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Losing your business partner : Nick's story

This is a new season of the backstory - this run of four has a particular theme - we are looking at people’s jobs which involve doing good. This week we hear from Nick Little who set up a social enterprise company called the Outsiders with close friend Oz Osbourne. They quickly realised that in the world of social enterprise community work their high standards were tricky to maintain or were often undermined, but they stuck to their guns. They ran some amazing projects together including a...


Living with Parkinson's: Terry's story

Season 5 Episode 8 Terry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when he was 59. 8 years after his diagnosis, he and daughter Vicki talk about how the illness has changed their lives, individually and as a family, the strains and losses that come with living with a progressive disease and how it also has the potential to bring people closer together. Help and support: Parkinson’s UK Samaritans 116 123 (24 hours) NHS information about Parkinson’s Carers UK You can support us with likes,...


Me, my baby and psychosis: Jess and Matt's story PART TWO

Season 5 Episode 7 In part two of Jess and Matt's story we hear about the tough journey from Norfolk to London to get Jess and baby Albert in to a psychiatric Mother and Baby unit. Jess explains what it was like to get treatment there and how they all coped with hospital life and getting used to slowly go out again. We hear about how it was eventually coming back to Norfolk and getting used to being at home and eventually the big decision of whether to try for another child. You can...


Me, my baby and psychosis: Jess and Matt's story

Season 5 Episode 6 Jess and Matt had an excellent birth but then things started to go a bit weird, Jess just wasn't herself. Matt had been warned that women can be very affected by hormones after the birth, but this was extreme. It turned out that Jess was suffering from postpartum psychosis a mental illness that comes on just after having a baby. When baby Albert was taken in to hospital with jaundice it became clear that he wasn't the only one that was ill and Jess needed very specialist...


Getting used to the quiet: Lillian's story

Season 5 Episode 5 Lillian and Dan have enjoyed a long marriage, full of travel and dancing. With Lillian in her 70s and Dan in his mid-90s, the time came recently when they took the difficult decision to move Dan into residential care. Lillian talks about still being married but not feeling like a wife, the gains she enjoys and the sadness of the losses brought about by this recent change. You can support us with likes, shares and reviews. Help and support: Age UK MIND Campaign to end...


Trichotillomania: Cara’s story

Trichotillomania: Cara’s story Season 5 Episode 4 When Cara moved from a happy primary school to a large, intimidating high school her mental well-being plummeted. Her height and long red hair made her stand out and the attention caused her eczema to flare. Struggling to cope, Cara turned to hair pulling, a coping mechanism that offered temporary relief but created its own problems. In this week’s Backstory we hear about how one thing can lead to another, how conditions can take hold...


The road to recovery: Hope’s story

The road to recovery: Hope’s story Season 5 Episode 3 Hope is one of 5 children. It was a big, busy family and not without its fair share of conflict and discord. By the age of 17 Hope had been suffering from anorexia for 4 years, a condition she’d done her best to hide from friends and family. But when her heart nearly stopped things had to change. In this week’s Backstory we hear about life as an in-patient and how relapse and recovery are a long journey. Hope’s fundraising page can be...


7/7 Behind the scenes: David’s story

7/7 Behind the scenes: David’s story Season 5 Episode 2 In July 2005 London and the country were in jubilant mood, celebrating winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. The next day, during the morning rush hour, four bombs exploded, three on the Underground and one on a double-decker bus. 52 people were killed and hundreds were injured. David Videcette was working in counter-terrorism and was faced with the prospect of a complex and lengthy investigation that would take over his life for...


Brethren to burlesque: Sapphira’s story

Brethren to burlesque: Sapphira’s story Season 5 Episode 1 Welcome back to Season 5. We start with a love story. Sapphira felt like a misfit, naturally flamboyant but brought up by brethren. Eventually excommunicated, her life spiralled but then she met Tony. Tony had also been raised by brethren and together they started to heal. Sapphira talks about what it means to have the rug pulled out from under your feet and then find the real you through music and burlesque. Sapphira’s book can...


Mindfulness on wheels: Tim’s story

Mindfulness on wheels: Tim’s story Season 4 Episode 7 This is Tim McKenna’s account of what it is like to live with bipolar disorder – I think it is an amazing account of being male and mentally ill and initially not having much help or support through not knowing what was wrong and hiding how he was feeling – as he felt ashamed of it. It does include some details of feeling depressed and a suicide attempt so if that is a trigger for you then just be aware of that – but it is a story of...


From free school meals to the High Court: Ali’s story

From free school meals to the High Court: Ali’s story Season 4 Episode 6 Ali grew up in Wales on free school dinners with four other siblings. This is the story of how he made an extraordinary success of himself and how his experience of difference tallies with his work as an immigration barrister. What gives some children the drive to move beyond their background? Who influenced Ali? How will it change for the next generation? Help and support: Citizens Advice Music credits: Main...


Who helps NICU parents? Vicki’s story

Who helps NICU parents? Vicki’s story Season 4 Episode 5 Vicki is a young woman on a mission. Having experienced life on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after the birth of her first son, she’s determined to push for better mental health provision for parents in similar situations. Vicki struggled with the shock and her mental health suffered, all whilst trying to care for a young baby with significant health problems. She talks openly about the experience for her, son Elijah and...


One Punch: Michael and Robert’s story

This backstory is about two remarkable brothers. Michael is now 33 and he was punched in the jaw six years ago down on Great Yarmouth seafront on a saturday night, which knocked him over smashing his head on the side of the kerb. His brother Robert, who is ten years younger than him, has been a huge part of his support in enabling him to learn how to live again with what turned out to be a major brain injury.


Right person, right place: Naomi’s story

Right person, right place: Naomi’s story Season 4 Episode 3 Naomi is a woman of many talents. Actress, stand up and academic. As part of her role with a school where the pupils wore Tudor uniform, Naomi went to Romania to work with young people in an orphanage, children who had been institutionalised their whole lives under Ceausescu’s regime, children for whom regular communication wasn’t possible. As always, this week’s backstory is followed by backchat in which Claire and Suzy talk...


Recovering from anorexia: Dave’s story

Recovering from anorexia: Dave’s story Season 4 Episode 2 Dave’s backstory is a tale of going to the brink and then choosing to live, of recovery and the ongoing struggles that come as part of the package. Challenging all the stereotypes, Dave talks about his anorexia with a massive dose of humour and gives a new perspective on this most pernicious and dangerous illness. As always, Claire and Suzy discuss the backstory and occasionally veer off at a tangent, including talking about why...


Hide or confide? Kiki’s story

Hide or confide? Kiki’s story Season 4 Episode 1 Kiki’s backstory is a tale of two halves – she is a footballer but it isn’t about football. It is about something that happened that changed the course of her career forever, a simple mistake that stopped Kiki’s plans in their tracks. The second half is about something she needs to tell someone but has built it up in her mind and she doesn’t know how to share it. It’s important she tells them really soon. Claire and Suzy chat about the...


Backchat Learning to Live Again: Tiff’s story

Hi and welcome to Backchat, where Suzy and Claire talk about the latest episode of The Backstory. This week we’re talking about Learning to Live Again: Tiff’s story (Season 3 ep 4). Join us as we discuss what we’ve learnt about whether we consider Tiff to have been brave, what you can donate from your body whilst you are still alive and how to deal with being captain of Leicester Tigers when your wife finds out they are terminally ill. We also discuss which podcast we are recommending from...


Learning to live again: Tiff’s story

Season 3: Episode 4 Learning to live again: Tiff’s story In the latest episode, Claire travels to Leicester to talk to Tiffany Youngs… Tiff appeared at the age of 28 to have an amazing life – recently married to Tom Youngs, the England and Leicester Tigers rugby player, with a new baby girl Maisie and a lovely family home in Leicester. However this was all about to be turned on its head when she found out in 2014 that she was suffering from Hodgkin Lymphoma. This is the remarkable story...


Backchat – A Different Kind of Grief: Kathryn and Joy’s Story

Hi and welcome to Backchat, where Suzy and Claire talk about the latest episode of The Backstory. This week we’re talking about A Different Kind of Grief: Kathryn and Joy’s Story (Season 3 ep 3). Join us as we discuss what we’ve learnt from online suicide awareness training, apps that might help and how we manage our own stress. Help and support: CALM 0800 58 58 58 Helpline & web chat available 5pm to midnight every day Samaritans 116 123 (24...


A Different Kind of Grief: Kathryn and Joy’s story

Season 3 Episode 3 A Different Kind of Grief: Kathryn and Joy’s Story is about two women who have got together to run a support group for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. We realise this programme could be a trigger for some people so please look after yourselves and perhaps don’t listen if you feel this will affect you. Support groups are below. Both Kathryn and Joy sadly lost a relative to suicide themselves – Kathryn lost her sister Alison in 2015 and Joy lost her son Ian...