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A podcast all about stories of the South, straight from the sources. Hosted by Kate Robertson, the Southern food & lifestyle blogger at Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A podcast all about stories of the South, straight from the sources. Hosted by Kate Robertson, the Southern food & lifestyle blogger at Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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A podcast all about stories of the South, straight from the sources. Hosted by Kate Robertson, the Southern food & lifestyle blogger at Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.




Episode 36: Church & Coffee - feat. Matt Busby

This week, I'm joined by Matt Busby, director of The Camp House, one of Chattanooga's most loved coffee shops. Matt and his wife moved to Chattanooga in 2010 and have been involved in the coffee and church communities since day one. In this episode, we talk about The Camp House's beginnings, the relationship between church and coffee, a little theology, a new location for The Camp House, what's on our bar carts (or shelves), and more. Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Follow The Camp...


Episode 35: Finding Your Challenge - feat. Kyle House & Kyle Miller

This week, I sit down with Kyle House and Kyle Miller, co-founders of Kyle House Fitness, known to many as The Kyles. We cover a lot of topics, ranging from what makes their HIIPFit classes and gym so unique, all the way up to which celebrities we'd love to have a drink with. The Kyles also share some tips for beginner HIIPFit-ers and talk about the highs and lows of owning a small business. Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Follow them on Instagram @the_kyles and @kylehousefitness, and...


Episode 34: Play, Share, Tell a Story - feat. Aaron Carney (and a Demo Song!)

For the first new episode of 2019, I sit down with local artist Aaron Carney. At only 19, he's already lived on three continents and traveled around the U.S. playing music. In this episode, Aaron talks about playing the blues in Memphis (and why he subsequently revolted against the blues), who he looks up to in the Chattanooga music community, how he crafts his own songs, and more. Stay tuned 'til the end to hear one of his latest demo tracks. Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Give Aaron...


BONUS: Kate Answers Listener Questions!

Kicking off the New Year with some listener Q&A! I went live on Instagram to answer some questions from my wonderful listeners, and in case you couldn't tune in, I recorded it. Y'all asked about my favorite foods, the places I've lived, how my cat got her name, what I love most about blogging and podcasting, and more. Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. I'm going to do listener Q&As more frequently, so send your questions my way and...


Episode 33: No More Sex with Alligators - feat. Brian Lindsay

We're closing out 2018 the right way—with three craft cocktails cooked up by local mixologist and "lifter of spirits" Brian Lindsay. We feature two locally-made spirits, Lass & Lions vodka and J.W. Kelly bourbon, and talk about building a cocktail program and the importance of supporting local brands. Try these cocktails at home and drink with us! And help me name the first one. CHAI SPICE 1.5 oz Lass & Lions Desire vodka (or your favorite vanilla vodka)0.5 oz chai simple syrup (2 cups...


Episode 32: A Figment of Your Imagination - feat. Ben Van Winkle

This week, local musician and composer Ben Van Winkle joins me to talk about his recent work and upcoming projects. He shares stories from the beginnings of his music career as founder of local funk band Masseuse, all the way to his solo work with the Figment Chamber Ensemble and his "Figment of Your Imagination" shows. Listen along to hear more about his inspirations, influences, plans for the future, and information on upcoming shows. Catch Ben at The Palace Theater on Saturday, Dec. 15,...


Episode 31: Jesus, Siri, and a Bunch of Transplants - feat. Maggie Tate, SaraJane Gates & William Glass

This week, I'm joined by Maggie Tate, SaraJane Gates, and William Glass—three wonderful people, all of whom I became friends with via social media when we all moved to Chattanooga from other places. In this episode, we share where we came from, why we ended up in Chattanooga, why Texas (and south Florida) is basically another country, and most importantly, Southern road rage and why Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Thanks so much for listening, y'all! Find us online here: Follow William on...


Episode 30: There's Always a Place for Live Music - feat. Cody James Harris

This week, I'm joined by Cody James Harris, a soulful Americana singer-songwriter and Chattanooga native. He's been playing live music for nearly two decades, and has seen and experienced a lot in the Chattanooga music scene. Cody talks about his background and who and what inspires him, and he plays TWO exclusive songs that you'll only hear on the podcast. We finish off with an insightful discussion about Chattanooga's music community and where it's going next. Thanks so much for...


Episode 29: Thin Blue Smoke - feat. Aron Duty

Meet Aron Duty: police officer by day, barbecue aficionado and smoking extraordinaire by every other time of day. In this episode, we talk about all things food, barbecue, smoking, grilling, and Aron introduces me to the idea of "underground barbecue" and TBSQ. Follow on Instagram to see more mouthwatering barbecue and find out where to try some of Aron's barbecue yourself. Keep an eye out for TBSQ at local events, too! Thanks for listening, y'all! Follow the podcast on Facebook...


Pinkies Up, B*tches: Love at First Handcuff

Last week, an article from McCall's Magazine, ca. 1958, surfaced on the Internet, all about "129 Ways to Get a Husband" (read it here). My friends and I gave it a read, and naturally, we had a lot of thoughts. So we did a podcast about it (with wine, of course). In this edition of Pinkies Up, B*tches, we discuss many of the 129 suggested ways to find and get a husband, offer our own insights, and talk about which suggestions are or are not valid today, as they were in 1958. If you've seen...


Episode 28: Hosting for the Holidays - feat. Jaclyn Humble

My guest this week is Jaclyn Humble, a dear friend, millennial homemaker, and host of a podcast of the same name. In this episode, we talk about all things holidays, hostessing, and more, and even share a few of our favorite holiday traditions and easy recipes. Thanks so much for listening! Follow us online here: The Millennial Homemakers Podcast: Facebook // Instagram // Listen here Follow Jaclyn on Instagram @jaclynhumble and @frazierlynnjewelry. Follow Kate on Instagram...


Episode 27: Loving on Local (Again) - feat. SaraJane Gates

I love meeting new Chattanoogans, and this week I'm joined by SaraJane Gates, who moved to the Scenic City less than 8 months ago and is already making a huge impact. She talks about her background in startups, event planning and networking, why she and her husband fell in love with Chattanooga, and we throw a ton of love at our favorite local businesses. SaraJane is also the mastermind behind Sip See Chatt, a network of influencers who come together to support local business. The first...


Episode 26: Beer Supports Beer - feat. WanderLinger Brewing Co.

This week, we meet another new brewery opening soon in Chattanooga: WanderLinger Brewing Company. Co-owners (and brothers) Chris & Mike Dial and assistant brewer Jarrod Szydlowski join me to pour some beers and talk about how they landed in Chattanooga, how they got into the brewing business, and how they see the future of craft beer evolving in Chattanooga. I tasted three beers they'll have on tap when they open next month, and y'all, they were delicious. Until the grand opening, y'all can...


Episode 25: Coffee for the Community - feat. Michael Rice of Mad Priest Coffee

This week, Michael Rice, owner of Mad Priest Coffee Roasters joins me to share his journey from Georgia, to India, to Chattanooga, and talk about the soon-to-be Mad Priest Coffee & Cocktails bar. He teaches me a whole lot about the coffee roasting process, how different flavors are extracted, and gives me a definitive answer about which type of coffee has more caffeine: light roast or dark roast. Visit Mad Priest Coffee Roasters at 1900 Broad Street, and look for Mad Priest coffee for sale...


Episode 24: The Nooga Pitmaster - feat. Craig Mobley

This week I sit down with Craig Mobley, pitmaster and kitchen manager of Edley's BBQ. He joined the Edley's team in 2017 and has loved every minute of it. Craig gives us an inside look at what being a pitmaster is like and what makes working with the Edley's family so special. Thanks so much for listening! Here's where to follow us online: Edley's BBQ: Facebook // Instagram // Website Craig's Instagram: @nooga_pit_master Kate: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Blog Podcast: Facebook...


Live from the Bridge: Wine Over Water 2018

I chronicled the excitement of my Wine Over Water weekend for all y'all to listen and enjoy! While on the bridge, I chatted with reps from some of the wineries, a couple friends, and even made some new friends. Then on Sunday, it's all about the yoga, brunch and bubbly. Thanks to everyone who talked with me, and thanks to y'all for listening! If you're already looking forward to Wine Over Water 2019, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their website to stay up to date on information for...


Episode 23: London's Calling, Literally - feat. James Heeley

Chattanooga's getting a speakeasy, and we have London native James Heeley to thank for it! This week, James joins me to talk about all things pubs, speakeasies, cocktails, football and Earl Grey tea—and that's just the half of it. Most importantly, James share shis vision for his soon-to-open speakeasy, London Calling, and how he hopes to blend his background with Chattanooga's culture. Thanks for listening! Here's where to follow us on the Internet: London Calling: Facebook // Instagram...


Pinkies Up, B*tches: In Which Kate Eats Shawarma for the First Time

What happens when my friends and I go out to eat—or just go out in public? I capture our shenanigans for all y'all to listen and enjoy. Say hello to "Pinkies Up, B*tches," a new bonus series featuring me and my wonderfully weird friends eating and drinking around Chattanooga. First up, we hit The 405 Bistro, a new Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Chattanooga. Since my friends are significantly more cultured than I am, they introduce me to shawarma, baba ganouj, and all sorts of other...


Episode 22: But First, Cold Brew - feat. Justin Carner

This week, I've got cold-brew coffee connoisseur Justin Carner, aka Nooga Foodie, with me. He talks about what brought him to Chattanooga from the Chicago suburbs, how his family drew him into the food and beverage industry at a young age, and how he's pursuing a childhood dream of operating a coffee business. Most importantly, we talk about the community that a coffee shop can create and his visions for Velvet Robot Cold Brew and the upcoming Lab. Thanks so much for listening! Follow us...


Episode 21: The Naked Side of the Story - feat. Naked River Brewing Company

Chattanooga's getting another awesome brewery, and this week I sit down with Jake, Nate, Trey and Joe from The Naked River Brewing Company. Jake and Nate tell the story of how NRBC came to life and talk about the types of beer to expect. Joe talks about the food he's bringing to the table alongside the beer. And of course, we throw some love at the ever-growing beer scene and community in Chattanooga and how NRBC will fit in to that. Thanks so much for listening! Follow Naked River Brewing...