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Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis – Part 2

Documentary 1 | Part 2 In part two we get reaction from the Sleep Out participants the morning after and we ask ‘is enough being done?’. We look at the extra levels of complexity adding to this crisis and speak to Jo Stevens MP and Martin Moss from Hope Cardiff and Glenwood Church Centre to learn … Continue reading "Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis – Part 2"


Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis – Part 1

Documentary 1 | Part 1 This is our first documentary, marking the end of Series II of Think Tank. After months of research and interviews, we are proud to present a two-part podcast exposing the homeless crisis facing the capital city of Wales. Part one begins with a story from ‘Thomas’, not his real name, … Continue reading "Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis – Part 1"



Series II | Episode 7 In this science-themed episode, Regius Professor Graham Hutchings tells his story of scientific discovery. Since the 1970s, Prof. Hutchings has been a key player in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. Gold metal was always thought to be a very inactive metal, with no other uses than as a material for … Continue reading "Discovery"


Loss & Longing

Series II | Episode 5 Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering one feels when something or someone the individual loves is taken away. It could be the loss of a possession, a house, an animal perhaps, or a loved one. Loss, and specifically death are part of our existence, … Continue reading "Loss & Longing"


Proud To Personify

Series II | Episode 4 🏳️‍🌈 Pride Month Special 🏳️‍🌈 This month is Pride month. All around the world, cities and towns take to the streets to celebrate diversity and the LGBT+ community. In this episode, Tom Cole tells his coming out story and we hear from other podcasters and LGBT+ advocates on why Pride Month is important. … Continue reading "Proud To Personify"


Curves & Cancellations

Series II | Episode 3 In this episode, Mared Parry tells her story about the prolonged, painful wait for life changing surgery, the hopes and dreams shattered by multiple cancellations and the road to recovery. We discuss how the NHS is struggling from lack of funding, and how this may have been a contributing factor to … Continue reading "Curves & Cancellations"


Going Unnoticed

Series II | Episode 2 In this episode, Elin Owen tells her story of when an autoimmune condition develops into a serious eating disorder, but not the sort you’d expect. Her story showcases the almost life threatening consequences that she faced from having the little-known condition known as Diabulemia as well as how it went … Continue reading "Going Unnoticed"


Time For Change

Series II | Episode 1 Welcome back to Think Tank, after almost 9 months away, we are back with a new series with a whole new sound. This series is all about your life stories, something meaningful, something defining, something you want to share. In this series, we have a plethora of fascinating and inspirational … Continue reading "Time For Change"


THINK TANK – Somebody’s Daughter | Emma’s Story – Episode 7

Series I | Episode 7 *Some of the themes covered in this episode are of a sensitive nature* In this episode, I spoke to Emma McGuigan, a student and filmmaker who tells me her story about being a feminist and why its so important to unravel the gender bias. See Emma’s documentary, ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ : … Continue reading "THINK TANK – Somebody’s Daughter | Emma’s Story – Episode 7"


THINK TANK – Mental Health | George’s Story – Episode 6

Series I | Episode 6 In this episode, I spoke to George Watkins, a student and advocate for mental health awareness. George was recently elected as the Mental Health Campaign Officer for Cardiff University Students’ Union and told me his story of suffering with, battling and overcoming anxiety and depression over the past 7 years. … Continue reading "THINK TANK – Mental Health | George’s Story – Episode 6"


THINK TANK – The Aberfan Disaster (Part 1) – Episode 5

Series I | Episode 5 50 years ago, on October 21st at 9:15 am, the mining village of Aberfan, Wales, was the epicentre of the biggest disaster in Welsh history. 4 million cubic feet of debris fell from a coal slurry pit on the mountain top demolishing everything in its path. 144 people were killed … Continue reading "THINK TANK – The Aberfan Disaster (Part 1) – Episode 5"


THINK TANK – ‘BREXIT’ Part 2 | Kieran’s Story – Episode 4

Series I | Episode 4 In Part 2 of ‘Brexit’ I spoke to Kieran Lewis, a Politics Graduate from Cardiff University. He tells me his reasons for voting Remain in the EU referendum and why he things leaving the EU has some dangerous ramifications for the future of the UK. Disclaimer – The opinions of … Continue reading "THINK TANK – ‘BREXIT’ Part 2 | Kieran’s Story – Episode 4"


THINK TANK – ‘BREXIT’ | Nathan’s Story – Episode 3

Series I | Episode 3 (Originally from 2016) In this episode, I talk to Chester University Student, Nathan Williams about his vote in the EU referendum and why he chose to vote Leave, an unpopular opinion amongst most young people. He talks about why he felt the UK should leave and what the future holds … Continue reading "THINK TANK – ‘BREXIT’ | Nathan’s Story – Episode 3"


THINK TANK – “Ellie’s Story” | Bone Marrow – Episode 2

Series I | Episode 2 In this episode, I talk to Ellie Philpotts, a student at Cardiff University who volunteers for Cardiff Marrow, a charity that supports Anthony Nolan in promoting the importance of donating bone marrow to help people with blood cancer. Ellie shares her story of how she got involved with the charity … Continue reading "THINK TANK – “Ellie’s Story” | Bone Marrow – Episode 2"


THINK TANK – “The Day Paris Will Never Forget” – Episode 1

Series I | Episode 1 (Originally posted November 2015) In this episode we talk about the recent attacks in Paris. Harry Bligh talks to Justine Belaïd, a politics student living in Bordeaux, Katie Siwek, a religious and theological studies student living in Cardiff and Hasnan Hussain, also a religious studies student in Cardiff. MUSIC ‘I … Continue reading "THINK TANK – “The Day Paris Will Never Forget” – Episode 1"