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Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us: Hang out with us on our discord: Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: See our videos on tiktok:

Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us: Hang out with us on our discord: Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: See our videos on tiktok:


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Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us: Hang out with us on our discord: Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: See our videos on tiktok:






The Twin Kids: the adventures of Star Kid and Darla ft Victoria Bender!

When Star Kid is summoned to a small outpost, he'd never imagined he'd run into (and over, whoops!) his old nemesis, Nebulon Kid. What follows is the harrowing fight for a small town's freedom from pirates, a small boy's freedom from collar grabs, and a large love's freedom from absent fathers. Oh, and Igor... is Igor. Join Victoria for trivia at, follow that on Instagram (@mindbendertrivia) to get updates about when it's happening! (Usually Sundays at 8pm eastern...


The Blob of Destiny: an adventure of Star Kid and Darla ft. Llaura H Improviser!

Star Kid is at again in.... THE BLOB OF DESTINY, ft. Llaura H. Improviser! This time SK finds himself adrift in the Omega sector, Darla badly damaged and his need for a mechanic great. But when he runs in with a man on the wrong side of the law... and a blob of pure energy, things get interesting. Find Llaura and all her wonderful projects at Among other things, Llaura is a member of SAY WHAT YOU MEAN a wonderful brand new improv show...


Stephanie's Tale: an adventure of Star Kid and Darla ft Andi Fei!

When Star kid picks up a dog as a passenger to keep him company in the vast empty stretches of space, what could go wrong? A lot apparently... Meet Andi Fei! Andi is a member of Zmack's team SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, and makes wonderful youtube videos here: This episode edited by Marcus Tavani --- Send in a voice message:


Time Tapes Part 5: The Smoking Gun Paradox

Here it is! The FINAL part of the Time Tapes Saga. It's WILD. Follow the lovely Etriiip on instagram and twitter (@Etriiip101) and follow Zmack Comedy on Facebook ( to find out more about our upcoming live streams! Episode time stamps: 00:00-Annoucments! 02:20-Episode intro 04:19- Story Starts 24:52- This episode sponsored by TIME TRAVELER DAN 27:41-The THRILLING Conclusion 51:26- It's over! After show chat Attributions so I don't go to internet...


Time Tapes Part 4: The Belligerent Bunker (Part 2)

Will Ezekiel and Archy manage to escape the wrath of Nun Buffington (from the future) and will the Detective get to the bottom of the case (and the statue of the Archbishop) with Sister Tiny? Find out in the conclusion to part 4! Part 5 coming later this week--THE FINAL PART of Time Tapes! It's gonna be HUGE. Make sure you're all caught up! Check out our anchor page to start the story from the beginning: MARCH 27th in Shanghai, make sure you don't miss...


Time Tapes Part 4: The Belligerent Bunker (Part 1!)

You know the story, and if you don't go back and listen to it! Part 2 coming... later this week! Featuring the LOVELY Etriiip! --- Send in a voice message:


Time Tapes Part 3: Mixtape Messages

Welcome back to part 3 of the special 5 part event! Detective Jackson hunts for the supplier of the illegal cartridges, Jefferies and Ezekiel race against a deadline they know they can never beat, and we learn a bit more about the prophecy hounding after our heroes…. Many thanks to Cesar Gozurreta for the graphic design Etriiip for the flashes of brilliance in the sky and hand Paul Deichmann for the sound editing --- Send in a voice message:


Time Tapes: Part 2: Velocity VHS

Etriiip returns with Cesar and Paul to continue what we began in Time Tapes Part 1: A Case of Cassettes. A detective with memory loss, hunting the truth about his past, an army of robot nuns, an expensive sound track and LOTS of explosions. The story so far: After the Archbishop dies, the army of robot nuns sets out on a quest to find his killer. Meanwhile, the detective's head injury still prevents him from remembering that HE is the chosen one, and Mr. T and Jefferies are abroad,...


[RE-RELEASE] Time Tapes: Part 1: a Case of Cassettes ft. Etriiip

In anticipation (there's MAJOR hype over hear folks) of our upcoming Part 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Time Tapes, we present to you a re-release of a classic Offer story so good, we wanted to make sequels! Time Tapes: Part 1: a Case of Cassettes. A detective is given two versions of an illegal art deal gone bad--it's up to Detective Jackson to sort the truth from the tapes--but it all goes astray when he finds the scene of the crime... has not been disturbed in hundreds of years. Thus begins a...


The Viral Wind ft. Darryl Charles

Darryl Charles (Comedy Album: Black Gentrifier, and much more) joins Paul and Cesar to create a story inspired by the frights and spooks of the Resident Evil franchise. Windington is renowned for its peaceful harbor and yearly windy gusts. But one year... no wind. Something nefarious swirls at the heart of this idyllic town: will it blow over our heroes or will they escape unscathed? Find out! Find Darryl Charles and all his projects on his website:...


Programming Update! What's happening in March and April? I'll tell you!

Paul gives you a quick rundown of what's to come. On the Offer, spring is for sequels. In brief: March: Time Tapes. We're creating a mega 4 part improvised event continuing one of our favorite stories. Listen to the first part here: April: The adventures of Star Kid and Darla continue! A series of episodes with a variety of guests follow our favorite cowboy spaceman and his talking ship. Have a story...


Momma Kombat ft. Etriiip

What happens when Mom disappears ... INTO the game? Young Jeremy wakes up to an update to his SegaPlaystation One to find that his Mother is a new player in his favorite game--will he manage to defeat the Grimantor and rescue her from the interdimensional tournament? Find Etriiip on Instagram at @etriiip. Do it, he's great. Also, find us on facebook and twitter--we're planning an end of month Among Us stream with our lovely guests, details will be announced...


The Hunt For Leadership ft. Charmika Stewart!

Charmika Stewart of ZMACK fame joins Cesar and Paul for our first gaming month episode: our conversation about DUCK HUNT leads us into an adventure into the distant past (or perhaps a desolate future) where one young hunter's crisis leads him on a long journey of self discovery. Wild characters, fearsome tribes, and ... the advent of painting! It's a rocking good time. Also very much NSFW. The story begins at 14:25, if you want to skip our opening chatter. February is gaming month here...


The R's Don't Mix ft. Tara Gadomski!

Tara Gadomski (Vitamin G Films, voice actor, film maker, MENSA member, and much more) joins Cesar and Paul to tell a story of dueling towns, a campaign to get a pool (and therefore Lollapalooza) for their town, and a quest which everyone sets out on but only one person has the guts to ACTUALLY do it. And much more! Find out all about Tara at her website: And make sure to find her on instagram where she's speaking Hungarian! She's pretty cool. @taragadomski ---...


The Fire Below ft. Tony Perea!

Tony Perea joins Paul and Cesar for a Revolutionary Steam Punk story! If you want furious attempts to overthrow an unjust monarchy, under appreciated staff, and dastardly dungeon escapes—we have all that AND MORE! Tony is a member of the UNDER CONSTRUCTION Zmack Shanghai team, and he’s really great. Find Zmack on Facebook or WeChat to find out about their first shows! Sound design by the wonderful Marcus Tavani Performed by Cesar Paul and Tony --- Send in a voice message:...


The Paradox of Simian Freedom ft. Victoria Bender!

Victoria Bender (Mind Bender Trivia, and much more!) joins Cesar and Paul to weave a story of two people fleeing oppression toward freedom... which is magic? Join them as they learn the consequences of their wishes and explore the paradoxes of love and freedom. Along the way, they'll learn something about the nature of work, of love and... minks! To skip our opening chat, hop to 07:35! But you don't want to, it's a good chat. Find Victoria Bender in all these lovely places: Mind Bender...


Sneak Peek to THE PARADOX OF SIMIAN FREEDOM with Victoria Bender! Meet our sponsor.

The upcoming episode THE PARADOX OF SIMIAN FREEDOM with Victoria Bender is sponsored by Picasso Boxes*. Unlock your deep inner wellsprings today! The Paradox of Simian Freedom, in which escaped Soviet scientists must suffer the consequences of their newfound freedom--or lose their beloved project-turned-friend forever. Coming to the pod-theatre on January 18th! In the meantime, check out Victoria Bender's online trivia nights--> facebook:


The Bumbling Amulet: Gary Scott Yarbrough!

Gary Scott Yarbrough (Frame rate podcast, Zmack!) joins Paul and Cesar to create a YA Fantasy of narrative--full of young boys trying to be men, sports being neglected or overtaking the rest of life, and of course, love. Happy New Year! Sorry the episode is late --there was a whole thing in the US, but it's better now? Stay safe all! --- Send in a voice message:


Sneak peak: Mr Nice Guy Sponsor!

Anyone else get distracted yesterday and not get work done? Just me? Ok Anyway, today's episode will be coming out tomorrow! To tide you over, please enjoy this sneak peak of our next episode with Gary Yarbrough! MR NICE GUY: delivering the bad news, but in a nice guy way! --- Send in a voice message:


The Ghost of Christmas Diehard: It's Movie Time ********ers!

Etriiip (Find him on instagram @Etriiip) joins Paul and Cesar to weave a wholesome family action killing spree in the spirit of the season--exactly the release you're looking for after a year like this one. Will our hero manage to defeat the vaguely foreign villain with evil (somewhat unclear plans)? Will his girlfriend take him back, or will she run away with aforementioned bad guy? Will the hostages get to see what happens to Nemo? Find out in MOVIE TYME! Wishing everyone out there a...