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Crazy World Cup Stories! (Ep. 22)

Everyone has World Cup fever right now. As big soccer fans, this week we discussed some of the craziest things to happen in the history of the World Cup. Whether you're a staunch soccer fan or a casual observer, we've good the goods on the biggest soccer tourny on the planet.


Bigfoot! (Ep. 21)

Everyone knows about Bigfoot (or Sasquatch), the large bipedal primate that allegedly roams the United States. But where did its legend begin? Could there be some truth behind it? On this week’s episode, we tell you how Bigfoot’s legend spread in the USA and discuss some famous (and often hilarious) Bigfoot hoaxes.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident (Ep. 20)

In 1959, nine Russian hikers took off for an expedition that ended in a bizarre tragedy. To this day, people don’t know why the experienced crew displayed strange behavior before perishing in the Ural Mountains. This week we discuss the incident, and the theories behind what happened that day in Russia.


The Unsolved Mystery of the Somerton Man (Ep. 19)

In 1948, a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in Australia. To this day, nobody has identified him. The clues in the case are bizarre and mysterious, stumping authorities around the world for 70 years. We tell the story and give our theory on this week’s episode.


Your Favorite Phrases (Ep. 18)

Have you ever called “shotgun” in a car? Have you said, “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water?” Ever wonder why we say those, and some of your other favorite phases? This week we tell you the origin of your favorite idioms, and buckle up, because a lot of them are pretty weird. We also make a list of the most interesting food items you can buy online. Don’t ask. Just listen. It’ll all make sense.


Loch Ness Monster (Ep. 17)

Everybody knows Nessie, the longneck prehistoric animal that some people believe takes up her residence in Loch Ness. But how did the legend of the Loch Ness Monster begin? What’s the story behind all the famous photos of her? Is there really a monster living in the famous narrow body of water in the Scottish Highlands? We discuss all of that on this week’s episode.


Ancient Astronaut Aliens? (Ep. 16)

There’s a school to thought that aliens have been involved in shaping human history. From building the pyramids to the origin of religion, people believe that there has been otherworldly involvement. How did it start and what evidence supports these beliefs? Find out on this week’s episode.


Amelia Earhart (Ep. 15)

When someone mentions Amelia Earhart, the first thing people think about is her mysterious disappearance. But before that fateful day she led an extraordinary life, blazing trails for women and pushing the boundaries of the aviation industry. This week, we unpack her spectacular life, and some theories around what happened to her on that last fateful flight.


The REAL stories of Disney Movies (Ep. 14)

Many Disney movies are based on previous books or fairy tales. Often times, those books and fairy tales are totally messed up. This week we dive into some of the more unnerving stories behind your favorite Disney movies.


The Bone Wars (Ep. 13)

Early paleontology in America was wild. The two men leading the race to unearth dinosaurs had some questionable practices on the road to discovery. Bribes, lying, stealing, even destroying bones! We also apologize in advance to the fine people of New Jersey…our list this week might have been a bit much.


The Hitler Diaries (Ep. 12)

It’s one of the greatest hoaxes in history. How did one man make millions by fooling journalists across the globe into believing he had the authentic diaries of Adolf Hitler? And, in the spirit of this ultimately useless purchase, we discuss some of the strangest items you can buy on the internet. Let me tell ya, that gets interesting.


The Bermuda Triangle (Ep. 11)

Planes and ships wander into this gorgeous section of the Atlantic Ocean to never been seen from again. Or do they? How did the Bermuda Triangle get its name and infamous reputation? Can you make it through Christian’s math rap about triangles? Find out this week on Social Currency.


Daylight Saving Time (Ep. 10)

Every year when we move the clocks, people get cranky. But why do we do this ritual known as Daylight Saving Time? How did it start? What are the benefits? The answers might surprise you on this week's episode of Social Currency.


The first dinosaur discovered (Ep. 9)

Everybody loves dinosaurs (unless you have no soul), but who discovered them? How did we realize some random bones in the ground came from lizards millions of years ago? Did Christian really go to clown school? We answer these questions and more in this week's episode of Social Currency.


Lamborghini's odd beginning (Ep. 8)

How did an affordable brand of tractors become high-end sports cars? Is Ferruccio Lamborghini the most spiteful entrepreneur ever? What's the deal with the Pope's holy Lamborghini? We unpack all of these questions in this week's episode of Social Currency.


The great state of…Jefferson? (Ep. 7)

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, there's a section of land that was almost the 51st state. But the state of Jefferson wasn't meant to be. Why didn't it become a state? Why do these counties want their own state? Why hasn't someone invented a robot to clean Steve's house? We'll talk about all these questions, and more, on this week's episode of Social Currency.


The Mystery of D.B. Cooper (Ep. 6)

It's the only unsolved airline highjacking in US history. In 1971, a man going by the name Dan Cooper boarded a flight from Portland to Seattle, claiming he had a bomb. What happened next is right out of a movie. How did it all go down? Why do people call refer to Dan Cooper as D.B.? Is he the most polite highjacker in the history of highjackers? Why does Christian have such a distain for Kristen Stewart? Find out this week on Social Currency.


It's-a me, Mario! (Ep. 5)

Mario is the most iconic video game character in history, but where did he come from? How did he get his name? Why does he look the way he looks? Was he always a plumber? We unpack the history of Mario in this week's episode of Social Currency.


Coca-Cola started how?! (Ep. 4)

Known for its friendly cartoon polar bears and "share a Coke," you might assume Coca-Cola was always a squeaky-clean company. Not exactly the case. The origin story might surprise you. It sure surprised us. But, to be fair, it's not that hard to surprise us. So we're a bad barometer. Anyhow, enjoy the story of one of the world's favorite beverages.


A Monkey Cohost on the Today Show? Meet J. Fred Muggs. (Ep. 3)

In 1952 to try to boost ratings, the Today Show added an unlikely cohost - a monkey named J. Fred Muggs. His rise to popularity was wild, but things weren't exactly peachy on the set during his stint on the show. Links mentioned in the show: A picture of J. Fred Muggs - Capybara pictures -