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When Fate Is Twisted - Hedy Schleifer

Hedy Schleifer was the child of Jewish refugees who had narrowly escaped the Holocaust. As a teen, she longed to break out of her insular and protective home in Belgium, so she moved across the globe to seek adventure. Her new-found freedom was exhilarating until…she barely survived a tragic boating accident. Traumatized and suicidal, Hedy received a mysterious message that gave her life a higher purpose. Listen to this powerful Hero’s Journey where Hedy shares how she met the man who deeply...


When The Weight Crushes - Dave DeLong

Dave DeLong had a perfect life as a star athlete, track coach, teacher, and family man. His world came apart after losing his first son to leukemia. Then his second son was diagnosed with the same disease. Through years of trying to save his boys, he turned to food for comfort, until…he developed diabetes. He learned that he couldn’t help anyone if he didn’t take care of himself. Listen to this Hero’s Journey where Dave candidly shares what it takes for a marriage to survive grief and loss...


When The Mirror Shatters - Kelly Howell

Kelly Howell lived in the fast lane with a jet-set career, wild parties, and a rocky marriage. Everything came to a screeching halt when she nearly lost her life in a car accident. A series of tragedies and losses followed, catapulting her into a paranoid depression, until…it became too much. Desperately seeking her purpose in life, she received a Divine download which revealed a powerful plan for her future. Listen to this magical Hero’s Journey where Kelly heals her inner brokenness...


When The Inside Is Out - Hal Filiar - Aguilera

Hal Filiar-Aguilera was heavily involved in a Christian church while secretly struggling with homosexual feelings. After years of an unsuccessful quest to become straight, he finally came out. Tangled in an unhealthy relationship that led to a meth addiction, Hal was on a path of self-destruction, until…he almost overdosed. Aware that his sexuality wasn’t the real issue, he determined to seek wholeness from the inside out. Listen to this riveting Hero's Journey where Hal uncovers his hidden...


Season Finale: The Heroes of Season One

What do a Broadway Producer, Olympic Gold Medalist, Therapist, Video Editor, Nurse, Hockey Player, Musician, Entrepreneur, Heavyweight Boxing Champion, and Singer have in common? They’ve all been on the Hero’s Journey. And they’ve all been on this Podcast. THIS SPECIAL EPISODE FEATURES: •Highlights from each of the 10 Heroes Listen and learn from their pivotal moments •Behind the scenes with Belinda & Jeff Find out about the history of the podcast and the musical process •Q&A from our...


When The Dream Is Caged - Audley Harrison

Audley Harrison came from a broken home and a poor neighborhood in London. In a tug of war between sports and running the streets, he became an official bad boy by age 16 until…he was locked up in jail for 18 months. Determined to change his title, he discovered his talent and passion for boxing, which took him all the way to Olympic Gold and changed the face of boxing in Great Britain. This podcast explores the questions: What does it take to overcome major setbacks? How can a victim become...


When The Pill Is Bitter - Janice Freeman

Janice Freeman experienced more challenges before age 14 than most. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, and depression sent her spiraling toward suicide. After barely surviving a long-term critical illness, she found hope through her faith and a church family. Her life started to turn around until…she was betrayed by the very people she thought she could trust. Physically suffering from her own anger, she decided to pursue healing from the inside out. This podcast explores the questions: When does...


When The Jig Is Up - Dan Tocchini

Dan Tocchini was leading a fraudulent life. A personal Transformation Trainer by day and a money laundering Drug Dealer by night until…he got caught. Ashamed and on the brink of divorce, he made the courageous decision to tell the truth, beginning with himself. This podcast explores the questions: •What opens up when you tell yourself the truth? •Is it possible to restore a marriage after many betrayals? •What’s really happening when what you hear is different than what someone said? Listen...


When The Tide Goes Out - Madeleine Brandli

Madeleine Brandli was an orphan and a widow. After grieving so many losses, she had finally found peace, until... she lost her daughter in a completely different way. With her world turned upside down and her heart devastated, she pioneered a new path of connection through letting go. This podcast explores the questions: What are the choices in the face of devastating loss? Is it possible to heal a relationship alone? What does it look like to let go and hold on at the same time? Listen to...


When The Devil Is In The Details - Sarah Tueting

Sarah Tueting was living a dreamy life in the mountains with her husband and new-born twins until…the unimaginable occurred right under her roof. Refusing to be permanently disfigured by this trauma, Sarah determined to pursue healing instead. This podcast explores the questions: What is the nature of evil in the world? Can you truly heal after a trauma? Is it possible to feel guilt and gratitude at the same time? Listen to this compelling hero's journey where Sarah goes on a quest to...


When The River Runs Dry - Naomi Collins - Beltz

Naomi Collins-Beltz was living a comfortable California life. She left it all behind when Destiny called her to move across the globe. This new life in a new country held tremendous promise until…her Destiny abruptly vanished and nothing made sense anymore. After spiraling into depression and almost losing her marriage, Naomi made her way back to discover a delightful new calling. This podcast explores the questions: What if the circumstances you have are exactly what you need? How can a...


When The Truth Is A Lie - Dani Davis

Dani Davis had a fulfilling and creative life with her family and career until…she stumbled upon a shocking discovery. Her life wasn’t what she thought it was. After her reality was shattered, she began the courageous process of inhabiting her new world of truth. This podcast explores the questions: What if the truth is right there but you can't see it? How can you reconcile life when it doesn't make sense? Is there a strength within that you don't know about? Listen to this compelling...


When The Light Is Dark - Clayton Light

Clayton Light was spending most of his time in a basement alone. Addicted to alcohol for many years, his hopes and dreams were slipping away until…he almost lost it all. He was handed a choice which required an immediate decision: to live or to die. This podcast explores the questions: What does it take to overcome addiction? What is the importance of hope? Can you actually win by giving up? Listen to this compelling Hero’s Journey where Clayton is handed a ticket to freedom, his light is...


When A House Collapses - Robin Severn - Fischette

Robin Fischette lived a full and "harried" life; running a business with her husband and raising 3 daughters, became way too much. After her body started falling apart, she found that her marriage was as well. In order to dig her way out of the rubble, she had to make some courageous decisions to rebuild her life from the inside out. This podcast explores the questions: What are the messages your body is trying to tell you? When is it selfish to take care of yourself? What if some...


When Lightning Strikes Twice - Lisa Solis DeLong

Lisa DeLong had a "perfect" life with her husband and children, until...her first son, Justin was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he achieved remission for many years, he eventually relapsed and finally died. Once she got her equilibrium, it happened again with her youngest child. This podcast explores the questions: Can bad things happen to good people? Can they happen more than once? Are there other ways to see reality? Listen to this compelling hero's journey where Lisa discovers a...