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Elk. Bear. Hog. Turkey. Deer and More. Hunting Stories that will make you laugh or maybe cry; real life chronicles from the field.


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Elk. Bear. Hog. Turkey. Deer and More. Hunting Stories that will make you laugh or maybe cry; real life chronicles from the field.



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Ep 107 The Hunting Stories Podcast:Wesley Verhamme

Send us a Text Message. What happens when you move from the neon lights of Las Vegas to the rugged wilderness of Alaska? Join us as we sit down with Wesley Verhamme, a listener with unique roots in both Alaska and Kansas, who shares his incredible hunting journey. From bagging his first duck at Mosquito Lake with a single-shot .410 shotgun to navigating the cold, harsh terrains of Alaska, Wesley’s stories are a testament to resilience and an adventurous spirit. Through his humorous and heartwarming anecdotes, you’ll experience the thrill and challenges of growing up as a young hunter in the Last Frontier. Ever wondered about the intricacies of moose hunting? Wesley takes us through a suspenseful last-day hunt with his father, revealing their unique strategies and the high-stakes moments that come with estimating a moose’s antler spread. He shares tales of navigating tough hunting regulations, the thrill of a successful shot, and even the unexpected outcomes that sometimes come with hunting in the wild. From a prank gone wrong during an elk hunt to the hilarious and chaotic moments of a wild marsh adventure, Wesley’s stories are filled with raw emotions, valuable lessons, and the unpredictability of the hunt. Throughout the episode, Wesley reflects on the profound connections to nature and family that hunting fosters. He shares personal reflections on how his late grandfather influenced his hunting passion, despite never having hunted together. You'll hear about Wesley’s bold attempts at archery hunting and his memorable Kansas hunting trips. Each story underscores the camaraderie, the importance of preparation, and the shared experiences that make hunting more than just a pastime. So tune in, laugh, and get inspired by the unforgettable moments that Wesley Verhamme brings to life, reminding us all of the wild beauty and tough lessons that hunting adventures offer. Wesleys Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 106 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Rick Trimmer

Send us a Text Message. Imagine stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown terrain of bowhunting. Join me, as I bring on my good friend Rick Trimmer, the man who introduced me to the Molokai Axis Deer Hunt. We'll reminisce about our recent Hawaiian escapades and how Rick’s courage to embrace new challenges fostered unforgettable friendships and experiences. Rick's own podcast, M42 Adventures, reveals how he harnesses global adventures to cultivate personal growth and meaningful connections. Get ready to immerse yourself in a series of thrilling bowhunting tales. Rick and I uncover the passion and dedication that these adventures demand. We share the highs and lows of our hunting journeys, including a 71-year-old hunter's unexpected success and the physical hurdles we’ve faced. These stories are not just about the hunt but about the camaraderie, the respect for nature, and the unique bond formed in the wild. Finally, we delve into the heart of hunting camp etiquette and teamwork. Through personal anecdotes, we illustrate how contributing to the group and respecting social norms can build lasting friendships. From humorous mishaps to critical rescue attempts, we highlight the unpredictable nature of hunting and the deep camaraderie born from these challenges. Whether it’s stalking deer in Hawaii or navigating the chaos of a Texas turkey hunt, our adventures underscore the essence of perseverance and the sheer joy of achievement in the wilderness. M42 Website M42 Instagram HSP Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 105 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Bill Vanderheyden

Send us a Text Message. Join us for a thrilling conversation with Bill Vanderheyden, the genius behind Iron Will broadheads, as he shares his inspiring journey from a mechanical engineer in Wisconsin to a pioneering designer of high-performance hunting gear in Colorado. With a background in bow hunting and a drive fueled by a commercial product failure, Bill opens up about the meticulous craftsmanship and technical details that go into creating the ultimate broadheads. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of Iron Will and the importance of sharpness and penetration in broadhead design. We swap riveting hunting stories, from heart-pounding bear encounters to the unpredictable challenges of caribou hunting. This episode promises a delightful mix of technical expertise, and thrilling hunting adventures. Our journey doesn't stop there. Bill shares an enthralling account of a demanding caribou bow hunt, highlighting his persistence amid multiple challenges. From tactical decisions during midday caribou hunting to the climactic 98-yard shot that ensured an ethical hunt, Bill's narrative captures the essence of dedication and skill in bow hunting. We wrap up with insights on upcoming hunting seasons and extend a warm invitation for listeners to share their own stories. Don't miss this episode packed with practical advice, mouth-watering culinary insights, and unforgettable hunting experiences! Iron Will Website Iron Will Instagram HSP Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 104 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Baker Leavitt

Send us a Text Message. Imagine taking down two deer with a single shot or trekking through the African wilderness under the cover of darkness. Join us for an enthralling conversation with the multi-faceted Baker Leavitt, a man whose hunting tales stretch from the fields of Georgia to the savannas of Africa. We delve into his diverse career at Black Rifle Coffee, Kill Cliff, and Outsider, and also uncover his insights as a political consultant and entrepreneur. Baker shares some eye-opening statistics about licensed hunters who skipped voting in recent elections, stressing the huge impact civic engagement can have on not just the hunting community, but society as a whole. Our journey begins with Baker’s early hunting days, filled with adventure and camaraderie. Hear the heartwarming story of his first hunting trip at 15, where he bagged two deer with a single shot and sparked a lifelong passion. Baker’s fascination doesn’t stop at hunting; it extends to Native American culture and arrowhead hunting. Africa's vast wilderness and rich history have always captivated him, offering unparalleled experiences and tales of redemption, like the gripping nighttime hunt in the African bush and the inspiring story of Eli, a man who found redemption after a stint in prison. Baker’s hunting escapades are not just about the thrill of the chase but also about the lessons learned along the way. From a solo elk hunt in Utah to the complexities of trophy hunting and managing hog overpopulation, each story is a blend of raw emotion, excitement, and achievement. Baker’s narrative emphasizes the importance of introducing new hunters to the field and mastering fundamental skills. This episode is a treasure trove of captivating stories and invaluable life lessons, making it a must-listen for hunting enthusiasts and anyone with a love for the great outdoors. Baker's Instagram Hunting Stories Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 103 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Scott Daughtery

Send us a Text Message. Imagine getting a call at work that leads you to an adventure filled with treed lions, snowy mountains, and side-splitting laughter. Join us as Scott Daugherty, a seasoned hunter from Gunnison, Colorado, recounts his thrilling and often humorous journey from coon hunting to mountain lion tracking. Inspired by the classic novel "Where the Red Fern Grows," Scott shares stories of early mentorship, and the tight-knit community that dog hunting fosters. Step into Scott's world of mountain lion hunting, where every track tells a story and each hunt is a lesson in preparation and perseverance. From his first solo lion catch in the harsh Colorado winter to collaborating with Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the Gunnison Mountain Lion Study, Scott’s tales are a mix of adrenaline, camaraderie, and respect for the craft. Hear about the intricacies of identifying lion tracks and the stringent regulations that guide ethical hunting practices, all while appreciating the dedication of CPW officers and the unbreakable bond between hunters and their dogs. Humor finds its way into the hunt as Scott shares an unforgettable incident involving a tree, a lioness, and a mentor’s misadventure. Learn about the ups and downs of tracking lions through challenging terrains, the importance of ethical hunting, and the relentless spirit of the dogs who make it all possible. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or just curious about the world of hound hunting, this episode promises a heartfelt and engaging exploration of the wild, filled with awe-inspiring stories and the voices of passionate hunters. United Houndsmen of Colorado Facebook Support the Show.


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Ep 102 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Julius Craig

Send us a Text Message. When laughter mingles with the profound wisdom of the woods, you know you're in for a treat. Julius Craig, a name synonymous with Delta Fludge Outdoors, joins me to swap tales that stitch together the fabric of a hunter's life. From the comical tale of his roadside rendezvous with law enforcement to the deeply personal reflections on how life's crossroads led him back to the embrace of nature, our conversation is a journey through the heart of hunting tradition and innovation. This episode isn't just about reminiscing; it's a masterclass in the art of adapting to the ever-changing landscapes and regulations that shape our pursuit. Julius and I traverse memory lane, discussing everything from the adrenaline-fueled first hunts that forever imprint on a hunter's soul to the subtle intricacies of wildlife conservation. We've seen it all, from the thick pine forests of Louisiana to the broad horizons of Oklahoma, and we're here to share the hunter's perspective on wildlife management, land maintenance, and the joy of introducing the next generation to the great outdoors. As we wrap up our chat, the importance of wildlife conservation and the rich tapestry of available game in Oklahoma come to the fore, reminding us of the delicate balance between tradition and sustainability. I can't thank Julius enough for bringing his voice to the podcast and for the hearty laughs we shared. If you're itching to hear more from Julius, hop over to his Delta Flows Outdoors podcast, and while you're at it, why not share your own stories with us? Let's keep the tradition alive and inspire each other to create unforgettable moments in the wild. Delta Flauge Outdoors Hunting Stories Podcast Support the Show.


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Ep 101 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Johnny "Utah" Mulligan

Send us a Text Message. When a former law enforcement officer swaps his badge for a bow, the result is as captivating as it is inspiring. This is the essence of our latest encounter with John Mulligan, affectionately known as Johnny Utah, as he walks us through the tall grasses of his life's work and passion. From the rolling hills of Kentucky to the abundant fields of Iowa, Utah's evolution from a hunter to a television personality is an odyssey rife with perseverance, partnerships, and the occasional pronghorn. Utah doesn't shy away from the hard truths of the hunting industry as he recounts the ups and downs of creating a successful outdoor TV show. He discusses the importance of relationships over sponsorships and the undeniable impact of personal interests—like weightlifting and jujitsu—on his achievements. Utah's dedication to his craft is as steadfast as it is infectious, and his stories, from the harrowing to the humorous, embody the heart of the hunting community. Each chapter of Utah's journey adds a vibrant thread to the rich tapestry of outdoor life. Listeners will be treated to the ethics of catfishing versus noodling, the transition back to gun hunting after years of bowhunting, and the tale of a fortuitous pronghorn hunt that underscores the unpredictability of the pursuit. And as we bid farewell to our esteemed guest, we encourage you to join his legion of followers on social media—and perhaps see your own hunting stories shared in a future episode. Johnny's Linktree Hunting Stories Podcast Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 100 The Hunting Stories Podcast: In Memory of Larry Peterson

Send us a Text Message. Gather 'round the campfire for our centennial episode as we honor Larry Peterson, the man whose hunting legacy courses through our veins. Joined by Dylan Peterson and Steven Bryant, we spin yarns of our shared adventures and the laughter that echoes through the wilderness. Our tales traverse from Saskatchewan's elk-rich forests to the bullet-riddled army tents of Washington, each one stitching a more vibrant patch into the quilt of our outdoor life. Let's raise a toast to the pranks, the perseverance, and the profound moments that define the hunter's journey. From the thrill of a muzzleloader hunt to the ethical quandaries faced in the field, we don't shy away from the mishaps and mayhem that bring us closer to nature—and to each other. Our escapades, including a bee attack turned comedy sketch and a frigid camp that tested our wits, remind us that the hunt is as much about the chase as it is about the camaraderie. So here's to Larry, whose spirit guides our sights and stories, and to all the listeners ready to etch their mark on the wild narrative. Share in our gratitude as we beckon you to contribute your own memories, ensuring the tales of the ones we've loved and the lands we've roamed live on. Join us in this celebration of heritage, humor, and the hunt that binds us. Support the Show.


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Ep 099 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Aron Snyder

Send us a Text Message. Aaron Snyder of Kifaru, a seasoned adventurer with a heart forged in the great outdoors, joins us for a fireside chat brimming with wild escapades and profound wisdom. Celebrating our 99th episode—a testament to the journey we've all been on together—we traverse the emotional terrain of hunting, encountering the raw edge where nature meets human spirit. Aaron doesn't hold back as he shares his riveting experiences, from confronting the perils of a boulder field with a dislocated rib to the joys and pains of bow hunting that have shaped his incredible journey from a military man to a connoisseur of survival. Imagine drawing your bowstring back quietly, eyes locked on a mule deer, heart pounding in the stillness of the forest; Aaron brings these moments to life with vivid tales of hunts that test the limits of both traditional and compound bow equipment. The episode is also a sanctuary for candid discussions on controversial topics like predator hunting in British Columbia, where ethics and conservation intersect with the primal dance of hunter and prey. Each story peels back a layer of the hunter's psyche, exposing the inherent challenges and the ceaseless pursuit of personal growth through nature's unforgiving lessons. As we wrap up this episode with Aaron, it's not just about the hunts but the growth that comes from them. The tales of early overconfidence, the trials of extreme weather, and the unwavering determination in the face of missed opportunities are as much a reflection of life as they are of hunting. We're not just recounting stories; we're sharing a part of ourselves, inviting listeners to connect through the universal language of the wilderness. So, as you listen, remember that each journey into the wild is our own, and together, we're writing the stories that define us. Aron's Linktree Aron's Instagram Hunting Stories Instagram Support the Show.


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Ep 098 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Will Cooper

Send us a Text Message. When Central Texas whispers its call of the wild into a young boy's heart, a lifelong hunter is born. Will Cooper, our esteemed guest, weaves a captivating narrative of his evolution from a bright-eyed youth, taking his first shots on family land, to his present-day role as a raconteur of the hunt and a steward of the outdoors. His journey through the tapestry of tradition to his current position with GSM Outdoors and HuntStand isn't just a story; it's a legacy that we explore in rich, resonant detail. Understanding the essence of the hunt goes beyond the prey; it's about the choices we make, both in the wild and within the walls of our daily grind. Will and I uncover the tough calls that define us, from standing our ground in the workplace to the unity and meticulous orchestration behind each hunting expedition. These are the moments that forge unbreakable bonds and shape the anticipation that electrifies the air as we prepare for the pursuit. Our adventure reaches a crescendo with the recounting of an elk hunt that tested our limits — a showdown with nature where strategy, stamina, and sheer will against the elements wrote a saga of triumph and transformation. But it's not just about the hunt; it's about how these experiences carve into our very beings, influencing our approach to everything from our diets to our most cherished roles as fathers and husbands. Join us for an episode that transcends the mere act of hunting and ventures into the profound realm where the wild outdoors molds the course of our lives. Instagram Will HuntStand Hunting Stories COACH - YOUTUBE Support the Show.


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Ep 097 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jules McQueen

Send us a Text Message. From the curious beginnings of a 17-year-old discovering the thrill of the hunt to leading Carbon TV's innovative digital presence, Jules McQueen joins us to weave a tale that traverses the raw beauty of the outdoors and the screens that bring it to life. Our conversation peels back the curtain on how Jules turned her vision into a hub for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, where the authenticity of fishing lines and hunting trails reigns supreme. She shares her insights into cultivating a community where youthful initiation into hunting is not just encouraged but celebrated, drawing on her own untraditional entry into the sport. There's an emotional pulse that beats through every hunter's story, and in this episode, you'll journey with me as I recount the first arrow I released into a mule deer, a moment wrapped in exhilaration and solemnity. We swap tales of camaraderie under the Texan sky, laughter echoing through the woods, and misadventures that turn into treasured memories. Jules and I reflect on the power of capturing these moments, preserving the essence of friendship and thrill of the hunt through the lens of a camera, a sentiment that resonates deeply within the heart of every outdoorsman. Wrapping up our chat, we explore the surprisingly common values between hunters and non-hunters, advocating for a dialogue that bridges understanding across the divide. I open up about my year-long journey without meat, an experience that shifted my approach to food and the hunt. With the spirit of unity threading our conversation, we extend an invitation to listeners to discover the plethora of stories and adventures waiting on Carbon TV, where the outdoors is not just watched, but felt. Instagram Jules CarbonTV Hunting Stories Support the Show.


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Ep 096 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Cory "Overtime" Anderson

Send us a Text Message. Ever wonder what happens when a Bellator heavyweight champion swaps the gloves for a bow? On our latest Hunting Stories podcast, we do just that, inviting Cory "Overtime" Anderson to share his first forays into the hunting world, as well as the laughs and lessons he's picked up along the way. From his initial rabbit hunts to a tree stand escapade that'll have you in stitches, Cory's tales are as impactful as his punches in the ring. But this episode isn't just about the thrill of the catch; it's a celebration of the mishaps and memories that hunting inevitably serves up. Join me as he recounts his own introduction to deer hunting, complete with adrenaline-charged successes and the kind of slip-ups that have become family legend. You'll hear about the connections that form in those quiet moments waiting for wildlife, the shared experiences that define our outdoor adventures, and the belly laughs that echo through the woods. Coreys Linktree Instagram Corey "Overtime" Anderson Outdoors With Overtime Hunting Stories Youtube Corey Hunting Stories Support the Show.


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Ep 095 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Spencer Remple

Send us a Text Message. Have you ever wondered what it's like to grow up in the true north, wild and free? Our guest Spencer Rempel doesn't need to imagine; he's lived it, and he brings his incredible stories to our latest podcast episode. From the history-soaked northern Canadian wilderness to the adrenaline rush of hunting cougars with dogs, Spencer's narratives are as varied as they are enthralling. He paints a vivid picture of a life where nature dictates the rhythm, and where silver mining and paddle wheelers are part of the everyday lexicon. Instagram The Moose Whisperer Hunting Stories Youtube The Moose Whisperer Hunting Stories Support the Show.


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Ep 094 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jana Waller Bair

Send us a Text Message. Embark on an auditory expedition with the formidable Jana Waller-Bair, the seasoned hunter and captivating host of Skullbound Chronicles and Skullbound TV and on Carbon TV, as she recounts her evolution from a young Wisconsin outdoorswoman to a prominent figure in the hunting world. Our conversation with Jana is a masterclass in the unexpected joys and solemn realities of hunting, mixing humor with reverence as she shares tales of missed wolf encounters, mountain goat hunts on dizzying heights, and the somber lessons learned from the untamed wild. The wisdom Jana imparts extends beyond the chase; it's a testament to the hunter's symbiotic relationship with nature, the importance of conservation, and the deep bonds formed in the hushed stillness of the great outdoors. Instagram Jana Hunting Stories Support the Show.


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Ep 093 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Tony Gilbertson

Send us a Text Message. Episode 93 of The Hunting Stories Podcast is live with the one and only Tony Gilbertson, an ace in the art of elk calls and a treasured contributor to the hunting community. In our latest episode, we unpack Tony's evolution from a rifle hunter taught by his father to a masterful archer, as he weaves a colorful narrative of his escapades in the Pacific Northwest's untamed forests. We're talking full-bodied laughter, misadventures with backpack casualties, and even a spirited debate on plant-based meat—all with my good friend and Phelps game call sponsored athlete. Instagram Tony Hunting Stories Youtube Support the Show.


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Ep 092: The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jason Phelps

Send us a Text Message. Embark on a journey into the heart of archery elk hunting with the remarkable Jason Phelps, a true innovator who's turned his passion for the wilderness into a symphony of success with Phelps Game Calls. His story, woven from childhood hunts to the thrill of the bow, captures the essence of a tradition transformed by innovation. As we sit down with Jason, his tales of transition from rifle to bow and the founding of his game call empire strike a chord with those who seek not just the hunt but the deeper connection with nature it brings. Instagram Jason Phelps Hunting Stories Support the Show.


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Ep 091: The Hunting Stories Podcast: Phil Mendoza

Send us a Text Message. I recently sat down with Phil Mendoza, a legend in the archery world and the visionary behind No Limits Archery and the Mile High Hunt Expo. Together, we took an introspective look at the transformation from rifle to bow, exploring how commitment to craft and community shapes the essence of a hunter. Phil's own evolution mirrors the metamorphosis of hunting itself—a tradition steeped in the beauty of challenge and the bonds of family. His stories of balancing a bustling bow shop with family duties will hit home for anyone striving to marry passion with daily life. Promo code: HS2024 Instagram Phil's No Limits Archery Mile High Hunt & Fish Expo Support the Show.


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Ep 090 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Brett Thompson

Send us a Text Message. When Brett Thompson recounted his first hunting trip, where an elusive banded duck almost met its match, I knew our listeners were in for a treat. Each of his stories, woven with the fabric of family and tradition, brings the wilderness of Idaho alive with an authenticity that only a true outdoorsman can convey. From an emotional tribute to a gun-loving uncle to the unexpected success facilitated by day-old bread for bear baiting, Brett's tales are a reminder of the deep connections and spontaneous moments that make hunting an unforgettable adventure. Support the Show.


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Ep 089 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jesse Griffiths

Send us a Text Message. Gather 'round the hearth as we explore the visceral connection between the wild outdoors and the warmth of the kitchen with our esteemed guest, Jesse Griffiths. In a tale that marries the primal thrill of the hunt with the delicate art of cuisine, Jesse, author, chef, and culinary conjurer, takes us through the forests teeming with game and into the sanctuary of his restaurant Dai Due. His vivid recollections of hunting, paired with his role at the New School of Traditional Cookery, stitch together the fabric of tradition, respect for nature, and the gastronomic pleasure of field-to-table cookery. As the leaves turn and the chill sets in, tales of turkey hunting unfold like the changing seasons. From the silent brush of the South Texas ranches to the camaraderie of pursuit in the Oregon mountains, each narrative pulsates with the anticipation and strategy unique to the sport. Reflect on the first brush with success, when the sound of a responding gobbler sets the heart racing, to the awe-struck moment of encountering a banded bird, a living testament to the wilderness's enduring tales. Jesse's Linktree Our Linktree Support the Show.


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Ep 088 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Ashley Covert

Send us a Text Message. When Ashley Covert traded her vegan lifestyle for the woods and wild game, her journey opened up a world of respect for nature, ethical hunting, and self-discovery. As we sit down with Ashley, she recounts the poignant transition sparked by a craving during pregnancy that led her from a plant-based diet to embracing the hunter's path. Her engaging story isn't just about changing eating habits; it's a profound exploration of the connections we make with our food sources and the conscious decisions that shape our consumption. Ashley's Linktree The Hunting Stories Linktree Support the Show.