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Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.

Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.


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Join Sarah each week as she talks with a new guest on Introducing Me, a podcast where people of many different backgrounds share their stories. With a focus on inclusion and diversity, Sarah’s guests talk about culture, advocacy, race, ability, gender and sexual identities, or whatever else they want heard.




Dawson: Being Trans and Preparing for Fatherhood

Dawson has known he was trans since he was a young child, but didn’t start coming out until his twenties. He’s been taking testosterone for about a decade now and has had to navigate discrimination in the healthcare system. Through IVF, his partner is currently pregnant and they are expecting a baby in early 2023, whom Dawson will legally adopt. Donate to the podcast: Want to share your story and be a guest? Email:...


Griffin: Vision Impairment and Helping the Community

Griffin is the Founder and CEO of the Foreseeable Future Foundation which he started after graduating from Susquehanna University. He found out while playing sports as a young teenager that he was losing his vision and got diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. He continued to play sports up until college when he turned to being active in the community and sharing more about his diagnosis. Still athletic, Griffin has finished marathons and competes in tandem cycling. Connect with the...


Melanie: Former Disney Stepsister

Magical Girl Melanie applied for a face character role at Disney World twelve times before being hired by Disney. When she was a teenager she had the chance to visit Disneyland and from there, her dream and hyper fixation to become a Disney cast member was born. She finally got accepted into an attraction role at Disneyland and one chance at a face character audition in California landed her a role as Drizella. Nowadays Melanie knows she has autism and does online content creation, focusing...


Markus: Raising a Gender Neutral Child in a Three Parent Family

Markus (he/they) is an author, a watercolor artist, and pursuing his PhD in Gender Studies at Queens University. He shares about his day to day life on TikTok. Markus knew he was a queer, trans man at the age of 16 but was not accepted by his parents. At 17, he was taken in by his grandparents. Now in his 30s, Markus has recently married his longtime partner, Andrew. Together with their platonic co-parent, Hannah, they are raising a child. The trio practices Gender Neutral Parenting, using...


Brett: Corporate Finance and Passion for History

Brett Moyer grew up in Watsontown, Pennsylvania, graduated from Susquehanna University in 2013, and went into the corporate world of finance. Now living in Jersey City along the Hudson River, he’s found ways to give back by volunteering as a tour guide for Ellis Island, giving running tours in lower Manhattan, and helping rescue geese. In the past couple of years he has authored two history books and is about to release a second children’s book encouraging historical and environmental...


Chuck: Christian Trans Man

Chuck Petrizzi first knew he wanted to be a boy at age five, even requesting to be called Jimmy by his babysitters. He never questioned his core faith and love for the bible, and earned a degree in Biblical Studies. After marrying his husband, Josh, he continued to struggle presenting as a female and didn’t want to to identify as trans. Josh continued to support him through depression and since coming out publicly as trans last year at 28 years old. Book Recommendation: Trans-Gender:...


Angel: French Fluency and Gender Identity

Angel Pretot is a Frenchman who chose to become a French teacher for foreigners because of his love for English. Angel’s teaching model focuses on each student’s personal goals and their specific needs. He currently resides in Austria and has learned an additional five languages to fluency. In this episode, Angel shares about his gender transition. Learn from Angel: Donate to the podcast: Want to...


Scott: Children’s Author and Acceptance in Parenting

Scott Stuart grew up thriving in a masculine world, but also abandoned parts of himself to fit in, including initially pursuing life as an author. When he and his wife had their now 9-year-old son, they wanted him to be completely free to be himself. So when he first asked to wear a dress, Scott said yes, but struggled with some of his own internal fears. Now a full-time author, Scott’s books help empower young kids to embrace themselves. Connect with...


John: Grappling with his Sexuality as a Scout

John grew up in Central Pennsylvania surrounded by conservative views and wanting to “do the right thing.” He was active in Boy Scouts and held a national position for the Order of the Arrow, Scoutings National Honor Society. He went through internal conflict when realizing he was gay, and moving to Washington, DC after college helped him embrace his true self. In this episode, John shares about the Scouts BSA progress to more inclusivity. Morally Straight, A Newsletter about Inclusivity...


Sarah: Two Years of Podcasting

Sarah steps away from the host seat to be the guest on the second anniversary of Introducing Me. She shares about her busy last year including getting engaged to Coleman, this episode’s host. Sarah’s Instagram: Sarah’s TikTok: Jack-Jack’s Instagram: Donate to the podcast: Want to share your story and be a guest? Email:...


Sumi: Publishing Stories from Life

Author and Speaker Sumi Mukherjee writes books based on true account stories and makes presentations on the related topics. His books and presentations are broadly focused on cultural diversity and social justice with specific focus on racial equality, long-term mental health impact of bullying, prevention of child sexual abuse, and prevention of workplace bullying. Sumi was born in Calgary, Canada, and grew up in Minnesota, USA. Sumi’s Website: Donate to the...


Tracee: Disability Advocate and Author

Tracee Garner has written eighteen books spanning fiction stories and non-fiction books surrounding disability since she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at two years old. Because of her disability, she is a full-time power wheelchair user, but is able to drive with her modified vehicle. Her resilience and advocacy are very evident in this episode. Connect with Tracee: Tracee's Books on Amazon Donate to the...


Kaity: Moving to Paris for Science

Born and raised in California, Kaity was excited to leave her hometown for college. After spending four years in a small town in Pennsylvania, her love of school and science took her back to California where she earned her PhD last winter. Postdoctoral work found her getting married and moving to Paris in just a few months. In this episode, Kaity shares about these transitions and her crazy last year. Kaity’s Twitter: Donate to the podcast:...


Al: Working to Perfect Credit

Al Jones grew up thinking that the poor financial decisions his family went through were normal and continued them himself through adulthood. While working towards and achieving an 850 credit score, he documented his journey which he now shares in his audiobook, My Journey from Bad to Excellent Credit: How I Achieved a Perfect 850 Credit Score. In this episode Al also shares about his time in the Army and his projects; Lyrics Guru, a song lyrics trivia word game and Dear Father Al, a weekly...


Spencer: Social Security Disability Revealed

When looking for a job after law school, Spencer Bishins landed up working for the Social Security Administration (SSA) in disability benefits, a part of SSA he didn’t know existed at the time. With ten years of experience, he wrote the book “Social Security Disability Revealed: Why it’s so hard to access benefits and what you can do about it” to help demystify disability benefits for those who need it. Spencer’s Website: Donate to the podcast:...


Lori: Gaining Cultural Humility

Lori Adams-Brown was a third culture kid, with US citizenship growing up in Venezuela with an international school experience. Bilingual in Spanish and English, she has learned four other languages and lived about a decade in Indonesia during a civil war and in Singapore raising her children. Now residing in California she continues to practice cultural humility, including on her podcast, A World of Difference. Resources: When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor.....


Jake: DJ for Inclusive Spaces

Jake aka Ultra (they/them) is nonbinary, pansexual, on the autism spectrum, and has ADHD. They previously worked in politics, but are now a nationally recognized DJ. They started Lights Out Barks Out, originally a pup and furry-centric party space which promotes inclusivity, diversity, openness, affordability, and gives back to the communities the parties are in. Newly created, The LOBO Initiative aims to support LGBTQ youth and adults, including those with disabilities. Connect with...


Sarah: Adventure Boudoir Photography

After living out of her Subaru for a few months, Sarah Marcella decided to change her photography business model for a life on the road. She bought a bus, named it Shakti, and started her adventure boudoir experience. She makes sure her clients have a safe space, are comfortable, and have a positive time and utilizes a pay-what-you-can model. Connect with Sarah: Donate to the podcast:...


Edward: Being Trans in Music and Literature

A queer trans man, Edward Underhill is a music composer and author. His novel, Always the Almost, debuts February 14, 2023, and features a teenage trans musician. Growing up, Edward struggled to understand his identity and now he’s excited to join other queer authors writing joyful queer stories. Edward’s Website: Edward’s Debut Novel: Queer Book Recommendations: Absolutely, Positively Not...


Gwen: Asexual Author Finding Herself

Gwen Tolios is an author who has published short stories, middle grade novels, and her recent romance, Returning to You. In this episode, Gwen shares how she came to understand and identify in the queer community as asexual and biromantic and what those identities mean. She’s found a good community in Chicago and is currently leading a local anthology publication and will be a regional leader for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November). Asexuality Visibility Education Network...