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Episode 41 - Paul Weingarth - Being Comfortable In The Uncomfortable

Paul Weingarth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Slyp, a smart receipts solution about to disrupt the whole receipts industry. Paul's passion and enthusiasm for his gift as an idea's man and entrepreneur is infectious. He joined the show to discuss being comfortable in the uncomfortable, looking inward before looking outward, and the significance of connecting to your inner-child to harness your gifts.


Episode 40 - Aaron Rose - Healing The Crisis of Separation

Aaron Rose has been working for social change since he was 14 years old. As a gay, transgender man who is an educator, coach, writer and speaker, Aaron opens up about his journey and his work with diversity, inclusion and conscious culture design.


Episode 39 - Nick Onken - Unlocking Creativity

Nick Onken is a photographer, host of Nion Radio and creative entrepreneur in New York City. He say down with me in the studio to discuss unlocking your creativity, how to stay in flow and forging ahead even when the going gets tough.


Episode 38 - Julian Klepper - Making Funny Ass Movies With Purpose

Filmmaker and owner of Les Tigres Productions, Julian Klepper joins the show for a humorous conversation on filmmaking, his creative process, the loss of his father, and advice for young creatives.


Episode 37 - Yung Pueblo - Finding Inner-Peace

Writer, meditator and poet, Diego Perez aka "Yung Pueblo" as he's known on Instagram, talks about his inner-journey to peace and self-awareness through the practice of meditation.


Episode 36 - Connor Beaton - Embodying a Healthy Sense of Masculinity

Connor Beaton, Founder of Man Talks joins the show to discuss how to be a man in today's world. This is a must listen episode to any man out there who feels lost and numbed out, looking for inspirational and help to shift their perspective.


Episode 35 - Jesse Israel - Community, Leadership & Mass Meditation

In this episode I sat down with Founder of The Big Quiet and Medi Club, Jesse Israel. This man is a natural leader and community mobilizer. In this conversation I spoke to Jesse about his journey with meditation and how it's helped him through mental health challenges, and what he's learned about living the path of the heart, as he know holds mass meditations at world landmarks for thousands of people. So much wisdom and inspiration in this episode, co-creators - enjoy!


Episode 26 - Jared Matthew Weiss - Cultivating Emotional Safety

Jared Matthew Weiss, founder of Touchpoint - a monthly town hall in NYC on cultivation of emotional, relational, and sexual intelligence through shared experience with strangers.


Episode 25 - Denise Bidot - Owning Your Unique Individuality and Beauty

International curve model, mother and activist, Denise Bidot joins me in conversation on owning your unique individuality and beauty.


Episode 24 - Robert Hammond - Building The Highline, Intuition and The Practice of Meditation

Robert Hammond is the co-founder and executive director of Friends of the Highline in New York City. Join us in conversation as we hear life lessons from Robert around following your curiosity, working hard towards a vision, and the practice of meditation.


Episode 23 - Bob Roth - Reducing Stress With Transcendental Meditation

Have you ever wanted to take a deep dive into Transcendental Meditation and learn how it affects your brain and body, your behavior and perception? This week I'm joined by one of America's most in-demand meditation teachers - he is Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation.


Episode 22 - Danielle Lacey - Thriving With ADHD

Danielle Lacey, Columbia Psychology Master's student, has been on medication for 15 years living with ADHD. We talked to her about her story of living with ADHD and it's significance and impact in her life. Join us in a courageous and authentic conversation exploring Danielle's truth.


Episode 21- Lisa Adams - Spreading Joy Through Cooking

She's cooked for Alicia Keys, Hugh Jackman, Yoko Ono, Tina Fey & Steve Martin to name a few, but private New York Chef, Lisa Adams says she has no favorites. Everyday Lisa brings joy to average families and personalities preparing them food for the soul. Lisa is a great example of loving what you do and giving nothing but the best of yourself everyday.


Episode 20 - Laura Baran - Hope and Healing After Suicide Loss

An ever-present and timely conversation around suicide loss in the aftermath of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I'm joined by NY-based artist, Laura Baran, who shares her story around the loss of her brother, as do I in an effort to show that oftentimes it's our greatest pain that produces our greatest gift for healing and self-actualization.


Episode 19 - Ken Jordan - Evolving Consciousness & Transformational Culture

Ken Jordan has been in the box seat of counter culture since the 60's and today in NYC is an integral connector and organizer of evolving consciousness and transformational culture. Ken is the co-founder of Evolver and Reality Sandwich, who has also just launched his own podcast called "The Evolver" ( Enjoy the conversation as we dive into plant medicine, transcendental inquiry and openings and the shifts towards a more unified planet.


Episode 18 - Gina Barnett - Master Body Signals For Business Success

This week on the show I sat down with executive communications consultant, author and speaker, Gina Barnett. Her book, "Play The Part - Master Body Signals To Connect & Communicate For Business Success," is fantastic and highly recommended. Join us in conversation as we discuss using the body to change our emotional temperates and hack the body to influence the mind.


Episode 17 - Angelica Smith - Living Beyond Labels Of Depression

This week we lift the lid on depression and discover how it can be the ultimate blessing in disguise. With me to tell her story of learning to live on two ends of the emotional spectrum is mental health advocate & Columbia Master's student, Angelica Smith. Listen as we move beyond labels and open up to a world of inspired creativity, meaning and purpose. This is some Truth right here from a sensitive soul who is shining her light in the world.


Episode 16 - Leslie Coutterand - Redefining Success In A World That Needs Us

Following her TEDx Talk on "Redefining Success in a World That Needs Us", her social activism and direction of her new project, "I Love Therefore I am," I caught up with speaker and director, Leslie Coutterand to talk real matters of the heart. This amazing Frenchie and her story of trading Hollywood as an actress for rediscovering home in her heart, has led her on an inspiring mission to shift perspectives on social conditioning and the importance of interconnection with life.


Episode 15 - Michael Ventura - A Conversation on Applied Empathy and Transformative Change

This week we take the show on location to Michael Ventura's compound in the West Village. Michael is the CEO of strategy and design practice, Sub Rosa, indigenous medicine practitioner and author of the new book "Applied Empathy - The New Language of Leadership." This is an exciting episode full of wisdom and insight into the power of empathy. Tune in, chill out and may the source be with you!


Episode 14 - Nicola Kraus - NY Times Bestselling Author on Success, Storytelling & Parenting

Calling all creatives and those with a dream! In Source Fields studio with me is New York Times Bestselling author of The Nanny Diaries, Nicola Kraus. We discuss navigating, the highs and lows of success, the magic of storytelling, and parenting wisdom in the tech-age. This one's jam packed, so strap in! May the Source be with you...