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Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.

Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.




Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.






Darkly Comic Thrillers with Rich Leder

Murder with a touch of the absurd. When Rich Leder finished reading his excerpt from his new book, Cooking for Cannibals, I realized his writing reminded me of Elmore Leonard's. As the title of this podcast episode implies, Rich's writing has a touch of the comedic, but not in a har-har way. It's more like a dash of salt added to a very spicy dish. In the interview we talk about writing screenplays in Hollywood, writing 'high concept' books, and his other mystery series, the crime caper Kate...


Wild Twists and Murderous Turns with Sebastian Fitzek

All she did was take in a parcel for a neighbour. Sebastian Fitzek is one of Europe’s most successful authors of psychological thrillers and I was thrilled to talk to him about his brand new book, The Package. In the interview, Sebastian shares how the idea for the book grew out of the every-day occurrence of a package delivery to his quiet street in Berlin. Interestingly, Sebastian has also created several board games. We talk about how these games came to life and how he collaborated with...


Old Secrets, New Lies and Murder with Edwin Hill

Who better to solve mysteries than a research librarian? Hester Thursby is a research librarian at Harvard with a non-husband and a niece in tow who has a side-hustle as a people-finder. Watch Her is the third book in this acclaimed series. Author Edwin Hill reads to us from the beginning of the book and in the interview we discuss why he chose to write about a female protagonist, Hester's interesting approach to her relationship with her parter Morgan, and why Edwin made the choice to have...


Exploring Canada and Solving Murders with Jay Forman

Canada is a biiiiig country! Jay Forman's amateur sleuth, travel writer Lee Smith, has got innumerable places to visit...and lots of crime to solve. If you're missing the ability to travel in this our covid year then Jay and Lee can definitely help you out with some virtual travels. In the second book in the series, No Return, Lee visits a fly-in Ojibway community in Northern Ontario to investigate the shooting death of a mining prospector. Other books in the series explore the Muskoka...


Murder on Hawaii’s Big Island with Robert McCaw

The jungles and lava fields of Hawai'i hold secrets. If you've ever been to Hawai'i, it's likely that murder was the last thing on your mind. Not so for Robert McCaw's detective Koa Kane. As Robert shares in our interview, he had a home on Hawai'i and became fascinated with its culture, language, and history. To me, the islands seem the perfect place to set a series of mysteries; the sometimes flouted expectations that visitors have of paradise, the mix of cultures, not to mention the...


Solving Crime in Medieval Wales with Sarah Woodbury

Historical mysteries in an ancient time. Regency and WWII historical mysteries are the ones I tend to notice most often. Sarah Woodbury offers us an alternative in her Gareth and Gwen series set in Medieval Wales. Sarah has had a big job on her hands in this series, weaving together history, mystery, a sprinkling of the Welsh language, and romance. But she clearly loves doing it because there are presently 13 books in the series. In the interview, one of the things we touch on is Sarah's...


Solving Crime While Living the RV Life with Minnie Crockwell

Do you yearn for a life of freedom? Minnie Crockwell is a free spirit. She travels the USA in her RV, with a very polite ghost named Ben in tow, exploring the country and, of course, solving crime. The life of a digital nomad has occasionally called to me, but I think I'm better off hearing about others' adventures. To me it seems that the Will Travel for Trouble mysteries are the perfect confluence of living an adventurous life vicariously through literature. Today's show is supported by my...


Co-writing Cozy Mysteries with Chelsea Thomas

Sometimes when bad things happen it's for the best. I'm not talking about murder! For the fictional character Chelsea Thomas being left at the alter spins her life in a direction that she likely didn't anticipate. I haven't had a husband and wife co-writing team on the podcast before so I was very excited to talk to one half of the team, Chelsea, who shares a name with her protagonist. Chelsea and her husband Matthew have co-authored ten Apple Orchard mysteries, with #11, Dropping Like Pies,...


Soft-Boiled Crime in European Locations with JJ Marsh

If you're yearning to travel, the Beatrice Stubbs series will satisfy. Jill Marsh's Detective Inspector Beatrice Stubbs is fighting battles with crime, as well as with her own mind. Beatrice has bipolar disorder and that has an effect on her work. Jill shares in our interview that she wanted Beatrice to be a real person with real-life problems and challenges, not a superhero character. When Jill's readers asked for the background on Beatrice and her mental illness Jill obliged by writing the...


Animals, Magic and Mysteries with Melanie Snow

Cozy mysteries with a witchy twist. Melanie Snow is the pen name for established and prolific non-fiction author Wendy van de Poll. In this episode of the podcast, Wendy wears her fiction author hat and reads to us from the first book in the Spellwood Witches series, Witch's Tail. In the introduction I share that writing the December short story for my patrons has been a bit like driving on square wheels...and that I'm okay with that. Sometimes creativity is smooth and easy, sometimes it...


One Big Mystery, Four Possible Suspects with Greg Hickey

I love a good whydunnit! Greg Hickey's novel, Parabellum, is structured differently from the average mystery novel. This book starts with a horrific, terrifying event and then jumps back in time by a year. It follows four individuals, the ex-athlete, the programmer, the veteran, and the student, and examines their lives and what may have cause any one of them to take their pain out on the group of innocent people from the event at the start of the book. After Greg reads Chapter 1 of the book...


Gripping Suspense and Intuitive Senses with Matty Dalrymple

Matty Dalrymple is my first three-peat guest! Author Matty Dalrymple and her protagonist, Ann Kinnear, share a love of aviation. Matty herself learned how to fly, though she had to give it up for reasons she explains in the interview portion of the show. In The Falcon and the Owl, Ann Kinner is taking flying lessons and trying to protect her privacy from the attention of a documentary filmmaker when she gets tangled up in a mystery at her local airstrip. As Matty and I discuss in the...


Airborne Investigations with Joseph Reid

Thrillers in the sky! I have a friend whose cousin worked as the Canadian version of an air Marshall. I've always wondered what that kind of work would be like. He spends his working hours on flights (or did, before covid). I've never met him but I'd love to ask him what it's like being on high alert much of the time but, hopefully, never having to actually deal with armed terrorists. Joseph Reid's Seth Walker series comes as close as possible to me being able to ask those questions. The...


Ireland, Ghosts, and Violins with Alexia Gordon

I love a mystery set in a land I've long been wanting to visit. Alexia Gordon's five-book series of mysteries is set in Ireland. Gethsemane Brown is a violinist living far from her Virginia home in a cliffside cottage in Southern Ireland...with a ghost named Eamon. If you like It's a Mystery podcast, you'll enjoy Alexia's show The Cozy Corner, which broadcasts every other Wednesday. Alexia interviews authors who write along the crime fiction spectrum from traditional to cozy to the edge of...


Death Waits in the Dark with Mark Edward Langley

Like so many authors, Mark Edward Langley was inspired by many of the great mystery authors of the past. Mark began writing seriously when he retired and now has many book ideas waiting to be written. He is inspired by the Four Corners area of Arizona, a place familiar to Tony and Anne Hillerman fans. In our interview Mark shares the story of driving through this landscape and recording what he saw into a tape recorder so that he would have that information available to him when he wrote. We...


Murder in a Small Canadian Town with J.G. Toews

Small towns feature their own kind of danger. Judy Toews and I both live in small towns in British Columbia and she has set her Stella Mosconi books in the town where she lives, Nelson. As she points out in the interview, after she reads from Lucky Jack Road, it's intriguing to set a murder mystery in a small town because most people know one another. And Judy wanted readers to feel like the murders in her books were situations that could actually happen. In the introduction to the show I...


It Cannoli Be Murder with Catherine Bruns

Culinary cozies with a touch of the islands. Catherine Bruns writes in several different series of her own and has also contributed to a multi-author series set in Hawai'i. As with so many authors, including yours truly, Catherine works full-time and squeezes her writing around the edges of that full day. For the second time in two weeks I'm introduced to a food dish I'd never heard of: Loco Moco. The dish originated in Hilo and consists of rice, a hamburger patty, a fried egg and gravy....


An Education in Murder with Kelly Brackenhoff

Would you trade Hawai'i for Nebraska? Kelly Brakenhoff's amateur sleuth, Cassandra Sato, is ambitious: she wants to be a university president one day. So leaving Hawai'i and landing in Nebraska makes sense to her because it will further her career. Kelly reads to us from the first book in the Cassandra Sato series, Death by Dissertation, and we talk about how creating a character who is a fish out of water can lend itself to interesting plot points and situations. In the interview, I ask...


Murder on the Menu with Debra H. Goldstein

Debra Goldstein is a judge AND she's been on the TV show Jeopardy! How's that for a line item on a CV? My guest today reads from her brand new book, Three Treats Too Many, and we talk about her long-held desire to write, how publishing proved easy in the beginning and then got a little harder, and what it's like to blank out when trying to answer the final question on Jeopardy. In the introduction I mention staying up far too late watching the Disney Plus behind-the-scenes documentary about...


Cold Cases, Hollywood and Homicide with Kellye Garrett

This is a first for It's a Mystery podcast! Award-winning mystery author Kellye Garrett reads to us from a work-in-progress, which is a first for this show. When the publisher of her first two mysteries shuttered their doors, Kellye pivoted and began working on this domestic thriller. You'll hear her read from that book and then we discuss her two Detective By Day books and how they are still impacting readers, the #ownvoices movement, and how writing for the TV show Cold Case helped Kellye...