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The Lever explores pressure points of the modern world.

The Lever explores pressure points of the modern world.




The Lever explores pressure points of the modern world.






Season 2 Episode 5 – Disqualified Knowledge and Any Hope

We're very lucky to have one of Luke's true broadcasting gurus Judy Shelley, stop by for an epic conversation about controversial disqualified knowledges that emerge in chaotic times, under appropriately wild conditions in Melbourne's southern suburbs. Find out how things are just as wild up in the Byron Shire! While these knowledges may be judged on their respective merits, find out how every moment is an opportunity to become more unified, to protect and stand beside people we never quite...


Season 2 Episode 4 — Wild Women: Individualism, Intuition and Intimacy

Melanie leads an all-star team with Zya, Erin and Kate through some of the big risks and norms they've grappled with as women over the years. Tune in to hear how many different ways life can be done when it comes to adventure, bold choices, observing and responding to traditions over work and family, and driving one's own sexuality. A bit of a successor episode to our previous "Unlearning Monogamy" episode. Same deal each week: talking lite around the serious stuff, and talking seriously...


Season 2 Episode 3 – Lockdown 2.0: "Fitter, Happier, and More Productive"

As Melbournites head into ever more strenuous lockdown conditions, Luke, Melanie and new guest Leila share what's keeping them happy, healthy and hopeful. They survey the scene locally, nationally and internationally, then get into what's working for themselves and their communities, including quotes to inspire and their "desert island discs". A sister episode to Luke and Nick's first episode of the season, revisiting policy, welfare and the arts. Luke references the amazing Indigenous land...


Season 2 Episode 2 – Unlearning Monogamy

This week Luke is lucky to be joined by Season 1 OG Melanie, and fresh design thinking from Corrie. Both bring their hearts and brains to a conversation about unlearning monogamy, challenging social assumptions and bad habits passed onto us, as we figure out how to have the best relationships and lives possible. We bring our characteristic levity, cheeky analysis, and depth to a topic that can't possibly be summed up in one go. This is definitely a unique conversation that doesn't exist...


Season 2 Episode 1 – Arts, Music, Trump: heterodoxy and the Great Unmasking

The Lever is back for Season 2! This week we're joined by Season 1 OG: musician, creator and educator Nick, who joins Luke to discuss the plight of musicians and artists in the global Corona shutdown, heterodox responses from unexpected quarters of the Anglosphere, and the potential for a "great unmasking" that exposes the national media, politicians, our own bad votes, and how we sure love the arts but prefer not to pay for it. UBI, the neo-liberal bipartisan consensus, welfare, work and...


Season 1 Episode 6 Finale – "If You See Me Walking on a Treadmill Kill Me"

After a Dysatisfunctional Summer hiatus, The Lever is back for a Season 1 Finale! Original thought leader, creative and your spiritual better, Manushka, joins Luke as he tries to say the whole thing was her idea. If creative projects, unwanted birthdays, awkward family and friendship moments are things in your life, this is the episode for you. Email us at with thoughts and feedback about what Manushka should come back to weigh in on next. Do you prefer the 1:1...


Season 1 Episode 5 – What Have The Romans Ever Done For/To Us?

Aaaaand, we're BACK. In this new episode, Ben takes us down the Roman roads of Western civilisation, via The Ramsay Centre's inability to find a host university. We explore how progressives are riddled with contradiction, and how Tony Abbott is personally responsible for the awkward position this Course of Western Civilisation finds itself in. This visual diary was too busy for a cover image, but we very much wanted to share it with you. Email us at with...


Season 1 Episode 4 – Super Saturday Suffer-In-Yer-Jocks Byelections roundup

This week Caitlin, David and Luke take a look at the byelections happening around Australia in July and try to figure out just what the heck is going on. We pride ourselves on being able to make any side of politics discomforted, so if you're offended, you might just be in terrible company! Journos and moderate centrists might cop more of a shellacking than anyone this hour. Listeners have commended the quality of talent and wit each week. If you like what we're putting together here, go...


Season 1 Episode 3 – A Shocking Grade 3-4 Cultural Sprain

Trigger warning: sexual harassment of a child. Our third episode of The Lever is an interview between Luke and his 9-year-old family member, about a fellow 9-year-old's ongoing sexual harassment against her, and the rippling effect of its mishandling over 2 years by the school. It follows up from last week's exploration of men's violence against women, with a different view and approach that is entirely complementary and will absolutely sit you on your butt. The story is as warm as it is...


Season 1 Episode 2 – Men's Violence Against Women

Our second episode of The Lever does what it says on the tin. Trigger warning: violence against women, sexual assault and murder, men being different varieties and combinations of ignorant and/or well-meaning. We're very lucky to have Melanie back from last week being more fair than we really deserve, Kat dropping truthpearl bombs, Ben turning the moment around to see how it's made, and myself trying not to be too much of a brocialist. Follow our Facebook page at,...


Season 1 Episode 1 – Class Warfare: Poo Jogger & Medieval Realty

Our first episode of The Lever! The skills, tech and people have aligned, and we couldn't be happier to share it with you. Join Luke, Melanie, Nick and Tom for a fairly epic exploration of some symbolic shit going on, and we mean that literally. Follow our Facebook page at, read the blog at, and Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Dysatisfunctional TV. Our sketch comedy satire of the Equal Marriage vote is up there so check it out. At 100...