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Sound Stories #31 – Preparing for Your Most Creative Year Yet

In this year-end episode, we’ve pulled together some of the top highlights from the past season. Listen in as our guests give their best advice on how to reinvigorate, refresh and revitalize your creative side – and make 2018 your best year yet!


Sound Stories #30 – The Life of an LA Filmmaker

Filmmaking offers tremendous opportunities for expression, but it also presents intense challenges. Noam Kroll is a Los Angeles-based, award-winning Film and Commercial Director, and founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. He discusses how he got his start, moved to L.A., landed some of the world’s biggest brands as clients, and continues to ‘do […]


Sound Stories #029 – Optimizing Your Website to Increase Your Traffic

These days having a website isn’t enough to get you found online. If you want to encourage new users to find you and existing users to remember you, you’ve got to make your website count for all its worth. Tim Cameron-Kitchen, founder of Exposure Ninja shares his journey: from drummer who wanted more work, to […]


Sound Stories #028 – Crafting Award Winning Radio Ads

How do you grab an audience’s attention when you only have 15 to 30 seconds? Chris Smith, Creative Group Head and Writer at the Richards Group has an admirable mastery when it comes to creating engaging and humorous radio ads. Listen as he describes his Radio Mercury Award winning campaign for Motel 6, and dives […]


Sound Stories #027 – The Importance of Art

Tom Lee, former director of the Office for the Arts’ Learning From Performers program at Harvard University, talks about how this program has enriched the lives of thousands. He also discusses how art has the power to enhance anyone’s life.


Sound Stories #026 – Diffusing Tension for a Successful Session

A recording session can quickly go off the rails, leaving the talent and director frustrated. Sunday Muse shares tips for both voice actors and directors for helping a session get back on track if frustrations arise. Sunday Muse – Great Big Voices:

Sound Stories #025 – Contributing to a Brand’s Story: The Role of Social Media Influencers

The beautifully curated photos on Instagram and the sponsored posts that you see popping up throughout your feed come from social media influencers. What does it take to become one of those people? Ally Pintucci offers you a peek behind the curtain and shares her thoughts on authenticity, how she grew her brand, and what […]


Sound Stories #024 – The Creative Benefits of Self-Sabotage

For creatives, getting in a rut is a professional hazard. Jonathan De Souza, Professor of Music Theory at the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University, has studied the ways that our bodies, the tools we use, and our minds come together to form our habits. These habits can help or hinder us creatively. […]


Sound Stories #023 – The Power of Networking for Creative Careers

We’ve all been told about the importance of having an elevator pitch – but actually getting your story straight — the story of who you are, is often easier said than done. If the idea of networking makes your toes curl, this episode is for you. Taylor Shold, Associate Producer at Sportsnet and founder of […]


Sound Stories #022 – Crossing the Bridge Between Core Values and Authentic Storytelling

Are your brand stories aligned with your company’s core? David Brouitt, Creative Director at Ramp Communications Inc. discusses how your brand’s values should shape everything you do. Learn the importance of ensuring your brand is reflected at every touchpoint and how this can guide your day to day operations, inform your marketing and even help […]


Sound Stories #021 – Exploring Emotional Design

Emotional design can help your story come alive in new and imaginative ways…as long as you know what it is! Erika Lutz, Creative Director at Lumosity shares how she and her team use emotional design to help motivate, entertain and engage their audience of brain-training game enthusiasts. Get the scoop on what emotional design is, […]


Sound Stories #020 – Inside the Process of Constructing Languages

When you tell a story, how important is it that it’s delivered in the language you speak? If you’re a storyteller who is a self-proclaimed word-nerd, you’re going to enjoy this immersion into the world of constructed languages with Dr. Christine Schreyer, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia and the creator […]


Sound Stories #019 – Identifying and Honing your Creative Strength

While it can be tempting as a creative to pursue obvious success, there’s something to be said for finding your niche and being creatively fulfilled. Tyley shares his insights regarding setting yourself up for that kind of success, but also getting involved in the creative process and figuring out what you want your creative legacy […]


Sound Stories #018 – The Do’s and Don’ts of Audience Centric Storytelling

If you want to create stories that sell, you need to “throw your assumptions of who your audience is out the window” according Jordan Scott Price, Creative Director at Flying Canvas Productions. In this episode, Jordan goes over how he and his team get to the heart of a client’s story – and how they […]


Sound Stories #017 – Finding the Hidden Story

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing corporate storytellers today, is how to tell a consistent narrative, without telling the same tale, over and over again. Micah Baro, Creative Director and Content Strategist at Allison + Partners joins us to illuminate how he and his team find the ‘hidden story,’ for their clients. In addition, […]


Sound Stories #016 – Why Your Brand is Not the Hero

Who is the hero of your brand storytelling? According to Scott Monty, CEO, Co-Managing Partner at Brain+Trust Partners, if it’s your brand, then you’re missing the mark. Listen as Scott talks about GE, Coca-Cola, Ford and other brands who are winning at brand storytelling – and why their strategies work. Bonus: Listen in as Scott […]


Sound Stories #015 – Curating Your Story

Creative professionals are no strangers to curation. Whether we’re assembling playlists, or collecting interesting articles to share with our audience, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to tell our brand story through the “gems” that we discover along the way. Amber Lloydlangston, Curator at Museum London, in London, Ontario, takes us on a deep […]


Sound Stories #014 – How to Tap into Untold Creativity

You don’t have to be in a ‘funny’ business to benefit from the practices that comedy writers use when crafting their stories. Improv, in particular, is great for character development and crafting unique narratives. Brandon Rudd, Co-Founder of London, Ontario improv comedy troupe, Shut the Front Door discusses how to use improv principles and exercises […]


Sound Stories #013 – Becoming a Search Engine’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever wanted to hear words of wisdom from a Google Adwords Guru, this is the episode for you! Learn why good keyword research is always the foundation of an effective search engine campaign and more, from episode guest Liz Gray. Listen in as Liz, provides a myriad of tip and tricks for optimizing […]


Sound Stories #012 – The Artist, the Storyteller and You

You may not think of yourself as an artist, but branded content and the classics are riffing on each other all the time. Chances are you’ve either had your hands in the creation of one such remix – or at least have enjoyed someone else’s work! Cassandra Getty of Museum London brings us along the […]