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We Stan For Love Island

Welcome home, welcome Come on in, and close the door You've been gone, too long Welcome, you're home once more Here we are season 3 and a renewed MTD Podcast. We talk about our fave TV show of the moment Love Island, our holidays to Sicily, Joanne's new website We also make Jam and talk the Raheny Rose Festival in Dublin. We recommend the awesome @Fionnualajay and her podcast Bandwagons. We also recommend you check out @nautilusdublin for @Robo_JoJo's new class. Finally check out...


The Drunkcast V1

This is our first drunkcast in preparation for our holidays in Sicily, even Joanne had a few sups. We hope you like this week it's a bit mental so strap yourselves in. We talk about our fave tv especially Love Island, The Virtues and When they See us. We also talk about our Anniversary and our trip to see the legendary Hugh Jackman.


This Is Us

By gum this week are back in the saddle everyone. We start with Joanne's very very bad accents, Joanne's new venture Succulent class. We also have a lot of TV to get through with you all. There a quartet of podcast recommendations also : David Tennant Podcast David McWilliams Podcast Private Education with Aisling, Karen and Catherine Under The Motherhood with Jen and Joanne We really loved being back this week, we have had a few busy weeks but back on track now. Thank you all for listening...


Our Inner Thoughts

Look we will level it with you this is a podcast that gets deep. It has been a while since we laid it out on the line and this is one of those shows. Also be careful the first 8 minutes contains alot of Line of Duty spoilers so if you dont want to hear them jump forward. Thank you the listener for listening every single week, we missed last week as we took a break.


What Is Wrong?

This week's show is a barrel of laughs and fun so come join us on the podcast for our 102nd podcast!


Room 101

This week we are back for our own version of Room 101 tune in to find out what it is all about! We also talk about TV shows we are loving and what we have been up to. We hope you enjoy it everyone.


Podcast 100

Podcast 100 - who would have thought we would have made it this far, we certainly didn't. Listen in to our 100th show, thank you all so much for listening consistently for the past 2 years we really appreciate every single listen. Will & Joanne


Only 99 Episodes!

This is our last week until our historic 100th episode. We talk about our new favoruite tv shows, our last weekend and what we are doing for our Ma for Mothers Day.


How Irish Are We

This week we talk about Walks - Ardgillan Castle / Malahide Stoop your head in Skerries Love Death and Robots Queer Eye Madeleine McCann Alan Partridge and How Irish are we?


Brexit Part 2

Look you are probably sick of Brexit, who isn't but listen, we put this week's Brexit vote in perspective and how it works, as in what it all means in the long run. We talk about Paddys Day not Pattys Day and also we take some question for a mystery listener.


Lets Talk

Sometimes we need to take a break but we are back again. I hate writing that "we are back" BS, we were not away but stuff got in the way unfortunately. We sit down this week to talk through the fat of what's going on in our lives. Our main topic this week is Leaving Neverland , Derry Girls and London. Give it a listen, let us know what you think, if you like it please let us know and share with one other person you know. Thanks to all our listeners for listening every week. Will & Joanne.


The Comeback Show

We are back and we have a lot to catch you up on so listen on in! TV & Movies Versace Tv Show Russian Doll Catastrophe Dirty John Schindlers List Silence of the lambs Svalbard Onions and how bad they are lately Lewis Capaldi – Someone you loved. Podcast of the Week: Stuff to blow your mind Youtube of the Week: Oversimplified Channel


The Moneycast

This week we talk saving money and how we manage to save money despite being broke. We also talk about Liam Neeson and a little bit of Brexit.


What's For Brexit

This week we discuss Brexit, we try to simplify it and explain what it means and where it is currently placed. We hope this is informative and helpful. Also we speak about the Irish Nurses and how awesome they are.


Elaborate With Joanne

This week we talk about Benidorm our new favourite tv show, we instastory for our first time on the show and we talk about the Fyre documentary. We also answer some questions from Instagram. Our podcast recommendations of the week are My Favourite Murder and The Parish Newsletter with Stevie Cahill.


The Weatherman Willy Show

This week talk about our trip up the Sally Gap, Brexit and Will's favourite topic... THE WEATHER.


Very Angry Wife

Buckle up everyone its a bumper episode, WE ARE BACK! One of us a little angrier than usual.


A Christmas Hangover

This week we have Steve, Will's brother on the podcast. We talk about the Christmas food festivities and lots of Whiskey. We hope you enjoy as always.


Christmas Road Rage

This is an awful weird podcast you are warned. We start on Christmas favourite recipes but then it all goes wrong very wrong. Who knew Christmas and Road Rage would go together.


Oma - Will's Nan

This week we visit Amsterdam for Christmas and also go to Haarlem for the Christmas market. We also interview my Grandmother or in Dutch my Oma. We absolutely loved our little weekend and it was so nice to be able to go an visit Will's Oma and interview. We hope you listen and enjoy.