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Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.

Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.




Reader-focused interviews with mystery authors about their books, characters and the mystery genre. Introducing mystery fans to new authors they may not have heard of yet.






Colorado Detective Noir with Renee Pawlish

There's nothing better than a classic noir detective mystery! Repeat guest Renee Pawlish joins me today to read from the first book in her Reed Ferguson noir mystery series, This Doesn't Happen in the Movies. If you love stories in the vein of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, you're going to love Renee's books. We discuss the Reed Ferguson series and her historical mystery series featuring detective Dewey Webb, which interestingly is a spin off from the Reed books. This week's mystery...


Murder, Memoir, and Music in Tokyo with Michael Pronko

There's always something new to learn about the world. Author Michael Pronko wears many hats. He's a professor. He's a music fan who writes about jazz in Japan. He's written essays and memoir about living in Tokyo. And in this episode of It's a Mystery Podcast we'll talk about his Detective Hiroshi mysteries. As you'll hear Michael and I discuss, Detective Hiroshi could be thought of as someone who represents the flip-side of Michael's experience. Hiroshi is Japanese, but was raised in the...


A Conspiracy of Bones with Kathy Reichs

Temperance Brennan is back! Author and screenwriter Kathy Reichs needs no introduction. She is back with her latest mystery novel featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. It was a thrill to interview Kathy and to hear her read from A Conspiracy of Bones. At this challenging time, when so many of us are spending more time at home, we can be comforted in the knowledge that there are always great books to read. It's always a joy for me to bring you these interviews with mystery...


Texas Charm and a Tiny Canine Sleuth with Cat Clayton

Deep in the heart of Texas there's a tiny canine sleuth on the case. I loved talking to Texas cozy mystery author Cat Clayton about her mystery series featuring dog groomer Steely Lamarr and her loyal companion, a Chihuahua named Cuff. The Steely and Cuff mysteries are perfect for mystery lovers who like a dash of romance and a splash of quirkiness in their books. Cat's interview is perfectly timed because I think we all need a dose of the comfort that comes from reading about dogs, their...


Cozy Mysteries on The Isle of Man with Diana Xarissa

When you can't visit a place you love, the next best thing is writing about it. Prolific author (with several pen names) Diana Xarissa joins me for a chat about her cozy mysteries set on the Isle of Man. Diana lived on the island at one time and uses her Aunt Bessie series as an excuse to go back and visit in her imagination. You'll hear Diana and I touch on her many series of mysteries, and other books. This is a writer who gets her work done! In the introduction I mention that I am...


Family Funny Business with Ellen Byron / Maria DiRico

Author, TV writer, and playwright Ellen Byron reveals her distant connection to the mob! 'Writers write what they know.' That's the adage and it's true. We pull from our real lives and mix our experiences with imagination and creativity and create something that is both grounded in reality and imaginary at the same time. Ellen Byron is doing just that with her new Catering Hall mystery series, set in Astoria, Queens, a place she is very familiar with. On this episode, Ellen reads from book 1...


Roaring ’20s English Mysteries with Clara Benson

If you're a Downton Abbey fan, you'll appreciate this introduction to Clara Benson's English mysteries set in the '20s and '30s. In the introduction I mention that I'm deep in revision territory on the next Freddie Lark mystery. Then I jump right into this interview and reading from the delightful Clara Benson. Enjoy! This week's mystery author Clara Benson is the author of the Angela Marchmont mysteries and Freddy Pilkington-Soames Adventures – traditional English mysteries in authentic...


Fire, Fog and Water in Newfoundland with Mike Martin

We're Canadian and we cannot resist talking about the weather! Fellow Canadian author Mike Martin is back to talk about the latest instalment in his Sergeant Windflower mysteries that are set in and around Grand Bank in Newfoundland. Mike was previously on the show in episode 45 so after he reads to us we have a catch-up about what Sgt. Windflower has been up to since we last encountered him (including marriage and a baby) and how Mike continues to weave social issues into his mystery...

Dining, Dancing, and Murder with Peter Bartram

We go back to 1960s Brighton for murderous adventures with journalist Colin Crampton. In the introduction I mention that you can find the books of most of my guests at your public library. If you can't find them there, simply ask your librarian and it's likely they'll appreciate your suggestion and try to get the book in for you. I also mention that It's a Mystery podcast now has a Patreon page. If you'd like to support the show, for as little as one fluffy coffee a month, you can do that at...

Love, Friendship, and the Search for Truth with Alexandra Amor

Welcome back, mystery readers! I'm thrilled to be re-launching It's a Mystery Podcast today after many months. In the coming weeks I'll have an interview with a new mystery author every Monday and we're going to change up the format slightly. The first 10 or 15 minutes of each episode will be a reading from my guest. We'll tell you a story! After that, I'll interview my guest and ask them about their characters, their inspiration, and what drives them to write their books. This week, we're...

Mysteries in Canada’s National Parks with George Mercer

In George Mercer's mystery novels predators can be both human and animal. George seems to be the quintessential Canadian author; he worked as a Park Warden for Canada's national parks system and now he writes about the fictional mysteries that take place in those parks. George and I live on the same island off British Columbia's coast and it was great to chat with him about his career, his books, and his inspiration for more stories about the wild, sometimes forgotten places, in Canada's...


Two Detectives Without a Clue with Sean Cameron

Author Sean Cameron has coined the term 'Daft Noir' to describe his books. How great is that?! I love it. Sean is a UK transplant, now living in Los Angeles with his wife and wee daughter. As you'll hear in our interview, he grabs writing time whenever he can, given that parenting comes first - and with a toddler that can be complicated! He's got plans for several more books in the Rex and Eddie series. You'll hear him talk about the particular challenges of his hapless detectives, and why...


One of the 5 Best Mysteries in 2017 with DM Quincy

Library Journal has named DM Quincy's mystery, Murder in Mayfair, one of the best mysteries of 2017! What an honour for me to have the Emmy Award-winning journalist and celebrated author on the show. You'll hear us chat about her love of traveling, the intriguing 'auctions' that went on in the Regency period that DM writes about, and her plans to travel to London in May 2018 to visit some of the places she's been writing about. DM Quincy's next book in this series, Murder in Bloomsbury, was...


George Bernard Shaw, Teddy Bears, and Historical Mysteries with Meg Macy

Meg Macy writes all the way across the mystery spectrum. What a treat to chat to Meg Macy, who writes historical mysteries, cozy teddy bear mysteries, as well as co-writing an Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins mystery series with her friend Sharon. This idea of Eliza and Henry solving crime thrills me. What a great premise for a mystery series! Listen in and hear how Meg came up with the idea and how she got her fellow author and friend on board to write the series, which was accepted by an...


The Pitfalls of Social Media for Those Who Want to Disappear with Laura Oles

Have you ever wondered what it would take to disappear from your life entirely? I've been thinking about this conversation with Laura since we recorded it in late December, 2017. How does a person go about disappearing? Laura's detective in her debut mystery novel, Daughters of Bad Men, is a skip tracer; she finds people who don't necessarily want to be found. In our wired world it must be increasingly difficult for those who want to disappear to do so. Toward this end of this interview,...


A Senior Sleuth, Faith Based Mysteries, and Genre Conventions with Elise M. Stone

Elise M. Stone is an author who deeply considers her readers when she's writing. She recognized early on that most cozy mystery readers are older women. Wisely, she is writing a series for exactly those readers. Her amateur sleuth in the African Violet Mysteries, Lilliana Wentworth, is an older widow living in a retirement community, somewhat against her will. ;-) Elise also has a trilogy of faith based mysteries, which was the first series she wrote. As you'll hear, these books stray a...


Short Mysteries, Alfred Hitchcock, and an Abundance of Story Ideas with John Floyd

Strap in. You're about to meet the master of the short mystery. When John Floyd says he writes short mysteries, he's not kidding! As you'll hear during our conversation, some of John's mysteries clock in at 800 words. That's just a little more than one single-spaced page. It takes some kind of amazing talent to not only write a story that short, but to make it a mystery and solve the puzzle. I am in awe of John's experience and practice in this area, which is why I wanted to talk to him...


Philosophy, Women’s Issues, and Killing the Wolves in Our Lives with Kelly Oliver

Time's up, wolves. Philosopher and award-winning author Kelly Oliver discusses how writing fiction helps her to deal with issues she's faced without getting her arrested for murder. We touch on the evolving locations of Kelly's Jessica James series; the four books so far touch down in such different locations as Chicago academia, the wilds of Montana and Las Vegas. Kelly is keen to bring some of her research as a philosophy professor into her work while at the same time making her books fun...


Quilting, Corgis, Barbeque and Murder with Elizabeth Craig

Elizabeth Craig has the cozy mystery market almost cornered, with three different series and more books to come. On this podcast episode we talk about her Myrtle Clover cozy mysteries, her Southern Quilting cozy mysteries, and her Memphis Barbeque cozy mysteries. We even touch briefly on her post-apocolyptic zombie novel. ;-) Elizabeth is a prolific writer who has produced over 20 books in the last 7 years or so. I'm sure you'll find several great new books to read after you hear her talk...


Family Feuds, Mardi Gras, and Murder with Ellen Byron

Just in time for Christmas, award-winning author Ellen Byron visits with A Cajun Christmas Killing. Ellen is a native New Yorker, transplanted to LA, who writes about Louisiana, a part of the country dear to her heart. And writing mysteries isn't all that Ellen is up to. She writes for television as well, and has a blog post up today at Chicks on the Case, about working with Martha Stewart. You can find out more about today's guest, Ellen Byron, and all her books on her website...