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A loveable couple who are completely in tune with their energy, allowing them to speak freely and openly about life, relationships, and passions.

A loveable couple who are completely in tune with their energy, allowing them to speak freely and openly about life, relationships, and passions.
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A loveable couple who are completely in tune with their energy, allowing them to speak freely and openly about life, relationships, and passions.




In Our Thoughts and Feels (Part 1) featuring Drama

Drama has returned! He has a one on one with Sunny (as Danny was out) in this 2 part episode which dives into a ton of topics! Hear about the strict and often times difficult diet that Drama adheres to to keep health at number 1. They go into the music world and what it's like for Drama being so involved in production. Also touching on some popular movies and musicians that have significant purpose and deep meanings in their lives. As always, keeping it real one hour at at time!


Smiling Alpacas

This episode is an organized mess!! The future is bright, but where will we retire from? Why don't we get to live in other countries during high school? Why are Instagram models called "public figures"? Dating vs. Exclusive, what is the difference? So many questions, even more answers. All packed into this awesome episode of Ordinary People Podcast. (oh yea, Daniel's generation is the best because we can read a map!)


MEGA- Make Education Great Again

Fresh off a visit to a high school robotics competition with Ratings Pending Podcast, Danny got to see first hand how an unorthodox education has lead to so many young minds finding their passion and loving it. This leads Sunny and Danny to deep dive into education in America. Are things getting better? Nostalgia kicks in as they recall their high school days, and Sunny explains her transitional breakthrough to find her voice. How to break the cycle by awareness and making conscious choices,...


The Art Of Arguing....Using Hieroglyphics

On our comeback episode after releasing our first Vlog, we dive into how dangerous the game of the "text fights" can be. Ready to dive into something new and fun (since apparently I'm "getting older") and Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga are calling our names. How physical workouts can be a blessing or a curse if you're doing it for the wrong reasons. And humans are bad enough, nobody needs emotional robots too! If you haven't seen it yet, go subscribe to our brand new YouTube page and check out our brand...


Talking Drama With Drama

In this episode we feature our first guest, Sunny's long time friend DJ, a.k.a. "Drama"...We go deep into conversation about his music career and how far it's come. Hear the story of his personal internal battle while dealing with the external battle of losing his mother to cancer, and how it has solidified him be a stronger person. Join us on this emotional episode of how one "Ordinary" person overcame the odds and rose above it!


"A Phoenix Rises From The Ashes"

Our "Tinder Challenge" update, diving deeper into this crazy world of internet dating by taking it to the next level. Compromise is EVERYTHING in a healthy relationship. Repairing a potentially broken marriage by communicating with positive reinforcement. Fighting emotional chaos with the opposite emotion to balance the situation.


"Tinder" Loving Care

The dating episode: O.P.P. presents out first ever couple challenge! The "Tinder Challenge" awaits us! Listen in to find out what it's all about!...


Six Ex's, One Couch

How many ex girlfriends can you fit on one couch, making friends with strangers, communication is key no matter your past, balance in relationships, ignorance + no goals = a slave to the system.


Don't Cry Over Spilled Lactaid

There's no such thing as too many mentors, Life is just a zombie ball, The Lion King has the most important life lesson, Complete yourself before you help to complete your partner


The Lessons we Learn from Strangers

School is just training wheels for college, sometimes a stranger can change your life for the better, the invention of the pancake ball, don't let anything break your mental flow, let children blossom naturally into the person they are meant to be.


"Uni The Universe"

On this episode we discuss how real friends will let you fly freely, meditation through sound waves, exchanging positive energy, cave dwelling octopus, what's real on Social Media, naturally preparing yourself for the next step on your journey to success.


It's Not You, It's Me

Danny's first mani and pedi, being the first influence on your children before the world becomes a factor, redbox for renting a kid, past relationships and being dumped, What does it mean when a man says "you're a great girl but", how to both be winners in a couples argument