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Do you want storytelling fiction, or real horror? Mystery and Intrigue? Repaired classic Old Time Radio Drama's? Join me mates, for over 750 episodes on my NO AD Podcast with a HUGE variety of stories. There is literally a story for everyone on this Podcast and I can't wait to bring them to your lovely ears! 💖

Do you want storytelling fiction, or real horror? Mystery and Intrigue? Repaired classic Old Time Radio Drama's? Join me mates, for over 750 episodes on my NO AD Podcast with a HUGE variety of stories. There is literally a story for everyone on this Podcast and I can't wait to bring them to your lovely ears! 💖




Do you want storytelling fiction, or real horror? Mystery and Intrigue? Repaired classic Old Time Radio Drama's? Join me mates, for over 750 episodes on my NO AD Podcast with a HUGE variety of stories. There is literally a story for everyone on this Podcast and I can't wait to bring them to your lovely ears! 💖






800th Episode: Hisashi Ouchi: The Walking Ghost - 83 Days till Death

Welcome you little lovelies! My 800th episode!!! Radiation has always been an interest to humanity, it is both complex, volatile, and can be profoundly destructive. Since its discovery and weaponization, humanity has looked into the impacts of radiation on living organisms, especially humans. And this interest stems all the way back, when experiments were conducted during the Cold War to examine radiation's effects on living beings, which killing so many, humans and animals alike, with...


The Disappearing Diamond | Nero Wolfe - Archie Duped 💎💎💎

Welcome you little lovelies! A thief is indicted for murder, when all he stole was as couple of rings…and nominal tokens of minor value…only to be pinned for murder. Amongst all of this, we learn that, in this episode of Nero Wolfe… • Archie falls in love….yet again! • Archie gets duped…yet again! • Nero Wolfe let’s archie get duped…yet again! • Nero Wolfe has a blast, having known the answer from the very beginning, all of which the ending is divulged, at Archie’s expense…oh…and...


"HE" by H.P Lovecraft - Magic, Madness, and Spirits! WEIRD TALES!

HP Lovecraft is a fantastic author, that brought us Call of the Cthulhu, but I wanted to explore BEFORE those kickarse stories came about, before he got big and recognised. I wanted to find out what stories he wrote, prior to his big "future" break. So I bring you HE by HP Lovecraft, narrated and shared to you lovely listeners. Cheers mates! 💜 💸 Donate and help the show improve: 📻 iTunes Review: PODCAST SUPPORTERS 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍 ⚡⚡The Oud Night...


The Hasty Will | Twins - Murdah - Paintings and Nero Wolfe, of Course!

Welcome you amazing listeners... You’ve come for stories and tales and boyo do I have a humdinger of a story for your lovely ears! I bring you, a heavily remastered episode, because, frankly this one was quite challenging, of Nero Wolfe proportions titled, The Hasty Will. We got TWINS, MURDAH, Archie being temporarily fired to go do a solo job - it's episode that I think you'll enjoy. So hop in and listen to a drama! Cheers mates! 💜 💸 Donate and help the show improve:...


Grim Knights with D.R Martin - Supporter Gone Author!

Welcome you lovelies to your weekly dose of tales. And today I have for you, and Audiobook showcase, of an old supporter of mine, whose become an author, by the name of D.R Martin. The book is titled GRIM Knights, and comes in at 265 pages long. It is a fantasy novel, about adventure, magic, sentient animals, and a protagonist by the name of Howl. And knowing the author myself, and knowing his sense of humour and way with words, I am absolutely confident that this will be a fantastic...


The Old Bell Ringer and Four Days To Die - DING DONG!

Welcome you lovelies to your weekly dose of tales. I’m almost back to full strength from being ill off and on for the past month. And my work colleagues and friends have been experiencing this same thing – the cold and flu season is upon us in Australia, and it does not hold back. Now, I won’t keep you waiting, and I won’t rune the stories with a synopsis, but I will say this, I’m going to try something different, and if you have any feedback, I welcome it. I thought I’d add a layer of...


A Tale from The Tale Teller and Nero Wolfe DOUBLE Episode

Welcome you amazing listeners, and MATES I have a story for you - my own personal story of craziness and misfortune, bundled up with a double episode of remastered Nero Wolfe, just for your lovelies. I manage to get sick last week so I'm spending that time recovering - no rest for those that immuno-comprimised aka COVID is a sod! Stay safe and warm mates, and thanks for listening! Enjoy mates! 💜 💸 Donate and help the show improve: 📻 iTunes Review:...


Nero Wolfe Stops a Poisonous Party and Finds the Disappearing Bullets!

Welcome you amazing listeners... Today is Nero Wolfe Monday. First up is The Vanishing Shells – a man is shot…but where did the bullets go? His chest? His head? Where on earth did those bullets go? And your second episode “A Party for Death” where jealously runs rife, poison pills are in bags of the unsuspecting, and one of my favourite lines is uttered by Nero Wolfe regarding one of the inspectors “The inspector is a jack ass” - Collins is killed, and Nero is the only one who knows WHO...


"The Tryst" By Algernon Blackwood [Audiobook] Love Beyond the Grave

Welcome you amazing listeners... I bring you The Tryst, by Algernon Blackwood. A very famous author, narrator, journalist, and prolific Ghost writer. You’re going to be hearing one of his earliest pieces from the hardback, Day and Night Stories. The language is dated but charming, and I want to really pull you back to the old time ways of storytelling. The full story here: PLUS NERO WOLFE! 📻 Enjoy mates! 💜 💸 Donate and help...


[Creepypasta] Videophile & Corpse to the Power PLUS NERO WOLFE

Two Creepypasta episodes, plus a remastered Old Time Radio episode from the Nero Wolfe Series. You have mystery, murderous voyeurs, ghosts, and a horrible marriage that went horribly wrong. Enjoy you legends! Episode 1: Videophile Episode 2: Corpse to the Power,_to_the_Power PLUS NERO WOLFE! 📻 Enjoy mates! 💜 💸 Donate and help the show improve: 📻 iTunes Review:...


Calculated Risk (Gambling with his life)| The Killer Cards (Deceit and Backstabbery) with Nero Wolfe

The first episode is titled The Killer Cards, a story of betrayal, cheaters, and backstabbers. Whilst your second episode is titled Calculated Risk, where a gamble by Nero Wolfe himself would risk everything he holds dear…he would risk, his life..... Shorter intro mates because I'm still not 100%, will be back to normal by next week though. 💜 💸 Donate and help the show improve: 📻 iTunes Review: PODCAST SUPPORTERS 🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍 ⚡⚡The Oud Night...


ROAD KILL ALLEY 🐇 Horror Tale by Mak Ralston - Creepy Horror Story

I bring you Road Kill Alley by Mak Ralston - A creepypasta story that is fascinatingly gross, macabre, and...twisted... Story Link: Road Kill? CHECK! Blood and Guts? CHECK! Twist Storyline? CHECK! Interesting Characters? CHECK! Adorable Animals? CHECK! Mates you are in for a treat on this one! Over 15 different musical pieces, multiple SFX and audio stings, and an adorable kitten. I hope you love it! Enjoy mates! 💜 💸 Donate and...


The Santa Slaughters with Nero Wolfe - A Great Old Time Radio Episode

A time of giving, a time of living, and of cherishing an old fashioned tradition, of a fat man in red and white gown, giving gifts to children. All the while he enters homes uninvited through small holes in the rooves, of unsuspecting families that are just trying to sleep. But Santa’s are not safe, oh no….and there is a target amongst the Santa’s that could be caught in the crossfire, and a gift, waiting to be unwrapped by the killer, should they succeed! Santa’s are being slain...


Oi what a Sell Out! The case of the Deadly Sell out with Nero Wolfe 🐇

Welcome you lovelies, and yes it’s Nero Wolfe Monday and YES this is an early drop. Today’s lazy detective, the man that is the mountain, the rotund rolling sleuth slayer, and all a-ROUND god tier detective, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin take on a challenge that almost breaks them. And this all circulates around a PRIZE Fighter that has gone missing. More to the point, that this prize fighter, Gotta, met his match in more ways than one. This episode as all these episodes are heavily...


Funny Fluffy Purple Rabbits & ThE EvIL EyE | Creepy Tales and Horror Fiction

**TRIGGER WARNING - Child Abuse - GORE** Welcome listeners to your creepy Monday! I haven’t done a creepy or eerie story in a long while mates and today I’m bringing you two stories. Our first tale is all about bunnies. Cute, little bunnies, with an adorable purple streak. Hm I wonder what that’s all about – and you know what’s weird, that these bunnies just seem to always turn up, when our protagonist is in the most trouble. But bunnies horay! And our second story is all about a necklace...


Friendly Rabbit and Oh that Corpse is Rude with Nero Wolfe (Double Episode)

If a man is mean, cruel…unkind…rude…and woefully despised by those he knew, is that enough a reason to kill? Hatred, fuelled by cruelty, meanness, callousness, malice, and overall…heartlessness, are these reasons to kill a man? And would you kill a man who harboured your political secrets? A shadowy, sly, and guile slither of a man, who threatens you and those that support you? And what of an unassuming rabbit who should change the direction of the entire case, one rabbit, whose presence...


Tibetan Wonder Tales | Pointy Ears is Death & The Throwing Up Gold

Welcome listeners, to your double episode of Tales from Tibet, otherwise known as Tibetan Wonders. Your first tale shares a story of a cruel Khan softened by the love of a parent, and the innocence of a barber. Even the Khan icy heart can melt, and this tale share such a way. Whilst your second story is all about Princely courage, inner strength, vigour, selflessness, and sure will to do the right thing. A prince, that gives back to his people, in The Prince with the Golden Mouth. This...


The Beautiful Archer | LOVE? GREED? Or all of the Above | Nero Wolfe

An argument over fortune sees a beautiful women name Diana, betrayed, and her friend pitted against, deceived by those that she trusts. Does Diana want the fortune? Is Willard acting irrationally? Will the small round boulder named Nero Wolfe, get off his butt and leave the confines of his hermit like household? Well listeners, find out, in today’s remastered episode – noiseless, popless, and repaired by yours truly. Turn the sound up and join me around the radio mates. 💸 Donate and help...


Six Adventurer's and Six Streams - Share one Fate | Tibetan Tales of Wonder

Six friends, a magician, a doctor, a blacksmith, a wood carver, a painter, and the son, of a Prince, are very close friends. They look out for each other, and care for one another. Each using their talents to help the other throughout their lives. And these young men, they seek adventure, they seek fame, fortune, or basically, anything to get their adrenaline pumping. So all together, they seek adventure, and one of them…finds an adventure like no other that changes the fate of all them, and...


Double Episode Nero Wolfe | MY DIAMONDS STAB STAB and Creativity Killed the Cat

G’day you legends, and thanks for joining me today for a double episode of Nero Wolfe. Your first episode is The Disappearing Diamonds, a case most foul – Willie Inch, pun probably intended, needs help. With a name like that, I can see why! He’s what we call in the business, a “professional sneak” the wise guy that knows too much, and says so little – unless cash is involved. But there has been a murder, Mrs Florence Avery Marsh, is dead. And your second episode, The Final Page involves...