NAKED mindset for his way out of a negative headspace. How do you recover? Mentally and physically? How do you set yourself up for success? You have heard how CBD has worked for my family and me listen to his mission and his WHY! We all need our focus to be set. Take the time to listen and respect where William has come...


Trapping Girl: Linda White

Today, our conversation is with Linda White. She resides in the northeast part of the States where she was a self proclaimed city girl! Instead of listening to those who had only one thought on trapping she ended up doing actual research and got to know a real trapper and the real reasons behind trapping. Linda is an educator and a passionate trapper who wants to bring light about the "red headed step child" of the outdoor community to the world. Listen in as we all grow in support for those...


Raylene Proto, Ditale Outdoors

Raylene joins the podcast to chat about Ditale Outdoors and how the passion for the outdoors and passion for all women in our community to be fitted correctly with her clothing. Listen in to who...aka over a thousand women, have had a say so in decisions along the way. How did this idea come to fruition? How difficult is it to stick to your standard of quality and how important is it to have a multitude of sizes. Listen to Raylene's history in the outdoors and the story of her first archery...


Dayna Monroe: Archery and Community

Dayna and I met at TAC here in Tennessee back in the early part of the summer. We chatted about getting a podcast on the books and it took us until now with both of our schedules and boy am I glad we did. Listen in as we talk about how archery had a huge impact on her life then became even so much more. We talk about how important the community has been to her. How inclusive and involved they are. Having a TRIBE is everything even if it is a small group. Thank you Dayna!


Catherine Spader: Teenage Hunters-The Balance

Catherine approached me asking for a podcast about teenagers and students hunting and how they balance it. She then stepped up when I asked her to be that conversation. I took away a ton of insight from this conversation. I know that this episode will be intriguing to not only some, but all parents and all students! Listen in and grow with me as we learn the positives and the very few struggles that can happen. Listen with an open heart willing to learn whether you have kids or mentor...


Sharenda Birts: How do we do BETTER?

Sharenda Birts is a good friend who is joining me for a personal conversation about stepping forward. Be yourself, stand up tall, straighten that crown and be a big part of our hunting and shooting community! I love Sharenda's candor and honesty of where she has been and how the journey has looked for her entering the world of outdoors! As a woman, as an African American, as a hunter, as a shooter how her journey has evolved over the past few years. We are all individuals with stories of our...


Kerra Nisbet, Part 2 Waterfowl Biologist

Kerra joins us again for a great conversation about the process of wildlife conservation. Let's talk banding ducks and owls and sea turtle conservation in Mexico. Listen in to hear about how you can be a part of this process. What does it look like volunteering? How can you do more than just buy a hunting license? Or donate money, which is great, but how can you do more? How can we teach our next generation hunters the responsibility of seeing the full picture of waterfowl habitat and...


Maranda Hough: Building Mental Toughness

Maranda and I met at TAC this year here in TN. We have been talking ever since about getting together for this episode and I am so glad we did finally do it. Maranda has a heart of gold and a humble mindset to learning. Listen in and learn how sometimes taking a step back and being an observer and "pack mule" will teach you lessons you cannot replace. We talk about the value of mental toughness and how no amount of physical strength will get you past the suck more than the mental game but...


Sue Tidwell- Cries of the Savanna

Sue Tidwell joins me for a conversation about Africa! We talk about her book coming out soon that describes the Savanna from a view of those who live day in and day out in it. Sue, a non hunter was able to see the necessity of hunters and the hunting community and how it affects conservation efforts overseas. IT is important to see from the view of Lillian and others who are native conservers of the lands and wild game over there. Listen in and hear her passion for sharing the stories of...


Kerra Nisbet...Part 1 Waterfowl Biologist

This episode is part one of a conversation with Kerra Nibset. We will be getting to know Kerra a bit in this podcast and hearing how this Canadian found her calling. She has a heart for our waterfowl and honestly our whole ecosystem. Listen in as we talk protection of the species she specializes in and how hunters have such an important part in doing that specifically. Thank you Kerra for your wisdom and I cannot wait for part two to release for detailed talking about conservation and more!


Stephanie Rustad: Lets Talk Form

Stephanie and I got passionate in this episode about the value of archery in schools! You will hear how confidence is built and how the school systems that choose to allow the NASP program in have noticed a difference in the students who have grown in it. The value found in success in a child as young as 4th grade. Listen in as we talk the importance of form and practice and how there is no such thing as muscle memory! It is about time. Stephanie gives some great advice on how you can...


Ryan off the Grid: Let's Talk Impact

Ryan and I had a great conversation that discussed a few of his passions that lined up very similarly with mine. Ryan tells us how the outdoors switched from a pastime to a passion and how he has made it a life project. Sometimes this happens slowly over time and sometimes this happens in a moment. Listen in and find out how that happened for him but also how he has created a way to pass it on. We also dip into the views from a hunter of the male side looking in and over the years that...


Olivia Opre: Voice of the Hunter

Olivia and I sat down and had a conversation a few weeks ago and again on this episode of Her Wild Outdoors. You will hear in the episode the accolades that she has earned and the validity of her passions for our hunting community. We were able to discuss how important communication is toward the anti and non hunters in our world. How important is a woman's voice in our industry? How can it be utilized for the best? When is it important to stand up and be bold and when is it important to...


Madi Andresen: Ready to Hunt - Physically and Mentally

Madi gave me the honor of an awesome conversation about physical well being and mental well being in and out of the field. We were able to talk about the head space we need to be in to come through successful not just with an animal but with safety and respect to that hunt. When focusing on things that matter the mind and body follow suit. Self confidence and self worth is something we all need to balance out for ourselves. It gets carried into the field and can make or break you. Listen in...