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Welcome to Talking Again Podcast. Join Fidel as he gets after it and TAPs into peoples passions, talents & interests. Lets get after it!

Welcome to Talking Again Podcast. Join Fidel as he gets after it and TAPs into peoples passions, talents & interests. Lets get after it!
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Welcome to Talking Again Podcast. Join Fidel as he gets after it and TAPs into peoples passions, talents & interests. Lets get after it!




TAP25: Michael Alarcon (UFC's Top 10)

Michael answers the TAP signal this week coming in clutch to talk about UFC. We are two casual fans that respect the sport well enough to attempt to discuss UFC's Editorial Director, Thomas Gerbasi, Top 10 Fighters of 2019, LIVE on Talking Again Podcast. Please excuse my on the air coughing, very unprofessional of me but this show is real, raw and super unprofessional. Thank you Michael for stepping up to the plate. Enjoy and please leave your feedback down below! Reference:...


TAP24: Chris Driscoll (Line Cook Extraordinaire)

Chris Driscoll aka The Drisco Kid joins me on The TAP studios to talk food and everything under the sun. It had been one year and one podcast ago that I hadn't sat to talk to Chris. A joy like always to say the least. Tune in to hear some of the cool things he has "cooking" for 2020. Plus we TAP into his personal life and to discuss his get after it attitude when dealing with a loved ones recent diagnosis of cancer. That and a whole lot more from, working with some of todays top chefs like...


TAP23: SoloCast (New Year Shit)

Cheers to a New Year & reflecting about the shit I need to do different. Who inspires me... who motivates me... who completes me. I am not media. I am not a GM. I AM A FAN! You'll have to TAP in to the full show. ************** If you enjoyed this episode please share with your friends and family. Subscribe, share and reviewing the show. Leave a question down below or tell me your thoughts about the show so far. Thank you! Talking Again...


TAP22: Amaris Valeriano (Model/ Ring Girl)

Had the pleasure of talking with Ring Girl/ Model Amaris Valeriano to end the new year. Amaris shares her experiences as a young woman juggling school & work. From pageantry to strutting around in the squared circle, Amaris shows off her talents, smiling at every moment. There is a lot of emotion behind that smile, we only scratched the surface in this podcast. Thanks Amaris for helping me end the new year and please give her a follow to support her every venture! Amaris...


TAP21: Santa Claus (Christmas)

Santa Claus is coming to TAP. "SANTA... OH MY GOD! Santa here, I know him." That's right Good Ol' Saint Nick came to visit us at Talking Again Podcast. He left behind the reindeer but brought his Christmas spirit and a case of egg nog (cheers). Need less to say I was able to get Santa to spill the "magical" beans. Tune in for the juicy podcast experience! Follow Santa Claus: North Pole Special thanks to my good friend Jason Hernandez for setting me up with...


TAP20: SoloCast (12 Days of TAPmas)

Another SoloCast for your... Ask me some questions so I can answer them on the next TAP. This is a short, shoutout “thank you” type of episode to my 12 Days Of TAPmas sponsors and to all that have participated in the giveaways plus to all the Talking Again Podcast supporters from A to Z. Below are the sponsors listed in order from the 1st - 12th days. Thank you to all. 1. Jerry Arias - 2. Angel Ramirez -...


TAP19: Nathan Alvarado (SHHS Football)

I'm glad I was able to talk and record with my nephew, Nathan "Nate" Alvarado of South Hills High School, before he becomes a professional football player. Of course, knowing there is much work to do in between now and then, Nate doesn't accept mediocracy in his journey to the NFL. Like Alexander The Great, he too has inherited a dose of power, positioning himself to conquer a much desired roster spot on the varsity team and evolving into one of the best receivers... Nate The...


TAP18: Nathan Gauer (Author)

Author Nathan Gauer TAPs into it on Talking Again Podcast. I don't want to give much away but he talks about his childhood, from growing up with buddhist parents to struggling to find his identity as a teenager only to realize his true self was always that young boy with buddhism in his mind. It took some rough years to be enlighten his soul. Furthering his education and becoming a pioneer graduate at Soka University of America. Nathan traveled through many parts of the world OMing his way...


TAP17: Michael Alarcon (Artist)

This week's episode is a 20 year reunion with an old friend of mine, Michael Alarcon. To surprise Michael I thought it would be best to have my buddy Jacob Morales co host this episode. Jacob & Michael share the same passion & memories from art class in high school, its been over 10 years that they have seen each other! Tune in to be a fly on the wall for this conversation as I learn how Michael survived a stroke at the age of 4, battling and overcoming many obstacles becoming one of the...


TAP16: Laura Machuca (Truck Club Publishing)

Laura Machuca comes into The TAP studios to discuss the safety of driving amonst the "giants" we call semi trucks. Laura also talks about the future of American Truckers with the talk of robotic semis in the work, yikes. But back to safety... Its important to share the road. Its crazy to think there would be less traffic if we were all nice to each other. Think of the last time you LET someone merge in front of you in traffic? Go ahead, I'll wait... The reality is the most drivers claim...


TAP15: Lucio Andrade (Firefighter)

I finally got a chance to sit with an old friend, Lucio Andrade, the firefighter. When most people run from a fire, he runs to the fire without hesitation. This is why I admire this man. Lucio sat in The TAP Studio to chat a bit about his life on the job, from the good days to the bad days, the fun days to the sad days. Whatever kind of day he gets, he is blessed and thankful for that day. Thanks Lucio! If you enjoyed this episode please share with your friends and...


TAP14: Dia De Los Dodgers

It was a Dia De Los Dodgers kind of day November 2, 2019 at The TAP studios with special guest... Fernando Vazquez aka mrolympia626 Rudy Guzman aka RudyNWO Andres Avendaño aka andresa626 & your host Fidel Avendaño aka TalkingAgainPodcast We discussed the Dodgers latest season and what the future holds for the boys in blue. After several refills of "sugar water" and the end of the LIVE Instagram stream we decided to extend our conversation to some Lakers, 49ers, Raiders and even LA...


TAP13: Cynthia Morales (True Crime)

Cynthia Morales comes in studio for this Halloween Edition. We discuss our fascination with true crime and trade notes on a couple local murders that took place in and around our home town of Covina, 50 years apart from each other. Cynthia also shares some personal bone chilling stories just to let us know It's Small World after all. Tune in or Treat, no tricks! Cynthia Morales: Please help the show out...


TAP12: Adrian Corona (Pro Fighter)

Adrian Corona is a young professional boxer with a 6-0 record from Rialto, CA. Fighting under the tutelage of veteran trainer Ben Lira out of South El Monte, CA. Adrian has been able to soak in as much boxing science old and new. Not too mention the nostalgia of being trained by his father, Ray Corona's, old trainer. Adrian has and will be fighting at The Avalon Hollywood, Tom Loeffler's 360 Promotion this Sunday Oct 27th, 2019. Tune in and support Corona! Adrian...


TAP11: Ray Corona (Boxing Referee)

Boxing & MMA referee & judge, Ray Corona, comes in to share his story. Tune in to learn how he went from an aspiring boxer to, in my opinion, one of the best referees in boxing today. You may see him cornering and/or supporting his son, Adrian Corona, up and coming boxer out of Rialto, CA. When he's not working as a boxing official you may find him elbows deep within the Teamsters Union organization. As a father of 7, Ray aims to be the best man he can be, continuing to grind and setting...


TAP10: Raul Paredes (RAWL of the DEAD)

Fidel along with special co-host Jason Hernandez welcome Raul Paredes (photographer) aka RAWL of the DEAD. From quinceñeras to cosplay you can find Rawl behind the camera but in this episode you get the exclusive as he sits in front of the camera and shares his story with Talking Again Podcast. Raul...


TAP9: Vincent Avendaño (WWE)

In this episode my son Vincent TAPs in to talk about one of his many passions, WWE. In our own way we breakdown some matches with predictions for Hell In The Cell. Keep in mind this was recorded 1 week before the PPV. Wrestling fans know how quick or sudden these match ups can change! It was really fun to sit back and talk "shop" with my son. I encourage everyone to do this not only with your son and daughter but any loved one. Express over oppress. Let the kids talk. You may learn a...


TAP8: SoloCast & surprise guest (Israel Morales)

In this episode I answer some listener questions. Also please stick around for exclusive footage with surprise guest. HINT: Israel Morales Please give him a follow and stay tuned for some content! Please help the show out by subscribing, sharing and reviewing the show. Don't forget to leave a comment, whats on your mind? Talking Again Podcast: Logo/...


TAP7: The Saldañas (Supreme Boxing)

Supreme Boxing lead writer, Anthony "Stacks" & his wife Cynthia Saldaña, sports photographer stopped by The TAP studios for a chat. In such little time The Saldañas have made a huge impression in the boxing community. This sport, yet worldwide is a tight nit community. Listen in to learn how both Stacks & Cynthia are becoming a major staple in boxing. From their admiration to genuine care for these fighters they truly are as sincere as they portray themselves in writing and media. I truly...


TAP6: Mums Skateboards by G (Business Owner)

Mums Skateboards is a company created by a young man from Covina, everyone who knows him calls him G. As a young fella he spent his days riding around the streets to parks from West Covina to Irwindale. He turned his love and passion for skateboarding to a small business with great intentions to give back to the community that kept him on a tight narrow path with the support of his family, most importantly his mum, hence the name MUMS Skateboards. He has major plans to grow his business into...