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014-SB Story Bridge - Connecting Stories of Change

There is something really special about stories that come from our own geography - from the people with whom we share a culture of place. How amazing would it be if every town & city had a practice of gathering to share stories?! Well, for this episode, we used the Story Bridge Method to guide a group of people through a Talk Story Exchange in Wailuku, Maui. Participants were given a prompt: “Talk about a time when something radically changed in your home, yourself, or your community.” Each...


013-FT The Nightingale - a story told by Rebecca Rhapsody

In this episode we tell you a lesser-known fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen about a melodious songbird during the Industrial Revolution. “The Nightingale” was originally published in 1843, as the machines of the Industrial Revolution were appearing in greater numbers around the world, & as engineers & philosophers were singing the praises of their advancement. In this story, Andersen masterfully juxtaposes the emergence of the machines of his time with this story about a...


012-RM Connecting Local: Music, Food, Community

This podcast episode is about music & how it can inspire a regenerative way of life. Enjoy the music & manaʻo (thoughts) of these amazing artists & farmers: Pat Simmons Jr, Paul Izak, & Evan Ryan. Learn about what inspires them, their community work, & about how Maui’s Central Valley could be cultivated to benefit future generations. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Pat Simmons Jr – Paul Izak – | [...]


Cooperatives: Concern for Community

Curious about cooperatives? Annie Hoy has been outreach director at the Ashland Food Co-op for the last 20 years. The cooperative business model brings with it all sorts of possibilities for creating a resilient, thriving, local community. She & Rhapsody talk about how coops are enterprises by and for the people. She shares storied examples of how co-ops work, how they are governed, and how they serve community. CREDITS: Interview by Rebecca Rhapsody at Video,...


010 Seeds of Inspiration - Don Tipping

Don Tipping is a leader in the movement of saving seeds and protecting genetic biodiversity for generations to come. Don talks about why he does what he does, and he shares real stories and useful suggestions for those that want to contribute to supporting the resiliency of life. Don is a bioregional seedsman and owner of Seven Seeds Farm in Southern Oregon. He is the founder of Siskiyou Seeds, a fairly unique organic seed company which for over 20 years has grown much of its own seeds...


009 Amazing Is Your Birthright - Noah Rattler

Noah Rattler takes us on a journey into ourselves & beyond. We talk about everything from science fiction, to ancient Rome, to mental illness, to shifting society. Noah has some incredible ways of cultivating resilience in possibility in his own life. A few years ago he walked 1,800 miles from Houston to LA in the sweltering summer heat to raise awareness for homelessness, & to show his community & beyond how any human can do extraordinary things. We hear the story of his walk, his...


What is Story Connective?

The Stories we see & hear shape what we think is possible. We tell inspiring stories of resilience, possibility & cooperation. We also tell myths & folktales that connect us with deeper ways of being. This video is a short description of what we are seeking to do with our content. If you support Story Connective’s 501(c)(3) mission & vision of bringing stories of resilience & possibilities to the world & would like to help our project, there are many ways you can help us: Share this with...


008 Free Food - a story by Rebecca Rhapsody

People come together & volunteer to feed the hungry free of charge in cities across the world based on idea that another world is possible. Rebecca Rhapsody of the Story Connective tells her experience with the Houston, Texas chapter involved in this global movement that shares donated food with people to address the issue of food waste. This telling took place in front of a live audience at the Tejas Storytelling Festival. If you support Story Connective’s 501(c)(3) mission & vision of...


Abundance Circle

Vicki Levin is a champion of locally grown food & community. She gathers up excess food produced by her friends’ & neighbors’ gardens & distributes it among them all. It’s called the Abundance Circle. For example, when one member of the Abundance Circle has too many ripe oranges from their tree for their own household, they contribute the extra fruit to the Abundance Circle. Vicki collects everyone’s excess produce & distributes it to the group. In this way, the person contributing the...


005-RM What Jobs Can We Create Now? - Jenny Pell pt. 2

In pt. 2 of our interview with Jenny Pell, she focuses on the local food economy. We talk about what it could look like to create thrivelihoods for people - jobs & ways of life that are financially sustainable, while also in balance with our natural resources & the needs of the Maui community. Most of what Jenny talks about is very relevant to any community that wants to increase their local food production & resilience. In this episode, we hear more highlights from the Mālama ‘Āina...


001 Cultivating Resilience in Schools - Doug Banner

Doug Banner is a long time Social Artist, with many stories to tell of his well lived, mythic life. He is an educator, researcher, woodworker, & more. He is the executive director of The Flow Project, which defines & studies the applications of the flow state of artists in their creative process. He also regularly trains teachers to be Social Artists in Aruba, co-teaching with fellow Social Artist Jan Sanders. In this Episode you’ll hear a story told by Doug Banner, a veteran Social...


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