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Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.

Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.


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Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.




Lori: Gaining Cultural Humility

Lori Adams-Brown was a third culture kid, with US citizenship growing up in Venezuela with an international school experience. Bilingual in Spanish and English, she has learned four other languages and lived about a decade in Indonesia during a civil war and in Singapore raising her children. Now residing in California she continues to practice cultural humility, including on her podcast, A World of Difference. Resources: When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor.....


Jake: DJ for Inclusive Spaces

Jake aka Ultra (they/them) is nonbinary, pansexual, on the autism spectrum, and has ADHD. They previously worked in politics, but are now a nationally recognized DJ. They started Lights Out Barks Out, originally a pup and furry-centric party space which promotes inclusivity, diversity, openness, affordability, and gives back to the communities the parties are in. Newly created, The LOBO Initiative aims to support LGBTQ youth and adults, including those with disabilities. Connect with...


Sarah: Adventure Boudoir Photography

After living out of her Subaru for a few months, Sarah Marcella decided to change her photography business model for a life on the road. She bought a bus, named it Shakti, and started her adventure boudoir experience. She makes sure her clients have a safe space, are comfortable, and have a positive time and utilizes a pay-what-you-can model. Connect with Sarah: Donate to the podcast:...


Edward: Being Trans in Music and Literature

A queer trans man, Edward Underhill is a music composer and author. His novel, Always the Almost, debuts February 14, 2023, and features a teenage trans musician. Growing up, Edward struggled to understand his identity and now he’s excited to join other queer authors writing joyful queer stories. Edward’s Website: Edward’s Debut Novel: Queer Book Recommendations: Absolutely, Positively Not...


Gwen: Asexual Author Finding Herself

Gwen Tolios is an author who has published short stories, middle grade novels, and her recent romance, Returning to You. In this episode, Gwen shares how she came to understand and identify in the queer community as asexual and biromantic and what those identities mean. She’s found a good community in Chicago and is currently leading a local anthology publication and will be a regional leader for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November). Asexuality Visibility Education Network...


Scott: Surviving Son, Army Veteran

Scott DeLuzio is an Army veteran having joined the Connecticut Army National Guard a little over a year after graduating college. He and his brother were both deployed to Afghanistan as infantrymen and when Scott’s brother was killed in action, Scott came home and struggled to return to civilian life. He wrote the book, Surviving Son, to share his story and started the podcast, Drive On, to connect with other veterans as he found other veterans who were struggling with PTSD. Scott’s...


Ann: Releasing Life’s Tensions

Ann Hince had multiple traumatic events from her childhood, being adopted and through her family circumstances. It wasn’t until later in life that she truly acknowledged this trauma when visiting a holistic doctor who taught her emotional freedom technique (EFT) or “tapping.” From there she learned what it meant to feel her feelings and found an awareness within her body to allow tension to release. She shares more about her story in this episode and in her book, A Pathway to...


Marjorie: Easy Walks for All

Marjorie Turner Hollman is an author of five books about Easy Walks - which aren’t just short walks. After surgery from a brain tumor she ended up paralyzed on her right side and while regaining movement, she would still get outside. She ventures out with her husband on a custom tandem bike and started using hiking poles at his suggestion. Marjorie shares her story to be a voice and advocate for others. Connect with Marjorie: Marjorie’s Website: Marjorie’s...


Madeline: Wanderlust and Cultural Experiences

Madeline Jhawar had an international upbringing and has always been filled with wanderlust. From French immersion in Edmonton, Canada to hosting multiple exchange students and her own exchange in Italy at 18, it’s no wonder that Madeline started a travel company. Madeline shares her experiences of jobs in other countries and working in other languages to starting her own businesses Italy Beyond the Obvious and Travel Beyond the Obvious. Resources: Italy Beyond the Obvious:...


Katherine: Broken Bones and Making Art

Katherine is an artist, graphic designer, and lover of music with osteogenesis imperfecta. At 2’7”, she uses an electric wheelchair for mobility, prefers to lie down for most things, and has an aide for assistance with most daily tasks. Starting off by painting patients at her parents’ veterinary practice, Katherine now specializes in professional watercolor paintings, graphic design, and making jewelry. Connect with...


Rach: Mom in the Medical Field

Rach has worked through the pandemic in a hospital, and has suffered PTSD from some of that work. She also has controlled bipolar and has dealt with a brain tumor. Through all of this, she is a podcaster with her partner Cris and the mother of five biracial children. Living in Minnesota, Rach supports her children being in the LGBTQ+ community and making sure they understand Black education. Rach’s Podcast: Donate to the podcast:...


Filimon: Teenage Views on Mental Health

A junior in high school, Filimon has found a passion for mental health and started the podcast, The Brief Dive. From his own personal experiences he wanted to share and teach others about mental health. He also shares about life in general as a high school student and moving during the pandemic. Filimon’s Podcast: Donate to the podcast: Want to share your story and be a guest? Email:...


Genesis: Woman of Color; Enough is Enough

Genesis Amaris Kemp is a visionary life coach with a background in the corporate world and the author of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace. A first generation American, most of her life has been in predominantly white areas, but Genesis is now speaking up and staying strong to her morals in values. In this episode, she also shares about being a patient advocate for her late father. Connect with...


Larry: Gay and AIDS Activist & Erstwhile Jewish Wagnerite

Larry is a writer, physician, health advocate, and opera lover. He was the first to write about AIDS in the press and has published 5 books. These include an anthology, We Must Love One Another or Die: The Life and Legacies of Larry Kramer; a memoir, Confessions of a Jewish Wagnerite: Being Gay and Jewish in America, and its sequel On the Future of Wagnerism: Art, Intoxication, Addiction, Codependence and Recovery. In this episode, stories shared include being discriminated against as a kid...


Sharyl: Intersectional Identities and Inclusivity

A native Texan, Sharyl West Loeung works in the DEI space while raising a multicultural family. With her Cambodian-American husband, they’re raising two sons to understand culture and embracing their identity. Sharyl discusses invisible identities including her religion and her disability. Resources: Connect with Sharyl:...


Lee: Overcoming Loneliness and Being Trans

Lee Hopkins (he/him/his) is a transgender man who helps people create lasting friendships. He’s moved across the United States in hopes of finding friends and fitting in. During and after transitioning, he still felt different even as he was living more of his “authentic self.” He shares fears he had during this process and how he helps to combat loneliness. Connect with Lee: Donate to the podcast:...


Richard: Audiobook Narration and Accessibility

Richard Rieman had a successful career in news radio and then transitioned into being an audiobook narrator. Known as “The Audiobook Wizard,” Richard can imitate many well-known characters and characters of varying backgrounds. He founded the non-profit Imagination Videobooks to make children’s picture books accessible. They have a Kickstarter running from May 3 to June 4 to support a fully accessible movie-length version of Winnie the Pooh available. Non-Profit Website:...


Shelly: Accessibility for an Amputee

Shelly Houser has a congenital hemipelvectomy such that she was born without a hip in her right leg; a situation 1 in 8 million. This hasn’t stopped her from learning to ski or raising three boys. With her business Inclusive Consulting and her passion for supporting new amputees, she shares how it’s important in include accessibility when talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Connect with Shelly: Inclusive Consulting: &...


Scottie Jeanette: Getting Back to Herself

Scottie Jeanette Madden is a late-stage trans woman. From a young age she hid that she was truly a girl and after twenty years of being a husband, came out to her wife. Together, Marcy and Scottie Jeanette worked through the changes and continued their strong marriage until her passing in 2018. Professionally, professionally, Scottie Jeanette is an author, writer and director. She is also a Showrunner in adventure and survival television. More from Scottie Jeanette: TED Talk, What Would...


Marsha: From Firefighter to Fire Marshal

Marsha McCurdy Adell was the first Black woman to graduate from the Connecticut Fire Academy, but also the first Black female firefighter she knew herself. As an athlete, she went from fighting fires to now helping strategically prevent them as West Hartford’s Deputy Fire Marshal. Marsha is also a proud mom to her twin daughters. Association of Black Professional Firefighters: Donate to the podcast: Want to share your story and...