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Truth LIVES at That LARRY SHOW. A weekly sojourn to the crossroads of madness and enlightenment, That LARRY SHOW will help you face any situation and emerge victorious. Most importantly, you shall do so and T.N.S. - that's Take No Sh*t!

Truth LIVES at That LARRY SHOW. A weekly sojourn to the crossroads of madness and enlightenment, That LARRY SHOW will help you face any situation and emerge victorious. Most importantly, you shall do so and T.N.S. - that's Take No Sh*t!


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Truth LIVES at That LARRY SHOW. A weekly sojourn to the crossroads of madness and enlightenment, That LARRY SHOW will help you face any situation and emerge victorious. Most importantly, you shall do so and T.N.S. - that's Take No Sh*t!




Episode 298: Killer Parties

Gender Reveal Parties - a ticket to the morgue? ▲ Why do parents think people care about their kid's sex? ▲ Why did Larry lock himself in a toilet for a day? ▲ The reasons most parties suck ▲ Why all parties, forever, will be masquerades ▲ 3 party foods that will gag a maggot ▲ When Larry likes blindfolds ▲ This episode can save your life!


Episode 297: America Dumbed Down

How did America get to be so stupid? ■ Larry wins an argument and loses a girlfriend ■ America's intellectual bar is set by Barney, the purple dinosaur ■ Why JFK enrages stateists ■ HUGE lies the government is telling you ■ Chicom nukes are headed your way - you're gonna love 'em! ■ The Great Reset we all should embrace ■ What do Larry and Fran Lebowitz agree on?


Episode 296: Phonies

Is Bruce Springsteen Jesus or Moses? ▲ Why are advertising execs dumber than worms? ▲ Why celebrity endorsements always spell disaster ▲ Springsteen's sequel to Born To Run - revealed! ▲ WTF is a "Sustainable Mobility Solution?" Jeep's parent company, a European conglomerate, has the answer ▲ If you're fed up with phony people, corporations and causes, this is your episode!


Episode 295: Larry's Road Trip Redux, Pt. 4 - Lost America

Why are Bass Pro Shops America's cultural divide? ▲ What's the real reason coastal elites hate Classic America? ▲ How did cowboys go from heroes to villains? ▲ Can anyone eat a 72 oz. steak dinner in under an hour? ▲ Did Casey Jones really crash his train or was he set up? ▲ Why Nashville is way cooler than L.A. ▲ What does Larry have in common with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? ▲ ALL IS REVEALED, in the 4th and final part of the Road Trip Redux


Episode 294: Death By Safety

.Meet the VEAL people ▲The Great Reset – why it's a Commie plot ▲ How SJWs & snowflakes made JFK a villain ▲ What will Duke Nukem say to you? ▲ The lethal cure that can save America ▲ Why easy times make weak men – and women ▲ What made the greatest generation great?


Episode 293: Beacon on the Wasteland

The 108 - foot, concrete VAGINA that's tearing Brazil apart ▲ Kids - to have or not to have them ▲ When is it time to dump your girlfriend? ▲ 2 insurmountable issues that will doom any romance ▲ Why do women love the word "commitment?" ▲ Why "student loan forgiveness" is a Commie crock ▲ How to create your own holiday and piss everyone off


Episode 292: Shadow Living in 2021 America

The new American hellscape ▼ Why 2021 is 1919 redux ▼ The death of truth and freedom ▼ America is split among IDGAFs, LUTFAs and ASTCO's - what are they and which are you? ▼ How did we get here? ▼ Where do politicians come from? (and how can we send them back?) ▼ Why cancel culture IS American culture ▼ Don't let them cancel you!


Episode 291: Larry on The Storm

Larry's predictions for 2021 ▲ Why politicians think they are gods ▲ Why the swamp is really a sewer ▲ How Ashli Babbitt could have saved her own life (and been loved by politicians and the media) ▲ Why "legislator" and "aristocrat" are synonyms ▲ The root cause of America's turmoil ▲ 10 senators and congressmen who've been stealing from you for 384 years ▲ Why there will NEVER be term limits ▲ If you've had a belly-full of political parasites - THIS IS YOUR EPISODE!


Episode 290: Happy New Fear

Why you should ignore New Year's Eve/Day ▲ What the fear merchants are trying to sell you ▲ The way idiots think about New Years ▲ The brutal truth about the New Year holiday (it will set you free) ▲ How Larry finally got his fantasy New Year's Eve party ▲ The monster that lived in Larry's closet ▲ What made 5 year-old Larry puke on New Year's Eve? ▲ A Happy New Year is impossible unless you hear this episode!


That LARRY SHOW - Episode 289: Christmas 2020 + Road Trip Redux, Pt. 3

Larry meets a hero in the Texas panhandle ▲ Where can you get the WORLD'S BEST HAMBURGER?▲ Discover the club - comprised of idiots - that runs our lives ▲ Why Larry should be appointed U.S. Secretary of Transportation ▲ Larry apologizes to Peanuts creator Charles Schulz ▲ What is Christmas really about?


Episode 288: Larry's Road Trip Redux, Pt. 2 - Fear Freaks & Costume Kooks

What is the FEAR INDEX? ♠ Discover the Sheriff's Rules that Larry mocked ♠ What are Costume Kooks? ♠ How did they bring Larry to an epiphany? ♠ What the words quaint, charming, rustic and sun-drenched really mean and why you're in for a lousy hotel or motel stay when you see them ♠ Meet the Fear Freak hotelier that Larry pissed off ♠ If you're saying F.U. to lockdowns, you need to hear this episode!


Episode 287: The Star of Bethlehem Returns - Sinners' Sunday #75

Will "The Great Reset" be led by the Anti-Christ? ┼ Which US State Governor is today's King Herod? (Hint: he's butt ugly) ┼ When will the Star of Bethlehem re-appear? ┼ What will it mean? ┼ What happened when the star appeared, 800 years ago? ┼ How is today's world the same as it was 2,000 years ago? ┼ What were JC's two favorite words?


Episode 286: Larry's Road Trip Redux, Part 1 - GHOST NATION

From ghost towns to ghost nation - what Larry learned about America over 7,000 miles ■ Explore Uranus - not the planet, the roadside attraction in the Ozarks (yes, It's a fudge factory!) ■ Discover the two Americas, why one hates the other, and which one Larry prefers ■ Which sleaze-BAG career politician screwed YOU out of near 2 TRILLION dollars that might have saved your business? Hit the road with Larry - and get ready to rage!


Episode 285: Larry Reveals The Next Global Crisis

Meet DETRITUS-27 - the Cosmic Doom Germ!▲Nuke-haters will LOVE nukes, when they promise SAFETY!▲What is OSFAP, and how will the sheeple FAP for Safety?▲The monolith that will re-set the planet▲How Insta-Martyrs become famous▲Learn how GUBMNT says to SAVE people, we must KILL people


Episode 284: Larry's Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Lonely Thanksgiving? Blues-beating fixes that work ■ Thanksgiving with obnoxious family? Larry has answers ■ Larry abuses tyrannical punk governors ■ LIVE RECORDING of family Thanksgiving as it DESCENDS into VIOLENCE! ■ Holiday advice from Charles Manson ■ How renaming Thanksgiving Flag Day and dressing like a 4-star general can make you an Instagram star


Episode 283: WTF Happened To Men?

How The Godfather would be re-made today ■ The difference between males and men ■ Why Communism is a matriarchal construct ■ Were Hippies the original snowflakes? ■ Why Karl Marx was NOT a man, but a leech and a punk ■ Why the EU and North America are doomed ■ Why Commies hate manly men ■ The business / app that can save manhood and America! ■ If you are a man or just wish you were, this is your episode!


Episode 282: Escape Your Self-Made Hell

Thrust into hell? Learn how to turn it into a fun zone ■ How do we create our own hells? ■ How do we escape them? ■ Hell is real, but it's not a place - discover what hell really is and you can tame it ■ Meet the old cowboy who helped Larry turn a hellish experience into a fun memory ■ Why Will Rogers was full of sh*t ■ This episode is your get out of hell free card. Listen!


Episode 281: Recipe for Doom

Why Commies need morons▲ Wall St. billionaires predict civil war ▲ The moronic catch phrase "journos" will be parroting ▲ Stupid people and their "magical thinking" ▲ How Larry almost killed himself with Nestle's Quik ▲ Why imbeciles think they can tame wild animals ▲ Feeling uncertain about your future? This is YOUR episode!


Episode 280: Busting The Big Lie

The 4-word weight-loss program that ALWAYS works ■ Secrets to sticking with a diet ■ Is obesity a disease? ■ Two words that help you meet any challenge ■ What the world says when you tell it F.U. ■ How Larry's 5th grade teacher got to be a 1/4 ton man ■ The TRUE cause of obesity nobody mentions ■ If you want to lose weight - or muscle up - this is your episode!


Episode 279: Larry's Dream Halloween

Meet the vamp who lures Larry to corruption and the netherworld ♦ How Kalifornia is outlawing holidays, beginning with Halloween ♦ Larry calls out Kalifornia's progressive punk governor ♦ Attend the world's hottest Halloween party ♦ What kids really want out of Halloween ♦ How today's kids are ripped off by helicopter parents, the state and "safety culture" .