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The C.S. Café is a virtual café for those wanting a good drama filled story or captivating poetry. Tap into your emotions with us and let us SEDUCE YOUR MIND!!! Join our Patreon membership for exclusive behind the scenes, merch, first dips on podcast, and more. You don't want to miss out when we let our emotions strip!


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The C.S. Café is a virtual café for those wanting a good drama filled story or captivating poetry. Tap into your emotions with us and let us SEDUCE YOUR MIND!!! Join our Patreon membership for exclusive behind the scenes, merch, first dips on podcast, and more. You don't want to miss out when we let our emotions strip!




Poetry Break: Trigger Warning

Too many of us have things that trigger events that happened in our past. Like PTSD, sometimes we are unaware of triggers until therapy where someone gives us the tools to identify them and work on the root cause. People around you (that didn't hurt you) don't know when you're triggered unless you tell them that it affected you. Make sure you're taking care of your psychological self as well so you can identify your triggers and work to control them. Support the show


Poetry Break: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Relationships are hard to navigate especially when you're trying to put together pieces that don't fit. Often times we're too well invested to take a step back and understand when it's not going anywhere until too much damage has already been done. In this episode, we separate relationships with a childhood game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Which one are you or have you been? Support the show


Poetry Break: A Tale Between Hemispheres

In this episode, we get into a battle between self. It's like a person with two personas hiding behind ne another until one takes the lead and takes over. We've all been there comparing ourselves, imposter syndrome, creating an alter ego to do what we cannot. It's all the same if you ask me. Truth is, you are everyone you create. You just have to put them together to make a whole. Support the show


Poetry Break: Tilted Titles

We have heard generation after generation comparing one another from parenting styles, politics, fashion, and behaviors. We never realize that behaviors are taught and bleed through generations that never cut them off. We complain because the next generation doing the same thing the previous one did. It's all the same so what's the comparison? Support the show


Poetry Break: Tiptoeing Through Generations

In this episode, we discuss how everyone talks a good game about generational curses but no one wants to actually start breaking them. Breaking generational curses isn't always spiritual (Reading the Bible, going to church, praying). Sometimes breaking generational curses are going to therapy, AA, rehab etc. Other times it's breaking generational behaviors like lying, quick temper, fighting, impatience, etc. You have to start with yourself first. Support the show


Poetry Break: Let No Be Enough!

This is a PSA to those men who deem women's NO as not enough! MAKE IT ENOUGH! The men who cannot handle rejection burn it down for many. Our "NO" won't kill you! You do not need to grab a weapon because you've been rejected. Deal with negative emotions in therapy before you deal with a prison permanently. Support the show


Poetry Break: Choke

Well I don't have to tell you what time it is. Some of us like to go to the dungeon and others like to have their back broke. I mean some of us like it long and deep and some just like it kinky. Some of us like to be roped while others like just a little CHOKE! Put your kids to bed now and enjoy this tasty episode... Support the show


Poetry Break: Behind The Scenes

We all know someone struggling in life but wear a mask in public. Be kind because behind the scenes the truth isn't always pretty. Some of us are drowning in mental health issues, drowning being a caregiver, drowning trying to stay alive. We have lost the way of being able to read nonverbal communications when someone needs help until it's too late. Please try to help even if it's just one person. Please dial #988 for mental health crises. Support the show


Poetry Break: If I Slid You My Dictionary

How many of us have been intellectually incompatible when it came to relationships? The text messages have you going to a dictionary on what it means. Where you have to dumb down your broadened vocabulary to pacify your partner. It's draining having to sit anywhere but in AP courses. This episode is for you. Please make sure you're intellectually compatible before you find out you're sexually compatible. Support the show


Poetry Break: Freak Show

First send you kids to bed if you got them! I hope you got your ticket because the freaks come out at night. Bring your spouse and your flava and let's turn this b%$#& out! Support the show


Poetry Break: Raise the Siren

There's an alert going out throughout the world and sometimes we miss it. In this episode, we're going to raise the siren to a few we don't see on the news and some we do but not in totality. Support the show


Poetry Break: Wet Dreams

How many of us have reminisced on past lovers or even past evenings with our lover? Well this a piece for your memory... grab your wine and your partner and sit down! Support the show


Poetry Break: Put That Sh*t Down!

We often times carry words, friendships, relationships that need to be discarded yet we hold on to it for decades hurting ourselves. In this episode, I want you to let go of every negative word, phrase, speech, friend, relationship (intimate or familial) and be free. Support the show


Poetry Break: Don't Dim Black Woman

The most disrespected person on earth is the black woman. In this episode, I'm here to speak life into you. Fix your crown and don't ever let it slip for anyone. Today we celebrate you! Support the show


Poetry Break: Mixed Preference

Today's society has teetered on the basis of mixed preferences that don't make sense. Where people want things that are morally wrong and right at the same time. You cannot have both. Understand when you're sending mixed preferences when you're out there dating that people can note that that's you and still be done with you too. Support the show


Poetry Break: Broken Magnet

The hardest part of moving on is letting go. In this episode, we dive into breaking the magnets of tainted relationships. It does feel hard when you've given your time and now needs to break free for something better. Just let go. Support the show


Poetry Break: Communication Taste Like

Communication is something we all tend to fail at multiple times in our lives whether it's not saying something, acting out of anger, nonverbal communication and the list goes on. It's a daily task to wake up and say I will start today. How do you communicate? Support the show


Poetry Break: Traffic Jam

There's a traffic jam daily that we drive through. Sometimes there's also a traffic jam of world events that jam around our reality of events as well. Dive into this episode and let's discuss. Support the show


Poetry Break: Stand On It

How many of us has set boundaries for ourselves and reneged on it? We pick and choose who we uphold these boundaries for. It's a dangerous game when you don't stand on the word "NO" as a complete sentence. Dive into this episode to paint the picture. Support the show


Poetry Break: Snatch Us Back

It's National Poetry Month and what better way to let your voice be heard than with this heavy piece called "Snatch Us Back". This episode focuses on the more than 70K Black women and girls that have gone missing without a trace. They were someone's aunt, mother, child, sister, friend. Who's going to say their name? We know about so many non people of color going missing without a trace but name one black girl or black woman? How many times did you hear about them on the news? If you see us snatch us back! Aren't we worth dying for? Support the show