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Solid Advice About Storytelling (mingled with nonsense)

Solid Advice About Storytelling (mingled with nonsense)
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Solid Advice About Storytelling (mingled with nonsense)




The Joker: Self-indulgent or meaningful?

The Joker has been lauded and lambasted, but you won’t know whether we’re lauders or lambasters until you’ve listened to this episode. When you’re done, you’ll also know how the Joker begins and ends - and a lot of stuff in between. You’ve been warned. We also proudly announce our new Sponsor, Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation. It’s wonderful to be sponsored by a foundation that’s the opposite of the Joker - good people putting real smiles on faces across the globe. Batman: The...


Should writers follow the rules? - Brittni Miner

Brittni Miner comes out of early retirement and returns to storybabble. (aka she took a two hour break from feeding and changing twins.) She dishes on the rules and practices of good writing all on just a few hours of sleep. Impressive. She seemed to enjoy the break even tough she still had two manage a couple of children.


A Winning Message to a Winning Majority - Tyler Montague

In politics, a lot of time and money is spent on crafting the right story for a candidate or a movement. But Tyler Montague was recently awarded “Best Unpaid Political Consultant” by the New Times. Indeed, he’s a master at knowing which story deserves telling. Let everyone else make big bucks, Tyler’s in it for the cause and the love of the fight. The Bob Worsley Piano Ad


Young Whistler, Old Soul - Kiera George

Today, a bonus episode. Meet Keira George, the youngest contestant in this year’s international whistling competition! She’s 10. Enjoy. Masters of Musical Whistling


Our Weekend with the World’s Best Whistlers

Is whistling an art form, or is it only something your Dad did while he putzed around the garage? Can whistling be beautiful? Or is it always like nails on a chalkboard? We have the answers, and so would you if you went to an international whistling competition like we did! Masters of Whistling The Musical Diva


100 voices + 60 instruments + Rob Gardner = Cinematic Pop

He might not be the King of Pop but he’s surely the King of Cinematic Pop. Rob Gardner dishes on his process for creating his symphonic masterpiece. Cinematicpop Rob Gardner Mark Arnett's Album Sugar Cubes on Apple Music


From Shakespeare to Dale the Whale - Ray Porter

While in Pasadena for the Int’l Whistling Festival, we got to talk to a friend. Stage, film, and TV actor Ray Porter who’s credits include Monk’s nemesis, Dale the Whale. His adventure in a fat suit is not to be missed. Ray also has good advice for aspiring actors. Ray Porter's Movie and TV Credits Include: Modern Family; The Mentalist; Shameless; Argo; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Monk; The Suite Life of Zack & Cody; Will & Grace; ER; Frasier; Almost...


Jump In and Embrace Your Failures

Mark and Brian talk about Mark’s superpower: knowing that everyone is insecure, which gave him permission and encouragement to jump in and start creating. Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt Arnett Confidential: A Mark Arnett Film about ASS


LIVE FROM MESA - America's Funnest Mayor

How Mesa’s Mayor John Giles has used story to get elected and stay in office. We went to high school with John, so we have some stories to tell. But as he reminded us, he has a few stories himself. Fair enough. Truth be told, John’s intuition for how to use story to connect with people is in a class by itself. Guess we’ll keep those high school stories to ourselves. Most of them anyhow. John GIle's Videos: Mattas vs El Charro The Sort-of-True Story of Saving the Diving...


Do the stories we tell match our values? - CEO, Drex Davis

Drex Davis, CEO of the most visited papercrafting website in the world, talks about the stories he tells his employees, why he tells them, and what it means for the company. We interrupted him a lot and tried to put him off his game but, as you’ll hear, he just couldn’t stop being interesting. Cinematic Pop Arsenic by Retrofitro on Spotify Story Babble Live (Free) August 9, 2019 ay 7:00 pm. 1818 E Southern Ave, Suite 5 Mesa, AZ 85204 SIgn up on Facebook or just come


The Catapult Guys: Is Your Company Telling the Right Story?

In this episode we talk to Dave Duke and Art Lofgreen of Catapult, a top tier marketing and design company. They explain the importance of story in branding. Preaching to the choir, guys. Then they explain the importance of being strategic and disciplined. Hmmm, never thought of that. Sounds like a lot of work. Download this episode and enjoy the words of geniuses (Art and Dave are interesting too). Catapult Samushrooms The World of Coke Story Babble Live (Free) August 9, 2019 ay...


Jazz Pianist Steve Culp - Making Music on the Spot

Mark and Brian talk with uber talented jazz pianist, Steve Culp, about how stories work in song. They’re joined by Brian’s daughter and jazz vocalist Emma Nissen. Together they make music on the spot. Story Babble Live (Free) August 9, 2019 ay 7:00 pm. 1818 E Southern Ave, Suite 5 Mesa, AZ 85204 SIgn up on Facebook Steve Culp’s Website Margo Reed (Chubby Hubby) Great Live Performer Ellis Hall (the Ambassador of Soul) Mark Arnett Songs on iTunes and Apple Music Emma Sings Ella Tickets...


Was Toy Story 4 One Movie Too Many?

Mark and Brian spoil the heck out of Toy Story 4 and discuss whether it was a worthy add-on to a perfect trifecta of films or a foolhardy venture back into the ring. Story Babble Live (Free) August 9, 2019 ay 7:00 pm. 1818 E Southern Ave, Suite 5 Mesa, AZ 85204 SIgn up on Facebook Toy Story 4 imdb Metamorphosis, Short Film


Marshall Trimble

Mark and Brian interview long time friend and Arizona’s Official State Historian, Marshall Trimble. Here’s a guy who knows how to tell a story! He should. At 80, he’s had a lot of experience, and just keeps getting better.


Yesterday The Movie

Mark’s brother and law partner, Wayne Arnett, joins Storybabble for a discussion about the movie Yesterday. As a Beatles aficionado, Wayne fills in the gaps and offers his incorrect opinions about the movie. Yesterday on IMDb Summer Wind on YouTube Summer Song on YouTube


National Public Radio

You might not recognize Steve Goldstein and Mark Brodie on the street, but if you’re an NPR listener you’ll instantly recognize the velvety voices of these veteran news reporters for KJZZ. They give Mark and Brian a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making and delivering the news, discuss the National Public Radio stereotype, and offer several critiques of Brian’s haircut.


Baby Boomerang

Brian interviews Mark about his award-winning documentary, Baby Boomerang. And you can watch it free at


Columnist Chuck Sigars

Mark and Brian talk to Chuck Sigars about his life as a semi-syndicated columnist, his writing process, and his days as an actor which were recently revived in the much-touted independent film Winning Dad. Find Chuck Sigars' work on his website. Read his blog about his appearence on Storybabble here.


Jurassic World & Movie Relationships

Mark and Brian use Jurassic World to examine the many relationships that exist in a typical movie, how they add depth and texture to a story, and how all relationships, no matter their significance, need closure for a satisfying ending. Documentary film about stop-motion animator Phil Tippett "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)


The Power of Lying

Mark and Brian discuss Mark’s stint in the hospital resulting in the loss of his gall bladder but the discovery of a transcendent state in which he heals his spirit animal with a little white lie. This gets them thinking: What are our fictitious stories if not lies that have the power to heal? Links: Dan Harris' Book 10% Happier