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LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop. BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult. Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely. It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way. Why we created this: Stop discouragement - Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems. Be inspired - in life and business. Take a step forward - Ignite a spark in your faith.


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LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop. BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult. Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely. It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way. Why we created this: Stop discouragement - Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems. Be inspired - in life and business. Take a step forward - Ignite a spark in your faith.






The StoryField #45: The One with Marc Owings and A Wild and Unbridled Life Transformed

Marc was out of control in his youth. Heavy alcohol and drug abuse often being found passed out in front yard. Sexually active at an early age. Fighting all the time for the smallest offenses. Marc left home early and lived on friend’s couches. Marc was on a path to serious destruction. But, God had a different plan. In a series of incredible life events, Marc received Jesus, and everything completely changed. Now, Marc and is wife Leslie are the founders of ElevateHim and lead the Fully Alive events which have impacted thousands of people in all walks. He has worked personally alongside James and Betty Robinson at LIFE Outreach International – traveling the world. Marc is the author of several books including The Original Sanctuary and The All in Life and Fully Connected Marriage. You do not want to miss this incredible story of a life transformed and the love of a Father. Support the show


The StoryField #44: The One with Brian Carpenter about Fighting the Great Lie

Brian Carpenter and the Refuge Foundation have been fighting what he calls the “Great Lie” for years. As Brian explains the Great Lie -- “everyone assumes church and ministry leaders are doing ok; they are at the top of their game; they are in great shape”. This is a complete lie – just look around. Leaders are not doing well. In fact, according to a recent impact report of the Refuge Foundation, 44% of pastors seriously considered quitting in the last 12 months. What started out as a regular fishing trip with some friends which involved adventure, fun, and authentic conversations now looks like the Refuge Foundation hosting 1000s of guests each year (50% of which are in full-time vocational ministry) on several of their amazing properties. From 2018-2021 alone, the 3,000 unique guests attending a Refuge trip have an influential reach of over 16.4mm people. If you want to help ministry leaders get healthy and continue serving then give Brian an email at The Refuge Foundation is greatly helping the leaders who help us. Support the show


The StoryField #43: The One with Chris Beth About A Cup of Dirty Amazon River Water

Chris Beth did not even want to be standing on the porch of a partially flooded house on the banks of the Amazon River that day. But it was the day that changed his life. The lady who lived there just handed Chris a cup of water to drink which she scooped up from the Amazon River. He could literally see things swimming in it. This is when Chris heard from God -- “Help Them”. This was when The Bucket Ministry was really created. Listen in today to this incredible story of how The Bucket Ministry has provided generational access to clean and safe drinking water to people in over 20 countries and has been privileged to share the good news of Jesus with around 1,000,000 people. Chris and The Bucket Ministry team have spent a lot of time in recent years working in Kibera which is home to over 400,000 people and one of the largest slums in Africa. Check out a few videos for more information: The Bucket Ministry Video Kibera Video Kibera Testimony It only costs about $50 to provide a family with 20 years of clean water. Would you visit The Bucket Ministry and help some families today? Support the show


The StoryField #42: The One with Jon Seidl about Hope For the Anxious Soul

Jon Seidl is the author of Finding Rest: A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the Valleys of Anxiety, Faith, and Life. Immediately upon release it become a #1 Amazon bestseller in several categories. In fact, it shot up to the #17 new release on all of Amazon and quickly became a top 100 bestseller. The overwhelming response led to his releasing a companion workbook entitled Finding Rest: An Invitation to Go Deeper. You can find both books on Amazon or Jon’s life was wrecked with anxiety and OCD. He lived with it for years, but it came crashing to the surface in a coffee shop one day when he found the wrong sweetener in his coffee and it led to an OCD episode. Fast forward a few years, in a moment of prompting and conviction from God, while working as editor-in-chief at the non-profit I Am Second, he told the world his secret by releasing this article. The rest is history. He is not a psychiatrist. He is not a therapist. But he was walked through and gained valuable insights about anxiety, OCD, and depression and now wants to help others who struggle and are looking for help and hope. If you need rest in the midst of anxiety today, please listen to Jon’s amazing interview. Support the show


The StoryField #41: The One with Abraham Garcia about God Walks with Him

Abraham was kicked out of his house early. Came to America illegally. Got caught up in a life of drugs and the pain which comes with it. He came to the point of complete despair and hopelessness. But God had a different plan. Join us today for an incredible story of transformation. You will hear how good God has been to this Pastor (Yes. You heard correctly!) Abraham is now the founder/owner of several successful businesses; has been a Pastor for years; and has a great family. He walks with God every moment. If you need hope for life. Encouragement of God’s goodness. Want to hear of the kindness of God, then you must hear Abraham’s story today. Support the show


The StoryField #40: The One with Dumbi Mabiala & The Big Move and the “Dirty Virgin” Book.

This is being said as kind as possible -- this episode will take away some of your excuses for being slow in obeying what God is speaking to you. You will be encouraged to take a step. Move forward. Go for it. This is what Dumbi Mabiala will tell you because God loves you so much and He will provide. Dumbi understands her God-given identity and she hears clearly from the Holy Spirit. In 2016, she was living in Baltimore, Maryland, and was in her office preparing for a speech when out of the blue she heard in her spirit the words “Dirty Virgin”. Now, in 2023, she lives in Texas after making a move across the country based on a word from God and is the author of the book called Dirty Virgin. When she moved – she had only been in Texas a few times. You will learn how to hear from God better after this episode. Support the show


The StoryField #39: The One with Shawn Bolz and God’s Heart through Prophecy

Hold onto your seat! Here is how we started this incredible interview: “Shawn, tell us a story about a time when God gave you a prophetic word for someone that was used to change their life?” Shawn Bolz is a TV host; an author; media producer; and a Christian minister who has been leading conversations in the church world, entertainment industry, and the media to help inspire people around the world. Shawn: Shawn helps us understand prophecy – the goal of which is to help the person see Jesus more and to understand the God of the Bible is not only real but is acting on the person’s behalf right now. Support the show


The StoryField #38: The One with Dirk Smith and Just Give Up and Let Go

This interview with Dirk Smith will bring you both encouragement and extreme clarity. Over two years ago, his wife of 34 years was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig's Disease and he was so gracious to open the door to this journey. This is not a discouraging episode though! Dirk will encourage you with some big things: · Prayer has amazing power. You can experience God’s peace through terrible circumstances. · Life is temporary so Give Up and Let Go of control to Jesus. · Things to do and not do to help people going through difficulties. Dirk is the vice-president of EEM – Eastern European Mission; a non-profit which distributes Bibles and Bible-based materials in 30+ countries and 20+ languages. They have impacted 4,500,000 million public school students in over 4,000 public schools. Support the show


The StoryField #37: The One with Bob Hasson and 50,000 Gallons of Spilled Paint

Bob’s company uses about 50,000 gallons of paint each year but that wasn’t always the case. He has learned to partner with God and use a few “rocket science” principles to grow his painting company which started out of a Volkswagen bug with surf racks to one in the top 1% of its industry in the nation handling huge projects like stadiums, hospitals, and airports. Bob is the author of several books; has a consulting business; and actively serves as a board member for many nonprofits, churches, and ministries. If you want to know how hearing from God works in business- you must listen to this episode. You will love hearing how to partner with God in your business and watch God breakthrough for you time and time again. Oh, did we mention Bob is the co-host of a podcast with Shawn Bolz called “Exploring the Marketplace” – currently in the top 100 of all Christian podcasts? PS. Interested in reading one of Bob’s life-changing books? Click below and grab a copy today: Shortcuts Business of Honor Wired to Hear Support the show


The StoryField #36: The One with Mike Lynn about Big Bets and Risky Transitions

Michael’s life is a series of providential events, big bets, and risky transitions… Today, Michael is the CFO and co-founder of – the world’s #1 app for daily prayer and faith content which has been downloaded over 12,000,000 times. Before PRAY, Mike grew up to a normal, blue-collar family in Green Bay, WI. His life miraculously changed over pizza on a Wednesday evening in 2016 when he left all his clients, licenses, and everything surrounding a 13-year career to start – the “digital destination for faith”. If you need encouragement to make the jump; face the risk; and trust God’s providence – then you will love this episode. Support the show


The StoryField #35: The One with Bob Goff and the Car Ride

Occasionally, a person will get an experience of their lifetime. It happened for Josh Allen (podcast co-host) at 10:30p on a Tuesday night when Bob Goff ended up as a passenger in his pickup Listen in today to hear from the New York times best seller author; lawyer; the Honorary Consul to Uganda; and founder of an organization impacting children in Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations. Bob brings a one-of-a-kind excitement level and way of viewing and loving the world which will encourage you to move forward in your life. Support the show


The StoryField #34: The One with Jamie Winship and Living Fearlessly

Here is how we started our conversation with Jamie Winship: 1. What is one of the most dangerous situations you have ever been in? 2. Is it possible to live fearlessly? 3. What is your identity? You do not want to miss the answers. Jamie Winship has decades of experience bringing peaceful solutions to some of the world’s highest conflict areas. Jamie is the author of the book Living Fearless. He and his wife, Donna, are co-founders of Identity Exchange and its corporate arm, Identity Method, providing training and consulting on the transformative power of living fearlessly in your true identity. If you feel anxious and out of control, then you’re most likely experiencing an inner conflict that is causing you to self-protect, compete, and compare. Peace and perfect rest are available. Support the show


The StoryField #33: The One with Matthew Potter about Impacting Millions of People

Is this a coincidence? A 15-year girl was pregnant and scared. She needed advice and went to a local church to speak with a brand-new pastor. Pastor didn’t know what to say so he called a friend who just started a 20-person church in Los Angeles, CA. A couple attending the new church had been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years to have children. The girl gave her baby boy up for adoption to the couple in Los Angeles. Boy grew up and co-founded - the worlds #1 app for daily prayer and faith content. impacts 13,000,000 worldwide and has been shared by 97,000,000 people. We were honored to speak with Matthew Potter about his life and journey which led to the co-founding of and the incredible impact it is having on the world. Matthew Potter does not believe in accidents or luck. You do not want to miss this interview. Support the show


The StoryField #32: The One with Chad Wallen about Saving Lives One Fatherless at a Time

I have an idea for you – You should quit your job. Sell your house. Sell 80% of your belongings. Then, move to another State far far away where you only know one person. Sound good? Well, that’s what Chad Wallen did. We had a chance to get some more details. You must tune in. Chad is the founder of a non-profit called Advance Camp which is quite literally saving the lives of young men who have no father around Advanced Camp operates in Oregon, Texas, Florida, and soon- Tennessee. For Chad, this verse is a command; not a suggestion— Here are the beliefs and way of life that God our Father accepts as pure and without fault. When widows are in trouble, take care of them. Do the same for children who have no parents. And don’t let the world make you impure. James 1.27 Chad, we are glad your RV broke down in Granbury, Texas and you decided to stay.. Support the show


The StoryField #31: The One with Ron Hughes about Rattlesnakes to Growing a Giant

Ron graduated from a class of 28 people in west Texas. Years later though – he found himself involved in helping build a company which grew from $100k in startup funds to revenues peaking at 1.7 billion (that’s right… billion) with customers in 49 states; 10 European countries; Canada; and Mexico. You will not want to miss this great interview our good friend and soak up wisdom from a man who has been on the big rollercoaster. You’ll never believe what happened to the company. Support the show


The StoryField #30: The One with Chuck Gschwend about Renewal and Refreshment

Meet Chuck. He is a lawyer… actually, no… a minister/lead pastor…actually, no…. a spiritual director…and the director of culture and spiritual formation… Ok – he is all of that and more. Here is what we do know. Life is hard and can be discouraging. Living a life of faith is very difficult. Sometimes you just need to be renewed and refreshed – spiritually speaking… that’s where Chuck comes to the rescue. Please listen to this interview if you feel a heavy burden and need some tips and direction to feel a sense of relief and want to know of the great, steady, kind, and wonderful love God has for you. It’s time for refreshment. Support the show


The StoryField #29 the One with Blessed Matai and Getting tapped out.

Meet Blessed Matai. He loves getting punched in the face. Be careful if you try though because he is a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Stephenville locals will recognize Blessed as the owner and coach of Makhuwa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym serving over 100 kids/adults. He was born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa and first came to America with a small bag and $500 to play college basketball in Midland. Blessed is a man of great faith- listen in today to hear how faithful God has been to him in his journey from Africa to Stephenville. You will be encouraged. Support the show


The StoryField #28 The One with Lee Ellis and the Biggest Deal for their Business.

Meet Lee Ellis. Founder and owner of at least four (4) companies in Fort Worth; including one of the largest real estate brokerages in Tarrant County. Lee joined us for a short mini-cast covering one of the most helpful things they ever did in their 20+ years of business. If a business owner gets this correct, then everything will change. So, what is it? Thank you Lee for making time to teach and encourage and make our companies way better. If you have any questions or feedback for Lee, email him at ( Support the show


The StoryField #27 The One with John Strappazon and a Rough Start, Great Finish.

Meet John Strappazon aka “Strap”. Strap grew up on the wrong side of the tracks outside of Chicago but found himself living with a friend’s family attending college 1,200 miles away. He knew nothing about the gospel or faith; he had no interest at all in the Bible, but his life changed one Sunday morning when he heard from God “If you give your life to me, you will find what you are looking for”. Since then, he has been in ministry 40+ years; been chaplain for the Texas Tech Football Team; was used to help create Paradigm Bible Study which is still thriving in many locations; and has become a great disciple-maker. At one point, an English professor give him a “C minus minus minus “ on his final class portfolio and actually wrote the words “you still do not know how to write a paper”. Strap got the last laugh as he is now the author of two (2) books – Life’s Equipment Bag and Gear for the Game. Get them here- Gear for the Game Life's Equipment Bag Want some tips on how to live a life of discipleship? Strap has you covered – listen in today. Support the show


The StoryField #26 The One with Marlon Woods and Just Walk Through the Door.

Meet Marlon Woods. Marlon has more followers on Instagram (80,000 followers) than Stephenville’s population. Marlon’s name may sound familiar to you if you’ve ever heard of Les Mills International. In fact, you can stream Marlon and let him lead you through some Body Combat and Body Pump through Les Mill’s massive online streaming workouts. We covered a lot of ground during the interview including - · Growing up with the great pressure to perform in sports as a child. · Serving in the military in Afghanistan. · Working on Capitol Hill and why he said ‘no” so many times to some dream jobs. · The deep struggle when opening a gym. Marlon is the author of “The Only One in the Room”. You can purchase it HERE. Listen in today to soak up some encouragement from Marlon’s incredible story. If anything, he would tell you that whatever the circumstance you are in just “walk through the door”. Support the show