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Music, Narration, Presentation: This is the NFL

GamerDude grew up in the days before ESPN, sportsradio, and hot takes, and long before the NFL became the behemouth that it is today. When he was a kid, the only highlights he was able to see were featured on This Week In The NFL, a weekly highlight show. That once-a-week show was put together by NFL Films, which was founded by Ed Sabol, and Ed combined presentation, music, and narration in such a way that even the most mundane of games felt like an epic adventure. GamerDude talks about his...


Politics, political parties, and other picture postcards

GamerDude's first memories of being interested in the government and politics date back to the 7th grade. He talks about how the basics of the US government - the three branches (legisltaive, executive and judicial) and their interlocking checks and balances - were the foundation of his "social studies" class in grade school. He talks about how his assignments included identifying his Congressional representatives, and understanding how the government worked, and explains how that led to his...


"What, me worry?"

In this episode, GamerDude talks about growing up as someone who worried about every single thing. He worried about what clothes he wore, what kids were going to bully him, which kids were going to mock his lunch box, whether he was going to fail a class, whether he was going to get into trouble, whether he was ever going to college. He talks about how his mother tried to convince him that it didn't matter what other kids thought, and how hard it is for a kid to accept that. He then returns...


Homemade Costumes, Bags of Candy and . . . toilet paper?

When GamerDude was growing up, Halloween was not as focused on the scary, creepy stuff as it is today. When he was a kid, Halloween was about putting together as good a costume as you could and, more importantly, going trick-or-treating to as many houses to get as many treats as was humanly possible. GamerDude talks about the old style Halloween costumes he could never afford as a kid, which is why he always had home-made costumes. He talks about his playing card costume, and his partner...


"Get your elbows off the table!"

GamerDude grew up when "the family dinner" was a regular, almost ritualistic, thing. Dinner time was regularly scheduled and the family gathered 'round the table for the main meal of the day at the same time every day. Everyone exchanged stories during the meal - and Mom and Dad made sure the kids knew how to behave at the table. GamerDude's parents taught him about how to set the table properly, which fork went where, how to place the napkins and the other silverware, and how to behave...


Very superstitious, or believing things we just don't understand

Everyone has some kind of superstition or two (or twelve) that they believe in and GamerDude is no exception. In this week's episode, he talks about the superstitions he's heard about over the years, and the ones that he's accepted as well as the ones he's scoffed at. For instance, he doesn't believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but he believe that if he "sees a penny and picks it up, all that day he'll have good luck." He believes it's bad luck to walk under a ladder (and a...


Poppycock, Balderdash and Other Fun Things To Say

GamerDude has always been a fan of language, words and phrases, and the odder the better. He is, for lack of a better term, a "word nerd," and in this episode, he shares some stories about some of the more interesting words and phrases he's come across and enjoyed over the years. He talks about where "poppycock" and "balderdash" came from, and tells the origin story for his Twitch stream's favorite word: chum. (Spoiler alert: it's short for "chamber-fellow.") He also talks about some other...


Stories About Right and Wrong

The political turmoil in the world, and the battle going on in the U.S. Senate over the Supreme Court nominee in September 2018, inspired GamerDude to talk about right and wrong. In this Episode, GamerDude tells some stories about how he was taught the difference between right and wrong and how the "wrong" things he did always had consequences. He takes on the notion that has been voiced in the world that suggests that all boys behave a certain way, and refutes it. He talks about the height...


"Holy cow! The Yankees win!"

GamerDude has always been a sports fan, and the first sport he loved was baseball. Because the only local channel his family could pick up on the old TV was the Yankees' flagship station, he became a Yankee fan. His fandom started when the Yankees were at their worst, and when his favorite players were Horace Clark, Gene Michael, Roy White and Bobby Murcer. He talks about those players, and his trips to old Yankee Stadium. He talks about his grandmother, a former Brooklyn Dodgers fan, who...


Back to School Time!

September is always "back to school" time, and it was no different for GamerDude. In this episode, he talks about preparing for going back to school, from cramming in the last minute shopping and preparations right after vacation to the quest for the perfect lunchbox. He talks about the Snoopy lunch box he always wanted, and how he was only able to use it for three days in the fifth grade. He talks about shopping for school clothes in the "Husky" section at Sears, and JC Penney, and KMart,...


Great Movies and Bad Tropes

As he's talked about in previous episodes, GamerDude is a big fan of the movies. In this episode, he talks about 10 classic movies from the "good old days" that he believes everyone should take the time and add to their "must see" movie list. Now, these are not the 10 greatest movies of all time, or the 10 best; these are just 10 movies that, to GamerDude, are really good movies that everyone should take the time to watch. The list runs the gamut from The Wizard of Oz to The Dirty Dozen, and...


"You're a what, now?"

In another "very special episode" of Storytime, GamerDude talks about growing up as a Christian Scientist, which is a religion that focuses, in part, on healing through prayer. He talks about growing up without medicine and never having gone to a doctor as a child. He explains how his parents were devout Christian Scientists, how he and his siblings were brought up in the religion, and how it impacted his life growing up. He also talks about how and why he stopped practicing Christian...


What's on TV?

GamerDude has always been a fan of television and in this episode, he has more stories about the TV shows he grew up with. Television changed in the 1970s, right when GamerDude was at his most impressionable. In addition to explaining how all TV in the 1970s was "appointment TV" because there was no way to record the shows, he talks about the changes in television, from allowing married couples to actually share a bed on television, to the acceptance of "bathroom humor" in All in the Family,...


Read Any Good Books Lately?

Books have always held a special place in GamerDude's heart. For as long as he can remember, he has used books to visit different places, differnt times, different worlds, and has used them both as entertainment and as an escape. In this episode, he talks about the books he read as a kid, starting in kindergarten, when he discovered Sally, Dick and Jane. He moved on to The Hardy Boys and devoured as many of their books as he could get his hands on. He talks about discovering The Three...


Bonding with GamerDad

GamerDude has more stories about his father, "GamerDad". In this episode, GamerDude tells the stories of the bonding moments he remembers with his father. He tells the story about the one time his father actually played softball with him and the neighborhood kids, wearing Bermuda shorts and combat boots. He talks about bonding with his father while sorting nails and screws and nuts and bolts in the precursor to "the Man Cave," that area of the basement known as "The Workbench." GamerDude...


College Choices and Changing Majors

As the end of summer slowly approaches, GamerDude remembers when he first left home to attend college. He tells the stories about how his parents vetoed his thoughts of attending college at the beach, nixing his plans to apply to the College of the Virgin Islands and the University of Tampa, and explains how and why he wound up at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He talks about how nervous he was about meeting his first roommate, who was supposed to be an international exchange...


The Knights of the Silver Shield

Reading, and telling stories, and listening to stories, has always been a part of GamerDude's life. In this episode, he talks about how his mother used to read to him when he was young, how many of the stories have stayed with him through the years, and how he has passed those stories on to his kids. He talks about the "My Bookhouse" collection he grew up with, and some of the stories his mother read to him. He then reads one of his favorites: The Knights of the Silver Shield.


Driving with GamerDude

GamerDude's passion for cars and driving is well-known. The stories today go back to when he first became aware of the mechanics of driving while driving with his Dad. He talks about when he drove his aunt's Ford Bronco in her field when he was 11, and how that gave him "the bug" for driving. He talks about driving up and down his parents' driveway hundreds of times, practicing K-turns and parallel parking, and damaging two cars in the process. He tells the story about his driving test in an...


Welcome to Chincoteague!

GamerDude's father found out about Chincoteague, Virginia when GamerDude was still young, and discovered it was an answer to a prayer - it gave the family the perfect vacation, at least as far as GamerDad was concerned. Chincoteague is right next to the Assateague National Seashore, and it gave GamerDude's dad a quiet, undeveloped, non-commercial vacation spot where he could sit on the sand, read a book, and watch the ocean. It was great for a busy corporate type, but for GamerDude, it was...


Stories About Independence Day

Independence Day in the US means different things to different people. When GamerDude was growing up, sparklers and the town fireworks were part of the tradition. He tells the stories about how sparklers were THE big thing. He remembers his family's efforts to enjoy the bicentennial of the United States. That involved trying to see the "tall ships" and the biggest fireworks display ever, while his dad still tried to avoid lines and traffic. GamerDude remembers his trip into New York, as a...