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62. Synchronicity and Scalawags

Hywel finds a mysteriuous book in a village in the shadow iof Mynydd Carningli (Welsh for the Mount of Angels) that is connected to his work and his experience in life.


61. Sean of the South

This week Colter and Peter hopped on a call with writer, musician, lover of good dogs and fellow southerner, Sean Dietrich of Sean of the South. We talked about the SEC Championship Game, growing up in the south, storytelling, American music history and much more. From Sean's website, As a child, I liked to write. I filled up notebooks with tales of the high-seas, shameless vixens, and steamy scenarios combining both of the aforementioned. My fifth grade teacher...


60. On Being Thankful and Sad News from Birmingham

In this episode: Hywel’s spinal health update. Hywel’s bad internet connection. The Lads recap some Thanksgiving happenings. Things get more serious regarding the tragic news coming out of Hoover, AL (a Birmingham suburb) where an innocent young black man was killed by a police officer at a mall on Thanksgiving Day.


59. Christian Campbell, The Lads Catch Reefer Madness

Today it is Peter who is fired. Hywel and Colter press on Peterless in their quest for truth and are joined by actor, producer, raconteur and generally delightful chap, Christian Campbell (Reefer Madness, True Detective, Trick, Big Love). Join us out on the porch (the fire escape is the New York porch, if you will) and listen to our discussion of the history of The Player's Club, Edwin Booth, propaganda and hear a little bit about Christian's story. It was a delightful conversation and we...


58. Hywel John Returns to the New York Groove

We welcome Hywel back with open arms and discuss the history and present differences between mainland Europe, Britain and the Americas when it comes to licentiousness in the wild.


57. Hannah Elliott: Luxury, Cars and Bears

Joining us on our perch out on The Fire Escape this week is Bloomberg writer and all around cool kid, Hannah Elliott. We talk about her career in journalism, running track at Baylor University, the Pacific Northwest and figuring out how it works living in NYC. We also talk about being in to cars, but not being "car guys', as in we don't know that much about cars, but we do like them. Hywel was chipping away at his play this week so again he is MIA, BUT he is finished with it now and...


56. All Hywel's Ween, Part Two

greetings and welcome back to part two of our All Hywel's Ween Spooktacular. On today's show Colter reads a story by HP Lovecraft and Pete retails us with the chilling story of the Bell Witch, a 19th Century middle-Tennessee legend. Tune in for all the haunting tales of Transatlanticism we have for y'all. Hywel was oddly not with us, maybe he is haunting one of our listeners? Let us know at If you would like to read along, check out the posts section on...


55. All Hywel's Ween , Part One

YE BEWARE THE SMELLS AND BELLS! Happy (almost) Halloween, dear listeners! Today the lads talk about the history of the final day of October and the origins of the festival Samhain in part one of our two-part spooktacular! Tune in to part two next week on Halloween day to hear spooky stories from the likes of HP Lovecraft and other great writers.


54. A State of Confucius

This is Colter's version of MJ's Flu Game. It goes just about as well. There are car wrecks! There is go-kart racing! Hywel is still in Germany. We learn how to say Roll Tide in various Scandinavian languages. We dealt with a lot of technical issues this week, but as always this is free and you volunteered for this. Enjoy!


53. Happy Birthday Fire Escape Lads!

We did it, y’all. Against all odds and heavy opposition the lads have been doing this show for an entire year as of this week. It’s fitting that we have now discovered our new queen in an 8 year old Swedish girl who pulled a sword from a lake, long may she reign. Thank you so much for listening to our vortices of chat. Cymru Am Byth and Rywel Tydde!


52. Sophie Hollingsworth: Ballerina to Captain to Explorer

The lads had the most fascinating person they had ever met on this episode, Captain Sophie Hollingsworth (what a great explorer name right?). She graciously hosted us at The Explorers Club in NYC and regaled is with stories of trips across the Australian Outback, sailing across the pacific, remote islands in the South Pacific and her efforts to promote sustainable exploration throughout the world.


51. Matt Umanov, Guitars

The lads sat down physically and metaphysically with Pete’s old boss and guitar store legend, Matt Umanov. Up top we talk about Hywel’s extreme tiredness from his European travels, then Matt joins us to talk about his 50 year history in the instrument business.


50. Presidents, Prime Ministers & John's Lennon

We start our (quite literal, as has been the case as of late) transatlantic discussion on the fundamental differences between Presidents and prime ministers, and how oddly progressive the Weimar Republic was pre-Hitler. We then devolve into talking about some uncurious Danes and debate whether or not John Lennon is the perfect example of a “white ally” (scare quotes used for maximum irony).


49. Jess and Tamara, Chateau De La Salle: Castles, Peaceful Caves and Tender Cousins

This week we are in three different countries simultaneously! Is this a good idea? Maybe. Did Pete fry the mixing board in France? You could say that. Are Hywel's Corgi's busy herding welsh dragons in the background? You bet. Peter and Brandy were the artists in residence for a beautiful property in the French countryside. and the wonderful women who run it were kind enough to sit down with us and share about their project and lives. About the Chateau: Situated in the tranquil surroundings...


48. The Word of the Week is Pontificate

Hywel name drops Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Paul McCartney. Peter and Colter prepare for their trips across the globe and southeast respectively. The lads discuss the nature of the word pontificate and figure out what animals are our best avatars.


47. Andrew Collin: 2X Former Jet Ski Owner, Comedian

This episode is extra NSFW, so be forewarned! Hywel has once again left Colter and Peter to their own devices as they interview comedian Andrew Collin, co-host of the podcast Happy Never After and Frequent Guest on You up w/ Nikki Glaser on Sirius XM. Andrew tells us about growing up Jewish in a small Florida town, playing high school football, going to college at Tulane, getting arrested, fighting Sum 41 and much more.


46. Y'all Fixin' To Get A Cheeky Nando's?

Hywel brings back news from the Emerald Isle and he acted for the first time in years! Colter and Peter are gearing up for two different adventures outside of NYC. Hywel calls the other lads, some ledges, and he proves that he's the archbishop of Canterbury over some proper cheeky Nando's. Colter does an Eli Gold Impression to close us out.


45. Edgar Momplaisir: Culture King, Sad Boy, Comedian

Hywel is truant once again (he's so fired) as Peter and Colter sit down with comedian, writer, actor and fellow podcaster, Edgar Momplaisir. Edgar is a sad boy, rad boy and bad boy. We talk a little bit about improv comedy, and the black experience therein, as well as talk about how growing up in the south shaped the way we are today. Be sure to check out Edgar's podcast, Culture Kings, and his web series, Sad Boy Edgar.


44. Stonehenge Sure Has Changed, Man

Hywel has yet to return from the UK (which means the audio in the first 30 minutes is, well, meh...). The lads regret to be the first to inform all of you, but New York City (and London) have really changed, y'all. Also, legit breaking news, Stonehenge likely built by Welsh! (We could have told you that.) Peter gets frustrated by people's need to believe in ancient aliens (not the show, we believe that it's a real show).


43. Priyanka Aribindi, Crooked Media's "What A Day", Pete Goes Alt-Pie

To start with, why does Colter sound like he is on a rotary phone inside an aquarium for the intro? Well, that's none of your business and I would suggest you don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong. To be fair he does give an update on his dog Ritter to try and make up for the fact that he didn't ask Priyanka about Pundit. Oh! That's right, the guest this week is Crooked Media's very own Priyanka Aribindi. Priyanka writes Crooked’s daily newsletter, "What A Day". She also wrote this...