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Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.

Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.
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Kyle Clark, Matthew Burnside and Natalie Hazen share their endless love of rad things with the world.




The Allman Brothers Band

This week on the show Kyle and Matthew took a field trip to Disgraceland, the home of their sister podcast The Goods From The Woods, to chat with Rivers Langley, along with River's Mom Gail Langley and first time guest Rosalie Atkinson about one of the great American rock bands The Allman Brothers Band. Kyle and Rivers both share their fandom for the band and Matt talks about his discovery of the band through Rock Band. But Rosalie... Rosalie is on a whole other level. Over the past few...



This week on the show Kyle and Matthew chat with their friend and fellow former NerdMelt staffer, Jack Kelly. Together, they break down the most popular broadway musical of the last decade. They are reverent, focused, and absolutely do not spin off on any weird tangents whatsoever... Man, you should see your face right now. This week on the show, Kyle, Matthew, and Jack Kelly breakdown the unstoppable cultural juggernaut that is Hamilton. They discuss their experiences with the play and how...


Romantic Comedies

This week on the show, Matthew is on assignment so Kyle and Laura welcome Kyle and Lucia. Wait, two Kyles?! Oh my medication! Kyle McCormick and Lucia Fasano are two of Kyle C's favorite people. They're amazing musicians, podcasters, and comedy people and they've come on the podcast to chat about their mutual love of RomComs. Now before you scoff, let's remember that every genre of movies has good and bad so before you turn up your nose, give us a chance to sell you on this often maligned...



Guys, it finally happed. After months of talk on the intros, we are finally devoting a whole episode to Overwatch. And in case that wasn't enough, we brought Adam Murray along as well. Join Kyle, Matt, Adam, and fantastic first time guest and streamer Sloan Wolf as they explore what it is about this game that has taken the world by storm. They break down the complicated lore and the interesting ways it brings people in with its diverse cast of characters. Plus, Adam and Matt get in a pretty...


Romance Novels

This week Kyle, Matthew, and Laura are joined by comedian/national treasure Jackie Kashian for a chat about the steamy world of romance novels. We learn that the term “romance novel” carries with it about a million sub-categories that range from the delightful to the deranged and just about everywhere in between. For our hardcore book nerds out there this episode also explores a bit of the history of the paperback novel and it's place in the American cultural lexicon. Plus, since Jackie and...


Tom Petty

This week on the show we welcome writer and comedian TK Kelly for a chat about one of America's greatest songwriters, the one and only Tom Petty. The gang explore Petty's career for his early days through the massive success of Damn The Torpedos to some of his incredible collaborations with the grandmasters of rock music. They break down what is is about the Heartbreakers as a backing band that works so well. Kyle highly recommends the 2007 documentary “Running on a Dream” that covers his...


Battlestar Galactica (Part 2)

Anna Valenzuela and Jenny Chalikian have returned for another installment of our ongoing retrospective of Battlestar Galactica. First and foremost, let's all celebrate the fact that we have gotten Matthew addicted to the show. Now that he's as sick as the rest of us, everyone can dive in and explore season one of the series. At this point, the parallels between the show and the changing political climate of the time are really starting to show. For a show about space robots there sure are a...


Self Help

This week Kyle and Matthew sit down with comedians Christine Little and Leah Lamarr for a delightful chat about self help. Kyle has spent the better part of this year immersed in the world of self help and recently started working with Christine on a new podcast called “A Little Advice” in which she uses her BA in psychology to give other comedians life advice. Leah was her first guest and after they recorded that episode, she stuck around. Here's a fun thing you'll find in this episode,...


Boats 3

This week on the show, the gang set off for the high seas for another nautical adventure as they bid adieu to another Summer of Rad. They are joined by their ship captain Lisa Curry along with Kyle's bestie Jarrod Gilbreath and making her podcast debut the hilarious Kate Gaffney. The sextet cruise around Long Beach harbor and have a nice chat about life, boating, and several topics I'm not sure we're allowed to talk about in an episode description. (For real, this is another episode you...


Bonus Episode: Knott's Berry Farm

Summer of Rad is full of surprises including this fun little bonus episode. The good people of Knott's Berry Farm were nice enough to give Kyle and special guest Julia Prescott tickets to spend a day in the park. What neither Kyle nor Julia anticipated was that it would be the hottest day of the summer. While their time at the park was cut short because they were going to die, they got some fun rides in and recorded their experiences with the longtime SoCal staple in the car on the way to...


Beach Shenanigans

This week on the show, come hang out with Kyle, Laura, and Matthew along with their special guests Spencer Emmons and Katie Slockbower as they spend a lovely day at the beach. Kick back, relax, and let the sound of the ocean calm your rattled nerves. Then enjoy maybe one of the sillier episodes we have done. You see, originally our topic was going to be “The Beach”. Our memories, some fun stories, stuff like that. But before we recorded we decided we'd go down to the beach, do some boogie...



Play rad! This week the summer of rad explores America's favorite pass time, baseball. And joining us is a man who truly love the sport comedian Pat Barker. Pat is a great comedian and a great sports writer and he does a great job framing baseball as an experience beyond the simple act of playing the game. We get into some great stories about sports heckling, we talk about that Simpsons softball team episode, plus Pat explains that no two baseball parks are the same. It gets deep and...


Fantasy Music Festival

Summer of Rad 2018 begins! This week on the show we are trying something a little different. We assembled an elite group of musical nerds and gave them a simple prompt: Create a 1 days music festival, 4 stages, and populate it with your fantasy music festival. No more rules than that and folks got creative. Joining Kyle, Matthew, and Laura are Keith Carey (Mean Boys), Brandie Posey (Lady 2 Lady), and Kasey Clark (Tidemouth, Dogs, anywhere that people are casually talking about Basketball)....


True Crime 2: The Riff-ening

Criiime! Today we've got ourselves a crossover episode! Kyle and Matt welcome Rich Slaton and Jon Shefsky for a discussion of the grimy world of crime. Rich and Jon have a podcast called Criiime where they in fact talk about crime. True crime. Yes, just like that other podcast. Yes, and that OTHER podcast. True crime is very popular. Criiime is insanely fun that is absolutely worth checking out. Kyle and Rich also go way back to their early days as stand up comics. This episode is mayhem but...


ESPN's 30 for 30 Series

Sports narrative! This week Kyle sits down with his brother Kasey Clark to chat about ESPN's amazing 30 for 30 documentary series. Kasey explains the strange way he became a fan of the LA Clippers back when he was in high school (it involves Boys II Men). Kyle explains how Kasey tricked him into understanding sports and the narratives that make it engaging through this series of documentaries. They share highlights from the series and draw a lot of parallels between 30 for 30 and comic book...


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Ruh-ruh-ruh-raaaaad. This week on the show Kyle and Matthew are joined by our very own Laura and animator extraordinaire Mike Mayfield for an indepth discussion of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This is one of everyone on the episodes favorite movies and we get deep into the production, the back story, the crazy animation tricks, and the insane copyright issues that make this movie a true one of a kind. For real, no part of this movie should work and instead it's one of the best movies ever. It's...


Battlestar Galactica (Part 1)

This week on the show, we're trying something new and exciting. After years of talking about it, this is part one of a series of episodes breaking down one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told: Battlestar Galactica. Joining Kyle and Matthew are returning guests Anna Valenzuela and Jenny Chalikian, our newly minted official BSG experts. In this first installment we breakdown what Battlestar Galactica is, where it came from, how it came into each of our lives (Except Matthew who had not...



Hey Rad Boy! This week on the show Kyle and Matthew welcome musician Brandon Niznik for an in depth look at one of culture's most misunderstood musical genres. Kyle and Brandon first met in college and quickly bonded over a love of vintage reggae music. Brandon is an incredibly accomplished reggae musician and his musicianship is only rivaled by his incredible knowledge of the genre. They explore the roots of reggae music in Jamaica and trace it's evolution from Ska and Rocksteady into it's...


The Food Network

Welcome to Flavortown! This week on the show Kyle, Matthew, and Laura welcome longtime listener and baker Jesse Rivera to chat about The Food Network. Well... sort of. It turns out the Food Network could be the subject of a whole series of podcasts, so not unlike many episodes before, this is the first in what will likely be a long series of Food Network episodes. But we get into it. We all confess our true feelings for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We discuss Robert Irvine's terrifying...



Order up! This week Kyle and Burnside are joined by the brilliant and hilarious Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin of the Hot Mess Comedy Hour to chat about the wonderful world of diners. For some they're just a place to get a quick bite but for others, the diner can be a sacred space. They chat about do's and don'ts for ordering at a diner. They point out regional differences and what makes a good diner. Andrea and Emily discuss some of their favorite diners in New York City and Kyle and Matt...