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Ep62: Seattle or San Diego?

Sometimes... you need to stop and get out the map. Yessss... we know it's 2018, but WAZE just doesn't WORK for the metaphor we're trying to use in this week's episode. Today, Jodi & Eliot explore getting stuck, spinning your wheels, when you need to know exactly where you're going and when you need to just DRIVE. This episode is all about getting clear on where you are heading, not before you start, but once you are already doing the work of your business. Whether or not you had a clear...


Ep61: When To Sweat The Small Stuff

In this episode, we talk about how the little things more than just count – they are what make up people’s first impressions of your business. Why is that important for business? People are making judgments about the details – a flicked cigarette in a parking lot, a tidy dining room table – and making decisions about what that means for the rest of your business. Small things can often really matter, but you can’t possibly see or care about everything. You need to navigate which small...


Ep60: Care and Feeding

Ep 60 It turns out, customers are a lot like cats – they are a lot happier when you follow their specific care and feeding instructions. Everyone has different priorities, different things that they care deeply about. In this episode, we discuss the importance of knowing what makes people tick (and where they like to be scratched). Why is that important for business? A “care and feeding manual” clarifies these priorities and helps you address individual needs without worrying about...


Ep59: Staying vs Not Leaving

Ep 59 Have you ever thought about the difference between staying and not leaving? There is very different energy between the two, even though we confuse them. Sometimes the middle lane seems like a lane where you can hang out and coast, and not make a choice, but it can be a dangerous place to stay. In this episode, let’s talk about that place between staying and leaving. Why is that important for business? In companies, often there is an employee that someone is frustrated with, but...


Ep58: Pee my WHAT? The Encore Performance

Pee my WHAT? The encore performance What does peeing your pants have to do with better business? This week, we revisit our very first episode, over a year ago, where Jodi and Eliot talk about the importance of sharing those vulnerable stories that businesses need to tell. Why is that important for business? There’s this weird counterintuitive perception that people don’t want to share those stories. And peeing your pants might not be the story that you are going to lead with the first...


Ep57: Certainty

Ep 57 – Certainty Have you ever noticed a tendency to view things in a binary, all-or-nothing way? Does delegating frustrate you, because you worry someone else would just mess things up, so why not do it yourself? Do you “hate conflict”? In this episode of So Here’s My Story, let’s talk about exactly that, and the secret dial that just might work better than that switch you are currently using. Why is that important for business? When we think about examples like delegation, one of...


Ep56: The Red Hen

Ep 56 – The Red Hen The notion of choosing politics over business has been in the news lately, and it begs the question: how you know when choosing clients for fit is discriminatory, and when it is beneficial to the culture of your business. That’s the topic of this episode of So Here’s My Story. Why is that important for business? There are pros and cons and limitations to the concept of “fit” in business. Fit can tell you who to hire, what clients are ideal, and how to build a team....


Ep55: Is It Too Late for Me?

Ep 55 – Is It Too Late for Me? Ever heard a 20-something lament about how it’s “too late” for them to do something? In this episode of So Here’s My Story, we talk about the idea of it being too late for our dreams or aspirations – when it’s an excuse, when it’s time to let go, and when it’s time to try to get Whack-a-Mole into the Olympics. Why is that important for business? When we feel like it’s too late to make a move, we can become paralyzed by that determination. We have a...


Ep54: Pick Your Lane

Ep 54 – Pick a Lane In traffic, it is critical that other drivers be able to anticipate your behavior; you need to be clear about your direction and your intentions if you want everyone to stay safe. But the same can be said about business. And that is what we will talk about in this episode of So Here’s My Story. That, and the time that Jodi almost ruined Pajama Day. Why is that important for business? You have to pick a lane, in driving and in business. People, including your...


Ep53: How the Yanni v.s. Laurel Debate Relates to Business

Did you listen to the now famous “Laurel vs Yanni” audio that has been making its rounds on social media? Despite an ingrained reluctance to participate in such popular phenomena, Jodi noticed an important message inherent in the debate – even here, in this simple form, people hear different things. And some people even think kale is sweet. Why is that important for business? With all of the value judgements and complexity and nuance stripped away, people will still have different...


Ep52: The Business Sommelier

“I fired a client recently”, Eliot says, with a twinkle in his eye and some understated elation in his voice. And so begins today’s story. Sometimes, we have clients that, although they are wonderful and maybe even very profitable, aren’t a great fit for our best work. It’s okay to both realize this and design our work around those clients that are a great fit. And it’s also okay to fire the ones that don’t. Why is that important for business? Having a business and having a business...


Ep51: The Line Between Satisfied and Full

You can hardly expect Jodi to go to Italy without bringing back some stories. In this episode of So Here’s My Story, we learn about what eating for pleasure might have to do with business, and why joy might be more important to the process than you might think. Why is that important for business? Just as there is a difference between being full and being satisfied with a meal, there is a difference between increasing revenue and providing a service that satisfies you and your...


Ep50: Nicht Tiefgründig

“I wish I could, but I just can’t”. Have you ever heard that phrase and thought to yourself, “yes, you could. You just don’t want to”? Have you ever said that to someone, but known that it wasn’t the whole truth? In this episode of So Here’s My Story, we talk about priorities, telling the truth, and personal sovereignty. Why is that important for business? Instead of taking ownership of how you chose to spend your time, “I wish I could” can feel like an abdication of responsibility for...


Ep49: "With Your Tray Tables Locked In an Upright Position"

Sometimes in your organization, there needs to be a bit of transparency. But, it needs to be just the right amount. How do you give your employees a peek behind the curtain without unleashing all of your company’s problems? It’s a fine balancing act. Why is that important for business? In this week’s episode, we talk about the business equivalent to turbulence on a plane. When notified of severe turbulence on a plane, and you’re the passenger, your mind immediately goes to a panic state....


Ep48: The Shared Priority

Have you ever had a client try to get you to serve two opposing masters at once? How do you get them to settle on a priority so that you can move forward? In this episode, we talk about just that. Why is that important for business? There are certain aspects of how you deliver your services or products that simply must be prioritized. For instance, if fast delivery, quality production and cheap price area all things your customers seek, they usually have to pick just two priorities at...


Ep47: Sink, or Swim, or Other

Whether it is learning the guitar, jumping in the pool, or doing something brand new in business, feeling foolish is a powerful motivator to keep us from growing. In those moments, it isn’t always enough to just keep the door open for the person. Sometimes, we need to support them in a more proactive way, and that is exactly what this episode is all about. Why is that important for business? When you are trying to lead people, sometimes you think that all you can do is provide them an...


Ep46: The Art of Finishing Well

We don't talk about endings enough, especially not ending things well, with as much celebration as we began them. And that is exactly what this episode is about. Why is that important for business? Consider ending your business, or a product line, or even a relationship with a client or a team member – are you putting in the same effort to make a beautiful ending as you did when you started? Instead of ending by tapering off into a fizzling nothingness, celebrate everything that was; end...


Ep45: The Second Question Zing

Ever have the networking equivalent of a glass of water: it has substance, but no flavor? This episode is all about those conversations you have that don’t feel like a connection at all. Luckily, it’s also about how to have better conversations, and how to curate a network that not only refers you but refers you clients that are a perfect fit. Why is that important for business? If you have a conversation that is more than just a surface conversation, you each bring certain life...


Ep44: How Strong is Your Core (Competency)?

If you are someone who has ever worked with a fitness trainer, you have probably heard their mantra: “engage your core”. It turns out, almost everything you do in fitness becomes easier, safer and the results more prominent when you involve the muscles of your core. Turns out, the same is true in business. Why is that important for business? Wherever you are looking to add some “umph” – even if it is theoretically a leg or arm exercise - if you source your energy from your core, it is...


Ep43: When Words Go Awry

When you enter a new environment or talk to someone who isn’t as intimately familiar to yourself as you are, it can be hard to navigate the language gap. Even when you think you know what someone means, words can mean considerably different things in different contexts, and to different people. In this episode, we talk about navigating conversations where you can’t even rely on the English language for clarity. And we do it using Star Trek references. Why is that important for...