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Two uncredited, unpublished, and amateur writers take on random scripts from the internet and rewrite them. They always believe they are the victor but there are no winners here.

Two uncredited, unpublished, and amateur writers take on random scripts from the internet and rewrite them. They always believe they are the victor but there are no winners here.
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Two uncredited, unpublished, and amateur writers take on random scripts from the internet and rewrite them. They always believe they are the victor but there are no winners here.




S2 Ep 1 - Little Swimmers

This is the start. The start of SEASON 2: THE SEARCH FOR MORE VIEWERS. Welcome back ya dorks, we decided to take an extremely deserved vacation for two weeks. We come back with the upmost quality, mostly because it's not just Kyle and I talking this time. We have our first guest! Peter Nuttall, great friend of the podcast and helps edit our below average shorts and cartoons we pretend to make. This episode is about masterbating. It is too late and I am too tired to make jokes about...


Season 1 Recap

I know. I also got the news on every major news outlet. We did not put out an episode last week... and also this Wednesday but don't you fret you avid M&Ger's? We are back! But not really. We did a half drunk Season Recap of all the very important scripts and podcasts we graciously gifted you all thus far. Feel free to skip this episode like many to most of you do with every single episode. No Timeline. Nope. Just mostly rambling. Listen for yourself, nerds. Go do all that stuff we...


Ep 12 - Life's Little Pleasures

What are you doing here? Please leave. This content is not for you. We post it publicly only to have a record of it. This episode is the conclusion of Season 1. That's right we think we are so important that we put our mediocre at best episodes into a season format. We read THIS SCRIPT, and we talk about it and we talk about some other things and then we continue to talk about other things. Lot's of rambling at the start and end of the episode. Timeline Intro (00:08-00:45) Kyle...


Ep 11 - Almost Gone

Hello friends! It's May 15th and in our lovely state of Michigan, that means the first dose of decent weather has decided to grace us. If you can't tell that means I am not as negative while writing these descriptions. This week we have Almost Gone. It's a story about nothing without any humor. We take that script and make it a story about something with jokes that probably fall flat. You can read along with us here if you can't understand our Midwestern accents. Timeline. Introduction...


Ep 10 - Cock-Man 2

It's here. It's Cock-Man 2. The episode only Massó was anticipating has finally come. This episode is exactly what you would expect from the creators of the original Cock-Man, pure sexism. Don't worry if you are not up to date, we read through the first Cock-Man as well. You do your own Timeline of events. Podcast (00:00:01-01:24:15) Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to join the hundreds of thousands of followers we already have, you are just a number to us. You can also find us on...


Ep 9 - Incident at the Corner Bar

This episode is not the Cock-Man 2 story you were promised. We decided to invest in cliffhangers, therefore we are putting out this filler episode and next week Cock-Man 2: Die Hard-On Die will be shown for the whole world (all 5-8 listeners) to experience. This episode is alright. Lots of rambling at the end. For those of you who do not enjoy Kyle and I's personality you probably shouldn't listen to this one or any of them. That's right I am trying to get rid of the tiny audience we don't...


Ep 8 - Inkspot

Hello dad, Welcome to Ep 8 of this podcast that you already clicked on. I should probably stop editing these drunk the night before but seeing as how we do this for a massive audience of 10 at most, Hello Pete, I figure it is rather irrelevant. But I'm certainly happy you are here. This episode is about a Superhero... if Platoon's designer and the guy who designed Slave Leias outfit wrote a short "comedy" this would be his superhero story. Please stop listening. Intro...


Ep 7 - From Soviet Russia with Love

This script has nothing to do with James Bond. It has everything to do with um other stuff. Listen please? Kyle does the intro on this one so it at least starts well. Timeline Intro (00:10-00:40) Kyle likes Game of Thrones and our Love Life (00:48-10:30) Reading and Reflection and Gameplan (10:30-33:30) Reading our New Script (34:25-41:05) Reflection and some more Bullshit (41:05-50:45) Outro (50:55-52:00) Whatever. Listen. Don't Listen. Either way, we will put out this...


Ep 6 - The Waiting Room

Welcome back. And if this is your first time viewing this podcast than I am sorry to disappoint you. This script is basically The Good Place before it was made, plus it's not as good as The Good Place. Shit, Ted Danson is lovely in that show. Well here is our Podcast which I will admit is also not as good as The Good Place. Timeline to hear my voice as little as possible: Intro (00:10-01:00) Off Topic Rambling (01:05-03:45) Reading Original Script (3:45-13:30) Reflection on Original...


Ep 5 - Nightstalker

Alright, I am already getting tired of writing these so I'll give you the brief. Nightstalker = Cat. Timeline for those who wanna skip the majority of the pod. Intro (00:05-00:50) Bravo to Cream Cheese (00:55-3:35) Reading Nightstalker (3:35-20:30) Reading New Script & Reflection (21:05-41:00) Outro (41:05-42:00) Well, that is all we have for you this week. Feel free to email us about how we are nerds or send us in your script for us to play around with at...


Ep 4 - Reborn

Oh, shucks dog! This one is about Jesus and stuff. Prepare to be offended about how little I know about Christianity despite going to Catholic School K-5th. Intro (00:15-01:15) General Rambling and Stuff (01:30-04:25) Reading Original Script (04:25-12:05) Planning and Discussing Gameplan (12:05-23:45) Reading our New Script (24:15-38:15) Outro (38:20-38:35) Kyle will be really real sad if you don't check out our Instagram and Twitter. Also please send in your scripts to...


Ep 3 - Not Another Teen Vampire Movie

Welcome to our third very first episode! This week we are picking apart "Not Another Teen Vampire Movie" by Stephen Hover. This one is rather short but do not worry it sticks to the average quality you have come to love. Intro (00:15-2:00) Why Kyle Hates Everyone Who Wears Beanies (2:20-5:22) Discussing and Reading Original Script (5:22-15:30) Our Edits and Reading of New Script (15:45-25:10) Outro (25:15-26:30) If for some terrible reason you want more content please check out...


Ep 2 - A Slice of Pumpkin Life

Welcome back to M&G vs Scripts, we knew you'd be back... or welcome for the first time. This week we have "A Slice of Pumpkin Life" by Ian Warren. Described as "A Mockumentary following the bizarre contestants of a Halloween Fate Pumpkin Carving Competition" While we still try to find our feet we have decided to take a new approach to editing and leave out the editing hour, let us know what you think! Timeline Intro - (0:00-1:25) Reading the Script - (3:45-20:05) Reading Our...


Ep 1 - Mr Bellmin's Kindergarden Class

Welcome to M&G vs Scripts This is our very first episode for our brand new podcast. Thanks for being here! Two uncredited, unpublished, and amateur writers take on random scripts from the internet and rewrite them. They always believe they are the victor but there are no winners here. This episode we take on Mr. Bellamins Kindergarden Class by Rodney Ohebsion. We get our Scripts from SimplyScripts.com (Feel free to sponsor us) and it was chosen at complete random. We do not read these...