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When The River Runs Dry - Naomi Collins - Beltz

Naomi Collins-Beltz was living a comfortable California life. She left it all behind when Destiny called her to move across the globe. This new life in a new country held tremendous promise until…her Destiny abruptly vanished and nothing made sense anymore. After spiraling into depression and almost losing her marriage, Naomi made her way back to discover a delightful new calling. This podcast explores the questions: What if the circumstances you have are exactly what you need? How can a...


When The Truth Is A Lie - Dani Davis

Dani Davis had a fulfilling and creative life with her family and career until…she stumbled upon a shocking discovery. Her life wasn’t what she thought it was. After her reality was shattered, she began the courageous process of inhabiting her new world of truth. This podcast explores the questions: What if the truth is right there but you can't see it? How can you reconcile life when it doesn't make sense? Is there a strength within that you don't know about? Listen to this compelling...


When The Light Is Dark - Clayton Light

Clayton Light was spending most of his time in a basement alone. Addicted to alcohol for many years, his hopes and dreams were slipping away until…he almost lost it all. He was handed a choice which required an immediate decision: to live or to die. This podcast explores the questions: What does it take to overcome addiction? What is the importance of hope? Can you actually win by giving up? Listen to this compelling Hero’s Journey where Clayton is handed a ticket to freedom, his light is...


When A House Collapses - Robin Severn - Fischette

Robin Fischette lived a full and "harried" life; running a business with her husband and raising 3 daughters, became way too much. After her body started falling apart, she found that her marriage was as well. In order to dig her way out of the rubble, she had to make some courageous decisions to rebuild her life from the inside out. This podcast explores the questions: What are the messages your body is trying to telling you? When is it selfish to take care of yourself? What if...


When Lightning Strikes Twice - Lisa Solis DeLong

Lisa DeLong had a "perfect" life with her husband and children, until...her first son, Justin was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he achieved remission for many years, he eventually relapsed and finally died. Once she got her equilibrium, it happened again with her youngest child. This podcast explores the questions: Can bad things happen to good people? Can they happen more than once? Are there other ways to see reality? Listen to this compelling hero's journey where Lisa discovers a...