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Get your goat: So you want to move to the country and raise goats - A podcast about change

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This podcast is about change and life transitions. Guests share their stories of change - how they changed direction, dealt with anxiety and failure, and then finally, achieved success. Check out

This podcast is about change and life transitions. Guests share their stories of change - how they changed direction, dealt with anxiety and failure, and then finally, achieved success. Check out




This podcast is about change and life transitions. Guests share their stories of change - how they changed direction, dealt with anxiety and failure, and then finally, achieved success. Check out








Season 3 / Episode 17: Arlene Jorgenson - Endurance in times of sadness & loss

Quotes about change: "Do the basics so you feel normal." Arlene Jorgenson is a strong person. She built a successful business, had a loving husband who was also her partner in business, and was part of a strong faith community. In 2003, her husband was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after that she went through the difficult time of selling her business. That was hard period for Arlene and her husband. As his health failed, Arlene was the primary caregiver and there were days when it...


Season 3 / Episode 16: Dean Ehrmantraut - Using determination until you get it right

Quotes on change: "What value am I providing? What is my purpose?" Dean Ehrmantraut was a Financial Advisor Assistant Manager for Wood Gundy. He was in his groove and doing very well financially. He would set financial targets, then meet them, set higher targets, and meet them, and on it went. But there came a point where Dean asked himself, “What value am I providing?” And to answer this question, he tells us in the podcast that you have to take money out of the equation. At the age of...


Season 3 / Episode 15: Lee Knafelc: Each change can empower you to move forward

Quotes about change: "Test and try things out before retirement" Lee Knafelc came from a family of teachers, so it seemed obvious to him that he would go into teaching himself. Lee realized early on, that teaching in primary and secondary school was not for him. He loved teaching and so refocused on teaching and training adults. As with many things in life, things rarely turn out as we planned, and Lee found that human resources was a good fit for him and there he enjoyed a long and...


Season 3 / Episode 14: Ryan Townend: Is this the life I want to live?

Quotes about change: “Everything in life comes at the right time.” Ryan Townend is the Owner and CEO of William Joseph Communications. During the pandemic, like many of us, Ryan stayed at home, gained a few extra pounds, and lived in stretchy, comfortable clothes. When his doctor reported he had some pre-eminent health conditions, his first thought was, “Is this the life I want to live?” Inspired by a friend who had undergone significant weight loss, Ryan went into “Fat Camp for 90 Days”....


Season 3 / Episode 13: Arla Gustafson: Change can be about finding yourself again

Quotes about change: "What do you need to bring into your life to move forward?" Arla Gustafson made the decision for big change - retirement! She describes her life up to now as raising family, having fun, developing a busy professional life as a CEO, travelling, and having a lot of interesting experiences. When she reached 60, she realized that life becomes more about focusing on applying the wisdom and experience we’ve gained over the years to taking risks and applying to our own life to...


Season 3 / Episode 12: Shawn Moen and Garrett Pederson - Hard-baked resilience

Shawn Moen was a practicing lawyer and Garrett Pederson, an environmental engineer. They are both farm boys, families rooted in agriculture farming 9 miles apart from each other in SW Saskatchewan. A home brewing kit turned out to be life-changing for Shawn and Garrett when they started brewing beer and is now the very successful and award-winning craft brewery, 9 Mile Legacy Brewing. Shawn and Garrett thought long and hard about leaving successful careers to put all their time and energy...


Season 3 / Episode 11: Stephanie Staples - Are you the person you want to be?

Quotes about change: "I stopped trying to change others and worked on changing me." Stephanie Staples was working as an RN – she had a nice family, a nice husband, a nice house, a nice job. And then she had an “incident”, a fairly significant one, that made her stop and ask herself, “Is this the person I want to be?” Stephanie knew something was missing in her life and felt guilty about wanting more when she had so much. But she wanted a better life, so fell into personal development and...


Season 3 / Episode 10: Leslie Bennett: Mental health coach and advocate

Quotes about change: "Self-care is about being kind to yourself." Leslie Bennett is a Partner with Mental Health Innovations, focused on supporting organizations that prioritize workplace mental health. Leslie has had a personal journey with her own mental health and has asked that we let our listeners know that this conversation may be confronting or challenging for some. Leslie was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder in her 20’s, and she describes a very painful period of her life where...


Season 3 Episode 9: Gayle MacDonald - Work on yourself and relationships as well as your business

Quotes about change: "If you don't want to be treated like a doormat; quit behaving like a doormat." Gayle MacDonald is an entrepreneur. Currently, she is the Owner and President of Legacy Land Inc and a commercial real estate developer. She studied orthoptics (physiotherapy for the eye) and practiced in Regina for 6 years. She and her husband decided to make the move back to his home in the Kindersley area where together, they built a very successful business in the crop production and...


Season 3 / Episode 8: Janice Gladue - Gratitude and post traumatic growth

Quotes about change: "Wherever I am, I make sure my heart comes with me." Janice Gladue was part of the 60’s Scoop. She was apprehended from her biological family and grew up on a farm with her foster family. It was a home that did not nurture love and affection. Yet, there was and is something deep within Janice that fuels her and keeps her going – gratitude. Janice learned early in life the importance of attitude and describes how your attitude really matters. She gives herself grace and...


Season 3 / Episode 7 Joanne Zuk: New chapters and being lit from within

Quotes on change: "I do one thing a day to cultivate joy in my life." Joanne Zuk has started a new chapter in her life that has “lit me up from within”. Before now, she worked in the Manitoba public service for over 15 years and led the movement to develop a culture of innovation. But at about the 15-year mark in her career, she experienced personal loss and pain, followed by the chaos of leading change in the Manitoba government in the midst of the world pandemic. She felt like she was...


Season 3 / Episode 6: Ann Mitchell - Trust your gut and use self-awareness to make change

"Quotes on change: "Trust your gut - Self-awareness is a big part of change." Ann Mitchell is the Chief Administrative Officer for Lethbridge County. Her long and successful career in municipal government is because of hard work and commitment. She has a Masters from Royal Roads and is planning her retirement that is yet 5 years out. She is planning new and exciting things around interests that have fueled her. Ann is funny, really funny and she uses humour to help her keep perspective....


Season 3 / Episode 5: Graham Snell - Musician and business leader: Avoiding redundancy to fuel change

Quotes about change: "Everyone needs to call themselves on their own garbage and work to fix it." Graham Snell thought he was going to have a career as a musician. After high school, he attended music school in Iowa with the dream of becoming a rock star. But making a living as a musician can be a tough gig. After several years, he considered the reality of a future in music and started a new career path. Graham talks about resilience and rolling through change as life evolves, the tools...


Season 3 / Episode 4: Renea Egeland - It's never too late for change

Quotes about change: "No place can make you happy unless you are happy inside." Renea Egeland has been a caregiver for her entire life. In fact, she took her training as a nurse, and just recently retired after a career in nursing of over 30 years. Her grandmother and sister both received end of life care from Renea. She was a caregiver for her family and always thought of herself as giving to others. Her retirement focused a light on Renea’s lack of self-care, and it took healing and...


Season 3 / Episode 3: Curtis Korchinski - Don't just survive, thrive!

Quotes on change: "It's more than about survival ... it's about thriving." Commercial realtor, entrepreneur, former restaurateur, body-builder, and family man. Curtis Korchinski is well-known in these parts for owning and operating restaurants; he was also successful in the restaurant business in Vancouver. Curtis comes from a strong entrepreneurial family but decided early in life he didn’t want to work in the family business. Restaurants were his life for many years – he loved the chaos...


Season 3 / Episode 2: Krista Babiuk - Healing from accident trauma and making change

Quotes about change: "Things are going to change and it can be the catalyst for good." Krista Babiuk thought her life path was laid out. She grew up in the food service business with a family-owned shop, worked in restaurants, and went on to get her training in the culinary arts, specializing in pastry and baking. She loved her work and her life was nicely unfolding as she had planned. One day, in an instant, it all changed. There was an accident requiring months and months of recovery....


Season 3 / Episode 1: Belinda Smith - Mindset is a choice. Unhook and free yourself!

Quote: “We have so much capacity in our brain to choose our outlook”. Belinda Smith is an award-winning songwriter, a real estate agent, an advocate for people with disabilities, and a life coach. Does this seem disjointed and all over the map? It does for Belinda as well, but she loves her unhooked life. Originally from West Virginia, Belinda moved to Nashville to become a song-writer, and Nashville is still her home today. She was born with a physical disability, but that has never...


Season 2 / Episode 30: Lawrence Berthelet: Pushing yourself to be uncomfortable

Quotes about change: "On the other side of change is a new and improved change." Lawrence Berthelet is a chemical engineer with a 35-year career in mining and manufacturing. Growing up in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, he was no stranger to the mines and has had a successful career working in North America and globally in the mining industry. Lawrence has always followed his curiosity, leading him to go back to school for an MBA and looking for different career experiences and offshore...


Season 2 / Episode 29: Jaclyn Mann - Healing and change

Jaclyn Mann has been on a 20-year journey to improve her health. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as a young person and went through 3 major surgeries before she realized that she couldn’t rely on doctors to fix her. She needed to do more for herself. Jaclyn tried different alternative methods, but the program “BodyTalk System” made all the difference – designed to treat the body and the mind as a whole. The deeper she got into healing, Jaclyn found she was improving not only her...


Season 2 / Episode 28: Joanne Paulson - Through dark times, bear down!

Quotes about change: "You can't give up - bear down and re-build as you find the core." Joanne Paulson is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has always loved writing, and as a young child dreamed of becoming a war correspondent. When she finished university, Joanne became a journalist for the Star Phoenix newspaper in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, a position she held for 25 years, covering real estate, business, the arts, and agriculture. She left her position at the Star Phoenix when the...