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Andres Cabrera: Mindfulness, Changing Habits, and Connecting with Humanity

Andres Cabrera, NYU Stern alumni, joins us in the studio to share his experiences with mindfulness. In a story about understanding who you are and going beyond your biases, Andres shares a powerful story about the humanity we share with others and the importance of forgiveness. Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna Shukla Produced: Crystal Desai Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us a tweet: Check out some photos: Send us an email:...


Sara Sindelar: Intrapreneurship, Marketing, and the Voice of the Next Generation

Sara Sindelar, Global Experiential Marketing Manager at IBM and Stern alumni, joins us in the studio to discuss her career in marketing & advertising and her path towards becoming an intrapreneur at IBM. In a story about taking initiative and finding your niche, Sara teaches us some key rules for the workplace and the importance of not taking "no" for an answer. Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna Shukla Produced: Anthony Russ Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us a tweet:...


Sonia Marciano: Sock Puppets, ROIC, and Being Your Own Enterprise

Sonia Marciano, Clinical Full Professor of Management and Organizations joins us in the studio to talk to us about her nontraditional career path that led her to finding her true passion and to share valuable advice she has for MBA students. In a story about finding purpose, Professor Marciano reminds us of the importance of discovering your strengths and finding happiness at work. Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna Shukla Produced: Frank Varrichio Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send...


Francois Anderson: Staying Focused, The Essence of Montego Bay, and Moving Toward Your Goals

Francois Anderson, NYU Stern alumni who hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica joins us in the studio to share the story of how his experiences with sports and education led to a move to the United States at a young age. In a story about fearlessness and commitment, Francois teaches us about always remaining true to your values and the importance of giving back to others in your community. Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna Shukla Produced: Yen Chiang Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us...


Sonika Malhotra: Taking Small Acts, Sustainable Business, and Love for Beauty and the Planet

Sonika Malhotra, Global Brand Director at Unilever and NYU Stern Langone student joins us in the studio to discuss leading the launch of a new sustainable hair and personal care brand called Love Beauty and Planet. In a story about listening to your head and your heart, Sonika shares the fascinating account of how she began her career at Unilever in India and how small acts of love can make a large difference in the world. Hosts: Steven Avila and Justin Katchis Executive Producer: Naisham...


Class of 2020 Launch Week Special: Sarah Rubin and Dhruv Sharma

Stern Chats welcomes the NYU Stern Class of 2020 in this special two part episode with outgoing student Sarah Rubin and incoming student Dhruv Sharma. In this story, we capture the energy and enthusiasm students have when they arrive and depart Stern and share some valuable insights on how to make the most of the Stern MBA experience. Hosts: Devna Shukla, Andrew Slotnick, Steven Avila, & Justin Katchis Producer: Sheri Holt Editing and Sound Design: Naisham Jamshidi Technical: Bob Kerr &...


Dean Sundaram: Leading Change, Mathematics, and Falling in Love with New York

Raghu Sundaram, Dean of the NYU Stern School of Business, tells us about growing up in India and his experience moving to New York City in the 90's. In a story about nimbleness and taking a leap of faith, Dean Sundaram gives insight into his journey through academia, his view on the changing role of business school, and the importance of bringing innovation to higher education. Hosts: Steven Avila and Justin Katchis Executive Producer: Naisham Jamshidi Associate Producer: Jamie Quiroz...


Kathie Andrade: Adaptability, Resiliency, and Being the CEO of Your Life

Kathie Andrade, CEO of Retail Financial Services at TIAA joins us in the studio to discuss her career and the role of women in finance. In a story about adaptability and resiliency, Kathie talks to us about the importance of being true to yourself and finding balance in what matters to you. Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna Shukla Director: Derek Fein Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us a tweet: Check out some photos: Send us...


President Hamilton: Education, Discovery, and Preparing for the Next Generation

President Andrew Hamilton, the 16th President of New York University (NYU), joins us in the studio to discuss his career in university administration and his vision for NYU. In a story about connection and community, President Hamilton shares his perspectives on the role of higher education and discusses his commitment to making NYU a transformational institution for students. Hosts: Steven Avila and Justin Katchis Executive Producer: Naisham Jamshidi Associate Producer: Yen Chiang Director:...


Susan Kornfeld: Entrepreneurship, Sound Waves, and the Beauty of Silence

Susan Kornfeld, second year MBA student at NYU Stern, was born with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. Over the years, Susan has become an advocate for the hearing loss community and has formed an advocacy and outreach group called Hear Me Out which is focused on fostering a stronger community and support network for those who suffer from hearing loss. In a story about fearlessness, Susan shares a very personal tale about what it's like growing up with hearing loss...


Jazmin Cabeza: Special Edition Ally Week Episode

Jazmin Cabeza, first year MBA student at NYU Stern, discusses the importance and meaning of being an ally. In a story about empowering others and speaking up, Jazmin shares her experience of immigrating from Venezuela to the United States at a young age, the trials she has faced, and the growth she has experienced throughout her journey. Listen in to this very special episode produced for NYU Stern Ally Week Produced: Naisham Jamshidi Editing and Sound Design:...


Melissa Schilling: Cabin Life, Breakthrough Innovators, and the Commonalities of the Exceptional

Melissa Schilling, Professor of Strategy and Management at New York University talks to us about her new book Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World. In a story about self-efficacy and being unconstrained by societal norms, Professor Schilling opens a window into the minds of revolutionaries. Produced: Sheri Holt Editing and Sound Design: Frank Varrichio Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us a tweet:...


Conor Grennan: One Year Anniversary Special (Re-Release)

Conor Grennan, Stern's Dean of Students was recently voted as Administrator of the Year by the Stern student body. This award is intended to recognize those members of the administration who, through their dedication and commitment, have enriched the student experience here at Stern. Coincidentally, Dean Conor Grennan was also the first guest that was interviewed for the Stern Chats podcast and his award couldn't be more timely as this week is the one year anniversary of the official launch...


Ijeamaka Obasi: Chicago Pizza, Black Girls Graduate, and adding a JD to your MBA

Ijeamaka (Ije) Obasi, NYU JD/MBA Student discusses how she co-founded Black Girls Graduate, an online resource dedicated to improving educational attainment and collegiate graduation rates among black women and providing strategies for career advancement. Originally from Chicago, Ije also delves into her journey applying to higher education programs and her experience as a JD/MBA student. In this story, Ije illustrates how one can combine passion for making a social impact with the private...


Ashish Bhatia: Market Crash, Gold Salesman and Making the Undergraduate Experience Count

Ashish Bhatia, Assistant Dean of Students, Engagement & Innovation, our first administrator guest who hails from Stern's undergraduate school, tells us about his varied path back to Stern from the worlds of economics and gold sales. A graduate of Stern himself, Assistant Dean Bhatia is also one of the founders of Stern Talks, an initiative to bring in alumna to speak with the undergraduate students about various industries and paths forward after graduation. In a story about finding yourself...


J.G. and Taffi Ayodele: Foldable Flats, African Adventures and the Thando's Love Story

J.G. and Taffi Ayodele, founders of an innovative company specializing in African designed products, tell us about their journey to building Thando's, a company that utilizes African artists to help design comfortable, durable shoes. "For the love of the sole," the firm's motto, explains how J.G. and Taffi built a socially impactful organization that allows consumers to connect both with the product and the story. In a twist of fate, we also hear about J.G. and Taffi's own story, one about...


Isser Gallogly: Improv Comedy, Interview Techniques and Seeing "What Could Be"

Isser Gallogly, Associate Dean of NYU Stern MBA Admissions, tells us about his journey to becoming Stern's "MBA Gatekeeper," as described by Poets and Quants. In a story about leveraging your EQ, Dean Gallogly explores how we read those around us in order to see potential, where they may not see it themselves. Produced: Naisham Jamshidi Directed: Derek Fein & Naisham Jamshidi Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us a tweet: Check out some photos:...


Greg Coleman: Buzzfeed, Digital Media and Advertising's New Frontier

President of Buzzfeed and Adjunct Professor Greg Coleman tells us about the journey that led him to Buzzfeed and gives us his prediction of what media will look like in the years to come. In a story about the continuous evolution of an industry, Coleman implores us to find out what makes us tick and follow our instincts in order to achieve greatness. Produced: Yen Chaing, Rachel Gordon & Naisham Jamshidi Directed: Rachel Gordon & Derek Fein Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson - Send us...


Adam Alter: Colors, Smartphones and Our Relationship with Technology

Associate Professor and TED Speaker Adam Alter tells us about his background in behavioral economics, what it's like to be color blind and his award winning books "Drunk Tank Pink" and "Irresistible". In a story about observation and evolution, Professor Alter gives us incredible insight into the seductive world of technology. - Produced: Andrew Slotnick Directed: Derek Fein Technical: Bob Kerr & Daniel Thoennesson -


Season 3 - Stern Chats

Welcome to Season 3 of Stern Chats. New episodes starting Feb 1st and new hosts starting in March. Follow us on Instagram. Want to be on the show or nominate someone? Email us at