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Bruce Wehner

Bruce and I talk about you thought I was jerk, no need to retire, 1935, President Roosevelt, play with people's emotions, government enabled, Federal Reserve of St. Louis, 57 billion, figure out what is right for you, I don't like the word budget, cash flow awareness, circumstance change, all about insurance in 9 minutes, there's a reason it's been around 300 years, free yourself to be more productive, guarantees built in, still building business by relationships, difference between business...


Bob Sommers

Bob and I talk about likeability, categorizing podcasts, people pleasers - we don't like them, 12 components fo what makes us likeable, Mich has at least 2 components (yea, baby!), Willy Sutton, that's where the money is, carry a smile and a gun, jump through hoops, go in for the hug, Bob shares an awesome love story, he hung up the phone, pregnant woman or a man with tapeworms, scotch tape store, enumerate, Scrooge, we've both been in jail before, that TEDx thing, air quote thing, humor is...


Jeremy Corray

Jeremy and I talk about Babbage's, snap some zombie brains, Coolfire Studios, the Sea Monkey Movie, unscripted programming out of St. Louis, strategy as the "s" word, native advertising, 2 trillion impressions, Google Brand Summit, POV, lean in and be the voice, locals at Helium Comedy Club, while you're cooking an omelet, Mt. Rushmore of 80s cartoons, Night Flight, Voltron, KPLR Channel 11, ancestors chomping up seaweed, your warranty's expired mankind, Sesame Street by Tarantino,...


Nicole Gorovsky

Nicole and I talk about the lawyer everyone wants, trauma informed, champion for underdogs, downtrodden and bullied, don't the voice, make arguments and write motions, Zero Abuse Project Conference, it's not just googling, home was burglarized, severe bullying, Rochester, NY in the 70s, anti-semitic, dynamics, could not tell parents, wasn't likable, that happens to me all the time, more diverse, walk around anxious all the time, but for the grace of God go I, allow to perpetuate, predecessor...


Bob Baker

Bob and I talk about magical things, improv, a life immersed in the arts, local music paper, trailblazer of digital media, glamour field, clamoring, message of empowerment, it's all about connection, make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, make 'em dance, make 'em sing, CDBaby, focus on fans, build community, The Beatles, Katy Perry, Beyonce, define success for you, humor is a value, open mic night, we all should have a friend like this, co-creating, Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, Jack Black,...


Joseph Snyder

Joseph and I talk about being a serial entrepreneur, blockchain, hang out, does yoga, makes phone calls, publicly traded blockchain, token use cases, crypto-space, real estate finance, super duper awesome tech person, not Bitcoin, digital ledger consensus verified, clear, transparent, insured system, FICA score, large swathes of paperwork, digitization of society, dogs, disparate data silos, broker dealers and investment groups, dwarf goats, performance and mindset officer, awareness of...


Chef Martin Lopez

Chef Martin and I talk about helping people understand the Latino culture, recognizing ingredients, start cooking at age of 5, farmers market, mom is mentor and best friend, favorite item to make is pastries!, baking a cake makes the home warm and cozy, cinnamon tea, feeding feels our soul and spirit, kids safety in kitchen, eat for a better life, Alton, IL, culture shock, forcing siblings to watch you cook, Kitchen Club Kids, Cinco de Mayo, Dia De Las Muertos, sugar skulls, sugarcane and...


Charlotte Blank

Charlotte and I talk about being a professional nerd, science and art of people and potential, what drives human behavior, randomized controlled trials, nudge units, unleashing the potential of the workforce, salesperson of science, modern marketplace, Richard Thaler, pay taxes on time, use less energy, exercise more, prosocial behavior, maximize your own utility, Gift-A-Meal, self promotion, icky as a scientific term, creepiness, delighting without asking and I shouldn't have asked about...


Leisa Jenkins

Leisa and I talk about always in tune, what is getting in your way, ages 5- 10 your belief system in built, serving or taking away, anger forces you to take action, emotions should cause movement, pity party, lay on the couch and figure it out, how to manage life, never told her not to draw on furniture, boundaries, Erin Joy, own who you are, Art Snarzyk, Josh Levey the Business Consulate, figure out your part, systems oriented or a driver, attending stuff all the time with 4 kids and every...


Benjamin Hochman

Benjamin and I talk about toasted ravioli, Nelly lyric, Becky Queen of Carpets, Must Fool Everyone, Daniel Day Lewis is a rom-com, baseball nourishes me, part of my dorkiness, sleep was optional, sports weaved throughout, book about community, family and personalities, Ellie Kemper, Jon Hamm and Mad Men watching playoffs, Stan Rizzo is a Texas Rangers fan, Jenna Fischer wrote Cardinal poems, the Sklar brothers, Christopher Jackson, I've told people I'm 5'7", Ozzie Smith fans, Willie McGee is...


Julius Adewwunmi - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker Facilitator

Julius and I talk about core values, I'm calm and don't run around much, 2 spots open, the TED model, Cbabi Bayoc, we're just guiding you, something about a room that makes emotions come up, 6'4" good lookin' guy, Ness Sandoval, Nigeria is the 6th largest economy in the world, sub-Saharan, 184 million people, teased for no jeans, St. Louis is a fantastic place to raise a family, we're SLU alums!, life and enterprise management, Dr. Jim Russell, twice exceptional, Yoruban folk tales, legacy,...


Pauline Cella

Pauline and I talk about Planthaven Farms, learn as you go, I was a banker, retirement job?, pick weeds for weekly allowance, lunch for 30 minutes, do like children that much?, Farmer John, 16 greenhouse = 1 acre, reorganizing cupboards and drawers, fancy duck clubs, Nicaragua, soybeans and corn, I can fish, talk and crank music, got really fancy for you, grow things people won't kill, Lululemon girls, hanging macrame baskets are in again, popcorn plants, Better Homes and Gardens was not my...


Dr. Jeremy Goss - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Jeremy and I talk about equitable access to health affordable food, one grocery store at a time, good food to good people, a bus as mobile farmers market, 1 year off medical school, research at Harvard, vascular anomalies, shipping containers as grocery stores, disfigurement, as beautiful as possible, over the top and audacious, Good Life Growing, Fresh Starts Community Garden, food/job/afterschool deserts, financial literacy, big news about lunch items!, Wellston and North Hanley Metro...


Maggie Crane - TEDxGatewayArch Emcee

Maggie and I talk about BioSTL, phenomenal speakers from St. Louis, bio-locate, direction of Dr. Bill Danforth, bioscience strength, build innovation economy, Danforth Plant Science Center, it started in Israel, start-up nation, straight to decision maker, Atomation, Guy Weitzman, MDClone, pathway to ecosystem, huge proponent of regionalism, Magpies in St. Charles, Pho Grand, shaking beef, Mackenzie village has 94 people, Better Together, LOL! Vote, try, Ferguson and the President of the...


MichMash - Rich Harris

MichMash - Rich Harris by Mich Hancock


Dr. Sharon Deem - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Sharon and I talk about epidemiology chops, conservatory medicine, human/animal/environmental heath impact, bats fungal disease, animals do things everyday for or our public health, there is still wilderness out there, 99.9% human driven health challenges, bite-sized solutions, one cell at a time, ripple effect, average day we eat food from 20 - 25 countries, global community on threshold, oranges in Christmas stocking, who delivers the zoo food?, 18K animals = large grocery list, elephant...


Abby Cohen - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Abby and I talk about Sparo, Wing, COPD, asthma, Wash U STL, biomedical engineering, helping people is at its core, engineers without borders, breathing is really important, mouse but more space ship-py, take flight fro respiratory conditions, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, oxygen tanks, breathing classes, online pulmonary rehabilitation program, don't vape, where does the term popcorn lung come from, weird connection between St. Louis and Cranbrook and the surface area of lungs.


Dave Minifie - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Dave and I talk about Chief Experience Officer, the healthcare system is not super awesome, sphere of influence job, how we interact, it's not good man, at least get to neutral, paying the burger bill, feel powerless in healthcare system, Charmin & Bounty, P&G, US Marine Corps, Red Sox fan in American League, Cardinal Fan in National League, married senior prom date, improve the little moments in life, no work around for health care, actions have consequences, Leah and Thomas, TED Talks...


Jo Pang - TEDxGatewayArch Speaker

Jo and I talk about cultivate mindfulness, falling apart, refuge, Pema Chodron, reframe thinking about life, flake with purpose, turning into our hurt, see the humanity, manifestation of suffering, interconnected, we want to compartmentalize, woo woo practice, better ways to relate to thoughts and emotions, science supports we can train our brains, recovering practical person, notice and let go, spend quality time with self, top 10 tunes of own mind, come from a place of compassion, life...


Steve Albers

Steve and I talk about Center Ice Brewery, craft beer, hockey loving community, Webster University, I want to be an entrepreneur, the first batch was tolerable, scale 10 gallons to 210 gallons of beer, Pappy's, Denny Foster of Main & Mill Brewing Co, Dave Wohldmann of Square One Brewery & Distillery, living life to the fullest, felt like a number not a person, 1200 gallons of home brew, Amercan-ized Kolsch, IPAs and stouts, Nash New Year's Eve, Franklin, old arena wood from 1929, vlogging,...