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Tales of New Albion - In The Shadow Of The Moon (Chapter 3) Part 1

Right, hold on to your hats, it's time for the ARC Light Programme once again. This week we are delighted to bring you the first part of chapter 3 of a 3 parter with, as of yet, no sign of chapter 1. Well I'm sure it will turn up. Also this week we have the profound musings of Mayor Flange of Treacle Dripping. The show is hosted once again by Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb and all the music is by Charlotte Savigar.


Tales of New Albion - La Grande Course de la Caravane Part 2

The ARC Light Programme returns once again like the proverbial bad penny with your host Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb. On this weeks show is another Musing of the Moment, this time from Cap'n Frogulous Bottom-Barnacles (played by Frog Morris) and the conclusion to the rip-roaring desert adventure. Music, as always, by Charlotte Savigar.


Tales of New Albion - La Grande Course de la Caravane Part 1

Tales of New Albion is back with a bang, and what delights we have for you on the Light Programme this week. First up is another Musing of the Moment, featuring a guest appearance by Lord Hercules and Lady Boudicca of Cheam (played by Ben & Tixia Henderson) and then it on with the story; La Grande Course De La Caravane part 1. As always hosted by Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb.


Tales of New Albion - Lost In The Great White Part 2

Here we go again with another jolly Tales of New Albion radio show. This week we have the exciting conclusion to Lost In The Great White, but before that an all new feature - Musings Of The Moment - this week with the wise words of Professor Paver Iron-Yourself (created and performed by Catherine Paver). As always the music is by the talented Charlotte Savigar.


Tales Of New Albion - Lost In The Great White Part 1

After last week's mix up with the folk song recording, it's a relief to be back on form with a rousing number recorded by Dame Hildebrand Dilemna-Spaniels to conslude that feature. Alongside that there is the wonderful Slumber Time Story which this week is a whodunit and also a howdidertheydoit read by Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb called Lost In The Great White.


Tales of New Albion - A Christmas Carry-on Part 2

It's that time again - Christmas time! Well a bit early for that I suppose, but here is the Light Programme again with Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb reading the conclusion to A Christmas Carry-on by Daren Callow. This week we also feature another of the haunting folk songs recorded by Dame Hildebrand Dilemna-Spaniels.


Tales of New Albion - A Christmas Carry-on Part 1

This week on the ARC Light Programme we bring you the first part of our, somewhat unseasonal, story A Christmas Carry-on read by your host Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb. Also this week the first of the hauntingly evocative recordings of Olde Albion Folke songs compiled by Dame Hildebrand DIlemna-Spaniels.


Tales of New Albion - High Cliffs Tea Room Part 1

This week on the ARC Light Programme we bring the the exciting tale of a good Samaritan and a very hungry man, read by your host Theodore Pilkington-Rhubard. Don't mention the listener's letter though!


Tales of New Albion - Tobias Fitch

This week it's a spooky offering on Slumbertime Stories. Plus another letter from someone who probably doesn't listen to the show at all. Presented by Theodore Pilkington-Rhubarb.


Tales of New Albion - Timeshock Part 2

This week on the ARC Light Programme we have the conclusion of Timeshock by Daren Callow. Also featuring correspondence from someone who may, or may not, be a listener and music by Charlotte Savigar.


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