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The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.

The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.


San Diego, CA


The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.




In the Weeds Series From Idea to Concept in Film - Jason C. Marshall

Making movies can feel intimidating. One way to reduce that overwhelming feeling is by understanding there is a process which will guide you into believing in your idea. Coming up with an idea for your movie will lead you into creating the concept. You may need to go back to your idea as you develop your concept. But here’s the magic though. It’s while you are developing your concept that you may realize it’s not such a great idea! And isn’t it great to find out before you start writing a...


How Do You Find Your Passion to Make Great Films - Susy Botello

There is no doubt that after speaking to countless filmmakers in and outside this podcast, the most successful filmmakers are passionate about making films. Passion is a term you hear about a lot. If you are wondering if you need passion to make memorable films, I am going to help you answer the question. In this episode 112, I share my own experience and what I’ve learned about passion, how I discovered it and why it’s important for you to recognize your own passion in order to succeed as a...


In the Weeds Series How to Start with Story in Film - Jason C. Marshall

Concept, Character and Theme are the big three concepts to keep in mind before you even think about the structure and formula in filmmaking. In this episode 111 of the “In The Weeds” series with Jason C. Marshall, we discuss those elements and then we discuss an exercise we conducted in Clubhouse: What if the Blair Witch Project was filmed today with smartphones? A very interesting discussion film students and indie filmmakers may enjoy. Also a little Halloween fun around filming during this...


Breakfast of Champions Smartphone Filmmaker - Beraat Gokkus

Fleeing from Turkey as a journalist while vacationing in Italy, our guest is Beraat Gokkus. Beraat is a journalist based in France turned multi-award-winning mobile filmmaker. He shares his story from 2016 with his first mobile short, Breakfast of Champions to The Lost Pen now streaming on Mobile Film Stories. His story is captivating and inspiring. His film The Lost Pen was shot in one long take through a building with multiple participants and an elaborate story. The film is almost 15...


In the Weeds Series: Get Your Acts Together - Jason C. Marshall

Part of The Mobile Film Podcast Series: In The Weeds, Episode 109 features Jason C. Marshall with Get Your Act(s) Together. Jason’s contribution to the series, “Story Formula and Structure” brings mobile smartphone filmmakers to the next level of filmmaking. In this episode Jason takes us into the weeds of the acts and introduces us to the beats, coming in the next session of the series. We discuss the Acts, are there 3, 4 or 5 Acts? The midpoint and setup and much more are discussed....


In the Weeds Series Formula is Freedom - Jason C. Marshall

This episode is an introduction to a series which will accompany our regular episodes of this podcast. The Mobile Film Podcast Series: In The Weeds, Episode 108 features Jason C. Marshall with Formula is Freedom. Jason’s contribution to the series, “Story Formula and Structure” will bring mobile smartphone filmmakers to the next level of filmmaking. We cover the outline of what we’ll be discussing in future episodes in the series, bluetooth technology for content creators, how Jason uses...


Getting Into the Weeds with Story in Film - Jason C. Marshall

The arch, the beats, the plot and the structure in your story make films compelling. Jason C. Marshall shares the elements in storytelling that will help you make great movies. Now that you’ve discovered your smartphone camera can make cinematic films, your story is what will make your movie memorable. Read the article for this episode 107: Breaking down some of the most memorable films give filmmakers the ability to recreate new award-winning films...


Experience Counts Making Feature Smartphone Films - Darcy Yuille

Darcy Yuille wanted to make a feature and using an iPhone. Because of his professional experience in the industry he discovered it was important to get the story right. To give you an example of his professional experience, Darcy has worked on films like Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. Darcy is in Australia. He learned making films is not just something you jump into without disregard for the process and that includes research for the story and character development. The story in One Punch is...


Shooting Western Feature Films with iPhones - Travis Mills

Travis Mills is the Director and CEO of Running Wild Films. He has challenged himself to make 12 Western films in 12 months, one per month. In episode 105 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, we share the story of one of these films, which was shot with the iPhone. Read the article for this episode in our Smartphone Filmmaking Publication: Travis loves a good challenge and calls himself a bit “crazy” so he jumped at the thought of shooting one of...


Behind The Scenes Indie Filmmaking - Caroline Spence and James Smith

Caroline Spence and James Smith are the brilliant filmmakers behind Raya Films, in the UK. They’ve been producing films and videos together since around 2004. And they’ve produced two feature length films using smartphone cameras. Most of the people I’ve spoken to have produced one feature film. There is one well-known filmmaker who’s produced two features using iPhones, In case you don’t know who that is: Steven Soderbergh. Read the Article About this Episode with links and photos on our...


The Proximity of Film and Identity with Brionne Olsen

Brionne Olsen is an audio engineer, filmmaker and storyteller. Bringing his audio skills that he’s acquired working in radio to the “theater of the mind” with film was a natural progression. In episode 103 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, we share insights and the stories Brionne shares from South Africa to San Diego. Brionne began with music videos but decided to go into radio. He had high expectations but fell in love with the experience of working with audio for radio. Radio and...


It Takes A Village To Make A Movie - Levi Austin Morris

Actors teaming up to make films together is impressive. And it’s happening more and more often with the rise of smartphone filmmaking. You may think an actor cannot make a quality film, but think again. They have spent countless hours on film sets. They have the ability to ask questions and learn the filmmaking craft. They network with filmmakers all the time. And then…well, you knew I was going to bring it up, right? That’s correct, they have a smartphone camera close by. Our guest in...


Send A Message With Your Film - Arthur Mikheev

Arthur Mikheev was raised in Moscow, by parents who were skeptical of his interest in art as a career. Arthur was attracted to photography in his early days in school, but he soon found it to be complicated. It just wasn’t for him. So he became a musician and studied psychology. Arthur is a filmmaker with 10 years experience in the video industry. He began his career on television and gaming journalism. He has authored three books about filmmaking and one of them is exclusively about mobile...


Special Edition: iPhone Movie Making History with Michael Koerbel

Special Edition: Our podcast just reached 100 episodes and we have a special episode. Pioneer mobile filmmaker and the winner of the first prize in the inaugural International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego in 2012 joins us and we embark on a journey about his participation in the history of making movies with iPhones, and smartphones in general. Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James got their hands on the iPhone 4 and the new iMovie app on the phone. They decided to run some camera...


Indie Filmmaking with Smartphone Cameras with Rachel Jacob

The story in film has always been an attraction to Rachel Jacob. She grew up in the industry from her father’s side of the family and occasionally would dip her feet in it. She tried many aspects of filmmaking. In her teens while in school Rachel was acting, which she still loves, and then she tried screenwriting. Most of her experience in film were a series of loose ends. When she was 18 she attempted directing a project and it became the push she needed to tie the knot as a filmmaker....


Hollywood Dreams and Your Smartphone Camera with FilmConvert and Filmic Pro

The partnership between FilmConvert and Filmic Pro is bridging the mobile smartphone filmmaking with traditional filmmaking communities. FilmConvert has been creating software for film grain and color grading for about ten years. They’ve been keeping an eye on the mobile filmmaking community’s growth and have partnered with the app used by Hollywood filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh to shoot their films with iPhones. Episode 98 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is a discussion with...


Actors with Smartphones, Make Movies with Anthony Bradford

The process of creating films and video programming is extensive and can be exhausting. But for Anthony Bradford, our guest on the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking Episode 97, it’s about how much it prolongs the production process. Mobile filmmaking shortens a lot of the production so Anthony can go from pre-production and planning, to post-production and distribution. Anthony Bradford is an actor and a producer who writes screenplays and has a lot of ideas for stories. During our podcast he...


Empower Your Song with Video with Amanda Smith and Colin Babcock

Falling through floors is probably not what you expect when you are on set filming. The old creepy house called out to Amanda Smith and Colin Babcock. Amanda brought Colin into the house and he found it creepy and dilapidated. Both nodded at the notion that the house could be the set for a film. They just needed to figure out what type of film they could make. But there was a little bit of a conundrum because Colin did not have his usual filmmaking equipment. Colin began to think he could...


Two iPhones and a Feature Film with Patrick R. Young and Powell Robinson

One story, two guys and two iPhones embarked on a road trip to make a feature film. Directors Patrick R. Young and Powell Robinson are my guests in Episode 95 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking. Their experience comes from Patrick’s idea for a film when he was in Middle School or High School. Years later, he and Powell decide to use iPhones to realize his story into a feature film of about 77 minutes. They both live in the Los Angeles area in California. Powell was involved with a...


Smartphone Feature Filmmaking in Lockdown with Jennifer Zhang

Imagine a story realized from your imagination. How you can turn that story into a feature film using a smartphone for a camera is impressive. Now edit the story in an app on your phone. Sounds unreal, right? That’s the real story behind the film “Charon” by Jennifer Zhang. Episode 94 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is a discussion about her journey. Jennifer is a passionate creator and storyteller. I was honored to talk with one of the contestants in the feature film competition at...