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A place to listen, learn, and connect over shared experiences Support this podcast:

A place to listen, learn, and connect over shared experiences Support this podcast:
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A place to listen, learn, and connect over shared experiences Support this podcast:




☆BONUS☆ SOLO episode ~ My experience with self-value, people-pleasing, and speaking my truth

In this special release episode, Melanie has the mic all to herself. She opens up about her life-long battle with having her energy suppressed. Recently she has recognized how much she had been living her life for other people. As a child she was very extroverted and somewhere along the way she felt like it wasn't okay to be herself. Melanie shares how she's been working past that and regaining control over her voice. This is also a good episode to get a peek into the self-work practice...


Trusting your intuition, authenticity, and setting boundaries with Genina Sanchez

In this episode, Melanie sits down with the insightful and fascinating Gen Sanchez. She is one of the most authentic, down-to-earth, and self-aware individuals Melanie has had the pleasure to know. Gen is an artist, known for her defining series of paintings of naked women, as well as a highly intuitive tarot reader. Gen opens up about her rock bottom moments of anxiety and depression and how she overcame those. She shares how she discovered what she calls a sense of “knowing” that she uses...


Creativity, self-confidence, and the things that most add value to life with Israel Rodriguez

For today’s episode, Melanie is thrilled to have her best friend and fellow empath, Israel Rodriguez, on the podcast. He is the ultimate creative--we’re talking art, music, painting, drawing, writing, and more--but he outlines how he hasn’t always considered himself that way. Israel opens up about having insecurities as a teenager and how that led to his development of self-confidence. He opens up about the impact of his parents’ divorce and overcoming self-imposed limiting beliefs. His...


Being the light, Reiki, and tools to be your own healer with Michelle Mercado

In this episode, Melanie sits down to talk with the Michelle Mercado, also known by her brand Vibrancy with Michelle. Let it be known that she is truly a vibrant human! That may or may not be due to her love for essential oils and energetic gifts, both of which are discussed in this episode. She shares about the pressure of being a caregiver for her mother from a young age and how that ignited her desire to help others. Michelle describes everything you’d want to know about Reiki and Melanie...


Overcoming sexual assault, emotional trauma, and self-validation with Gianna Navarro

In this episode, Melanie is joined by Gianna Navarro, a young artist with a a brave and beautiful story. She talks about her experience growing up in a dysfunctional household and an especially traumatic sexual assault experience as a teenager. She struggled with being heard and receiving support during some really sensitive moments in her life and that led her into some difficult situations. Gianna is extremely self-aware when it comes to her emotions, her own methods for coping, and she...


Branching into your passion and staying true to yourself with Fabian Dominguez aka Docta Groove!

In this episode, Melanie joined the very talented musician, composer, songwriter, producer, and singer (did I miss anything?) Fabian Dominguez, more known as Docta Groove. They recorded in his bedroom-turned-studio for this interview and chatted all about how his music process so far! This conversation is very much a chat amongst friends but Fabian provides a peek into what his personal journey with finding himself has been like and how he finally decided to pursue music as a career. While...


Somatic Experiencing Therapy and Honoring the Pleasure Process with Andrea Bessa

In this episode, Melanie chats with one of her favorite people on Earth, Andrea Bessa. Andrea is a licensed psychotherapist based in Canada about to revolutionize the field of therapy. She explains how somatic sensory experiencing works and provides tips on how we can do a version of our own self-assessments. Andrea is a huge advocate for self-care, allowing pleasure in our lives, and meeting people where they are at in healing. Her approach to wellness is holistic, empathetic, and genuine....


Finding your passion, moving to a new country, and living freely with Leah Boston

Welcome to the first episode of the Make It Happen Podcast! In this episode, Melanie chats with Instagram influencer, Leah Boston, about her life growing up, what it was like finding her passion, and how she made the decision to leave everything behind to travel and, subsequently, move to Australia. This episode is for you if you’ve ever felt stuck in a place, job, or situation that you don’t like or just want to change. Leah shares how essential certifiable skills can make all the...


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Welcome to the Make It Happen Podcast with your host, Melanie Moreno. This is a podcast based around conversations with individuals who share their biggest challenges, how they have found their passions, and are living their true, authentic selves. At the end of the day, we all have different callings and journeys to take but, we are not alone in the experiences we go through. Expect personal stories, breakthroughs, realizations, and advice from other humans who are living their best...