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44. Stonehenge Sure Has Changed, Man

Hywel has yet to return from the UK (which means the audio in the first 30 minutes is, well, meh...). The lads regret to be the first to inform all of you, but New York City (and London) have really changed, y'all. Also, legit breaking news, Stonehenge likely built by Welsh! (We could have told you that.) Peter gets frustrated by people's need to believe in ancient aliens (not the show, we believe that it's a real show).


43. Priyanka Aribindi, Crooked Media's "What A Day", Pete Goes Alt-Pie

To start with, why does Colter sound like he is on a rotary phone inside an aquarium for the intro? Well, that's none of your business and I would suggest you don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong. To be fair he does give an update on his dog Ritter to try and make up for the fact that he didn't ask Priyanka about Pundit. Oh! That's right, the guest this week is Crooked Media's very own Priyanka Aribindi. Priyanka writes Crooked’s daily newsletter, "What A Day". She also wrote this...


42. What's in a Nation, Bob?

Everyone be sure to wish Big Bad Bob a hip happy birthday in your heart of hearts (it's actually not til September apparently, but don't worry about all that). Somehow the lads this week found their meandering way from welsh identity and Colter's hypothesis on how the Welsh learned the alphabet, to the Bretons' place in French society. All the way to asking the big question, what exactly makes these geographical areas, nations? Is national identity inherently bad or good? How do you...


41. John Paul White, Part Two

Once again, Colter and Peter were left to their own devices, because Hywel refuses to return to us. The lads from Alabama continue last week's conversation with fellow Alabamian and professional music man, John Paul White, this time thanks to the magic of technology (we called him). We get in to what everyone wants to talk about, more Sun Drop™️ facts. Also, we talk more about his music career, as well as about music fandom. You might remember John's music from True Detective season 2, the...


40. John Paul White, Part One

Colter and Peter were left to their own devices, because Hywel refuses to return to us. Maybe we hurt his feelings with the Independence Day episode? Who is to say. The lads from Alabama track down fellow Alabamian and professional music man, John Paul White. You might remember John's music from True Detective season 2, the best season of True Detective that had Vince Vaughn, and the second best season of True Detective otherwise at this moment in time. We talk all things Florence, growing...


39. Today is Our Independence Day! (Well, Two of Us)

Today we have a very special episode where we console our good friend and co-host, Hywel, on the loss of his beloved colony some 242 years ago. We get into the way patriotism is different in the US and the UK and how maybe in a post Brexit atmosphere we could propose a new British holiday.


38. Kenzi Wilbur, Luminary

Kenzi Wilbur sits down with the lads to discuss 19th Century home restoration, growing up in small town Connecticut, the future of podcasting and food traditions and myths.


37. Dad Fights & Social Media

Hey! Send us an email or our dads will beat up your dads. In this episode we deep dive into what makes social media both problematic and essential, and how we can be better stewards of our digital resources. Don't just be slapping your pocket all day long, y'all.


36. On Birds & Bourdain

Up top, we can't ignore the lovely song of the birds in the background of Hywel's recording space, and attic in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Hywel recounts his quick trip to Ibiza last week, and we forgive him (sort of) for missing last week. We take a more serious tone than usual this week as we get in to the death of Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain was an inspiration to all of us here at Fire Escape Enterprises, and we would like to do our best to be as empathetic and curious as he was and encourage...


35. Jeremy Lyman & Paul Schlader, Birch Coffee

Colter and Peter, RIP Hywel (jk he's just on vacation this week), sit down with the fine gentlemen behind Birch Coffee, Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader. This conversation has it all: volcanoes, automatic coffee machines, smell tests and much more. We really enjoyed our time with these guys and hope you do as well.


34. Come Fly With Us, International Tourism, Y'all

Hywel returns from Nashville and we discuss the Royal Wedding as well as his forays into "propah British societah" while at uni in Bristol. Colter pulls off a killer transition from the British Royal Family to global travel. We learn the history of international tourism from young aristocrats on their grand tour, to the invention of the leisure travel agency, to the internet travel age. The fellas discuss their personal philosophies on international travel and THINGS. GET. HEATED... ...JK...


33. Will Marsh, Gold Connections

The lads sat down with Gold Connections' frontman and songwriter Will Marsh to talk about their new record, Popular Fiction. We get in to musical influences, heavy metal violinists, Dave Matthews Band and much much more.


32. Religion, Politics, Humanity and the Shape of Things to Come

Up top, Colter updates the guys on his difficult week from having to put a dog down, to getting in a car wreck and moving apartments. He is tired. Hywel also got in a car wreck this past week, but with his body, twice! (15:04) The lads look ahead to the summer, The Wales Window project and the dreaded writer’s block. (21:43) When we finally get into format, the fellas talk about what’s not polite to discuss around the kitchen table, religion and politics. (38:41)


31. Hannah Margaret Allen, Inverse

Peter and Colter are joined by Hannah Margaret Allen of to talk about secret nerd-dom, pioneers, being an only child, moving to NYC from the South, her family's history from furniture/casket makers to funeral directors and her Grandbubba's old timey town replica and classic car collection.


30. P-Town

The much anticipated unauthorized sequel to S-Town (but better because it’s more literal, plus C-Bob and Buttermilk Pete are actually from Alabama). Today the lads talk about Parrish, AL a small town that was quite literally crapped on by NYC. At the top of the hour, Peter tries his best to channel the Yorkshire accent. (2:25) Colter both reviews and posits what The Fire Escape Bump™️ did to help propel Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War to such lofty heights (big ups to Karen DoctorWho)....


29. Jeremy Malman, Worth Motorcycles

The fellas sit down with Jeremy Malman of Worth Motorcycles. Worth Motorcycle Company is a nonprofit organization that teaches at-risk youth the art of vintage motorcycle restoration. Worth Motorcycle Company's mission is to impart at-risk youth and marginalized young people with the various social and professional competencies to excel within the specialized field of vintage European motorcycle restoration. We do this not only via occupational training, but by promoting valuable,...


28. Road Trip!

This week the fellas talk about the greatest of American traditions, road trips! At the top we also discuss the shape of Chimney Rock on Lake Lure in North Carolina and the difference between the Aussie accent and the Kiwi. Hywel is Back! Peter tells us the tale of the first ever cross country road trip (it involves a bulldog named bud; it's a good story)


27. Joe Pug, The Working Songwriter

Songwriter and Podcast host Joe Pug (The Working Songwriter podcast) chats with the fellas about the process of songwriting, the difficulty of capturing peoples attention and the pros and cons of the paradigm shift in music. Colter informs Hywel of who Ryan Seacrest is. Peter asks Joe about dipping his pinky into Hywel bonds with Joe over playwriting.


26. Mr. John Goes To Birmingham

Hywel is in Birmingham for a while for his project. Peter and Colter teach him about why Birmingham is called the Magic City and give him some Alabama and regional history. If you ever play a Southern or Alabama specific trivia game, this is a can't miss episode.


25. Marcus Tortorici, Red Gatorade Theory

Marcus Tortorici (either tor-tor-ee-see or tor-tor-ee-chee) sits down with the fellas to talk about how he approaches the creative process. He also shares with us his Red Gatorade Theory, where everything that used to be cool becomes new again.