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A podcast and community that seeks to create a space for Latinas to tell their stories.


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A podcast and community that seeks to create a space for Latinas to tell their stories.



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EP 25. Crystal Aragon: A Chicana’s empowering journey

Join us as we welcome Quito, a proud Chicana influencer and PhD candidate, who shares her inspiring journey of empowering historically silenced communities through her TikTok content. We explore her mission to educate her community about the often omitted aspects of US history, particularly the significant contributions of Chicanos and other groups.


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EP 24. Tata Oro: Starting from scratch

What does it take to rebuild your life from scratch in a foreign land, especially after a life-changing event like a divorce? Join us as we sit down with Tatiana Orozco, affectionately known as Tata, a brave Colombian immigrant who has carved out a new life in the United States. Tata shares her journey of not just surviving but thriving, despite the language barriers and cultural shifts she faced upon arriving to the U.S two years ago.


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EP 23. Olivia Vida: From the office to the stage

How do you follow your dreams in a comedy career after leaving a corporate job? Join us for a candid conversation with Olivia Vida, a seasoned comedian who navigated the rocky road from Hollywood dreams to East Coast realities. From the hustle of Los Angeles and working double shifts to make ends meet, to the return to corporate life and the eventual decision to prioritize passion over spreadsheets, our guest doesn't hold back. You'll laugh along as we poke fun at the absurdities of corporate life and gender biases, all while exploring the nuances of balancing work and parenting.


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EP 22. Luna Melero: Beats and reams reaching to the moon

Discover the exceptional journey of Luna Melero, an LA-based powerhouse blending DJ and live vocal performance, as she opens up about her journey from pop beginnings to EDM sensation. Luna reveals the behind-the-scenes of her self-taught foray into DJing, using TikTok Live as her stage to captivate audiences daily. Her inventive strategy of remixing her original songs into her sets not only showcases her talents but also forges a unique path for gaining recognition in a bustling industry.


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EP 21. Denisse Rojas: Empowering dreamers in medicine

Join us for an empowering conversation with Denise, a remarkable trailblazer and co-founder of Pre-Health Dreamers, as she shares her incredible journey from an undocumented immigrant to a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and aspiring doctor. Listen in as Denise recounts the formidable challenges she faced while pursuing higher education at UC Berkeley, the isolating barriers in her quest to enter the medical field, and how finding solidarity with like-minded individuals at Immigrants Rising ignited the formation of a vibrant community that would become Pre-Health Dreamers.


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EP 20. Fran Tapia: In the Spotlight From Santiago to Broadway

Listen in as Fran opens up about her incredible journey, from her arrival in the United States during the uncertainty of the pandemic to her impactful work directing a youth program at Gala. She shares the richness of her experiences, including being part of the the Spanish-language world premiere of "On Your Feet" and portraying Gloria Estefan's mother on a national Broadway tour. Fran's story is a testament to the transformative power of the arts and the importance of cultural exchange.


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EP 19. Velu Ochoa: Latinas can do it all

Latinas Be Like Us is on a mission to uplift the stories of remarkable Latinas breaking barriers. Today we bring a recap of stories heard from January through April 2024. Mayra Gomez, CEO of Cultural Visionaries, fosters authentic connections. Marla, is redefining her life journey through education and therapy. Caro Cobo, uses musical fusions to celebrate cultural diversity. Lissie Luna, is harmonizing creativity and motherhood. Ary Mondragon Mimms, is fostering community through Dia de los Muertos DC. Yoreim, talks migration and representation. Kim Flow, is embracing her identity as a Latina in the United States. Their stories inspire courage, passion, and a commitment to making a difference, uniting listeners in celebration of Latina diversity and empowerment.


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EP 18. Kimberley Parrales: Living fearlessly and embracing authenticity

Listen to the authentic Kim Flow (Kimberly Parrales), an Ecuadorian millennial immigrant whose remarkable journey to the United States offers a treasure trove of wisdom and insight. Her compelling story not only highlights the struggles of cultural adaptation but also celebrates the bold steps she took to establish her identity in a foreign land.


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EP 17. Yoreim Virella: Navigating two worlds. The journey of a Latina professional

Brace yourself for a candid exploration of what it means to rebuild life and career in an unfamiliar landscape. Yoreim's personal narrative as a Latina in the United States underscores the broader themes of migration, representation, and the often harsh reality of cultural obstacles. Her poignant reflections and those of her partner reveal a striking portrait of adaptation and the search for community away from home.


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EP 16. Ary Mondragon: Uniting communities through Dia de Muertos

Meet Ary Mondragon Mimms an immigrant from Mexico who while discovering her own voice in the U.S has created a support system for her community. Her strong dedication to helping those who are often overlooked through Dia de los Muertos DC, shows her commitment to building strong connections and honoring the important roles of the family unit uniting cultures.


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EP 15. Lissie Luna: Weaving wellness into parenting

Discover the transformative journey of Lissie Luna, an artist of life's canvas who has seamlessly blended her love for creativity with the nurturing role of motherhood. Lizzy reveals the magic of shaping a family-focused lifestyle that thrives on wellness, nutrition, and a holistic approach.


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EP 14. Caro Cobo: Bridging Cultures with Music

Caro Cobo takes us on an enchanting journey from her classical piano roots to the vibrant fusion of Colombian instruments with pop and rock that defines the signature sound of her band El Feeling. Caro's story is a celebration of cultural diversity and the universal language of music.


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EP 13. Marla Guadamuz: From teen mom to mental health therapist

Meet Marla, an Afro-Indigenous woman from Honduras and her journey from teenage motherhood to a master's degree candidate in mental health therapy. Her candid recount of a life reimagined at 38, captures the essence of perseverance and the profound impact of therapy on her personal growth.


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EP. 12 Mayra Gomez-Sanchez: Life as creative writer

Meet Mayra, CEO of Cultural Visionaries, a pro at crafting authentic connections. As a copywriter and marketing strategist, she specializes in helping BIPOC, women, Latinx, and LGBTQIA-owned businesses communicate confidently. Mayra's mission is to showcase her clients unapologetically, building trust and authority. Open to partnering with those who share her values, she's on a mission to create a meaningful impact.


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EP 11. Velu Ochoa: New Year, more episodes.

Latinas Be Like Us" breaks stereotypes by spotlighting diverse Latina stories in the U.S. From empowering musicians to resilient entrepreneurs. Each episode celebrates the achievements and resilience of extraordinary women. Listen from the host and Executive Producer Velu Ochoa and Join us to explore their stories of empowerment and advocacy. Support our podcast at for more inspiring tales ahead!


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EP 10. Laura Luv: Singing in Spanish in the U.S

Meet Laura Luv, a Washington DC-based Colombian singer-songwriter whose music reflects her life experiences and the world's current events. Composing Spanish songs, Laura's lyrics encompass love, places, and heartbreak, interwoven with themes of injustice, animal welfare, and climate change. Drawing from diverse musical influences, her debut EP showcases a captivating fusion of pop, rock, and Latin sounds. Beyond vocals and songwriting, Laura demonstrates her musical prowess by playing multiple instruments, including drums with La Marvela—an all-female band celebrating the vibrant rhythms of Colombia's Caribbean region. Her mission? To spread messages of love, hope, and truth, uniting global audiences through the universal language of music.


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EP 9. Sandra Pocaro: It’s never too late to do what you love

Meet Sandra: A Puerto Rican who relocated to Wisconsin in '89. By day, she tackles medical billing, but by night, she shines on stage in community and semi-pro theater. With two daughters, she's dedicated to learning and spirituality, advocating that it's never too late to pursue your passions. Tune in to her inspiring story on our podcast!


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EP 8. Itzy: Getting fired when pregnant made me stronger

Itzyma, a strong mother of 4 from Nevada. Despite being told to quit during her pregnancy, she didn't let it dim her determination. Now, she prioritizes her mental health and aims to build a supportive workplace. Itzyma's story inspires resilience in other young mothers and women, proving that persistence triumphs through tough times.


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EP 7. Jae Sanchez: Rebuilding after a mental breakdown

Jae Sanchez is a neurodivergent latiné content creator who believes that mental health is at the crux of human intelligence and progress. After being diagnosed with major depression and suffering a mental breakdown, Jae faced a years-long struggle to find mental health and learn how to maintain it. For this reason they started Jae’s Truth Serum, where Jae shares personal stories and thought provoking lessons to help others bridge the gap between everyday life and mental health.


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EP 6. Jen Melendez: Seeking a Better Life Away from Home

Meet Jen Melendez, a Puerto Rican woman who moved to the USA six years ago to improve her son's life, who has Angelman Syndrome. She opened VelazR7, an online gift shop, and is now an Angelman Syndrome advocate, using social media to raise awareness and push for better healthcare for affected families.