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Yzaura is a voice actor who brings classic short stories to life from your favorite authors. Combined with adventurous soundscape to escape your daily routine.

Yzaura is a voice actor who brings classic short stories to life from your favorite authors. Combined with adventurous soundscape to escape your daily routine.


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Yzaura is a voice actor who brings classic short stories to life from your favorite authors. Combined with adventurous soundscape to escape your daily routine.




EP-407 Little Red Riding Hood: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

Small announcement this is our last episode for the season but, we will be back in the summer with all new stories. So make sure you are subscribed so you will always be up to date. In this episode we talk to Red and hear her side of her encounter with the Big Bad Wolf. This episode contains disturbing sounds of violence listener discretion is advised. Music from Epidemic Sound: Ghost Ship Story - Kikoru Travels in Time - Experia Fight Through - Ethan Sloan Metamorpheus - Hampus...


EP-406 The Three Little Pigs: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

While investigating these crimes in fairytale land it really made me aware of the fact that families were being destroyed and they had no support. It especially hit me when I had a chat with Practical. The following interview may be disturbing, listener discretion is advised. Resources used in this episode: Music from Epidemic Sound The Thaw: Million Eyes Off At Once: John Bjork Danger Lures: Trailer Worx Document This: Million Eyes Superior:...


EP-405 The Wolf and The Seven Young Kids: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

This story reminds me of a particular serial killer from our land. He was truly horrific and terrorized an entire state for years. He was the type of person who took his time and learned everything he could about his victims before he made his final move. He would go into their homes beforehand and take trinkets as prizes for his unspeakable acts. Resources for this weeks episode: The Wolf and Seven Young Kids a Brothers Grimm...


EP-404 The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

Join me this week as we dig deeper into the Big Bad Wolf and why I believe he is a serial killer. In the crime safety site it says: “Serial killers look perfectly normal and may be above average in intelligence. You may very well have met one and found him charming or, if nothing else, forgettable. You may know a killer and never realize it – because he doesn't seem the least bit like a monster. They blend in with the rest of us without arousing the slightest suspicion.” If...


EP-403 The Wolf and The Fox: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

I found an article called 5 Myths About Serial Killers and Why Do They Persist and it reads I quote: “The majority of serial killers are not reclusive social misfits who live alone, despite pervasive depictions of them as such in the news and entertainment media. Real-life serial killers are not the isolated monsters of fiction and, frequently, they do not appear to be strange or stand out from the public in any meaningful way.” Upon reading this I began to wonder. Did Zeke, the Big Bad Wolf...


EP-402 The Crane and The Wolf: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

When I started this journey I sat in front of my computer and stared at the blank screen for what felt like eternity. I was frozen, but I was lost in this run on sentence in my head about Zeke. Only I didn’t know him as Zeke at the time he was The Big Bad Wolf. And I found myself shaking my head from side to side and saying “that's 3 murders. 3 murders so close to each other by the same villain, The Big Bad Wolf.” Then I just shot up in my seat, He's a Serial Killer!!!! Fairytale land has,...


EP-401 The Wolf and The Dog: a true crime investigation in Fairytale Land

I know what you"re thinking... You thought fairytale land was just that a tale. But what if I told you that it is an actual place. And we can go there. In fact we are there now. This is FairyTale Land. Yes, the place where fairy godmothers dance and evil forces play. You’ve read about this place to your kids at night. You’ve bought books about princes and princesses that promote happily ever afters. You’ve shared with your friends which ones of it’s tales were your favorites and why. But we...


Following The Big Bad Wolf: a true crime investigation in FairyTale Land

This season I”m trying something different. You might not know this but I am a murderino, you know a true crime junkie. That’s right my friends on my free time I listen to murder. So much so that when I was first bouncing around ideas to create a podcast I thought I would be doing a true crime podcast and who knows maybe one day I will. So this season I decided to take a stab at it but in my own way. This podcast is me reading you great stories which I love and I will continue to do so here....


A Spooky Christmas Tale: Smee

For this holiday season let's go on an adventure to a Victorian Christmas of long, long ago. Did you know that during the Victorian era, publishers of newspapers and magazines printed ghost stories during the Christmas season for chilling winter reading by the fireside or candlelight. It was a time of reflection as the days became longer and darker. People would gather and share tales of past winters, of deaths that occurred, of births and rebirths. “Christmas was originally connected to the...


'TwasThe Night Before Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to share some Christmas cheer and share a few holiday stories. If you are enjoying these stories please subscribe on your favorite podcast player. I will be sharing one more story tomorrow and it’s a little spooky. Tonight we have a classic so gather round my friends grab you hot coco or beverage of choice and let’s enter into Clement Clarke Moore’s world of words this is “Twas the Night Before Christmas” Thank you so much for listening. I wish...


'Twas Nochebuena

In the spirit of the holidays I would like to share some Christmas cheer and share a few holiday stories. If you are enjoying these stories please subscribe on your favorite podcast player. I will be sharing three Christmas tales the last being the spookiest. Today our author shares with us how her latino family celebrates Christmas using the rhythms of a famous Christmas rhyme. So gather round my friends grab you hot coco or beverage of choice and let’s enter into Roseanne Greenfield Thong...


PopIn Edition: Thanksgiving

As we enter into this Thanksgiving Day my hope is that we remember the native peoples of this country and the turmoil they face to this day. May we see what they see and hear what they hear. Before I go any further “I want to respectfully acknowledge the Kizh and Tongva People, who have stewarded this land that I currently live on throughout the generations.” Todays I want to share Chief Jake Swamp words with you, this is Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message. For more...


The Scary Story of The Mass For The Dead

This week we listen to The Mass For The Dead by the mother of goth Edith Nesbit. Where strange musical interludes bring warnings of things to come. Don't forget to drop our Instagram page and tell us what stories you would like to hear for next season. Stay safe out there :) Music: AnalogueCabin - Noir Et Blanc Vie Anitmatter - The Westerlies Falling Rain - Myuu O Come All Ye Faithful (Vocals) - Jingle Punks Phantom - Density & Time Sprightly Pursuit - Cooper Cannell Til Death...


The Scary Story of the Forest of Bloodshed

Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins. This weeks tale is an original piece all the way from Romania. This is The Forest of Bloodshed by: Andrei Zamfir. Always “Remember there are spirits here. There are ways of the world that we don’t understand. There’s a balance to everything in existence, and this land has been looking to regain its spiritual equilibrium for centuries. Enter into this scary story if you dare….. Music: Beginnings (Intro) - The Tower of Light Hero's Ascent - Chris...


The Scary Story of The Three Little Pigs

This weeks story was inspired surprisingly by a new show on HBO MAX called Raised by Wolves. No spoilers here but Amanda Collins does a trilling performance of the Three Little Pigs that inspired me to produce this scary version of the tale. Enter at will to this weeks spooky rendition of the classic fairy tale by James Halliwell-Phillipps. Music: A Hand In The Dark - Underbelly & Ty Mayer. Dark Tranquility - Anno Domini Beats Go to Sleep My Little One - Doug Maxwell_Media Right...


The Scary Story of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow

This we week we have a classic that was recommended by a fellow spooky enthusiast on Instagram. This is the scary tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. If you ever wondered what story the headless horseman comes from then listen to this tale. Thank you so much for listening. When you get a moment please stop by our Instagram page and say “Boo!” It’s Halloween :) Until Next time my friends, what stories will you be getting into?


The Spooky Tale of the Ebony Frame

This weeks story is a mind bender. We encounter Mr. Divgne who inherits his aunts fortune and among her things he finds a picture of a mysterious woman whom he falls deeply in love with. Enter into this chilling tale of ghostly love. Music: A Great Darkness Approaches, Can You Feel It_ - ELPHNT A Mystical Experience - Unicorn Heads Dream Escape - The Tides False Morel - Trevor Garrod Lurking Shadows - Myuu Mysterious Place - DarkEerie Music (Creative Commons) No.5 The Day I Met Her...


The Scary Tale of La Llorona

This is the first story in our Season of Fear celebration of Halloween. Each Friday for the month you will be transported to an old tale with a new twist. An audio adventure of haunting and fright. If you scare easily beware. Music An Excuse To Do Less - pAtches Shadows - Anno Domini Beats Cowboy Lullaby JHS Pedals The Awakening _ Patrick Patrikios


Season of Fear

Welcome to the Halloween Season of Fear edition. We will be sharing 10 scary stories starting October 2nd. If you have a scary story that needs to be shared we are taking suggestions at our Instagram page. Please dm me your suggestion if it is in the public domain arena and under 10 pages I’ll perform here. Or if you want to try your hand at writing one I would love the opportunity to bring your creation to life. Music: Assembling - Asher Fulero


PopIn Edition

Hello friends and welcome to How About A Story the PopIN Edition I'm Yzaura. So I am a big fan of spooky things. I love vampires, wolves and sexy creatures of the night. Fall is coming. So hint, hint on what to expect in the fall. Ok I have a question for you do you have a scary story that just needs to be shared? If so head over to our Instagram page and send us a DM with said story and then I will perform it here during the season of fear. Wouldn't that be fun? I think it will be fun. So...