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It's a podcast that is for the people. We talk pop culture, entertainment, music, sports, food, adult hood, parenthood, Boyz n Tha Hood, whatever.

It's a podcast that is for the people. We talk pop culture, entertainment, music, sports, food, adult hood, parenthood, Boyz n Tha Hood, whatever.


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It's a podcast that is for the people. We talk pop culture, entertainment, music, sports, food, adult hood, parenthood, Boyz n Tha Hood, whatever.




092121 - TBBJP - EP 134 - I'm Good, I'm Good

Big Brother Jake talks about attending his first Chargers game at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. He also goes in on those that tailgate too hard, people that want to see him when he spreads his whereabouts on social media and wants to know more about those that are scared to be vulnerable.


091621 - TBBJP - Ep 133 - Titles Alone Arent Enough

BBJ reads a DM that sparked his interest regarding couples that are quick to show how long they are together but don't do anything to fix their problems. He also drops an announcement that may have you surprised!


091421 - TBBJP - EP 132 - Megaman from The Megaman Podcast

Stephen Martinez aka Megaman from The Megaman Podcast joins The Big Brother Jake Podcast and talks about everything from podcasting to craft brewing to life in general.


083021 - TBBJP - EP 131 - Salute To Our Fallen Heroes, I Hate Politricks, Ghetto Fabulous Moment of The Week

Big Brother Jake goes off on the politricks that's going on in the country, he salutes the fallen men and women in Afghanistan, he opens up his diary and introduces a new segment, The Ghetto Fabulous Moment of the Week.


082421 - TBBJP - EP 130 - Tony A Da Wizard, DJ, Producer and Host of Roadium Radio

BBJ chats it up with World Class DJ, Legendary Music Producer and Host of Roadium Road Radio, Tony A. Da Wizard. They discuss the beginnings of Tony A's career, the success of his gold selling records, his love for music and his show, Roadium Radio.


081721 - TBBJP - EP 129 - P-Dub Guest Hosts, Interview with Joe Martinez, UFC Ring Announcer

P-Dub aka Paul Wilson (his government name) guest host's on the show. They discuss everything from the Lakers to what is considered breaking the law in the Navy to being snubbed for awards. The fellas interview Barstow, California's own Joe Martinez, Ring Announcer for the UFC. Organized Confusion at it's finest!


081221 - TBBJP - Ep. 128 - It's All About The Benjamin Baby With Ben Maller

Legendary Sportstalk Radio Host Ben Maller joins The Big Brother Jake Podcast. They take a trip down memory lane with all the hijinks and shenanigans they did while working in the best job in the world...RADIO!


081021 - TBBJP - Ep. 127 - Keeping Up With Tomm Looney

Big Brother Jake invited Award Winning Anchor, On-Air Personality, Actor, Screen Writer, Former Restaurant Owner and Good Friend Tomm Looney to the podcast and nothing was off limits as they talked about...EVERYTHING!


080321 - TBBJP - EP 126 - Vaxx vs UnVaxx, I Married My Who, I'm Proud of My Son

Big Brother Jake goes in on his disgust with people having to hide the fact they are going to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. He also tells a story about a couple that are actually closer than they even realized and he tells a story about "His Son" that he's never talked about before!!!


072921 - TBBJP - Ep. 125 - The Pet Peeve Episode

In this episode, Big Brother Jake celebrates 30,000 downloads when he thought he would only get 1,000 and quit. He is disgusted by the nastiness of celebrities that don't bath, has fun with some of the pet peeves his listeners have and shows respect to the great Dusty Hill of ZZ Top!


072721 - TBBJP - Ep. 124 - Everybody Is a Critic

Big Brother Jake goes into depth about Mental Awareness, in particular Simone Biles, Olympic Gold Medal Winning Gymnast and defends her for pulling out of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. He also goes on to speak on people that criticize others but have no idea what it takes to be the best at the highest level.


072021 - TBBJP - Ep 123 - Does Love Really Conquer All?

Big Brother Jake discusses the way Billionaires vs Common Folk view love, relationships and finances. He also lets the ladies know what men REALLY want. Also, BBJ reflects on his road to getting the podcast picked up by Podcast One and the surreal feeling of recording this episode from the Podcast One Studios in Beverly Hills, California.


071321 - TBBJP - EP 122 - Big Brother Jake Has Gone Country

Big Brother Jake took a little trip to escape the craziness of the city and went to Litchfield, Illinois. Where? Yes, Middle America. BBJ wanted to slow down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and a busy work schedule. He decided to see his old Navy Buddy "Big" Mike Winstead and reminisce about their time in the military.


070821 -TBBJP - EP 121 - The Big Brother Jake Podcast and The On This Frequency Podcast Unite In The Name of Love

Big Brother Jake Calls on Natalie and Rickie from the On This Frequency Podcast to answer the listener's questions concerning relationships and love on this edition of Big Brother Jake's Bae Bites of Love.


070221 -TBBJP - EP 120 - Bill Cosby Can Go To Hell, Sha'Carri Richardson Made a Huge Mistake and Jake Can't Spell or Win Awards

BBJ shares his disgust for Bill Cosby and that he is a predator, Sha'Carri Richardson made a very bad mistake and we also learned BBJ can't spell!


063021 - TBBJP - Ep 119 - Talking Just To Talk

BBJ recaps last week's episode and the backlash he received, why he can't publicly come out and say he had a cold and why people should just be honest.


062121 - TBBJP - Ep 118 - NFL Player Carl Nassib Announces He's Gay, Father's Day Recap and the Return of P-Dub

BBJ recaps last episode when his daughters joined him to roast him. He also discusses history as Carl Nassib, Las Vegas Raiders Defensive End, is the first active player to announce he is gay and BBJ's childhood friend, P-Dub aka Paul Wilson (his government name) talks about life, hoops and whatever else is on his mind!


062021 - TBBJP - Ep 117 - Happy Father's Day From The Warners

Big Brother Jake welcomed his three daughters Kendra, Savannah and Marissa Warner (their government names) onto the show. All raw, no edits. Man, kids really don't have a filter!


061521 - TBBJP - Ep 116 - What Would I Ask My Younger Self?

BBJ takes us behind the scenes on what it's like to work at Staples Center on a game night and has Clippers Pre and Post Game Host Adam Auslund along with Clippers Radio Play by Play Broadcaster Noah Eagle on to describe his routine. BBJ Also Interviews "Jake Warner" at 20 years's as awkward as it sounds!


060721 - TBBJP - Ep 115 - Mama Pam Returns To The Big Brother Jake Podcast

BBJ's Mom, Mama Pam aka Pam Bradley (her government name) joins the podcast to catch up with her son and reveal a few things he didn't know about her already.