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ep 32. Brunch with Bev

Final Episode for the year. Dr. Dee does a little bit of intake on your host Jay. A bit of a role reversal for the host. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro Email: Guest: Dr. Dee Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchat: Jay Delnegro Intro and Outro music by Jsoul aka Black Sinatra All other music provided by


ep 31. Dr. Dee PhD

This is episode 31 and on this episode we are talking to Dr.Dee. Dr.Dee is a clinician and school psychologist who will introduce you to not only what she does, but also what you can do for yourself. One thing I promise you above all else is if you listen to this episode from beginning to end you will in fact learn something. Whether what you learn is something that can be applied to your daily life or that something is new information about a role you never knew existed. You will absolutely...


ep 30. NoShaveAid

Once again this episode involves a great guest telling a great story. This episode’s guest is the creator, owner/operator of No Shave Aid. No Shave Aid is A beard care line out of Baltimore and the owner/operator, Fe'Lize is sharing with us all why she started the business, and how she’s been able to keep it moving. She also gives some pointers and tips for self-starters like herself. Make sure to Like, share comment, subscribe wherever you’re hearing this episode. The By Chance Podcast is...


Ep 29. 295 North

Welcome back to another great episode of The By Chance Podcast where the idea is you talk and we all listen. This episode is a conversation between 2 people and there is a simple brilliance about it when guards come down and words just spill out. Nonsense and the sensible blend in like sugar and Kool-Aid when Jay and his guest get to talking that good ole talk while sitting in traffic. This is a very entertaining episode where both parties kinda figure out something different about one...


Ep 28. Hear Her Out

Either piss or get off of the pot is probably one of the more referred to cliches used in daily language. Today's storyteller, Tasha, will give you at least 50leven more to user day in and day out as she speaks of the difficulties in finding your "thing" when you're doing so many other things. When Tasha takes the floor you will want to pay all kinds of attention because the lady knows what she's talking about. This is yet again another great episode for your listening pleasures. The By...


Ep 27. What is This

This is an update episode. Jay fills you in on whats been going on in story form. It's challenging being a content creator and here is a short synopsis detailing some of those challenges The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro Email: Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchat: Jay Delnegro Intro and Outro music by Jsoul aka Black Sinatra All other music provided by and Römans


Ep 26. He Admits It

This Go round R kelly talks, and we all listen. Well not exactly, but kinda sorta does work that way. Jay gets into just what he thinks of R Kelly's latest, mind yo bidness while you pay attention to me tactic. His 19minute song "I Admit It". Why even go through the trouble Robert? R. Kelly would do some goofy shit like this. Is there a difference between Robert and RKelly? Hear what Jay has to say to that. As Jay gets into the song verse by verse. Listen, share and enjoy. The By Chance...


Ep. 25 Getting to know Gigi

Welcome Back and Meet Gigi. Meet the woman who stands taller than before after you figured she should be down and out. This is a really great episode as Gigi is a captivating storyteller. This episode starts simple, and picks up in places that you won't see coming. Gigi is a champion and will continuously rise throughout it all. Simply put she is badass. This might be your introduction, but I am assured that this will not be the only time you ever hear from her. Great episode, and a...


LSP EP 4 - LightSkin Finale

​Get ready to Pop some champagne because it's the 4th Quarter and your High Yella Hero's are about to finish out this game strong! This is where the champions are made fueled by their motivations to prove they are better than everyone else and High Fructose filled products like Mello Yello. Glen believes his wife really only started dating him out of sympathy and what if he was the one she took one for the team for. Jay mentions that time there was a girl, a roller coaster, and they combined...


LSP - Wisconsin Forever

​ They say 3rd time is the charm so here are Glen and Jay giving you a round 3 of this beige bias with another Laugh out Loud episode of Lightskin Privilege. This go round an impromptu guest appears to question and dismiss our lightskin notions. Sounds like someone has some hateration in their dancery. Glen speaks about his first co-sign since being lightskin. Since he couldn't make the cut in Wakanda, Glen decides to rep Wisconsin instead. Orlando Brown is traded away for a heaping hot pot...


A Lighter Thought (Lightskin Privilege)

Someway somehow the Privilege pass has been extended long enough to give you all another of Lightskin Privilege. This go round Glen and Jay get to rambling and remembering. Jay remembers the time a man in a wheelchair saved his person from being destroyed by the bottoms of some size 8 reebok classics. Glen has been confronted by Her’s definition of lightskin and how he doesn’t fit into that scheme. There’s that moment where even Glen and Jay have to question “Is this too lightskin?” that has...


Lightskin of the Year Award

What happens when 2 podcasters stop being polite and start being ridiculous? This is the introductory episode of the Pop-Up Podcast, Lightskin Privilege, with Glen of the Glen and Her Podcast and Jay Delnegro of The By Chance Podcast. Things will get random, things will be personal, things will be hilarious and you will ask yourself "Did he just say that?" and probably talk back to the show. It's a good got damn time. Leave a Comment and Enjoy Hosts: Glen IG: GlenandHerPodcast Jay Delnegro...


Ep24. The Passion of the Podcaster

Have you ever started something simply because you believed in yourself? If not, maybe you should do what this weeks guest Glen of the Glen and Her Podcast did which is start a phenomenal podcast brand and stick it out when it seemed like it could go no longer. You’re going to hear a great story about what it takes to keep a podcasting ship afloat when the payoff is really the pride in doing a good job. Glen is a remarkable story teller and a great host in his own right. You will feel how he...


Ep. 23 Ricki Goes Dating

This story is another great one and it's probably one of the more relatable episodes I've had thus far. This story is from Ricki and she tells of some of her experiences with online dating. From the guy who couldn't take the hint or the friend who is using you as a cover to ppl not being who they say they are. This episode will definitely have you talking back to your phone and your coworkers thinking you are all kinds of crazy because it all makes sense and rings true. Take a listen, leave...


Ep. 22 The Snow Ball

This time on the show I let my son tell the story of his first school dance. Well its more of a Q&A because he’s 11 and talking to an adult is the last thing any kid wants to freely do. This show is a little more personal than usual because I’m exposing my son to my listening audience. Listening audience I will fight you if you try and crack slick with mine. Anyway My son goes on to talk about his expectation and realization for his first ever school dance. It kind of takes you back to that...


Ep.21 Lessons from Dad

Welcome back to the 99 and the 2018 Im your host Jay Delnegro and this is The By Chance Podcast where the focus is you and your stories. My guest on this episode is Nira. Nira is a secondtime storyteller was previously featured on ep 19 so if you’ve missed that one please go back and have a listen. It was a really REALLY great episode. This story is another great one however the tone and mood is a little different. That story was a lesson on not being closed in, this story story is how to...


The Story of 2017 - Featuring CJ of the Normalized Podcast

It’s the end of the year and I found time to fit in one more story before the ball drops. Well I’m lying I found the opportunity to fit in 2 more stories. Double Wammy, Double Burger with cheese and more for your buck this go round. This episode features CJ of the Normalized Podcast and I both reflecting on our 20seventeens. This isn't a shared tale. It's CJ's story and it's my story. You’re going to love this episode because if nothing else you already love The By Chance Podcast. This is...


ep20 The Rabbit hole

This story covers both ups and downs and the preferred choice of sooner rather than later. Have you ever had that job you never really wanted to go back to, but you had too because there weren’t many other options for you? Well this isn’t that job this is probably a lot worse. This story is about a summer internship, that became 3 years of doing a job you probably never thought you would do in your wildest of wildest dreams. But when the job market is bleak you never really know what you...


Ep.19 Smoking Monkeys

Thank you for coming back to listen to The By Chance Podcast. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time out to listen and share the show. This episode we hear from Nira and Nira doesn’t tell a story of sorts but provides more of a lesson… well a number of lessons. You will need to go back and listen to this one a few times because even as I was editing the show I heard points I didn’t pick up on when we were having the conversation in real time. This show right here really sticks the...


Ep18. Smartphones & Tired Feet

Episode 18 of The By Chance Podcast is a quick story from Kenita about winning a contest. We’ve all seen the "Fill out this Survey" forms or better yet the "Go to this site and get a free sausage biscuit" written on your receipt. Well she did just that she filled out a form and won an excellent prize that she’s going to tell us all about. A couple things to note Cognac and a nigga named Ray are driving forces in this tale. It’s a Blackalicious episode that you will absolutely enjoy. The By...